Here's the long awaited sequel to A Day with Harry and Draco. Here's somethings to know before reading:

1. This is a sequel story. I would recommend reading the three stories (Orphan Day: Draco's Tale, Orphan Day: Harry's Tale, and A Day with Harry and Draco) before this to understand what is going on. I guess one wouldn't have to, but they explain why Harry and Draco live with Severus.

2. Eileen Snape, Severus's mother, does live at Hogwarts. Dumbledore convinced her to leave Tobias shortly before Severus adopted Harry. She watches and teaches the boys during the day.

3. Draco and Harry are about five/six in this story.

4. These tales will not go in any particular order. They'll just go with whatever ideas pop up in my head.

5. If there's an idea anyone wishes for me to write about, let me know. I'm more than happy to roll with your ideas as well as my own.

6. I also ask that you review as much as possible. It helps me as a writer, gives me ideas, and puts a smile on my face(most of the time) :)