When the Final Petal Falls

Gabriel stared at the motel. He didn't need to step inside to know who was there. He could practically feel the energy humming through the thick brick walls. In the wind and the trees, and the earth beneath his feet. A feeling he'd known for centuries. It had been what made his hiding that much easier. Tapping into that power at been a walk in the park, it was everywhere and his it was a part of him because it was a part of his father. Closing his eyes he took a deep breath. If they were here with the Winchesters something was happening. And it wasn't going to end well.

Taking a few steps he froze beside the Impala, looking at his reflection in the darkened window. He straightened his back, forced the carefree smile. He could do this. Get the brother's out without blowing his cover. It was bad enough Heaven knew he was alive, it these gods discovered the lie he's made them believe for so long. Well Sam hating his guts would be the least of his problems.

When Gabriel walked into the banquet room his heart almost stopped. Not from the fear of his true identity being reveal by Sam's loose lips, not even by the sight of his ex Kali watching him as she stood beside Balder. No it was because Sam had looked at him for that brief second when he'd walked into the room with such relief and almost happiness at seeing him that it had taken his breath away. - Then he'd taken the pairs voices because apparently they didn't understand the concept of incognito.

He stepped causally past them and hated the way Sam aftershave hit his senses like a punch to the gut. Instantly bring to mind the memory of the man's lips. The feel of his body crowding into him, over him. Invading him so completely. It took all his will to force those thoughts away; he couldn't risk the gods - Kali. - seeing his weakness. Knowing that Sam Winchester meant something to him. He wasn't sure what she'd do if she knew. It wasn't like they'd ever been truly serious. No, now he was lying to himself and that wasn't fair to her. Once, he'd loved her. As much as he'd thought himself capable. Then things changed. His brothers had heard rumours, had hunted for him, and in order to hide he's switched vessels. He'd gone to high school and met a shy yet strong young man who was destin to destroy the world, and he'd discover what love actually was. And it paled in comparison to what he'd felt for Kali.

Now he had to play the part. Carefree trickster. Scorned lover. Whatever it took to get Sam out of that place alive. Turning away from his so-called fellow gods he met Sam's gaze, hoped he saw what he was doing. Hoped he understood. "The adults need to have a little conversation. Check you later." meeting Sam's questioning gaze Gabriel raised his hands and clicked his fingers. Sighing inwardly with relief when the boys vanished. There had been a chance that they'd be bound to wherever Kali was.

