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The full moon was at its highest, casting a soft glow throughout the forest. 6 horsed guards trailed behind 2 white horses, the clanking of their armor echoing through the silence. Elisabeta and Stefan lead the patrol, their horses never moving more than 5 feet from one another. Stefan's light blue eyes gazed lovingly at the raven haired beauty to his right. Clad in deep red robes, Elisabeta was a vision of pure beauty. Her hair hung in gentle curls down her back, her pale skin glowed under the full moon. The bodice of her robes hugged her bust beautifully, tastefully displaying a fair amount of cleavage and her prominent clavicle as the full skirt draped elegantly over her pristine white horse. Elisabeta was a temptress. Breathtakingly beautiful and could easily convince any man to do her bidding just by batting her eyes, but as violent and deadly as the family name she carried.

A snapped branch stopped the patrol. Bows were drawn as Stefan unsheathed his sword. The party turned their focus to the direction of the noise, ready to fight. Elisabeta's silver-white gray eyes narrowed slightly, attempting to hone in on the threat. Her right hand shifted to her trusty spear that was attached to her horse's side. Her choice in weapon was fitting. Though it required close proximity to her opponent, Elisabeta was highly skilled with it and anyone who dared to challenge her would find the hard wood object pierced through the soft flesh of their abdomen.

"Carry on." Stefan's voice cut the night, gracefully putting his sword down as the patrol relaxed to proceed as no threat was discovered.

"Concerned my love?" Elisabeta turned to her beloved, smirking at his shoulder length dark brown hair that bounced gently as the horse moved. Stefan smiled as he reached for Elisabeta's hand.

"I always stay on guard when it comes to protecting that of which I love most." Stefan gently kissed the soft knuckles of Elisabeta's left hand. "It would also be remiss of me to ignore the fact that should you not return safely, your Uncle would likely carve out my heart."

"Agreed." Elisabeta chuckled as the patrol continued on. Flapping wings caught the patrol's attention. The forest was known for its winged beasts especially its flying death, the bats. Hundreds of commoners had begun recently succumbing to the fever that followed a bite from one of the feared bats. Death following a bite from one of the bats was swift and painful. Elisabeta's lip curled in disgust as her eyes honed in on a flock of the flying deaths.

"Elisabeta!" Stefan's loud shriek filled the night as Elisabeta gasped loudly. The patrol had been so focused on the group of bats in the distance; they failed to see the few lone runts that were flying behind them. A small bat landed quickly on her shoulder, biting her left side of her neck before flying off into the night. Elisabeta grabbed the side of her neck quickly, her heart racing when her hand pulled back to reveal blood. Her hand started shaking as her eyes misted over. She would never know the feeling of her beloved against her body. She would never know the joy of becoming his wife. She would never again sit at the side of her blood thirsty Uncle. Stefan reached over and grabbed the reins of her horse, pulling her towards him as he tried to get a good look at the bite.

"My love, we must return, immediately." His voice slightly quivered as he focused on the small trail of blood that was now running down her neck. Elisabeta refocused her attention and nodded quickly, turning her horse around as the group sped back towards the castle. Elisabeta kept her calm as her horse gracefully sprinted through the woods. She was fortunate; her Uncle would use any and every possible resource to save her. This she knew. There was a chance she could survive this bite. Stefan's eyes drifted towards Elisabeta as they made their way, his heart racing as he feared for his love. He couldn't lose her. They were set to marry in a fortnight.

As the patrol entered the gates of the castle grounds Elisabeta found it hard to focus. Her body was already succumbing to the fever that was a result of the flying demons. She felt chilled as her skin unnaturally glistened from sweat. Her breathing had become erratic and deep. Her lips were drying as she tried to catch her breath.

"Quickly, fetch the Prince." Stefan yelled to the 6 guards as they pulled up to the front of the castle. Stefan dismounted rushing over to Elisabeta, barely catching her as she fell off her horse. Stefan swung her thin body into his arms; he rushed inside the castle to her chambers. His heart harshly beat against his chest as he raced through the castle, barking at anyone who stepped in his way. Elisabeta's body trembled in his arms, her grip around his neck tightened as she tried to control the spasms. Stefan's leg muscles cursed the distance to her chambers, tucked safely on the far East side of the castle.

