Chapter 5

July 22, 8:00 AM: First healthy girl was born, average weight, bright green eyes, brown hair.

July 22, 8:00 PM: Second healthy boy was born, slightly under average weight, dark blue eyes, black hair.



When Mum handed me my adorable little baby sister, I almost died. We both looked each other in the eyes and she smiled and fell asleep in my arms.

"I'm thinking about calling her Emerald. Conor decided on her middle name, which would be Rainbow. After Rainbow I'd guess, which is really sweet." Mum murmured to me while rocking my baby brother.

"Emerald Rainbow Taylor… It's beautiful…" I whispered back, putting my baby sister back in Mum's arms for my baby brother.

"Nickolas… have you decided on his middle name, Sapphire?" Mum asked as my little brother stared at me with his inquisitive dark blue eyes that immediate reminded me of Ingo.

"Would you mind if it was Mathew? After Dad…"

There was a slight pause and slowly I saw Mum nod.

"Nickolas Mathew Taylor…" As if in response to me whispering his name, he nuzzled into my chest, moving his head around. He frowned and moved in my arms into a different position and pressed his head into my chest again.

"Oh, I think Nickolas is getting hungry, Sapphire. Hand him here for a moment. Rainbow whispered from behind, making me smile seeing my friend here… until I realized what she meant, as Nickolas was trying to nuzzle into me more.

After reluctantly handing him to Rainbow, who started bottle feeding him, I joined Conor in the other room with Roger.

Conor sat right next to me and asked quietly about our new siblings.

"Aren't they perfect?"

I guess my smile that beamed across my face answered the question.

It was a good week before things returned to some form of normality at home. Conor and I shared my room, while the upstairs loft that was Conor's room was renovated to be turned into a nursery.

At the first chance she got Mum made it clear what she wanted us to do once they got older.

"Conor, your going to be in charge of helping them with schooling, Sapphire with biking, swimming, boating, and etc." Mum wanted us to be the perfect older sibling figures.

I'd just decided to go let off some steam by going to Ingo, and seeing as it was late July, I slipped on the new swimsuit I'd bought.

Feeling slightly awkward, I slipped on my bikini, a white and peach colored classic bikini, (Calm down, I'm just going to ingo, and if I have a swimsuit, then why waste clothes) and waded into the water.

After going in waste deep, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around excited to go to Ingo with Faro when I stopped.

It wasn't Faro.

It was Roger.

"Sapphire, you know you're not supposed to be swimming at the cove."

"Roger, It's just…"

"Just What?"

I shook my head.

"It's just… you wouldn't understand."

"Sapphire. I'm a diver. Of course I'd understand your love of the ocean, but it's too dangerous. The Ocean kills people Sapphire. You aren't trained properly for it, no matter how good of a swimmer I know you and Conor are."

"Ingo would never hurt me. It kills people because they reject it." I said back, automatically.

"Sapphire, I hear you say Ingo a lot. What is Ingo? Is it an obsession? An addiction?" That almost made me laugh, but I think Roger knew that I was at my mind's end for hiding things from people any longer.

Thank gosh for Faro.

At that moment in time, the water around us swirled and Faro emerged a few feet away, spluttering a small bit.

"Roger, you are on the border of Ingo and Earth. You must go to Earth. Sapphire is free to move between the two."

"So Ingo's a planet now? Okay, I'm lost. Aren't we all on earth?" Roger was trying really hard.

"Roger. This is Earth. What's in front of you, the ocean, is Ingo." I heard Conor say from further behind.

Suddenly it was as if something had clicked into place. Roger still didn't understand it, but I grabbed Faro's hand and dived down the shelfing floor of the ocean. ROger seemed a little bit behind us when Faro stopped.

"Roger, go back. You can't stay down here. You can't survive."

Roger looked shocked at Faro speaking, but even more shocked when I exhaled all the Air in my lungs.

Roger lunged forward and grabbed my waist, trying to pull me up. Instead, I pushed his arm down.

"Roger, stop and look at me." I called out to him. Suddenly he stopped, bewildered at how I was speaking.

"I am speaking underwater because Ingo is providing me with oxygen. I let go of all the attachments of Air I had in my lungs and now look how I am."

Well, now Roger was turning blue, and Faro brought him to the beach before he passed out. However, this time he didn't follow us as we plunged down into the familiar comforts of Ingo.