Blue Love

*This story is based on a popular T.V series in Korea.This story is modified to be read only for personnal use. The following names are not all mine. Gundam Wing is not Mine!!!(Sniff...).Sotsu Agency Sunrise, Ban Dai. The main couples are 2xH, 1xR and 4xD.

Mr. Maxwell pulled his 2 year old son up into his arms and hugged him gently. His son's name, Duo Maxwell is now with his father glancing trough the fine glass wall that showed them the view of their new family member, Hilde Maxwell.

"Now Duo, behave yourself. I'm just going to get some pictures of your sweet little sister." John Maxwell said to his son.

Leaving little Duo .Just then, a nurse came out of the room, and left the nursery door opened. The toddler took that chance to pay a visit to Hilde, before the nurse would come back. Inside, was warm and cozy, Duo couldn't help but take Hilde's name card and played with it, and suddenly he took another one next to Hilde's bed and dropped them on the floor. The cards were now exchanged from their original sides and now, lying on he floor innocently.

The nurse came back, only to realize that a kid was there." What are you doing here sweetie?" she asked picking up the birth cards." You know you shouldn't play with those "she told Duo. Quickly she put the cards back, but didn't realize her mistake.

The nurse putted the cards in the wrong order, and now instead of :Hilde Maxwell, it was Sylvia Sheibeiker* and vice-versa.

Duo's dad came back and apologized for his son's behavior. In the same time informed the nurse that he was leaving the hospital tomorrow morning with hit wife, Duo and of course young sweet Hilde Maxwell. Poor Mr. Maxwell didn't notice the horrible mistake that was made with his daughter and that this mistake will haunt him for the rest of his family's life. It must had been fate, or what else could it have been?

To be continued...

*This fic. is serious angst. but I'm changing it so it will not be to much for y'a all. Don't really know her family name....(sorry)