Stefan had barely laid her body down on the large bed in the center of her chambers when the double wooden doors flew open with heavy force. A raven haired demon entered the room, his face contorted in fury.

"What happened?" His deep voice echoed off the walls. Stefan kept his focus on the dying woman before him.

"She was bitten." Stefan quickly responded as he removed his sword and his armor, moving to sit beside Elisabeta.

The older man went into a rage, grabbing Stefan by his hair and throwing him across the room.

"You were to protect her. At all costs, Stefan!" His voice bellowed, spittle landing on Stefan's face as he drew his sword placing it at the throat of the young man. "I trusted you with my most precious."

Stefan nodded gently closing his eyes and shutting out the world. "You needn't kill me, sir, I shall join Elisabeta." Stefan lifted his hair to show a small bite mark at the back of his neck. He unsteadily rose to his feet and shuffled over to the bed, kneeling beside it as he took Elisabeta's hand. He softly kissed her knuckles as he took deep breaths, hoping his death would quickly follow hers.

The dark haired man quickly left the room, his sword dragging beside him scratching the harsh stone floor as he made his way to the West wing. He needed Matthias. Two guards quickly stepped in front of the dark haired man as he approached Matthias' chambers.

"None are to pass." The one guard spoke harshly. The raven haired man sneered as he quickly dispatched the two guards. No one was going to stand in his way. Blood pooled beneath the men as he stepped over their bodies and threw the chamber doors open. The blonde man quickly sat up in his bed, knocking the two naked writhing women off him.

"What is the meaning of this?" Matthias harshly asked as he made no attempts to cover his naked body. The dark haired man came to a stop at the foot of his bed, his bloodied sword still in his grip.

"Elisabeta was bitten." The dark haired man's voice cracked with the word 'bitten'. He loved his niece more than anything in the world. He put her life above all, including his own. The uncharacteristic devotion he had towards his niece amazed all, including the naked man before him. Matthias had no reaction aside from a fair raised brow.

"She will die within the night. Now please exit my chambers." Matthias' unforgiving tone infuriated the dark haired man. Matthias lay back down as he pulled the two women towards him to resume their passion. A piercing scream echoed inside Matthias' ears as the dark haired man speared the blond woman through the back, the sword unforgivably protruding through her stomach. Matthias sneered at the blood that covered him and his bed. The brunette woman screamed, quickly flying off the bed and away from the crazed man. She knew of his unforgiving and violent temper.

"What is it you wish me to do, Vlad?" Matthias calmly asked the dark haired man as he got off the bed. The dying blond woman whimpered, Vlad still held his tight grip on his sword.

"You have powers, Matthias. I demand you use them to save Elisabeta." Vlad's tone was unwavering. He quickly drew his sword out of the woman's body causing her lifeless body to slump over on the bed. "Now!"

Matthias wrapped his body in a robe as he casually walked over to the table and poured himself a goblet of wine. He gently sipped at the drink while he pondered the demand. Surely he could deny Vlad's request and allow the young woman to succumb to the fever, if she hadn't already. Or he could save her and create another such as himself. Elisabeta was beautiful, very beautiful. She could make a good wife to him. Or at least a good lay.

"And if I save her?" Matthias softly asked as he turned back towards Vlad, his lips pulled into knowing smirk. "What do I get in return?"

Vlad's arms shook in anger, his white knuckle grip on the sword unnaturally tightened even more as he raised it level to the blonde haired man, pointing it at him to make his point. "You will not touch Elisabeta. I will cut off your cock before I allow you to touch my love. You will save her because you owe me, Matthias."

Matthias rolled his eyes as he nodded. He hated to give into the crazed mad man that stood before him, but Vlad spoke the truth. He had proven to be a most beneficial ally and if Elisabeta were to die, Matthias would lose any control over the tyrant. "Very well, allow me to dress."

Matthias moved quickly to dress, knowing the patience of the man before him were unraveling. As he finished dressing he nodded, following behind Vlad towards Elisabeta's chambers.

