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Frankie Rizzoli quickly checked his hair in his rearview mirror.

There was nothing to be nervous about right? It was only Maura. He'd come over here plenty of times recently to work in the café racer. They'd had a good time. She'd smiled at him a ton and she was great with an engine.

Match that fact with her ass and Maura Isles was the 'real deal'.

And she liked his mother.

She actually liked his mother.

Maura Isles was perfect.

So he was gonna get out of this car and march through her door.

Then he was going to apologize for walking away after kissing her and he was going to ask her out the right way for dinner.

He was going to explain that it seemed more romantic in his head than how it felt after he left. He was going to hope she hadn't told either his sister or, God forbid, his mother. Because either one would leave him in a world of hurt if they found out.

It was a stupid move. He realized that now.

Frankie stared down at his neatly pressed shirt and the new pants that even had a crease in them. He rubbed sweaty palms together, resisting the urge to rub them on his thighs.

He could do this.

Flinging the car door open before he could change his mind he went to grab the flower bouquet off the passenger seat and looked at the mix of daisies. He tried to stop himself but his subconscious was already asking "Would Jane bring those to Maura?"

Which was ridiculous. It wasn't like his sister bought flowers for girls. Even girls that were Maura Isles.

Frankie rubbed his forehead and thought it through. Tried to picture what kind of flowers you brought to ask Maura Isles out for dinner. It was all so confusing. Fuck the flowers.

He'd find out which ones were her favorites from Jane and bring them on the first date.

Closing the car door Frankie started towards the house.

At the front door his finger hovered over the button. Nobody in his family rang Maura's doorbell around dinnertime. His heart started to speed up. Ringing the bell seemed too formal like.

He thought about knocking but that was almost as bad. Especially since Maura always said to use his key and come in whenever he was over to see his mother.

This is what made him and Maura such a good idea. They were practically family already. She fit right in with the Rizzolis and that was no easy feat.

But, he sighed. Getting to walk in like he owned the place was before he hauled off and kissed her. He could feel sweat forming under his arms.


Now in addition to the racing heart he was sweating. If he had half the balls of his sister he'd walk in and say "Maura, I loved rebuilding the bike with you but I want to get to know you even better, have dinner with me."

It sounded respectful and classy. It worked.

His hand was on the door handle and it turned in his hand. Open. The door was open. That had to be a sign.

But that kiss. Pausing before pushing the door open, Frankie rolled his shoulders and made up his mind. Compromise. He'd knock on his way in. Like nothing was a big deal.

The metal handle slipped against the moisture on his palms. He adjusted his grip and tried again, one fist poised to rap against the surface when the smell of pizza hit him.

Confused he looked up the driveway for his sister's car but he didn't see it.

No way was Maura eating pizza on her own. Ever since she started that all out health kick the only time she ate anything edible was around his sister. The fact that she got his sister to eat kale was like the fucking 8th mystery of the world but whatever. Girls and the weird shit they did for their friends never made any sense to him.

Frankie ran a hand through his hair roughly. So Jane was probably here but he was already in the door. No biggie. He'd walk in and act like he was looking for his Ma. Happened all the time. Maybe get Maura off to the side and ask to talk to her over coffee or something in the morning. He'd apologize and ask her to dinner then.

He was already closing the door carefully behind him when he realized what he was wearing. He remembered who his sister was. Shit.

Listening he could hear their voices now, but they hadn't called out so they probably hadn't heard him yet. He could leave. He went to open the door when he noticed his mother walking by the door on her way to guest house.

His heart started pounding harder. Now there was no way to leave if his Ma had seen his car. She'd expect him to visit or she'd come in looking for him. She'd notice his clothes too. He rubbed his moist palms on his pants and realized what he had done as the top of the crease smoothed out.

This was not his day.

The voices grew louder, sounded like they were cleaning the kitchen, but it was the words that immediately caught his attention.

Leaning over, Jane put the last plate in the dishwasher while Maura refilled their wine glasses. With the last tweak of a plate against a bowl she stood up satisfied as she closed the door. Maura's back was to her while she pulled a bottle out of the wine refrigerator and Jane admired the way the kitchen light glinted off the waves in her hair.

Her stomach clenched as Jane scanned the clean counters and the quiet kitchen. Dinner was over.