"So what's the master plan?" Gabriel grinned, turning back to the group. "Hand the pair over and hope the archangels go back to their play pen and leave the rest of us alone? Come on, you know those feather brained dicks aren't just going to keep to their own side of the playground. Or haven't you been paying attention the last two thousand years?"

~~~Unrequited Sabriel: What Rough Beasts Our Sins Make~~~

It didn't take Gabriel long to switch himself out for an illusion. It was kind of embarrassing for them if he was honest. Especially considering Kali's reputation. So much for striping back illusions. He shook his head sadly. He arrived in the brother's room as Dean was having one of his infamous freak-outs, the ones he had when he didn't understand what was going on. Which was pretty often being he was an idiot. "When have you ever been lucky." he announced light-heartedly. The God-Squad weren't the only ones he had to play a part for. He lounged comfortably on the couch, watching Dean glare at him almost furiously.

"You know what? Bite me, Gabriel."

"Maybe later, big boy." he gripped back, getting to his feet. Though he'd rather bite the hunter's baby brother and going by the hard look Sam was giving him, he knew it too. Which had the archangel's heart skipping. Clearing his throat he forced his attention back to Dean.

"I should've known. This had your stink all over it from the jump."

Gabriel rolled his eyes. Like he said, Dean Winchester was an idiot. "You think I'm behind this? Please. I'm the Costner to your Houston. I'm here to save your ass."

"You wanna pull us out of the fire?" Dean scoffed disbelievingly.

Of course it wasn't a surprise Dean didn't believe him. He really had no reason too after all. Maybe if he knew about his fling with baby bro then maybe he'd understand. "Bingo. These gods are gonna dust you or use you as bait. Either way, you're uber-boned."

He tried not to look at Sam while Dean ranted on about his sudden change of position. Who only a few months ago he'd wanted them to 'play their roles'. Well things had changed since then. And that hadn't been about getting the brothers to say yes. Not really. It had been about making sure they didn't say yes. It had been about getting them worked up to fight harder. Cause if there was one thing he knew about the pair it was that they'd do the exact opposite than they were told. And maybe a little about punishing Sam. Not for releasing Lucifer, he'd known that would happen. It was that jealous spark the hunter's fling with that demon bitch had sparked to life. He was kinda surprised Sam hadn't worked that out. Hadn't he realised that he was the one getting all the pain. Gabriel smirked inwardly and he forced his attention back to the problem at hand. "Oh the end is still nigh. Michael and Lucifer are gonna dance the Lambadi but not tonight, not here." he wasn't sure if Sam saw through the act he was putting on for Dean. Though the way he looked like he wanted to rip Gabriel's head clean off said he couldn't. Which surprisingly hurt.

"And why do you care?" Dean demanded.

Gabriel turned sharply to face the pair. "I don't care…." he lied. "But me and Kali, we had a thing." he let his gaze linger on Sam for a long moment, trying to see if there was so much as a hint of the green eyed monster. "Chick's all hands." he laughed luridly. Smirking at the green glow in Sam's hard glare. "What can I say, I'm sentimental." He had to admit it felt good to see the younger Winchester react to the idea that he wasn't the first.

"Do they have a change against Satan?" Sam demanded too calmly. His hazel eyes locked with Gabriel's.

Gabriel raised a brow, watching the younger man. He wondered if Sam was even aware of the looks he was throwing at Gabriel. Dean was certainly blind to them, but then Dean never paid any attention to what was blatantly obviously and right in front of him. Cass could testify to that.

"Really Sam?" Dean said sharply causing the younger hunter to turn. Breaking their connection.

"You got a better idea."

Gabriel was stepping forward before he even realized it. Almost into Sam's personal space. Getting up in his face with hard eyes. "It's a bad idea." he stated firmly. His eyes narrow. "Lucifer's gonna turn them into finger putty. So let's get you out while the going is good."

Sam met his gaze and Gabriel swallowed at the knowing in the man's green eyes.

"Okay, great. Why don't you just zap us out of here?" Dean nodded.

Gabriel paused a second before turning his attention to Dean. The mask back in place. "Would if I could but Kali's got you by the short and curliest. It's a blood spell. You boys are on a leash."

"What does that mean?" Dean demanded angrily.

"It means its time for a little of that old black magic." Gabriel announced dramatically. He knew he was over playing it, mostly because he'd liked that brief glimmer of jealousy in Sam's eyes. Like the idea what whether the younger hunter wanted to or no, he did at least feel….something. He sprayed the breathe freshener theatrically.

"Okay, we're gonna take the hors d'oeuvres in the freezer with us." Dean insisted.

"Forget it!" Gabriel snapped, his gaze snapping to Dean angrily. "It's gonna be hard enough sneaking you mooks out of here."

"They called you Loki, right? Which means they don't really know who you are." Dean threatened.

"Told you. I'm in witness protection." There were times like this that Gabriel wished he'd left Dean dead. That he hadn't let Sam tug at his heartstrings. It would have made everything so much easier. And frankly, as with everything Gabriel has done for the past twelve years, if it wasn't for Sam, he'd split and let the pair get dished up as a main course. But he'd made a promise to Samandriel and to himself. Damn Winchesters. He wished he'd never met them.

"Okay then, how about you do what we say or we tell the legion of doom about your secret identity. They don't seem like a pro-angel kind of crowd."

Gabriel narrowed his eyes at the pair. "I'll take you voices." he countered.

"We'll write it down."

"I'll cut off your hands."

"Then people are gonna be asking, why are you guys running around with no hand."

He really did hate Dean Winchester. Just in case he hadn't mentioned that. "Fine." he gritted out.

"Excellent." Dean grinned proudly. Smug and infuriating.

Gabriel watched the hunter march past him and into the small bathroom, leaving him alone with Sam. Gabriel turned back to the younger man to find himself being watched intently. His eyes narrowed. Gabriel shifted on his feet, his hands buried deep in his pockets.

"Why are you really here?" Sam finally asked in a hushed voice.

"I told you, I'm here to pull your asses out of the fire."

Sam narrowed his gaze further. "Why?"

Gabriel rolled his eyes, walking past the younger man with a heavy sigh. Like it wasn't obvious. "What do you want me to say, Sammy?" he looked up at him with a raised brow. "You don't want to hear it. We both know that."

Sam cleared his throat, turning away from him, glancing nervously towards the bathroom. "So….Kali?"

Gabriel smirked at the catch in the hunter's voice. "What can I say, not everyone finds the idea of sex with me repulsive." his tone was teasing bit the underlining meaning crystal clear.

"Would she feel the same if she knew who you really were? Clearly you have a habit of lying to the people you sleep with." he grunted angrily.

Gabriel glared furiously but knew his righteous anger was misplace. Sam had every reason to be pissed at him, that didn't make it any better.

He hadn't meant to lie to Sam. At least not that first time. They'd only been kids, and it wasn't like Sam would have believed him, right? Not at fourteen years old. Despite his being a hunter. The second time. In New York. Okay he'd planned on lying that time. But let's face it; it wasn't like Sam would have given him so much as a hello if he'd told him the truth then. And it wasn't like the man hadn't enjoyed their night together. - Despite his protests to the contrary. So maybe he'd been selfish, but he wasn't going to apologize for wanting to spend a night with the only human worth his time and affection. The only person he'd ever….loved.

A sound from the bathroom drew Gabriel's attention and he fixed his mask of indifference back into place once again. He watched Sam do the same. Putting space between them by crossing the room to the window, turning his back to him.

"You still here?" Dean grumbled angrily, returning to the room. "Don't you have a god to manipulate?"

Gabriel fixed the hunter with a hard unimpressed glare. "Be ready to split. If you haven't got the lunch menu out of the freeze by the time I've got the blood, we're going without them." his tone hard and commanding for the first time. With a final too brief look at Sam, he clicked his fingers.

