The Wake

Disclaimer: I do not own the Dresden Files or any of the characters therein

In Graceland cemetery there lays a hero's grave. One that nobody thought would be filled for centuries to come.


In Chicago there lies pair of shoes that will never be filled.

For once the rumors of his demise have not been exaggerated: Harry Dresden is dead.

An accorded neutral zone is established at the grave of a man who fought for peace.

Though the casket is empty, the pallbearers walk with the weight of the world on their shoulders.

The cemetery is packed with mourners as foes and friends alike gather, even if only to convince themselves that Dresden is truly dead.

There is standing room only; parking is unavailable for miles around. (Although this particular fact is not unusual for Chicago)

Flowers abound as Summer salutes a Winter Knight whose heart was not cold.

Forthill says a few prayers commending a lost soul to the God from which he hid. Even Nicodemus finds them fitting, although in an entirely different way then most.

Eulogies are given; but few can find the words to describe a man who never lacked for them.

For an afternoon crime stops in Chicago, as Baron Marcone marks the passing of a worthy foe. Authorities are baffled worldwide.

A dog bereft of his wizard sings a long low howl, and is joined by a chorus of wolves.

An assassin salutes a mark who chose to die rather then risk harming those he loved.

In the aftermath a wake is held at Mac's tavern for those lucky enough to have called him friend, for once the beer is served cold.

In Graceland cemetery there lays a pair a hero's graves. Ones that nobody thought would be filled for centuries to come.


The fellowship lays her to rest in plot beside him, so that they may know the peace in death that they were denied in life.

Authors note: credit where its due: the title is shamelessly taken from the last Sandman arc, and I had it in mind when writing this.

I love Changes and Ghost Story but I felt that it would be interesting to see the funeral that was held for Dresden. I doubt that this would have canonically happened, but it seems fitting nonetheless.