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Lord Tywin of House Lannister tightened his lips as rode his stallion through the mud covered cobblestone streets of Kings Landing. His black and red armor was spotless against the grime that the once proud city had submitted to under the rule of Robert Baratheon, the first of his name. He was glad to have his procession with him as he made his way toward the Red Keep to discuss yet another loan to the seven kingdoms, they might have been idiots to him, but they kept the smallfolk back. Deciding it would be best to ignore the starving and crying peasants, he moved his horse into a trot to make better time.

Tywin was a tall lean man, with sun kissed hair and a deep tan from the long years of his life. His sea green eyes were calm, nearly cold, and always calculating. His mind was a miraculous thing in this day and age, able to filter what seemed to be a thousand thoughts per second, so he barely let his eyes drag over the Red Keep which once served as the home for him and his late wife before brushed the sentimental thought from his mind. Instead he decided to focus on the here and now. Robert wanted a tournament in celebration for his son's birth and the crown didn't have the funds.

He drew his horse short as he entered the courtyard for the Keep and swiftly dismounted, his feet landing in the muck and shit that had built up over the short years of Robert's reign. He didn't blame the king though, the man was too drunk and too busy with his whores to see to the running of the realm, the blame instead fell upon the Hand of the King, Jon Arryn, a sentimental fool in Tywin's belief. A weak Hand just as Tywin's father had been a weak lord.

As the stable boys stepped forward to collect the horses, Tywin's eyes fell upon the servants of the Keep that had come to meet him and his men. He felt his stomach crawl at the lack of respect that his son in law would think so low of him as to not even have the Kingsguard take the time to meet with him. He would speak to Lord Arryn about the dismissal when he saw him, and about the lack of care for the castle grounds and the city. He knew the crown as running on depleted funds, but such matters should have come first before the king dipped his sausage fingers into the purse to pay for his women.

His feet sloshed through the muck as he made his way towards the steps to the Keep and swept passed the servants without a word. If the king would not honor him with a proper welcome, than he would move to other, less pressing matters first. One of the knights of the guard stood just inside the doors and the Lord of Casterly Rock moved to speak to him. "Take me to my daughter's chamber. I would like to speak with her before I discuss matters with the King and his Hand."

"Of course, My Lord," the nameless night said as he bowed to the older man. "I shall lead you personally to her room." The knight turned and began to make his way deeper into the keep with Tywin following his lead. "It may take some time to meet with the king as he is not here at the moment," the kingsguard said casually as he walked. "King Robert thought he had more time before the child's birth and has been into the Kingswood for several days, hunting boar and stag."

The lord merely snorted in derision, careful to keep his tongue from lashing out and possibly being removed for insubordination. When they finally arrived at the door to the queen's chamber, the knight moved to knock but Tywin moved a moment faster. His hand pushed open the door, and he found himself blinking momentarily at the heavy scent of perfume that permeated the air. His daughter, the girl he thought of as the most beautiful in the all of the world, was laying in her bed, obviously still weak, holding two children to her chest.

The larger bundle was obviously his eldest grandson, Prince Joffrey of House Baratheon, barely even a year from his day of birth. The smaller babe was his recently born grandson, a child whose name he had not yet learned. His eyes then looked over his own child, still heavy with the weight caused by the child that had grown inside of her just recently, her hair a matted mess as she fed both her children from her breast.

"Leave us," he said with all the authority of a man of his station. The knight and the few retainers his daughter kept quickly fled from the chamber leaving father and daughter alone with the two children. "I must say, I expected a better welcome than I received," Tywin began not even bothering to greet his child. "I was told the king was off on a hunt, so that leaves Jaime and Jon Arryn whose where abouts remain unknown."

"Hello to you as well, Father," Cersei said as she carefully watched her father, a lioness eyeing a predator for sake of her two cubs. "Robert has taken Jaime to the Kings Wood, and Jon Arryn is probably visiting with MaesterPycelle. I'm sure if either knew of your coming they would have been here to meet you," she answered with a calculating look in her eye that matched Tywin's own, a fact that was not lost on him.

Still standing by the door, Tywin reached for the bolt and latched it shut, locking them inside. "Something has changed about you, my daughter," he said seriously as he moved toward the bed. For the first time, his eyes carefully took in the look of his grandchildren, the two Princes of the Seven Kingdoms. The elder was pure Lannister, a trait the older man knew well, while the other was obviously a strong Baratheon given his hair color, his eyes though were shut tight as he continued to feed. "It is good to see that you have born strong heirs."

"Much has changed," Cersei whispered softly as she shifted her green eyes from her father to her children. She winced as she felt a tooth bite the nub of her breast that where Joffrey fed, and she shifted the baby to more accommodate him, hoping for it to not happen again. "I've finally bore an heir for Casterly Rock," she said aloud as she turned her eyes back to her father. "I have decided to name himTyegon, after his grandfather and his great, great grandfather."

"I'm sure King Robert will be thrilled," Tywin said sarcastically as he looked at the dark haired child, glad he looked nothing like a Lannister and in so possibly Targaryen. "Very well then, the child will come to Casterly Rock the day after his fifth nameday," the lord said with a nod of approval. "Now, how about you tell me what is different about you?"

