I hereby dedicate this story to:

Myself - As a way to vent out my imagination in words

My friends - For being what you are

My parents - For giving me the free time to write this story :D

Finally, to You guys - For reading and reviewing and following and whatever else you guys do


Aura of Betrayal

By: FieryDarkWraith

Summary: Driven by heartbreak, betrayal and loss, the Chosen One vanishes from the face of the world.

When he returns, he burns brighter than ever before, and the world soon has to face his wrath.


Warnings: Perverted humor, rape, mentions of rape, and an incessant amount of cussing

Inspired by the Poem:

Rising Phoenix

By: Colleen Houck

Does Rising Phoenix Know his fate?
He's born, grows strong, and learns to fly.
He builds a nest and seeks a mate.
He sleeps and thirsts and hunts the sky.

Does he know his future blazes?
A quelling flame will take his life?
When purging heat the pyre raises,
Consuming all his earthly strife?

Does stinging dread seep through his breast?
Does he regret past choices made?
Does heartbreak stir his feather'd crest?
Does he perceive the price he's paid?

Exquisite once, his body burns
As he cries out in pain and fear.
Charred and black his feathers turn,
Conceding life, he sheds a tear.

From death so dire, another soul
Emerges new to take his place.
With destiny and purpose whole
A glorious dawn begins aspace!

Does Rising Phoenix thank his sire
For embers black that gave him birth?
Does he too know his fate is fire?
Can he enjoy his time on Earth?


A/N: Thank you and Enjoy.