"Get on with it." Vlad impatiently ordered at Matthias who was examining the young woman on the bed. She was moments from death. It had been hours since her bite and it was shocking to him that she had yet to die. Usually a person died within hours of receiving a bite, their death moving swiftly. The young man he knew to be Elisabeta's beloved had already succumbed to the fever. His body was limply hanging off the bed.

"It is most intriguing that she has yet to die. I have not seen a body fight as much as her." Matthias neutrally responded. Vlad's sword echoed off the wall as Vlad violently struck the wall in a rage.

"Now, Matthias!" Vlad's arms were shaking in a rage, they were losing time. Matthias quickly pulled a knife from the table next to Elisabeta's bed, making a small incision on his wrist. Vlad watched on in awe as Matthias put his wrist to Elisabeta's cracked lips.

"Drink little one." Matthias gently ordered. Elisabeta didn't respond. Her breathing had slowed to an inhuman rate as her body quickly started losing its fight. Matthias applied pressure to his wrist allowing the blood to quickly drip into her mouth. After a few moments Matthias pulled his arm back and stared down at the young woman, her chest did not rise. He turned back to Vlad. "She has succumbed to the fever, Vlad."

Vlad went into a rage. Screams bellowed down the halls as he violently killed servants who crossed him. Blood painted the floors, the gutted bodies of servants and guards littered the halls. He could not face the pain in his heart. He closed his eyes tightly as he tried to breathe. The grief was suffocating him. He had personally overseen the upbringing of his dear niece after her mother arrived at his feet, her belly swollen with the child of his enemy, his younger brother, Radu cel Frumos. After her mother died in childbirth, he reared the girl to see the world as it was, harsh and unyielding. He trained her to fight, her skills with a spear quickly surpassed his own and he had fought beside her. Watching her as she swiftly moved through their enemy, killing faster than any man he had seen. Vlad rested his head against the cool stone when a blood curdling filled the spacious, cold room. He turned to see Elisabeta thrashing on the bed, Matthias desperately trying to hold her down.

"Quickly, we need to bind her." Matthias ordered to Vlad and the brave servants who dared near the chambers. A guard quickly fled the room, returning moments later with more guards and rope. Matthias and the guards worked quickly to secure her body to the bed. Her wrists and ankles tied securely to the posts.

Vlad paced at the foot of her bed while Elisabeta violently pulled at her restraints. Her screams seemingly had no effect on him, though others covered their ears trying to escape the shrill screech. Vlad turned his focus back to the blonde haired man. "What did you do to her?"

"I do not know what is happening." Matthias answered honestly. He had never given his blood to another, he was unsure what to expect.

Blood dripped from rope burns that graced Elisabeta's wrists and ankles. Her body arched off the bed; she felt like her body was turning inside out. The pain was excruciating. The feeling of fire raged beneath her skin as she tried to struggle from the bed. She needed to get loose so she could run the few steps to the window, throwing her body from the castle. Death was welcomed. She couldn't handle the pain.

Time stood still as Vlad focused on Elisabeta. Her voice had become hoarse from screaming. Her arms and legs were covered in blood from continually pulling at her restraints. Suddenly a deafening silence filled the room. Vlad's eyes widened as Elisabeta changed before him. Her lanky hair was becoming fuller and shinier. Her cracked dry lips filled out and darkened to a lovely red. Her glistening skin appeared milky smooth. Vlad gasped when her eyes opened, her normal silver-white gray eyes were a piercing red. Elisabeta curled her lip as the scent of blood filled her nostrils, exposing her two elongated fangs to her Uncle that he knew to not be there before.

Matthias quickly backed up from the woman when Vlad cut her restraints. Elisabeta moved at an alarming rate, dropping to the floor above a puddle of blood, breathing in deeply finding the scent to be intoxicating. Vlad's eyebrow rose as he watched her. "Thirsty my love?" Vlad casually asked. Elisabeta quickly nodded, her horrifying eyes scanning the room.