She realized she was tapping her fingers against the counter and whipped her hand away. There wasn't anything left between them as a distraction. She fisted the hand that had held Maura's on the way home against her side. Now that act seemed strangely intimate.

Maura uncorked the bottle and took her time filling their glasses. As the dark liquid poured she realized she could feel the overstimulation of her sympathetic nervous system engaging but there was an almost effervescent sensation accompanying the nerves.

As the last glass was filled Maura smiled as she realized what she was feeling was elation. She was happy and it was wonderful. Feeling Jane's eyes on her, she turned around and noticed the way Jane fussed with the scars on her hands.

She wasn't the only one whose nervous system was over stimulated.

Jane pulled her top lip in slightly with her teeth to distract herself as Maura sauntered over with a glass held out. Why was it so difficult to get some air into her lungs? This was Maura for heaven's sake.


Maura knew it wasn't the time or the place to laugh although she wanted to. She wanted Jane to know how adorable and sexy she was all at the same time, standing there with her fidgeting hands and flash of teeth against her top lip. She wanted to say she could feel it too.

But she waited and took a step closer instead, could almost see a part of Jane come to life as their gazes held. That part of Jane that never backed down from a challenge. It was in the upwards tilt of the chin and the steady eyes. Maura shivered and raised both eyebrows in question.

Jane sipped at her wine. It was an excuse for time but the liquid was dry and perfect as it rolled over her tongue. The slight spicy edge gave her boost of confidence.

"So our understanding," Jane ran her tongue over her lips, tasted the lingering wine. "What exactly does it mean?"

Maura enjoyed this vintage. She truly did. It was a lovely South African wine and she had bought a case of it the minute she had tried it because its depth and body reminded her distinctly of Jane. But enjoyable vintage or not she swallowed quickly and put her glass down on the counter.

"I believe it means that when I want to touch you, I'm no longer going to refrain." Maura placed her fingertips against Jane's hand that held the wine glass and dragged her fingers along the soft skin until she could gently pry the glass out of Jane's hand.

Jane watched Maura turn slightly to place her glass down. When she turned back, their eyes met and held as the tightness in her chest twisted low in her stomach.

Maura's hair was a burnished mix of beckoning color and Jane leaned forward run a wave of it through her fingers, marveling at the catch in Maura's breathing and the way her eyes drifted shut. "Touching is good."

Maura could only nod. Jane's fingers were so warm against her temple and gentle as they drifted down her cheek. Swallowing she leaned into the touch and each word seemed to vibrate quietly off her lips. "I believe it also means that if you want to kiss me you could."

It was quiet. Maybe Jane and Maura had gone out the back. He could make his escape. Frankie raised his eyes up to the ceiling and prayed. At least something needed to go his way.

He'd slip out, go see his Ma and beg her to leave him alone about the clothes. Maybe he'd even ask her advice. It couldn't hurt. He was screwing everything up on his own.

Carefully he edged himself over until he could see past the ugly yellow and white vase Maura had on the shelf between the entryway and her living room.

Time stopped for a moment as his eyes and brain registered what he was witnessing.

That was his sister standing so close to Maura that she loomed over her a little.

That was Maura, leaning into Jane's hand against her face, eyes shut and face tilted up.

It was unhurried the way Jane leaned down and barely touched Maura's lips with her own. It was clear the way Maura's hands that reached out to Jane's hips and pulled her closer. It was how their lips parted and tasted again, pressing deeper at each pass.

There was no mistaking the way they broke apart and looked at each other.

He could barely breathe. What he just saw couldn't be happening.

It was the privacy of the moment that finally shattered his daze and made him back away towards the door.

His sister and Maura?

That's when he heard Jane's distinctive voice. "I'd quit my job for you. I mean it. If you ever had to leave I'd follow you."

He almost couldn't hear Maura. "I'd never ask you to do that."

Jane's chuckle, a pause and then, "I know. It's why I needed to say it. So you'd realize what you mean to me."

He didn't want to hear anything else. His sister was willing to quit the force? Shaking his head Frankie opened the door as quietly as possible and squeezed out.

Shutting the door carefully he looked at his car in resignation. His mother was blocking him in. Considering there was plenty of room to go around him and park near the garage he could take a hint. There was no getting out of stopping in.

