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p dir="ltr"Chapter 4~br / PLAYLIST: Exo's new Album EXODUS! Xiumin is my Bias!/p
p dir="ltr"3rd person P.O.V/p
p dir="ltr"Mikan opened the door cautiously and the person who rung the bell so late at night was Akira. She looked exhausted. br / "Akira-chan! Why are you here?"br / "Remember I came from G.A. too. But when I was looking for you guys at the airport you guys had already left me! " she stated with a cute poutbr / "Gomene Akira!" Mikan rushed to engulf her in a hug. br / Akira P. / Oh what's taking them so long to answer the door? I wanted to surprise Mikan but at this rate I'll be a frozen Popsicle before that ever happens. I can't exactly scare her i can't move. Oh! Finallybr / "Akira-chan! Why are you here?"br / She yell whispered/p
p dir="ltr""Remember I came from G.A. too. But when I was looking for you guys at the airport you guys had already left me! I coolly replied but kinda ended up looking cute according to mikan/p
p dir="ltr"The girl Minami invited me inside. It was a really nice room with More than enough space for four growing girls. There was a beautiful stand up mirror leaning on the blue other. with stars./p
p dir="ltr"I looked at it and examined my features. I mean I'm not ugly but compared to everyone in this room I'm average I have long dark brown hair with a blonde ombre going down hair which is curly at the tips. I have yellow eyes with specks of brown in them. br / Suddenly Mikan yelled br / "Since we are going to be team mates we need to know each other better right? We should share things about ourselves! br / "I agree!" Minami yelledbr / "Well I don't see why not we will be spending a lot of time together from now on." Kaname sweetly repliedbr / They all looked at me for approvalbr / " well I'm not gonna stop you. And since you guys look curious I guess I'll join in." Shoot! That sounded like the typical tsundere!/p
p dir="ltr"Minami decided to start br / " um as you guys Know my brother is Minami. I don't know how to say this. Its kinda personal. Well me and Manami were abandoned by our parents when we were 7. We had no where to go and these suspicious men offered my brother a job that he couldn't refuse. He was hired by an assassination crew to join them. He killed for me...to protect me...to provide for us who couldn't fend for ourselves in The ordinary world. Eventually they wanted us both to work for them. My brother refused but i insisted. I couldnt let him carry the whole burden alone. Three years later G.A found out about us and saved us when we were 10. And ever since then we have lived happily aside the bullying we received from others."br / She said with a painful smile. br / Wow. It wasn't only me who had it hard./p
p dir="ltr"Mikan decided to go nextbr / " well I lived with my grandpa til I was 10. But then the G.A took my best friend from me and I followed her. I ended up enrolling too. My I made friends and everyday was happy. Until they began to bully me and call me names. I couldn't take it. I felt as if I was dying or no...I had already been dead. Somewhere inside I know that they hated ..." Tears began streaming down her cheek " they told me to go die and kill my self. And that's when I was offered to get away from that horrid place ." I had heard Mikan's story on the plane but I had no idea it was this bad./p
p dir="ltr"I decided to take all the courage I had in my tiny body and spill everything br / " I also have had a tough past. When I was small I grew up without a dad. I felt as if he didn't love me because when my sisters were born he stuck around but not for me. It didn't bother me though. When I was in 3rd grade he comes into my life and brings a hurricane. My mom was being constantly yelled at and me and my sister were threatened when we cried. Eventually he left. I was messed up for a while. I hated everything. So I ran away. I ran away from my sisters my parents, family,school, everything and anything you could possibly think of I ran away. I was taken in by this group of martial artists who trained me to protect myself and kill if necessary. I surpassed everyone in the class except the family who owned the dojo. One day I was out training in the woods. I felt something was off and returned to find everyone slaughtered. I swore my vengeance since then. Then I came to the G.A and I met a boy who told me I was pretty. He ended up betraying me and embarrassing me. I ran from him. And here i am." I said sadly. br / Kaname then came and hugged me. She told us her story of how she also had her loved ones murdered and understood how I felt./p
p dir="ltr""We should make a pact!" Minami said with a serious face that you wouldn't expect from someone like her. " Let's stay together forever. And never betray each other. Always be there for each other. And never run from anything anymore." We all looked at each other and nodded. We made a small slit on our wrists not enough to kill us bit enough to leave a scar. And repeated in unison br / "I swear by this pact to never run from our problems but face them. To always be there for each other in times of need. To never betray each other. And be together always!" br / We smiled and group huggedbr / We then continued to watch a movie marathon of twilight, hunger games, harry potter and divergent./p
