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The Awakening

Edward's POV

I wasn't home when Alice called, so my machine picked it up.

I'd been downtown, on the trail of a murderer. He'd been causing quite a fuss for a couple of weeks now, and I'd decided to take matters into my own hands. This killer was particularly vicious and different from others around. The current London murder scene was full of drug addicts who killed the elderly for money to buy whatever it was they craved. The killer I was after was no druggie.

Some said he was a young man who had come to London from the states to study medicine. Other versions said it was music. Only one thing was certain, and it was the one thing where both the gossipers and the press agreed: he preferred to murder child prostitutes. And while I didn't particularly pay attention when prostitutes were killed, I was paying attention this time. These weren't your ordinary women who'd chosen to do such things-these were little girls who were being forced to perform sexual acts on someone who would later end up killing them.

It was the most horrible thing I could think of, me, a vampire who thought he had seen everything and then some.

So that was the reason why on a warm Friday night, instead of being home reading my used and battered copy of Between the Acts, I was hunting down a murderer. I was jumping over rooftops in an infamous area, which rumors declared to be London's Prostitute Zone. A dark, cloudless sky was above me, and around me was an air that smelled only of decay and bodily fluids.

Suddenly, I heard something that made me stop. I'd been about to jump onto another rooftop when the thought slipped into my head. I hadn't even been searching for it-it had been that strong.

How can he not have a 9-year old?

Instantly, I knew this was my man. It was disgusting and horrific, but I knew it was him by the strength in his thought. I sent a wave of Power towards him, compelling him to leave the brothel, to forget about the girl and come to the alley next to the building, which was the perfect setting for what I was about to do.

I took the final step off the edge of the rooftop. I fell for a few seconds, and then I hit the ground, landing with the grace of a cat. My murderer showed up after a few seconds, and my vampiric senses picked up that the compulsion had nearly failed while he was making his way out of the building, a pimp following after him. He'd sent the pimp away, though, enthralled by the thought of what he might mind in the alley.

Maybe there's a poor, orphaned girl…starving…

That was his thought as he entered the alley. It brought an angry smile to my face; I would not regret doing this. I would not regret killing a murderer that had for weeks terrorized the streets of London, a murderer that had made countless parents have nightmares about their children being taken from them forever.

"We need to talk," I said, my voice as soft as possible, but loud enough for him to hear it. I was trying to be as alluring as I could. But it did the opposite.

"And who might you be?" He asked, stopping in his tracks. My voice-a male voice-had instantly put him off. It made something within me rise, an angry side that I often suppressed. So it's little fucking girls you like, no?

It was then that I knew it was going to take more than the small amount of Power I had used to draw him to me. I was going to need more than some compulsion. I frowned, wondering what I could do.

And then it hit me.

I had to become a little girl. I had to become exactly what he wanted.

So I did. I focused a lot of Power around myself, turning my image into what he desired to see most: a little girl. I had no idea what type I became; I just knew that it worked, because after a few minutes of standing in silence, he walked towards me, his steps full of eagerness.

Once he stood before me, I took in his features. Even thought it was dark my vampiric sight allowed me to see everything. He wasn't old. He was quite young, in fact. I wouldn't be surprised if he was nineteen. His face was pale, his eyes a clear shade of blue. His hair was dark.

He spent a few seconds watching me, and he thought: I wonder if she'll call me daddy?

"My daddy is dead, mister. Would you like to be my daddy? I need somebody to take care of me. I need a daddy." I don't know where those words came from. They sounded like something straight out of a bad, hugely pedophiliac porno. But it worked; instantly the monster opened his arms, a smile blossoming across his face. It sent shivers up my spine.

"Come to papa, child."

I lunged for his throat.

After I drank him dry I headed home. I didn't bother throwing his body away, burning it or hiding it. I wanted someone to find him. I wanted him to become national news. That was probably was motivated him; the thrill of getting caught. It made sense in a morbid way that he would get his wish-only dead.

The walk home was long, but I didn't bother using vampire speed. I wanted to feel every step of the way. These days, using my vampire abilities gave me no pleasure unless I was hunting. It had been so for several decades now; the only pleasure I knew came when I killed. How funny. Of the many pleasures a vampire could feel, I could only gain gratification from the darkest.

I got home after a full hour of walking. I wasn't tired. I didn't feel anything like a human would. But as I walked up the stairs to my apartment, I wondered if there was something wrong with me, aside from the obvious flaws. I wondered if there was a reason why even after the kill I felt so tense; like something was coming after me and I couldn't stop it.

As soon as I stepped into my apartment I heard the machine beeping. I had installed it weeks ago in case anyone from my 'family' tried to make contact with me while I wasn't home, and it seemed they finally had. Only they had my phone number.

I pressed the button that would allow me to hear the recording. I wondered which family member it would be. Carlisle? Esme? To my surprise, it was neither of them.

"Hello, Edward, this is Alice. I know we haven't talked in decades and that you chose to live on your own, doing the things you do…but we need to talk. Like, right now. I'm in London. I flew in a couple of days ago. I'll be waiting for you downtown, in a small restaurant called Sweet Nothings. Charming, isn't it? Um, well, please show up. I'll be waiting until twelve. Then I have to go. Bella is waiting for me."

Bella was Alice's soulmate and a vampire, too; one that had been turned by my 'father', Carlisle. Alice thought of herself incapable of turning a human into a vampire, because she'd give into the frenzy that began once we started feeding.

But that was not what I was thinking about. At least, not primarily. I was thinking about the worry and fear in Alice's voice. They had been evident in the recording. They had come through loud and clear. Internally, I debated if I would go or not.

