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This is my take on the 'OC finds herself inserted into the movie' fic. But I may change up a little of what happens since adding a new character can change things. It is rated 'M' because it contains violence, gore, and language, just like the movie. I may even get into some more adult/steamy situations in later chapters so this is your one warning about the rating. If you are underage, turn back now!

Please be gentle in your reviews. This is my very first time writing a fanfic!

Italics = Inner most thoughts

Bold Italics =Thoughts of the 'Beast'

Whispers from the Soul

Chapter 1


Rain wished that the beeping would stop; then maybe she could rest a little easier…Oh God! The phone!

Rain startles awake, her pulse pounding in panic. Had she fallen asleep at work again? The 11p.m.-7a.m. night shift has been her normal for the last 3 years, and she usually has no problem staying awake for the full 8 hours. Things have changed recently though, and her newest semester of college classes has her pulling 22 hour days. There just hadn't been enough class options for senior level courses to set up a better schedule. Regardless, she's discovered that 22 hours awake at a time is nothing for someone with enough determination to succeed. I am woman….hear me roar…wait…huh?

Rain pulls out of her self-revere and begins frantically searching for the beeping phone she's supposed to be answering; but everything is different. There is no switchboard, no phone, no desk, no computer, or anything familiar at all. In fact, her entire environment has transformed. Wha..?

Rain is standing in some kind of glass and metal rectangular box, looking out into a dark and metal themed room. A red light illuminates her from above and white lights flash quickly through the darkness outside her glass and metal blearily blinks and tries to make sense of her surroundings through the brief flashes of light. The floors outside are metal grate and there are more chutes filled with people waking up, across from her. The beeping that awoke her seems to be an emergency alarm.

I'm not at work? She tries to remember what she had been doing last, before everything changed. There's a vague recollection of a falling sensation. What happened? Is this a dream? Where am I? Her mind runs a mile a minute, coming up with more questions than answers.

The metal room gives a sudden jolting shudder and Rain presses her hands against the cool glass in front of her reflexively.

"Hello?!" She cries out in alarm. "Can someone please tell me what's going on?" Rain begins searching for some inner handle or lever to help her escape the small rectangular prison. This is definitely NOT happening.

There's another sudden jerk and she's flung forward again, unable to catch herself, her head bashes into glass and her vision swims in darkness.

When Rain wakes for the second time, it's with a pounding headache and her left eye matted together with blood. She's in the same box as before, but the shaking has stopped. The red light above her head has gone dark, and the glass in front of her is now a spider web of cracks. As things get less groggy and more into focus Rain realizes she's horizontal and on her back. Why? What happened to the dark room from before? There's a bright light shining through the cracked glass in front of her, coming from a white and yellow sky.

Rain groans and tentatively touches her forehead; her finger tips come away wet, and red.

"Great," she murmurs. Deciding to make an attempt at freedom, Rain gives the glass above her a shove and it resists with a dull clunk. Please don't let me be trapped here. A brief shot of panic makes her heart skip a beat.

"Hey, there's another survivor over here!" A muffled voice calls out. "Hang on, we'll get you out," the voice is closer this time, it sounds feminine.

"K," Rain sighs in relief and closes her eyes, trying to will her headache away.

There's a brief shuffling outside with a few shapes shadowing down on her from above. A few moments pass and the glass and metal front of Rain's prison is finally yanked away. Blinking into bright sunlight, she tentatively sits up; feelings of happy freedom warring with an overwhelming dizziness. Oh, god, my head.

"Hey you don't look so good. You gonna be alright?" The same voice from earlier asks, belonging to a scruffy looking teen of undistinguishable sex. "I'm Jack." A boy, then?

Rain reaches up and touches the blood on her forehead again. "I have a headache, but I think I'll be okay."

Jack looks slightly relieved, "That's good news, 'cause we don't have a med-kit." Beside Jack stands a tough looking woman with half of her long brunette hair pulled up in a hair-tie. "This here is Shazza." Jack gestures to the woman before turning to a graying dark-skinned man on the other side of Shazza. "And that's Zeke."