This was really not his day.

"Ma?" Frankie rapped against the door on his way in and found his mother in front of her TV.

Angela stood up and kissed her son's cheek. "It's so nice when a son surprises his mother. Did you eat?"

Rolling his eyes Frankie followed her over to the kitchenette. "Naw. I didn't have time."

Punching the microwave buttons Angela turned around and took a good look at him."I made you up a plate of leftover ziti from last night when I walked past your car in the driveway. Just in case."

Shrugging, Frankie sat down at the dinette.

At the chime Angela pulled the plate out and walked over to place it down in front of Frankie. She looked him over. "A crease in your pants and everything, so did you finally ask Maura out?"

He burned his tongue on cheese. "Ma!" Gratefully he gulped at the glass of water she handed him. For a brief moment he thought about denying it. "Why'd you think I was going to do that?"

"I have eyes Frankie and out of all my kids, you're my open book." Angela grabbed his glass and refilled the water. "I could tell by the way you were coming up with reasons to stick around after repairing that death trap of yours."

She put the water in front of Frankie and stayed at his shoulder. "Figured you might do something once it was completed and you didn't have an excuse to be stopping by anymore."

Frankie swallowed his bite of ziti before looking up at his mother. "You're kinda scary sometimes."

Angela rubbed his shoulder. "So what happened? Why are you practically inhaling your food without chewing? Did Maura turn you down?"

Frankie shook his head.

Hopeful, Angela stopped the rubbing. "She said yes?"

Sighing, Frankie sat up. "I never got the chance to ask her."

"Why not?" Angela knew it was time for comfort food by the way his shoulders slumped forward. She walked into the kitchenette and pulled out a loaf of scali bread and cut a thick slice off.

Frankie watched his mother slather on the butter and glanced down at his waist. He'd have to do double the time at the gym tomorrow. But after tonight it was worth it.

"Jane was there." Frankie took the bread from his mother and stuffed a mouthful in.

Angela frowned and started to scan the room for her phone. "Well I'll call your sister right now and tell her I need her to come look at my sink or something."

Mouth full, Frankie desperately reached out and grabbed the back of his mother's shirt. He held up a finger as he swallowing painfully. "Whatever you do don't do that."

He could see the determined set to her jaw. Only the truth was going to stop Angela Rizzoli. "I didn't get a chance to ask Maura out because Jane kinda beat me to it."

She still looked puzzled. Frankie sighed. "I walked in…." he tried not to recall the conversation but it was there. "…they were talking and didn't notice me….I should have left because they way they were standing…"

Frankie rubbed his forehead. "I mean I think I knew but it was like I couldn't stop watching." He dropped his hand and looked up at his mother. "Jane kissed Maura…" he looked back down and fiddled with the fork on his plate. "Or they kissed each other." He shrugged. "They kissed and I slipped out. They didn't know I was there."

He grimaced thinking of the moment his sister found out he had watched them. "Please can you pretend to be surprised? Jane can't know." Another quick thought and a flask of panic. He looked at his mother "You're not pissed or something are you?"

Angela wanted to smile. Jane might be harder to read than Frankie but her mother's intuition hadn't been completely off with her either. "No. I've had plenty of time to think about the idea. Sometimes your sister isn't as complex as she likes to think she is."

Instead she rubbed Frankie's back vigorously. "I'm sorry baby. I know you like her."

Frankie nodded and pushed the empty plate away. "Thanks Ma."

"You going to be okay?" Angela ran her fingers through his messy hair and watched the tension in his shoulders relax. No matter how old they got they really were still her babies.

Frankie played with a stray breadcrumb on the table.

He could see his sister breaking apart from Maura slowly. The way their eyes had held. The expression on his sister's face had been so full of wonder.

So full of love.

And Maura's expression was a perfect mirror image.

He sighed. Jane was a hell of a sister and she hadn't had an easy life either. Maura kind of had it rough too from what he could tell.

So sure, maybe Maura Isles was perfect. She liked his mother, she was gorgeous and he liked her a lot. More than a lot.

But he loved his sister. Jane would finally be able to find some peace and happiness.

It was a simple sacrifice, really, for him to leave well enough alone.

"Yeah, Ma. I'm good. I mean I like Maura. I like her a lot, but Jane? Jane loves her."

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