Without thinking Vlad exited into the hall, grabbing the first maid he could find, dragging her screaming into Elisabeta's chambers. Elisabeta's eyes widened as he threw the crying woman at her feet. He wanted to see what his niece would do. Matthias gagged and ran from the room when Elisabeta latched onto the woman's neck, her fangs piercing the thumping jugular vein and lapping at the blood. The woman tried to fight her off, but failed to even remotely match Elisabeta's strength. Quickly the fight left the woman as her body dropped to the ground, blood gently trailing from the corners of Elisabeta's mouth.

"More!" Elisabeta demanded.

Vlad sat staring at his niece in appreciation of the blood that covered the front of her. Her mouth and neck were painted red with the blood of 26 servants and guards that succumbed under her feed. The only servant that escaped her terror was that of her devoted handmaiden, Ana. The petite freckled red head with soft green eyes sat on the hard stone floor next to Elisabeta, gently rubbing her back while Elisabeta struggled to come to terms with the beast she'd become. Her rage and fury had only heightened after she discovered the devastating truth that Stefan had died.

"Ana, Elisabeta must be cleaned and in the war room immediately." Vlad unsympathetically spoke as he rose from his seat. Ana quickly nodded, her grip tightening ever so slightly on Elisabeta, non-verbally calming the fury that Ana knew to be rising in her. A gut wrenching sob filled the room after the double wooden doors slammed shut. Elisabeta sobbed hysterically as she held onto Ana with all her might. Ana gently rocked her, rubbing soft circles on her back, desperately trying to calm her mistress.

"Shhh, Elisabeta, it'll be okay love." Ana's soft voice was salve to Elisabeta's tortured soul.

"My heart is broken, Ana. I…I don't want to l-live without him." Elisabeta choked on her sobs. Ana quickly pulled away from Elisabeta so she could look her friend in the face. Her soft hands gently grabbed Elisabeta's cheeks, forcing her to look at her.

"Do not speak that way, Elisabeta. Stefan would not want that. He did not speak of his bite to ensure you got all help." Tears fell from silver-white gray eyes as Ana's voice firmed ever so slightly. Her love and devotion to Elisabeta was immeasurable. The thought of losing her was too much to bear. Ana's green eyes scanned Elisabeta's pained face, despite the horror of the blood she still found Elisabeta stunning. Ana gently leaned forward, her soft lips pressing against Elisabeta's willing the raven haired beauty to respond. The longtime friends had a history of sexual intimacy. Ana had found it was a quick way of calming Elisabeta's volatile temper, a temper she no doubt had inherited from her psychotic Uncle. Ana softly sighed as Elisabeta's tongue licked against the seam of her lips.

"I cannot ever love another." Elisabeta mumbled against Ana's lips. Her hands moving to grip Ana's hips in an almost painful manner. Ana felt the hem of her skirt slowly rising up her legs.

"Then don't love, but never speak of death again." Ana responded before burying her hands deep in Elisabeta's hair and resolving herself to a painful, but no doubt incredibly pleasurable encounter.

Sheldon sat straight up in his bed, his left hand clutching his sweat drenched nightshirt fiercely. Taking deep, calming breaths, the tall lanky physicist sat propped up against his headboard. It was 4:34 am and once again he was awoken with the same dream he'd had off and on for most of his adult life. In his dream he was a knight in the 1400's, riding alongside a beautiful raven-haired woman clad in deep red robes. She was beautiful, he knew this, despite the fact that her face was never clear in his dreams. In his dream they were riding horses when they were both bitten by bats. Hopelessly devoted to the woman in his dreams, Sheldon didn't tell anyone about his bite instead focusing on getting her to help as soon as possible.

Touch didn't bother him. Holding her sick, dying form didn't bother him. What bothered him was how everything went black as he succumbed to death and an ear piercing shriek could be heard. He was helpless in the darkness while his body was unceremoniously tossed aside and the woman screamed in agony. Just as everything went silent, he would awake covered in sweat and his heart racing with speed he never knew it could.

His heart finally calming, Sheldon allowed his body to slide back down into his bed. He knew he wouldn't sleep, but he wasn't quite ready to face the day.