Rain gives a small nod to acknowledge the three, and they reach hands forward to help her up and out of the box. They steady her as she stumbles a little, and then move away to give her some space. After a few moments of rest, to let a wave of dizziness pass and catch her breath, Rain gives herself a once over and makes a few adjustments to her ensemble.

She shimmies her black short-shorts down a little and does the opposite to her black thigh-highs. Everything seems to have fared pretty well except for a few small scuffs in the suede of her black ankle boots. She glances over her shoulder down the back of her navy-blue shirt…clean. She checks her pockets…empty. Hair's an awful mess, though. She pulls a hair-tie from one wrist and pulls her shoulder-length, chocolate locks up off her neck and into a messy ponytail. Rain gives the inside of the metal and glass box she had awoken in a once over…nothing inside. Except for the skinny red ribbon wrapped and tied around her right wrist, there was nothing else left to her name. Wearing red for good luck during your Chinese year must actually work; I'm still alive. Rain silently thanks the tiny red ribbon and her friend from University that gave her the advice about wearing it. Let's hope my luck can carry on.

"What's your name?" Jack had been observing her as she checked herself out. He hands her a piece of cloth and gestures at her head for her to wipe some of the blood away.

"I'm Rain. It's nice to meet you. Though not under these circumstances…," she trails off as she finishes, hands the cloth back to Jack, and looks around. "Are us four the only ones around?" She finally takes a moment to observe her new environment. Desolate, was the best word to describe the place. Bright suns, bare desert rock and sand, and not a cloud in the sky. Charming. The voice inside her head was thick with sarcasm.

"Oh! Of course," Jack exclaims, before grabbing Rain's wrist and dragging her towards the wreckage of some sort of aircraft nearby. She stumbles clumsily as Jack drags her up onto the wreckage, where a small group of others gather, talking; Shazza and Zeke are among them.

"It could have been a meteor storm. Might have been a rogue comet…I don't know."

Rain tunes the others out, not hearing the conversation around her, as she takes in the massive wreckage trailing behind the craft. I was on this ship? We survived from this? Dear god, I'm lucky to be alive.

A wave of weariness sends Rain staggering awkwardly from atop the ship, nauseous and pale. Giving a somber nod at Jack's questioning gaze, she goes in search for some relief from the disturbing sight of the crash. I don't feel so good, anymore. Rain slowly makes her way down and into the cavern of the aircraft's hull. She glances around at the interior damage around her, curious, before realizing she's not alone in the quiet, darkness. Who?

A man with a blindfold over his eyes, and a bit clenched between his teeth, sits bound to a beam in the middle of the room. Rain steps forward to get a better look. He's dressed in combat boots, cargos, a belt, and a wife-beater, all in varying shades of black, and he keeps his shaved head tilted down. His strong, muscular, body is built for fighting, and it makes her curious about his identity. Why bound, blinded, and gagged? Is he dangerous? What the hell is going on in this place?

The man's bound arms arch behind him around the beam, pushed high on a metal center console. Isn't that painful? Rain takes another step forward in her observations, enticed by the tan skin stretched taught over thick muscle. She reaches out and brushes the back of his right forearm with two fingers; her mind gone blank to any possible danger of her actions. There's something about this man that calls to her. Rain shutters her eyes and slides more of her hand down his arm unconsciously. A whisper of some primal instinct encourages her to touch more of him.

Rain expects the man to react from her touch in some way, to pull back or tense, but he doesn't even flinch. Instead, he turns his head slowly towards her and tilts it slightly, even with the blindfold blocking his vision, as if he's peering through the cloth, trying to figure out what she is. Rain watches him breathe deep, his nostrils flaring; a sudden low rumble rolls through the room, emanating from the man seated before her. A flash of warmth spikes through Rain and the hair on her neck and arms stand on end. Is he purring?