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Sylvia starred at the tiny shop, it had dusty windows, no air conditioning and that's where her mother worked .Not the Maxwell mother, her real mother.

As she continued to stare at the shop she spotted a kid stealing a candy bar, oh she had remembered the times she had stolen stuff, small stuff, Sylvia also remembered how the punishment was. How harsh it was for a ten- year-old.

Her eyes grew wide, as she was the familiar woman shooing off the kid, in a flash, her mother noticed her presence. The old woman ran to her car and cried, "Sylvia! Sylvia, open the door. I missed you so much. Please open the door."

Feeling her heart driving her crazy, she finally accepted to open her car window to allow her 'mother' to talk to her.

When they finally faced each other outside of her car, the young woman realised to forget all her emotions that were kept in her heart for so long, and she embraced her one and truly unforgettable mother she abandoned for so long.

"So how are you doing Sylvia?"

Without glancing to her, the young manager replied, "I've had a good life until now. I won State championships and I graduated at Harvard."

"It seems that you had a great time with your new family" Mrs. Schbeiker whispered, "Unlike you, we had a terrible life you can say."

"I don't care of Hilde's past life, and you know that mother."

Mrs. Schbeiker shook her head but didn't reply to the woman's comment, she knew that Sylvia was always jealous of Hilde for some reason, but since she didn't want to argue against her, she decided to keep her mouth shut.

"You know that I always love you, even if you went with the Maxwells. I knew you wanted to have a better life then I could never afford for you. Fancy clothes, higher education . . .and I even remembered the times I couldn't even simply afford a can of Coke for you."

"Mother . . ."

"I always regretted your departure, but I couldn't force you to return to me if it meant total happiness for the rest of your life. But deep down, I know I regret that Hilde had to sacrifice her old life to be with me. To be with an old foolish and lonely woman like myself."

"Well, she's not that bad looking and I'm pretty sure lots of rich men will marry her and she'll get a good life. It's not like she's going to die because we exchange families. It was just the truth she had to face sooner or later and she's not in control of all things in life. Sometimes you must face challenges and cruelty to survive in this world."

"Maybe you're right," the old woman said to her self, "Maybe you're wrong."


"Do you know where Hilde and Duo are? It has been a long time since since I saw them."

"Quatre, she doesn't have to be with you 24/7. She has the right to go shopping by herself, or spend some quality time doing something she likes by herself." Wu Fei said.

"I guess you're right, I mean, I don't exactly OWN her or anything." The blond man said worriedly.

They were having lunch in one of the Hotel's fancy dinning rooms, the aroma of a variety of dishes filled the men's lungs, but those smells didn't please Quatre's concerned mind.

"I think she's spending to much time with Maxwell." Winner grumbled out as his thoughts turned into icy cold jealousy. "I think she doesn't like me anymore."

"Come on Quatre. This is Hilde we're talking about. How do you feel if you were Hilde and you haven't seen you're long lost brother for over 10 YEAR?! It's a little bit obvious that you want to catch up with things and share some memories together."

"I don't think mI would like to wear a bra first of all, and second I'm just worried that's all."

"I don't think I would like to wear one myself, but I think you're just overeacting that's all. I mean, she does have to work her ass off to feed her mom and kept their house up. She's not like you. You're a spoiled brat. She's a girl trying to get on with her life honestly by working hard."

"I know, I know . . . It's just . . .I think maybe Trowa Barton is right."

"What?" The Chinese man made a questionning face, "Who's right?"

"Nothing. It's nothing." Quatre gave a nervous laugh. "I think you're right Wu Fei."

But in fact, Quatre did fear that Trowa was right.


Duo and Hilde we're having the time of their life, fishing in a secluded pond with cute forest animals running about. They had caught small fishes from the pond but they decided to let them go because Hilde told the man that the fishes encouraged her to set them free.



"Did you and Middie had a fight?"

"Why'd you ask?"

"I haven't seen you guys together a lot these days and well, I'm just worried I guess."

Duo raked his hand in his hair and sighed, "Yeah we had a fight. But it doesn't mean that we hate each other for life."

"I hope you'll patch things up with her." Hilde said happily and tossed some bread crumbs to attract little ducklings to come near them. "I like seeing you guys together, it makes me all warm and fuzzy."

"You think so?"

"Well, you can say I envy you a lot." She said as she watches the little ducks peeking the piece that were floating on the water's surface.

"Hilde . . ."


"I need to tell you something that has been on my mind for a long time. Since I had the fight with Middie, I did a lot of thinking and I came up on a conclusion to . . ."

"To . . ."

"To what Duo?" the maid asked, she had a weird feeling about this. She never liked when Duo had something serious to tell her, it makes her nervous to death.

Before Duo continued his sentence, he pulled out a cigarette and started to reach out for his chrome Zippo, "To have a divorce with Middie."

"What?!" Hilde jerked up and towered over the young man, "Why would you want a divorce? I think you're making a mistake Duo. Middie is woman and she's one of the nicest people anybody could meet. You've know each other for a long time and when you guys just got married for not even a year, you decide to separate?"

"Hilde . . ."

"Don't 'Hilde' me Duo Maxwell, divorce is something you should really think about before actually do it. You guys just had a little fight, it doesn't mean you have to hate her for disagreeing with you."

Standing up calmly, Duo tossed the rest of his cigarette in the cold water, "I never said I hate her, after I had to fight with her, I realised something important and I made my decision."

"And what's that?"

"I don't hate her, it's just I don't love her anymore."

"You can't be serious! What would mom and dad think about you? What would Middie's parents say? You can't run away from your problems Duo."

"I'm not running away Hilde Schbeiker. I'm only facing the truth." The man said compassionately.

"And what is the 'truth' Duo Maxwell?" Hilde demanded in a voice she never would imagine having, "What 'truth' would force you to forget about your wife Middie? What 'truth' would make our parents disappointed in you and what 'truth' makes so many people unhappy?"

Out of the blue and out of anything good, out of the deeps of all the lakes in the world, and out of the darkness that the sleeping sun cast its last shadows, is where Duo's solemn voice rang out in the cold autumn air.

"The truth is that I'm in love with you Hilde Schbeiker."