~~~Unrequited Sabriel: What Rough Beasts Our Sins Make~~~

Gabriel wouldn't exactly pride himself on his planning abilities, but he' had thought it would work. He'd allowed himself arrogantly to think it would be a piece of cake getting the blood from Kali. It wasn't like she'd ever thought twice about taking him up on his seductions before. He'd thought a couple of smooth words, a nice romantic meal, a show of concern for her safety would be enough to fool her. He hadn't expected her to turn the tables on him. He guessed he'd never given her enough credit.

That however didn't mean he didn't have a back-up plan, and while Kali wasn't as foolish as he'd let himself believe, the others were. It was all too easy giving them the slip. Switching himself once again. While his illusion was dragged into the banquet room, Gabriel went to warn Sam and Dean only to arrive too late. He stood behind a post and watched at they were dragged away. Inhaling deeply, Gabriel let his head fall back against the wall. Closing his eyes and channelling though his illusion. Glancing at Sam as he was dragged back into the room. Listening as Kali outed him in front of them all.

He sucked in a sickened breath as Kali pulled the supposed angel blade from his jacket. The look of hatred and anger in her eyes stealing his breath. He could almost believe the apology in her eyes as she thrust the blade into his chest, if it hadn't been for the fact that she was killing him. - Or at least she thought she was. Rubbing a hand over his face, he slipped out of the building, at the sound footsteps. He needed to regroup. To figure out how he was going to get them both out of there.

~~~Unrequited Sabriel: What Rough Beasts Our Sins Make~~~

He lay in the backseat of the Impala. It was surprisingly the safest place for him right now. He still hadn't thought of a way to get Sam and his brother out of the hotel, and time was swiftly running out. It wouldn't be long before Lucifer got to them, especially now they were planning of taking him out. Thanks once again to the idiot Winchester. Closing his eyes Gabriel inhaled slowly, a sick feeling pooling in his stomach. He's seen this hadn't he. A year ago, he'd laid in his bed and known how this whole thing was going to play out. Maybe not the details, but he'd know it was going to cost him his life. That his stupid infatuation with Sam Winchester was going to be the death of him.

But he wasn't going to die for Sam. Not solely. There was Katherine and Samandriel now. There was no way he could have foreseen that twist in the golden threat of his destiny. Assuming of course that an angel could have a destiny. He'd never really thought about it. Now through he couldn't shake the question. Did he have a destiny? Was it coincidence or fate that had him in New York twelve years ago. He could have gone anywhere. Could have hidden out among Tibetan monks until the whole thing had blown over. He could have ignore that fearful whispered prayer, just as he'd done for a thousand years. Why had Katherine been the voice that reached him through the din? Why had John Winchester decided to abandon his sons to that small corner of the city? Why that school? Why that time?

Gabriel swallowed breathlessly. He'd been there when the others had fallen. Not Lucifer and his cohorts, the others. The ones that feel after. He'd hated them then. He'd looked down on them with disgust and shame. He'd failed to understand why his brother had given up their eternity for some human woman. He'd listened to Michael condemn them with the same tongue that condemned Lucifer. As If their crimes were the same. And like all younger brothers who idolised their older, wiser brother, he'd believed every word. He'd been at Michael's side when the order was passed. He'd led the garrison in the hunt for the fallen's sons and daughters. He'd raised his hand and smote so many without thought or guilt. He had their blood still on his hands, even after all this time.

Gabriel sat up in the backseat and blinked down at his hands. The blood was gone now but the stain remained. Like lady Macbeth. Forever marked upon his skin. Only now it burnt his ass. He was one of them now. At least in part. He hadn't fallen because of Sam, but he had committed the same sin as his fallen brothers. He loved a human. An impure imperfect, flawed human. And together they'd created something. Something pure in a different way. Perfect in its imperfection and nothing would ever convince him that it was wrong. That Samandriel was an abomination. Their son was a gift. Like every child born; whether born of man or angel. Human or Nephilim. And if he's father or brothers condemn him, so be it. Because for a few too short years he understood.

He was pulled from his thoughts by the sound of running feet and the yell of a familiar voice. Glancing around he watched the human hostages running for their lives. Escaping the death Kali and the others had planned for them. His eyes fixed on Dean and he felt hope surge to the service. He could almost thank his father but he doubted he was listening.