p dir="ltr"With the boysbr / Yoichi ,Yuu and Manami also had a guest. Well more like a new room mate. br / "Hey guys I'm Katara Kuro Yoroshiku!"/p
p dir="ltr"Yoichi P.O.V. br / Just when we had decided to introduce ourselves a guy that had br / Had a dark copper type hair color with amber eyes that had specks of hazel. He looked chill./p
p dir="ltr""Hello Everyone!"/p
p dir="ltr"I take it back. This guys has NO Chill./p
p dir="ltr""I just moved in here and transfered from Japan to the D.A nice to meet you guys!" He said with a silly grin plastered on his face. I sighed/p
p dir="ltr""Well since we don't read know each other that well let's have self introductions!" He continued. Might as well I need to make sure that this guy and Manami are suitable to be associated with Mikan./p
p dir="ltr"I stood up first " Hi, um I'm Yoichi Sakura." Yeah I hated my last name so I changed it to Mikan's. She is my older sister. " I have the Ghost Summoning Alice, my sister is Mikan Sakura and my big Bro is Yuu and I love fighting games like / When I was little everyone hated me and was afraid of me. Except for fan girls but they were much worse. My family was murdered by some robbers and I ended up at the G.A when I was 5."/p
p dir="ltr"Manami said " wait. Of your family was killed how are your siblings Mikan and Yuu? Shouldn't they be dead?" I replied " They are as close and important to me as family." I then sat back down. Yuu then stood / "Hey, I'm Yuu Sakura. My Alice is Illusion. Due to my friends betrayal I came to America to protect Mikan like Yoichi. Hurt her and you are dead. BTW I Absolutely Love Mexican food. Its great!" He said then sat back down br / Then Manami stood upbr / " I'm Manami. I have Not that many friends but would like for your guys to become my best bros since we will be living together. I love Ice cream well food in general. I may act like I don't get along with my sister Manami but I love her Cuz she is my sister. This is really personal but I trust you guys. Me and Minami were abandoned when we were 7... These suspicious men hired me to be an assassin. When they realized Minami had an Alice too they wanted to hire her but I refused. I wouldn't let her see the things or do the things I did to let us live. But Minami threatened to kill herself if I didn't let her. We were both trained to withstand any pain and torture. But then I wanted to quit because they pushed Minami to the point where she almost died. But they wouldn't let us and kidnapped us. Three years of pain later the G.A saved us. We thought we were safe but then the bullying started so I begged the chairman to transfer us here." He had tears streaming down his face " I couldn't protect her then. But I swore that from then on I would pro text her and the people I loved with my life." He then sat down./p
p dir="ltr"Kuro then stood upbr / " I'm Katara Kuro, Yoroshiku! I like you guys have had a hard past. But before I get to that I LOVE cotton candy flavored everything g ad my favorite color is light grey. And I'm in love with snap backs. Um well I was born into a family of slaves. I was sold and beaten everyday of my life but I thought it was normal. Then the G.A. discovered that I had an Alice and took me away form my family. I was scared of everyone and no one could seem to handle me so I was sent here. I know I will be trouble. But please. Please don't give up on me."/p
p dir="ltr""We won't" Yuu said " from now on we are family and we stick together no matter what. Alright my bros?" "Yeah" we all said in unison. I feel warm inside. I actually had a family now. And I wasn't going to let anyone get in the way of it./p
p dir="ltr" /p
p dir="ltr"SO HOW WAS IT! I added a description of Akira and their back stories. Ohohohoho I know it was kinda intense but it needed to be. Cuz I'm not trying to turn them in to heartless killers but in fact... Keep reading and you will find out. br / Again I apologize for the short length all of this was written during Spanish 2. I had this burst of random creativity and went wild. Again Pleaseeeeeee recommend songs for a band and idol group for girls. Not boys anymore I have a better idea *grins* last chappy's challenge has been completed! For me to upload chappy 5 I need 10 NEW reviews. And ill be counting. br / Thankful review time!br / Thanks to the amazingbr / * unanimous person who asked for me to update. Your wish has been granted. br / *Star Elsie- I hope this chapter satisfied you. Sorry about the length but I'm working hard! Fighting!br / *Elimina Alice- thank you! I hope you love it and continue supporting me!br / *miss princess 1- thanks for the advice I will bring in the romance next chappy! And akira is youichi's age . complete descriptions are to come next chapter!br / * LovelyAnime1779- thank you! I will continue the hard work!/p
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p dir="ltr"Max-Chan Deshita!/p
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