The Place I Belong

Heya guys! Got another new one for all of you. I really shouldn't, but when my muse throws an idea on me I have to write it and post or I can't write anything else.

Where did this come from though? My first official crossover fic. Simple really.

One of my friends told me to watch Sword Art Online. I did. I fell in love with it. And then... a few ideas sprouted in my head. This is one.

I may eventually do the others, but I very much liked this one the best of all. So... this is it.

A warning to the masses, this is a Modern!Naruto story, but not all Naruto characters will appear in this fice quite yet, if any. I'm still undecided. Anyways, this will be pretty AU from canon SAO and you'll see why.

Hope you enjoy!


Sword Art Online...

It was just the first of a long line of VRMMORPG's, Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games. It was the pioneering achievement of one Akihiko Kayaba, a truew engineering and gaming genius.

As with all such games of the MMO genre, betas were chosen. These thousand players were lucky enough to be able to play the game first with no competition and gained the greatest advantage there could be in battle. Knowledge.

Now, in the year 2022 at precisely 13:00 on the eleventh day of June, it launched.

And none of the over ten thousand players or Japan itself knew just how much effect it would have.

Uzumaki Naruto regarded the helmet in his hand with a smile. The NerveGear headset... it was already powered on and ready to use. He just had to wait a little longer.

A little longer to get back in the world where he didn't have to be ignored...

The teenager clenched his violet orbs tight and strained to keep the tears back. He looked at the mirror in his room and regarded himself. Why did his tou-san hate him so? Why... what did he do?

Was it because he looked like...

The boy saw his features clearly. Violet eyes and spikes of blood-red hair that were similar to the late Uzumaki Kushina who was heralded the Japanese kendo champion three years in a row before she fell in love with the Argus CEO Namikaze Minato.

Their first child was Namikaze Mito, named after Kushina's guardian after most of her family was horrifically murdered by Yakuza from the Kumo, Iwa and Kiri prefectures while thy had a family reunion in the Uzshio prefecture.

Mito was currently seventeen and an absolute 'perfect child' as far as Minato was concerned. Her College Entrance Exams had been perfect scores and she was already finished with her second year.


He was her second child. While Minato doted on Mito, Naruto and Kushina shared a special bond. Not just as mother and son... but as sensei and student and as best friends. She was the one person Naruto could turn to for anything.

And she died thirty months ago in a plane crash that landed in a large forest, setting it ablaze. Her corpse was never recovered, one of six still missing bodies, but what could be done? They probably were incinerated in the fire.

Naruto had lost interest in most things after that, crying himself to sleep every night. His grades fell to barely passing until he met one of his mother's friends she talked of often. Kayaba Akihiko.

Kushina had been one of twelve kendo masters which helped Kayaba design the style of fighting for his games. Kendo had also been the one thing Naruto kept up through his depression. He continued his practicing so he could hold onto his precious mother's memory longer.

Akihiko had sought out Naruto after the boy had won the middle school regional tournament, barely beating another protegee by the name of Kirigaya Suguha in the quarterfinal round. The man decided to see what Kushina's son was capable of.

That's when Naruto was made one of the 1000 closed beta testers of SAO. A role he took to quite spectacularly. He had cleared the first ten floors solo after overtraining at each floor and in each dungeon before the boss. He memorized the attack patterns and locations of the best monsters in each floor. He had thrown himself into the world of SAO more immensely than Akihiko thought possible.

But... why?

Naruto needed escape. Akihiko gave him that.

The Namikaze household did not welcome Uzumaki Naruto. It was a sad fact he had come to terms with. Mito had never really been sisterly towards him since he started middle school and his tou-san stopped acknowledging him after his kaa-chan's death.

But in the world of Sword Art Online, while he was on that steel castle floating in the sky, he was somebody. He... wasn't lonely or empty. It was as if- even for just a small while- he could have that feeling he lost since his kaa-san left.

Naruto laid on the bed and placed the NerveGear atop his head. The HUD (Heads Up Display) showed the time as 12:59. The fourteen year old boy smiled to himself lightly as he felt the necklace he always wore in his fingers. It was a small ruby circle with a spiral design that his kaa-chan had given to him on his twelfth birthday, the last birthday he'd had while she still lived.

"Maybe I can finally be somewhere else... maybe this will be the place I belong." The HUD showed the time change to 13:00 and around Japan 10,000+ players spoke the same two words. "Link start!"

Well? Was the prologue any good? I hope so.

Just tell me what you think... and the pairing's a secret!

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