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Reincarnation is when you die and your soul is placed into another living thing. Typically you do not remember your past lives. At least that is what I had always thought. But when I died in was reborn into a world I thought existed only fiction, and I remembered everything, my thoughts began to change. For the first few years I tried to deny it, insisting it was a dream. When I could no longer do that, I closed everything out. I knew people would die, so I did not want them to get close to me. But something changed that. Or rather, someone. Hiding was no longer an option, so I decided to change the future instead. This is my story, the story of Hakyu Koka of Konoha, formally known as Emily Stone of New York.

The Ninshu Shrine was devoted to the teachings of the Sage of the Six Paths. Ninshu is the religious, more peaceful precursor to Ninjutsu, though few still practiced it. The shrine is Konoha was of the few left in the country and was slowly begin to disappear. As a result, Heiwa was the last care taker of the Ninshu Shrine. She, along with a small group of orphans, who came and went, were the only ones dwelling in the shrine on the outskirts of the village.

The baby was found on the steps of the shrine wrapped in only a blanket with a note pinned to it. It was the baby's cries that alerted the shrine maiden, Heiwa, to its arrival. When she went to investigate and found only a newborn baby, only hours old, but no trace of any other person, she did the only thing she could do. Heiwa brought the child into the shrine. Thus Koka became the newest edition to the Ninshu Shrine.