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It took longer to get to the hotel than the couple had originally planned for, due entirely to heavy traffic. But Jaune and Ruby didn't mind, they used their time to talk about their plans for the weekend. The restaurant reservations and the flower garden visit, they both agreed, were likely the only two events they would be doing while in Nenri. Other than that, they didn't plan to leave the hotel room.

Ultimately, the ride took about an hour. Ruby made sure to tip their cab driver well while Jaune began unloading the trunk. He also tried to play 'the good boyfriend' role and carry both his and his tired girlfriend's bags into the hotel, but Ruby wouldn't have it. She could tell that Jaune was just as tired as her, and refused to let him bare the extra weight. Just another reason he loved her.

The hotel lobby was much fancier than Ruby had been expecting. Marble floors, champagne colored walls, and antique wooden furniture decorated the space. To the side of the large room was an ornate rosewood desk, a grey mustached man standing behind it. "Jaune," The reaper spoke in awe. "How can we afford this?"

Said knight laughed. "We can't, there would be no way." He spoke, closing the glass entry door behind him.

"Then how..?"

"Ozpin." He answered her unfinished question. "He recommended this place to me, and when I told him there was no way we could afford it, he pulled some strings."

"Who's strings did he pull, God's?"

Jaune chuckled and stretched is back. "I have no clue and I'm not gonna as-" His eyes landed on a golden clock hung on the wall.


Oh shit.

"RUBY!" Ruby jumped back in surprise. Jaune's shout caused many other guests and the concierge to look the couple's way. Ruby blushed at all the negative attention and put her hood up in to hide her embarrassment. But Jaune paid no attention and threw his hands onto his lover's shoulders. "Call your sister right now!"

The poor girl was still reeling from all the eyes on her. "W-What?"

"Call your sister right now or she's gonna kill me!" Without waiting for her to respond, Juane pulled her phone out of her pocket, dialed Yang's number, and handed it back to her. "Just tell her we got here safe and that we're all signed into the leader workshop." Breathing a sigh of relief, Jaune grabbed his bag and left his confused girlfriend to go check in.

In a few moments, Yang answered. "Hey sis!" Her voice was upbeat as always. "I was just about to call Jaune to see if ya'll had arrived yet." Ruby couldn't immediately respond, as many of the other lobby guests were still looking at her. All she could to was whimper into the phone. "Hm? Sis is something wrong?"

Ruby hung up without realizing it, grabbed her bag and shyly scooted her way to Jaune at the concierge desk. The young man looked down at her, saw her current state, profusely apologized, and gave her their room key. Using her semblance to escape as soon as Ruby ran to their room, room 221. Once there she jumped inside and slammed the door, breathing heavily. Once she was away from all the staring people, it didn't take too long for her to calm down.

The room itself wasn't quite as ornate as the lobby. It was the size of a normal hotel room, small but livable, red wallpaper, plush white carpet, a wooden entertainment center with a large flat screen tv resting on it. Most importantly: there were two beds. Guess Ozpin had to at least pretend not know why they were there. The beds were still nice, golden plush comforters and large feather-down pillows decorated both the queen sized mattresses.

The 'face time' ring of her cell phone cut off her train of thought and, seeing it was Yang, she quickly answered. The blonde's concerned face appeared on the holographic screen. "Ruby! Are you ok?"

The reaper girl waved off her worries. "Yea I'm fine! There was just a little accident in the lobby and I was a bit embarrassed. Sorry if I scared you." She watched as her sister breathed a sigh of relief.

"Alright. Gave me a heart attack for a second." Yang wiped away a drop of sweat. "Anyways, show me your room! I wanna see how well Ozpin set you guys up!"

Ruby giggled and pointed the camera around the room. "You should've seen the lobby, Yang!" She chirped gleefuly. "It was huge! All the furniture was so prett-"

"Hey Ruby," Yang interrupted, her voice flat.

"Yes Yang?" Her sister asked, turning the camera back to her face.

"Why are there two beds?"

There were a few moments of silence.

"Uh..." Ruby's mind began to scramble for an excuse. Idiot! She was so happy to have finally arrived that she'd forgotten that Yang thought she and Jaune were staying in different rooms. So stupid! "Well that's because-"

She was interrupted by the sound of the door unlocking.

Uh oh.

"Hey Ruby, I'm so sorry about earlier." Jaune apologized as he entered the room. His eyes met Ruby's and, without words, he knew he'd messed up.

"Ummmm," Yang's voice carried an irritated tone. "Does Jaune have a key to your room?"

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