Shakespeare once said, "All the world's a stage
And the men and women in it
Are merely actors…"
If so, then I question,
"What of those, like me, who run from the world?
Are we merely plot devices?"

Just before I make my peace,
Destiny phones me
It is my turn to audition
She is writing a story with a colorful cast
She needs a deus ex machina

Fire is their leader's name…
Thunder's the strongest in the game…
Wind's job is to keep them tame…
Ice will prove his worth by cold flame…
Darkness takes all the blame…
And what of Light—me?

Just when they reach their darkest hour,
Abruptly, a hero enters
No introduction, no fanfare
He saves the day
And leaves
Deus ex machina

No one knows my secret pain
No one asks my real name
Minamoto or Kimura?
Who really knows?
Ask Destiny—she intervened
Why am I her favorite muse?

I know no answers
I feel just pain
Do I feel summer lightning
Or autumn rain?
What is Darkness?
And what is Light?

Until Destiny writes
My history,
I am fated to this
I wait for her to take paper and pen
And have me as part of the normal cast
And not her deus ex machina

Maybe then my pain will end
But until it is so,
I sit back, feeling the shade of the large tree
Like me, it has an unspoken story
Like me, it serves a phantom purpose
And like me, it outgrew its role of deus ex machina

So, what do you think? I felt like I had to do one on Kouji since we haven't gotten to see his story yet in America.