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Author – Warlordess

Notes – This is a one-shot (maybe) inspired by a wonderfully sexy piece of artwork posted by my Tumblr wife, BitterMaraschino, on her online journal. I'm also using it for the fic title artwork thing here on FFN so you can see what it looks like. If you want a closer look, please let me know in a review or PM and I can send you the link to the original post on her blog.

She said that the fan art was influenced by the Orange Islands episode, "Wherefore Art Thou, Pokemon?" which is the one about the two Nidoran in love and their obstinate trainers who refuse to let them be together. There's a point in the beginning during which Misty calls Ash immature because he doesn't understand the romantic notions of the situation and he wails and mopes, claiming to be grown up enough already.

Anyway, while the artwork features an emboldened Misty attempting to seduce Ash, both Bitter and I laughed about how unlikely it was for our favorite redhead to display such confidence and that, surely, the scenario would have to be a dream or fantasy that Ash had conjured.

Things get… mildly… explicit here. Not too bad, at least at first, but since I'm considering continuing it and developing it into something with a plot, the rating may go up or things may get slightly more heated in Ash's head. We're treading on some pretty wildly foreign territory, eh? Lol.

As a final note, this was supposed to be a Tumblr exclusive post (all the more reason you should follow me if you have your own account, nehehe) but I decided I liked it enough to post it here too… especially if I do indeed decide to continue working on it.


Title – Ash's Nightmare (AKA: Puberty)

Summary – Ash experiences puberty and it's the most enthralling, horrific journey he'll ever embark on. Pokeshippy. Rated for mild sexual references.

Ages – Ash, Misty, and Serena are roughly fifteen years old, Clemont is sixteen, and Bonnie is around ten… but I'm not developing this fic enough to make her a sanctioned league trainer. Sorry!


When he first opens his eyes, Ash Ketchum doesn't quite know - well - anything.

He takes in his surroundings with mild curiosity. The lush landscape of trees and earthen path at his feet and blue sky for miles above his head... He's seen this all before, many times since leaving home of course, but he can't even begin to imagine how he has managed to find himself here now.

The last thing he remembers is being in Ambrette Town, Kalos Region, having decided to spend the night there with his traveling companions after a day of window shopping, eating, and a trip to the world-renown Pokemon aquarium. That being acknowledged, he can't help wondering how he managed to escape the Pokemon Center and wander all the way out to the woods without anyone saying anything or trying to stop him.

Serena, Clemont, Bonnie, even Pikachu are nowhere to be found. He is completely alone.

Or is he?

"It's just so romantic," a relatively familiar voice croons from behind him, and he jerks around and catches sight of fiery red hair and a demure pose. A girl is standing, facing the opposite direction and staring at the sun, which is suddenly sinking along the lip of the land.

It's Misty. Misty in her yellow camisole and jean shorts and suspenders and side-ponytail, arms behind her back and fingers laced as she sighs deeply and takes in the glorious view.

Ash thinks he should probably ask her what she's even doing here but instead his brows immediately scrunch up and he responds to her original statement.

"What's so romantic about the sunset anyway?" he grumbles in a mutter that he can't seem to contain. It's as if his will has been preset to behave and react a specific way to her presence and words.

To his surprise, Misty twists around to face him and, without so much as a single step, is less than one foot away from him next moment, as if she's magic. An index finger is poised just below his nose and she's scowling as she prepares to berate him.

"I wouldn't expect you to understand, Ash! I mean, you've never been mature about matters of the heart, have you?" she goes on, wagging that finger around.

Ash follows it with his eyes, teeth and fists clenched mildly in displeasure and he's so wrapped up in her accusation that he doesn't seem to notice that she too is completely alone. No Togepi, as the appearance of her original outfit would indicate, and no Azuril either. She's missing any and all Pokemon and belongings.

So the two of them are alone, together.

"I'm plenty mature!" he fights back, "Just 'cause I don't understand what makes watching the sun set so amazing doesn't mean I'm not mature a - about - um. . . heart matters." he finishes flatly, unable to avoid a slight stutter.

"Ooh-ho, really?" the redhead replies, and she moves fluidly again, arms behind her back the same as before and meandering around him with a curious gaze. "Well, let's see if you've finally grown up after all."

She's in front of him once more and her arms are wrapped loosely around his neck. He suddenly has trouble breathing, only now realizing that her face is merely eight inches from his own. All of his frustration has fallen away to confusion and. . . well, he supposes fear, but he wonders if that's all there is to feel about this turn of events.

Misty has a Cheshire grin on her face, cheeks tainted pink, but she seems far more confident about her position than such facial features would cause Ash to assume her to be. However he's determined to prove her wrong about him and, luckily, his will decides it wants to take action too.

"Well, what will you do now?" she softly asks him, still with that very unlike-Misty smirk on her face, and she eases him backwards until he stumbles and trips.

Ash braces himself for the impact as he falls to the forest floor but is stopped halfway by a tree stump just behind him. And, though he's pretty sure it wasn't there when he'd first come around, he's too preoccupied with the fact that Misty is currently edging her way into his lap, leaning in even closer than before, her shallow breath puffing out against his nose. . .

