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Skaro was not always an evil planet. There was a time when it was a kind place. Then the Daleks were created. They were fearsome creatures, formed by genetic manipulation, which left them with no emotions but anger, hate, and greed.

More and more daleks were created, until there was a huge army. The army raged through Skaro, purging it of all life that was not dalek. Eventually, the unstoppable wave of daleks succeeded in cleansing Skaro, but their conquest did not end there. They wanted the universe.

The daleks had never completed that task, but they were working on it. There had been many dalek emperors and empresses. These royalties were the some of the only daleks who were allowed more emotional capacity, but even then they were limited. Dalek Empress Halecaine was as ruthless as all of them before her. She was determined to make a universal Dalek Empire which no one could destroy. In her mind, the daleks were supreme.

On Skaro, daleks were being produced in mass quantities. There were entire islands on Skaro that were devoted to being nurseries. In one nursery, known as St. Halecaine Dalek Nursery, there were many dalek workers. One of them was working on a particular dalek mother, who was making two dalek babies. She had excreted them and they were being taken to the growth room, where newborn daleks were incubated to maturity.

Daleks grew very quickly, taking about an Earth fortnight for them to grow to adulthood. After this time, they were put in dalekanium suits, and then were sent off to the emotion extractor. This is what happened to these two dalek babies: after they grew up, they were put in dalekanium suits and immediately hooked up to the extractor. Normally, the dalek nursery workers removed the mother dalek before doing this task. This time though, the mother's presence was overlooked. She saw them in the emotion extractor.

Daleks are not supposed to have deep feelings. Such feelings were supposed to be supressed. However, when the mother saw her children in the emotion extractor, something snapped back into place, like a string under a rock on a windy day, finally being blown away. When she saw that her children's emotions were about to be removed, her own emotions crashed back at her: sorrow; happiness; love, all returning forcefully into one dalek mother's brain. And she did not like the fact that her children were about to have their emotions stripped away. Immediately, she blasted the wires that led from the electrical outlet. The machine powered down just in the nick of time.

However, the dalek who was operating the machine was angry. "Exterminate!" he yelled. "Exterminate!"

His gun arm pointed up at her, but she reacted with a movement that could only be described as being as swift as sound. She shot him and he exploded. She was relieved when she saw that her daughters had escaped the machine.

"Thank you for saving us," one of them said innocently.

"You are welcome," the mother responded.

"Who are you?" asked the other one.

"I am your mother," their mother explained.

"Wow, really?" the second one asked excitedly. "I never thought that I would actually meet my mother! This is so exciting."

The girls pressed up against their mother, making happy purring sounds. They pulled away.

"What are our names?" the first one asked.

"You have no designations," the mother realized. "I will correct that oversight."

She gestured to the first one with her plunger.

"Your designation will be Maddy," she began.

"And your designation will be Becky," she finished.

The moment was happy; three daleks who had all of their emotions. It seemed perfect.

The last thing that the mother saw was flame. She only saw it for a second, an orange burst, before everything went black.