It wasn't that I had any problem with seeing Alice…not at all. It was the fact that I wasn't like my dear sister. While she and my family abstained from drinking human blood (they thought of themselves as vegetarian vampires) I didn't. I had followed their diet for a while, until I realized it wasn't truly me. And while I didn't allow myself to feed off innocent humans, there was nothing that could stop me from going after the evil ones, wasn't there?

My sister, while understanding of my point of view and quite tolerant of the choice I had made, didn't support it. She would rather I put up with their diet. She would rather I became the perfect vampire son to Carlisle, something I knew deep in my frozen heart of hearts that I could never be. I craved human blood too much. I lived for it, in a way.

While all this told me I should avoid seeing Alice and hearing any of her lectures, I decided on meeting up with her. I had nothing to lose, and if she got annoying, I would simply run off. I would disappear, and she would have to go back to her soulmate.

That settled it, then. I was going to see my sister. I looked at the digital clock that hung on a dull, white wall: 10: 51. I still had time to change my clothes and prepare myself mentally for the conversation. I set off for my bedroom, wondering what I would wear.

I felt Alice's distinctive presence as I stepped into the restaurant. I had walked to it from my apartment, wanting to kill time. I'd found it quickly, much to my despair. I arrived exactly at 11:00. Alice had one hour to tell me what she wanted.

The place was quite charming, as Alice had mentioned in her voicemail. It was a burger joint styled after the disco era, with disco music softly playing in the background. I found Alice in a booth in the back, all alone and with a menu in her hands.

"What's the point in checking out what you can't eat?" I asked her as I settled into the booth. She lowered the menu and golden eyes were quickly analyzing every little detail about me.

"Gosh, look at you, Edward. Your eyes are red as hell."

"If you came down here to make theological remarks about the color of my eyes, Alice, my exit is five minutes away." I threatened, and her eyes softened.

"I'm sorry. I just…I hoped you'd been secretly sticking to Carlisle's diet." Alice admitted, and finally dropped the silly menu. I noticed it had roller-skates on it. As I had thought earlier, charming.

"I have not, Alice. I thought someone with your gifts would have known." I replied. Alice was one of the "gifted" vampires, as they called it in our community. My sister could see the future, but it depended on the course people were on. Were I to change my ways, her vision of my future would abruptly change.

She groaned.

"I know, I know. I saw what you did a few hours ago-and I'm glad you did it," she admitted, but I could feel an undercurrent of disapproval coming from her. "That piece of scum didn't deserve to live."

"I find myself unable to disagree."

She studied me for a while, and then she gave me a tentative smile. I smiled back. I knew what she was thinking, of course-that was both my gift and my curse. Even though I could block out humans, I couldn't block out fellow vampires.

My sister was desperately hoping she could change me back to her puritan ways, but she was also hiding something. Something told me that was the reason why she was here-that secret that I couldn't decode.

"Anyways, tell me what it is you needed to tell me, Alice. It sounded urgent." I pushed. Her mouth pressed into a tight line. Oh, this is bad, a part of me thought darkly. I cast it away.

Alice took a deep breath and then shook her head.

"Edward, the reason why I'm here is because I have found your soulmate."

I had not been expecting that.

Of all the things I had been expecting Alice to say, the last was that. I found myself remembering something from a long time ago, back when Alice, Carlisle, Esme and I were a perfect family. It was around the time Alice had announced that she'd found her soulmate in a human female called Bella. My family had been ecstatic; not all vampires found their soulmates. Some of them died before the vampire could find them. At other times vampires simply didn't seek out love.

But Alice, knowing I was a romantic at heart, told me that she'd always keep an eye out both physically and psychically from my soulmate. I'd given up on finding my soulmate years ago, believing myself doomed to spend eternity alone.

But now Alice…

"Are you alright, Edward?" Alice asked me, and I looked up from the table to find myself lost in golden eyes full of concern. The idiocy of her question nearly made me laugh. It was obvious that I was alright. Vampires were never in a position to not be alright. We were strong beyond belief. But I knew what my sister was asking. She was asking me not physically, but emotionally. I gave her a weak nod to let her know I was alright. Was I, really? I had no idea.

"Yes," I said finally. "I am alright. Tell me about my soulmate. Please."

Alice smiled and placed a hand upon mine. It was equally as cold as my own, but the gesture was touching. It had been quite a long time since I'd had any contact with anyone, let alone felt any support.

"His name is Jasper Hale. He lives in Evergreen, Texas, and he is a high school student. I was thinking that you could use your looks as an advantage, Edward."

"He's a boy? How interesting. And what a lovely name; Jasper," then something caught my attention. "What do you mean to my advantage?"

Then Alice did something that truly frightened me. She moved a bit in her seat, as if she were bracing herself for something horrible to happen. Vampires didn't need to do this-it was a leftover human reflect. Instantly, I did the same. I wanted to be prepared. I tensed every muscle in my body. I pressed my teeth together.

"Jasper is dying, Edward. He is sick. I was thinking that…if you are going to seek him out, and if you are going to create a bond…then you must turn him. You must give him The Dark Gift." Alice said quickly, and her speed startled me. A human would've caught only a couple of words, but I wasn't human. And I heard everything my sister said.

It took only seconds for me to think everything through. This was what I'd been waiting for. This was why I'd been feeling so alone and found pleasure only in the kill.

It was because the only thing that could bring me pleasure, happiness and joy was alive and utterly out of my grasp.

But that was not the case. Not anymore.

"How fast can I be in Evergreen? How fast can I enroll in his high school? Can you buy me a plane ticket?"

"Soon, soon, and yes, Edward. I can do that. Relax. You'll find him. You'll save him."

Alice tried to comfort me, but it did no good. I'd only just found out about the existence of my soulmate and I already wanted to be by his side. I already wanted to save him from death-I wanted to make him an immortal.

But then, I had a horrifying thought.

What if I'm too late?