Summarily Dismissed
by pari106
Series: Alec's Creek. A collection of short "reinterpretations" of the DC eps involving
CJ. CJ *is* Alec. Alec is CJ. What fun.

Disclaimer: Neither DA nor DC nor anything involved with either belong to me. I own
only the rights to what I write. Be nice and don't sue me.
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Rating: PG
Setting: Um… Episode 5. I think. Aired 10-16-02.

Summary: "Alec really didn't know why he'd bothered… Except maybe for the
entertainment value. There wasn't nearly enough to be found in Massachutes."

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Cute. She was really cute. Which wasn't exactly a trait Alec admired in blondes…

Or maybe he admired "cute" a little *too* much. Cute, on a woman, had always meant
trouble for Alec… And he had plenty of that already, thank you very much.

"It's okay…It was my fault."

"No! No…I'm sure it's cold, and it's smelly…and I'm touching you and I'm gonna

Cute? This one was freakin' adorable. Alec really didn't know why he'd bothered to
approach her again… Well. Let her bump into him, anyhow. Literally. Except maybe
for the entertainment value. There wasn't nearly enough to be found in Massachutes.
And if he wasn't sure to incur the wrath of Max, by blowing his cover and doing
something crazy… Alec would have taken Miss Adorable aside, the first time she'd lain
those disdaining blue eyes upon him, and shown her just how "entertaining" a night out
with him could be.

If she hadn't stopped touching him… Alec still might have. Max be damned.

"You think I'm the lamest, most square person on Earth, don't you?" he – well, "CJ" –
asked. CJ. With his bead wearing and group counseling and sobreity. Mph.

"No!" she insisted.

Cute. With her baby doll face and bad girl attitude. Heh. Alec thought she probably
wouldn't know "bad" if it snuck up and pinched her on the ass. And she thought that he
was lame? He'd seen more action in a year than – what was her name? Jen? – had
probably seen her entire lifetime. Lucky her.

"No! No," Jen insisted, totally insincere. Alec tried not to smile. "Not at all. I'm sure
you're, like, tons of fun." Uh-huh.

Alec really didn't know why he bothered. Except that Jen *was* cute, and it *was*
entertaining to meet a woman who *wasn't* Max, but still looked down on him like he
was something unpleasant and unusual. Only difference was, Max always looked at
Alec like he was something unpleasantly dangerous and unsettling. Jen looked at CJ
like he was unpleasantly boring. Which, for someone who *looked* like Alec or CJ or
whatever the fuck he decided to call himself… Was really saying something. Alec
wasn't exactly vain about his looks. But he knew he'd have the right to be if he were.
He knew that all transgenics were considered to be unusually attractive. And he'd been
considered beautiful, even for a transgenic, since he'd been old enough to realize what a
tool that beauty could be. When used in the proper context.

Run-ins with disillusioned college girls not being one of those, apparently.

"I gotta go," Jen announced, and Alec knew he'd been summarily dismissed.

Blonde hair and the scent of too much booze breezed past him and, finally, Alec smiled.