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Andy and company dock their small boat just south of Pallet, and begin walking. Andy, Ash, Kate, and Gardevoir were scanning the area for Army personnel, but found none. They slowly snuck into Pallet without being noticed, and made their way to the Ketchum Mansion.

"Dad, how are we going to even talk to Mom?" Andy asked before he knocked on the door. "She does think we're dead, and has literally no clue about my son's existence."

Ash shrugged, and knocked on the door a few times. "Instincts over plans I say." Ash replied.

The large wood door opened, and a middle-aged woman stood in the doorway. "Great; Aura wielders trying to waste my time. I told you people to leave me alone." May said irritably, and shut the door. Andy held out three fingers, and counted down from three. When he reached one, May opened the door again.

"Are you who I think you are?" May asked in a shocked tone, and received a slow nod from both Ketchum men. "But… You…" May fainted.


When May woke up, Andy gave her a run-down of what's been happening starting from four years ago. Kate introduced herself while holding Aaron, and received numerous questions every second, but Andy told her to stay quiet.

After Andy was done talking, May was staring at Aaron adamantly. "So I'm assuming this is my grandson?" May asked, referring to Aaron.

Andy smiled lightly. "Yes. Mom, this is Aaron." Andy replied. May squealed as if she were a teenager again, and grabbed Aaron from where he was playing on the floor with a Flareon (Remember those Eevees?)

May had expected Aaron to be a sweet and innocent child who knew nothing. But she was wrong.

"Well, who's this cute little baby?" May asked in 'baby-talk'. And she got a frightening response.

"You already know my name; it's Aaron." The two year-old baby replied in a young voice. May nearly dropped Aaron in her surprise.

"Yeah, he can occasionally talk." Fred said. "Scared me shitless-" Fred was interrupted by May.

"Language!" She exclaimed, not taking notice of the Ketchum men elbowing each other.

"English, if it pleases the court." Both fathers, and Fred said, and roared with laughter, but stopped when a loud explosion was heard outside.

"Mom, take care of Aaron for a while. That might have been our que." And with that, Andy and his group ran outside to see Army personnel marching towards Pallet. Andy expanded his Aura, and sensed Mew and the rest of the Old Gods trapped and caged. "This is definitely our que." Andy muttered, and sent out all his Pokémon. "My friends, I ask you to do the impossible. We have to destroy the enemy without mercy. If any of you want to leave, you may." Andy said to the powerful beings that have been with him for years. Not a single one of them backed down; in fact, all gave off a bloodthirsty Aura with a hint of justice.

"Andy, do we just charge in with our powers blazing, or try to reason with them?" Kate asked sarcastically, and generated a delicate Aura saber.

"Dad, get a phone from Mom and call some damn authorities." Andy ordered, and started walking towards the force that was headed their way. Andy sensed exactly 1740 people, all armed with… Guns? Guns weren't exactly rare, but Pokémon were used far more often for war. The last time guns were used for a major war, was the Kanto civil war.

Andy started running towards the mass of people, and immediately started to beat them down with 'Dragon Might.' He had an Aura field around him, blocking every single bullet that flew his way. He mowed down the self-righteous bastards with glee. Ash joined his son, but couldn't keep with Andy's pace.

Kate was faring very well, assisting Fred's team while Fred himself was gunning grunts down with a sniper May had loaned him. Kate was destroying her enemies' minds with her psychic ability, and cutting down the few that could resist with her weak Aura saber.


The fighting took a turn for the better when the Kanto military arrived. They were led by General Surge and his electrical arsenal. The fighting did indeed take a turn for the better. For the Army.

Kanto's politicians have been corrupt by the Army's philosophy, and allowed them to become the major political party of Kanto. Ash and Andy thought this could happen, but never planned for it.

With the major disadvantage that the small group of fighters had (Local gangs, local Pokémon, nearby trainers), Andy thought things couldn't get worse. But his thoughts changed when a powerful psychic came into his Aura range, and clouded his mind. He felt this massive power before. Back in Cerulean, mere hours before Samantha died. The thoughts of the psychic were drowning Andy's abilities.

"You can't resist my control. Give in, and the Army of the Old Gods will help you accomplish great things." The psychic's voice was tempting… The promise of power was alluring, even to the Being of Aura. But Andy declined violently.

'You are not going to take my mind that easily.' Andy roared into his mind, and lashed out at the psychic's Aura, only to be pushed back mentally. The psychic's Aura was a light pink, but it screamed for blood; as if it were white, but painted with the Aura of those he killed. Andy sensed the man's Aura was changing to red. Streaks of pain were cutting through Andy's mind the more he attacked the psychic's Aura. This man was clearly a force to be feared.

Kate sensed the psychic far sooner than Andy, and started to make her way to him. But she was too late. The psychic had a powerful grip on Andy, and would sooner die than let him free from his grasp.

Kate tried to attack the psychic's mind, but was defeated with ease. Her mind was clouded much in the same way as Andy's was.

The fight was ending very quickly. The gangs have been either killed or captured, wild Pokémon caught and used in the battle, and all nearby trainers killed. Blood was everywhere. The army of the Old Gods won Pallet.

Andy was relieved of the psychic's power, and sensed none of his allies alive. Not even his wife was spared. He sensed Aaron's Aura, and glad he was alive, but he couldn't celebrate. Gardevoir, Raichu, Steelix, Pidgeot, Lucario, and Charizard were nowhere to be found. Correction; Their Auras were gone. Andy went into a full rage. His Bronze Aura was visible to the normal people. He was going to unleash a wave of energy that would destroy all in its path. He was going to kill every single person in his way.

He was going to enjoy it.

Their suffering would have given him pleasure.

But he couldn't do any of it.

Andy's mind went into a slowed state. He felt a pain at his forehead. It drove through his flesh. One thought passed through Andy's mind before the object could.

'Plastic bullet.'

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