It's the most awkward and intense situation he's ever been in. His redheaded friend is sitting practically between his legs, her own limbs arching around his waist and behind him, smiling in predatory wait. He feels a strange, overwhelming ache somewhere in his lower abdomen and he knows it's new, unique, and wishes for it to both stop and continue because, for the life of him, he's not sure he can live with or without it.

He won't tell her just how much she's terrifying him because the terror is also aggravating the blitz that has begun to cave in his entire chest cavity. His heartbeat is rapidly increasing to the point that he's not sure he can hide it, his skin is clammy and pickling and his eyes stinging, burning, as he watches one of her suspender straps dip over her shoulder, a simple yet seductive gesture.

It's the pale, peachy skin he's seen a thousand times before (even if not quite as recently or as up close as he may prefer it to be at this particular point in time) but the sight is all at once a forbidden fruit, a taboo.

The train wreck that is his subconscious realizes one thing, and that is that this girl is going to somehow be the death of him.

Her lips are ghosting past his right cheek and listing up beside his ear before he can fend them off or retaliate.

"Your move, Ash."

Your move.

Somehow, despite the numbness setting in amongst specific body parts and excitement exploding to life in others, the raven-haired trainer is able to flex his fists open, closed, then open again as if testing them to make sure they work properly, before sliding his hands around his friend's hips and holding her at the curve where her back meets her bum. He is uncomfortably aware of the waistband of her jean shorts sitting underneath his palms and his fingers are itching to increase the highly-concentrated level of contact by adjusting his grip.

"H - how's that?" he asks in the most confident tone he can muster, trying to sound cocky over innocently curious. He doesn't want her thinking that he actually needs her opinion on such things.

"It's a start," she simpers, leaning so far in that his nose brushes against the same shoulder her one strap has fallen down. He thinks that he can almost smell the constant, clear scent of water on her skin if only he could inhale a little deeper. Then she lowers her voice to a breathy whisper and continues, "but can you handle what comes next?"

And suddenly she's kissing him, her lips softly joined with his and causing his eyes to widen from the shock. In fact, he attempts to pull away, to collect himself, to cease the fireworks bursting aflame in his gut, but her hands snake up to the base of his neck and the lower back of his head, her fingers running through his hair before tightening, holding him quite firmly in place so that she can continue her mission.

Her mission to do what? He has just enough awareness to ask himself the question before he feels something sliding slowly along his bottom lip. He knows it's her tongue and the ache in his groin escalates to the point of incineration. He's staring at her, wide-eyed, while she is calmly unleashing everything in her arsenal, and he feels they've been branded together, her body flush against his, hearts entwined as much as the rest of them.

There is one thing he knows for certain as she loosens her grip on him and sits back what seems forever and a day later, still comfortably perched between his legs even now, and this is...

"Y - you're not... I - this isn't..."

That all-knowing smile is back and he is sure that she's read his mind.

"Don't be silly, Ash. Of course this is real," she tells him softly, assuredly, as she stares him in the eyes.

He thinks he should probably continue to fight her on it, to request some form of proof, however she isn't finished speaking.

"It's real here," she notes almost absently, taking one hand and tapping him on his forehead before drawing it cautiously, alluringly, past his face and neck to his chest, "and it's real here," she says now as she settles the palm of her hand over his heart and he hopes that the thump, thump isn't enough to deter her from her activities because - honestly - he almost doesn't mind them. "And it's real..."

And finally, she removes her hand from where it was and draws an invisible line down past his ribs, down, down past his abdomen, down past the belt buckle holding up his jeans, and she falters just over the zipper of his fly.

". . . right here."


It is now that fifteen year old Ash Ketchum snaps awake drenched in the hottest cold sweat he's ever endured. He's at the Pokemon Center in Ambrette Town, Kalos Region, breathing heavily and his insides shriveling up from everything he's spent his night envisioning.

He takes in the sight of his three traveling companions; Clemont, Bonnie, and Serena. All of them are tucked safely and silently in their beds, content with whatever their subconscious is having them experience while Pikachu sleeps just as soundly at his side. Meanwhile his head is a mess with memories of the fantastical nightmare that is plaguing him for the first time in his life and he doesn't know what's worse.

The fact that he has no idea how to handle what has just happened to him or the fact that Misty suddenly isn't there anymore.


Notes – This is definitely not supposed to be a thing. It's not supposed to exist. I'm not supposed to write stuff like this, lacking any experience like I do… but I couldn't help it. So here it is. And don't we all wish it were effing real? I mean, c'mon Pokemon anime creators, writers, directors, and other miscellaneous staff! Make Ash grow up! Just a little bit!

But, uh, you know, moving on.

Aaand scene! So that's it for now, super short I know, but I just wanted to write a taste for it and see how it went. Um, I am seriously considering making this a thing, like a legitimate fic with a plot and whatnot. After all, isn't anyone curious as to why he's dreaming about Misty after so long not seeing her, despite being around other pretty girls he can fantasize about?

'Cause I have plans… Lol.

Um, uh… reviews are appreciated? Though I'm honestly terrified about what anyone may have to say.