Slouching down into the seat so as not to be seen he hissed at the hunter, noting with glee the surprise in the man's features. "Act natural. Get in."

Dean climbed into the front seat and he couldn't help but wish it had been Sam that had come. There was so much he wanted to say to the man. To confess before it was too late.

"There's nothing natural about this at all. Thought you were dead?"

Gabriel smirked. "You think I'd give Kali my real sword? That thing can kill me."

Dean glared. "then what do they have in there?"

"A fake." Gabriel grinned smugly. "I made it out of a can of diet orange slice. - So uh…go snag the blood would you."

"What?" Dean frowned.

"I heard you in there, Kali likes you. You can get close. Lift the plasma and them we vamoose."

"No. - Hand over the real blade. Better yet sack up and help us take down Lucifer."

Gabriel stared at the hunter. Was he serious? "You can't be serious?"


"Since when are you butt buddies with a bunch of monsters? That's all they are to you, aren't they?"

"You know what, Sam was right. It's nuts but it's the best idea I've heard. So unless you have a better one?"

Gabriel opened his mouth to tell him that yes actually he did. But it was gonna lead to questions. Questions he was pretty sure Sam wouldn't appreciate him answering and he really didn't want to make things worse between him and the younger Winchester. "Well good luck with that." Gabriel huffed, settling back into the seat. "Me? I'm blowing Jonestown. The lemmings wanna run off the cliff that's their business."

"I see right through you, you know that." Dean murmured.

Gabriel swallowed hard. His gaze fixed on the hunter. Did he really? Could he know the real reason Gabriel was there, putting his life on the line? Had Sam told him? No. The younger man was too ashamed of what had happened between them to ever confess to the big brother he idolized.

"The smart-ass shell. The whole I could give a crap thing. Believe me, takes one to know one."

"That so?" Gabriel smirked.

"Yes. Maybe those freaks aren't blood, but they are family."

Gabriel released a breath, relaxing in his seat. He didn't know. His secret was safe, and he was happy to keep it that way. "They just stabbed me in the friggin' heart." let Dean believe Kali and the others were the family he was trying to protect. Now wasn't the time to inform the hunter that he was an uncle. And him and Sam were the family he was really trying to save.

"Maybe, but you still give a crap about them don't you?"

Yeah, right. Okay so maybe he didn't want to see Kali get ripped to pieces by his brother but well she'd made her choice and his priorities were clear. "Dean."

"They're gonna die in there without you."

Gabriel met Dean's angry, determined hazel eyes, so like Sam's. "I can't kill my brother."

"Can't or Won't?"

Like he was one to talk. Dean had been given how many chances to stop this before it started? His father had ordered him to kill his brother and he'd refused stubbornly, and Gabriel knew without a doubt that given that choice again, Dean would do it just the same. Even knowing what it would cost the world. Because to the man family was everything. Yet here he was expecting Gabriel to turn on his brother.

"That's what I thought!" Dean spat before he could counter. The hunter climbing out of the car.

Gabriel sat in the middle of the backseat, staring at his hands. His brothers hadn't fought to protect their families. They hadn't even tired to hide their children from heaven's gaze. They hadn't thrown themselves in front of blades for the ones they'd supposedly loved. Gabriel carried the stain of those innocent young lives, but so too did their fathers and mothers. Gabriel would not make their mistake. He'd already fought to keep Samandriel safe, now he had to protect Sam, and Dean.

"Come on Gabe, we both know there's no real choice here." Dylan's voice startled him in the silence.

"Sorry Dylan. I never thought it would come to this." he lied.

"Hey man. I signed up for this remember? I could have split in New York if I really wanted out of the fight."

"That really doesn't make me feel any better." Gabriel scoffed.

"I know. But hey, the last twelve years have been a hell of a ride." Dylan laughed. The voice vibrating through Gabriel's mind. "And you gave me so much man. I wasn't exactly in the best of places, remember?"

Gabriel rubbed a hand over his eyes.

"Gabe, this isn't just about Sam, Samandriel and Kath. It's the rest of the world too. Who'd turn down saving the world man. From junkie to savoir. Sound pretty awesome to me."

"Yeah. You've been a good friend Dylan. And if there was another…."

"I know. Now can we save the world?"

"There's something we need to do first."

"Then what are we waiting for?"

