Alright, I've been writing fan fiction for over a year now. But this is my first Harry Potter fic. This is a very short fic, and as of the moment it is a one time only thing. I honestly don't know what I would do with this if I made it into something longer. Who knows? Anyway, please leave replies, they're everything to me, like water.



She stood there. Light against the darkness. Her head was tilted so her eyes could gaze at as much of the sky as possible. The pale, slivery light that the pale moon gave off, seemingly making her glow. Her red hair fell down her back, only to make her more striking and impressive. She turned at the sound of footsteps behind her and saw the two young men.

They were as different as night and day. And looked it too. Both tall and strong. One with messy dark hair, nearly olive skin, brilliant green eyes, haunting sadness and kindness in them, and that scar that made him stand out from everyone else, and was shrouded in the same light as she assumed his soul was. The other had perfectly groomed pale blond hair, pale as moonlight, his skin also had a similar pallor, light gray eyes , with a very sharp edge that rarely softened, and that ever present mark on his left arm that made him who he was.

The boy who lived, and the next generation of the Death Eaters. Both were quite impressive, and talked about by the majority of the school, and both wanted her. Why she didn't know.

Suddenly there was a flash of light, and the scene changed. The girl's hair deepened in it's shade and her eyes turned to that brilliant green. The boy surrounded by light lost his scar, and his eyes turned to the color of melting chocolate. The boy cloaked by darkness kept his mark, but his hair grew out and changed to a nearly blue black color and his eyes turned to coal, but the situation was still the same.

The scene shimmered in between the two realities. History was known to run in circles. Two generations, the same situation, the same choice had to be made. Would the second one end as the first? Had the elder girl made the right choice? Where did true love lie?

"Chose." They implored her needing desperately, needing to know. "Chose me or my enemy, but the choice is final."

She did not know. Light or dark. Both were dangerous and deadly, and had problems of their own. She cared deeply for both, maybe even loved both, but where did true love lie. Where would she be truly happy? "I do not know. Why must I decide tonight?"

"I will not wait forever." They said in unison, and she wondered if it were magic, some odd bond that was making the two, who so hated each other as much as they did, talk as if they were one. Were their minds the same in this instant. "I will not stand here and wait until you decide if I am better than him. This cannot go on as such, you must chose."

The girl in the first reality did so. She walked over to the tall man surrounded by light, and laid her hand in his, saying simply. "I chose you, it is you whom I love." And with that the original three disappeared. Leaving behind the other three.

She stared at the two and wondered if the girl who had come before her would have lived if she had chosen the other. Kept alive but killed her soul, for the other had believed in something she never had, or forced to pretend that he did. Taken her away for all she'd ever known. And yet the savoir had barely paid attention until she'd turned to the sinner, who'd seen her long ago.

She saw a fight in her head, the same thing coming for them both. She could only save one. It came to her in that instant. "I know." She said, stepping towards them. "I've made my decision."


I know, slightly unfulfilling, but I couldn't chose. Do you blame me? Alright, so I'm sure some of you can. It's open to personal interpretation, or maybe, inspiration will hit.