~~~Unrequited Sabriel: What Rough Beasts Our Sins Make~~~

It didn't take Gabriel very long to tie up his final loose end. Two DVD's. One for Katherine and Samandriel. Informing them that he wouldn't be returning. That it was over but that he loved them both. The other was for Sam and Dean telling them what he'd discovered. About the rings. The cage. He wanted to tell Sam so many things in that video but it wasn't for Dean's hearing. So he hid the message. An Easter egg for Sam to find.

He could feel Lucifer's presence before he stepped foot back into the hotel. And he knew his brother would feel him too. So there was no hiding. No sneaking up on him. But he had a plan. One that would probably fail but he had to try. And maybe his father would be on his side this once.

He found Sam and Dean behind a table. His brother only a few feet away.

"Are you okay?" Sam breathlessly asked his brother.

"No really." Gabriel replied with a small shrug. "Better late than never, huh?" his gaze flickering between the brother before settling on Sam for a long moment. His breath catching in his chest. Everything in him wanted to lean across and kiss him. Better yet, zap them both out of there and hid away, but that really wasn't an option. So instead he tore his gaze away from the younger man and slammed the DVD into Dean's chest. "Guard this with your life." then he was on his feet. Gone before he had a change to think and run. Before he said something Sam would never forgive him for. Not that it was going to matter if he was going to die anyway.

It took him only second to switch himself with another illusion. Listen from only a few feet away. Hidden from view as his other self took up a defensive position between his brother and the table. Sword raised. "Lucy, I'm home."

He watched as his brother got to his feet and marched angrily back towards him. His other self moving that much closer to kali, and the table. "Not this time." it warned, bowing to help the goddess to her feet. Keeping her close after all they wouldn't be able to leave without her. "Guys! Get her out of here!" the illusion called and Gabriel watched Sam as they moved towards his other side. As the other Gabriel handed over the goddess to their protection. That warmth spread through his chest as he caught the hint of jealousy once again in Sam's eyes. Maybe there was hope. If he actually survived this. He watched Sam linger a little longer at the door than necessary and part of him wanted to go, click his fingers and vanish. But this was his change and he had to take it. For Sam. For their son. - For the world.


A/N: Don't worry, still not the end of the series. I'm sorry for killing Gabriel but I'm trying to stay as close to canon as my fic-verse will allow, and there's a tone of stuff I wouldn't be able to do if Gabriel survived. But I can promise you he'll be back. Until then the series will be picked up from Sam POV. Thanks for reading and you're faves. I hope you continue to enjoy this universe. See you again soon.