The young woman's eyes widened for the briefest of moments, but it was enough to cause her father's eyes to narrow. "I, I feel as though I have been bewitched," she admitted silently, not wanting to appear weak in front of her father. "I can see images, memories of a life not my own, of a woman with red hair and her bizarre world of magiks beyond my understanding," she said. "The child, Tyegon, is not mine, but hers. He grew inside my womb just as he grew in hers! It was she who stayed my hand from drinking moon tea and ending his life."

Tywin looked at his daughter for a long hard moment as if sussing out the truth of her words before turning his attention to the newborn. The child and finished his feeding and was now inspecting his grandfather with his bright emerald gaze. "We should thank this witch then," the former Hand of the King said as he continued to inspect the child. "She has given you a strong child and one that will hopefully put the shameful rumors about you and Jaime to rest. Tell me, will this woman who exists in your head be coming to collect the babe?"

"No," Cersei said after a long moment, terrified at the thought her father thought her mad. "She is dead, killed by a wizard that appeared more a demon than man. He killed her to get to the child but her own magic sent the baby to me. Apparently I would have been as she was if the world was different."

"Very well," Tywin said in reply after digesting his daughters words. He unlike most men had a great belief in magic and its wonders, even if he did not hold his life by it. After all, he had served in the throne room when it had been filled with the skulls of the last dragons and had heard the rumors of the magicians of Essos. "The child was born from your loins, and he will marked down as a Baratheon, his hair alone will see it as such. He will come to Casterly Rock and take the place Jaime was stolen from by Aerys and would other wise have fallen to your miserable brother."

A knock at the door brought Tywin up short, he turned and made quick strides to the door before unlatching the lockbolt and throwing it open. A pretty little servant girl, probably from Storm's End stood uneasily before the lord that nearly all of Westeros had come to fear. "My Grace, M'lord, I have been tasked with announcing the arrival of the king."

"And so you have," Tywin said with an air of dismissal. "If you will excuse me," he said turning toward his bedridden daughter, "I have need to speak with our king and his Hand on several issues. One of them being my new grandson." He turned, without waiting for his daughter's dismissal and walked quickly out of the room, intent on seeing the foolish loan completed and the matters of his family taken care of.

Cersei watched the field with dulled eyed as the men banged against one another for the showing of the people. By all the gods, old and new, did she hate the very of idea of tournaments as they held nothing of interest for those who were above watching violence for the sake of violence. It certainly wasn't doing anything for the babes either, both Joffrey and Tyegon were sound asleep in their prams. The two princes could not be left together for any length of time before they started to wail, and the queen already couldn't wait for her second child's fifth name day.

It wasn't that she didn't love her black haired cub, but the thought of raising any child who looked like Robert Baratheon was nauseating for her. Still though, she could not, and would not let the child be out of her sight for long. Anytime the thought crossed her mind, the image of the red haired woman, who's face was so much like her own, would appear to her and she found herself unable to let him go.

Her eyes ventured toward her royal husband, and she nearly gagged at the sight of him. Wine and drippings from various meats poured down his twisted and curled beard and splattered across his expanding gut. Where there had once been a proud and noble warrior now sat an oafish fool who didn't know when to say he was full and done. Her eyes slid further beyond, to the glorious man in armor the color of shined gold and a white cloak upon his shoulders. His hair the same as her own and with eyes that matched.

How she adored that man, especially when he held her to him and thrust his undefeated cock inside of her. It was only her beloved twin, Jaime, that could make her feel so complete after her disastrous marriage to Robert. He wasn't her only lover, she had probably taken as many men and servants to her bed as Robert took whores, but Jaime was her favorite and held a special place in her heart, a place secured by their son, Joffrey.

Even the other woman, Lily, felt comfortably close with the Kingslayer, the man who had killed the Mad King, Aerys. Something about him reminded her of the man in her dreams and memories, a foolish but carefree man with hair as black as coal, like her sons, and with eyes of hazel. If Lily was meant to be the woman she would have been in that other world, then James and Jaime were one in the same.

A moment after her eyes and swept to her twin his eyes landed on hers and nearly took her breath away. She could feel the rush of want building up inside of her again, the desire to feel his body thrusting against hers, his seed spilling into her womb as they tried to make another life. Jaime was hers, hers alone, in a way she could never be his. The power and control she held over such a powerful and skilled man was a thrill she could not compare to anything else.

After a moment's hesitation she stood, drawing her husband's eyes to her. "I am sorry, Robert but these games do nothing for me, nor our children," she said motioning toward the sleeping babes. "I think I will head inside the Keep and put them down for their nap," she said easily. Her husband nearly grunted and waved her off. "Jaime, do you think you could help me," she asked innocently as she coyly motioned toward Joffrey.

"It would be my pleasure, My Grace," the blond haired man said with a smile and a sweeping bow. He moved around the king's throne and carefully lifted the eldest prince from his pram as Cersei lifted her youngest. With calm steps the two made their way away from the tournament, barely reaching the bottom before the heard a woman's laugh and squeal coming from the direction of the king's throne, sending the two twins into matching eye rolls.

The castle was silent as they moved through its halls, being sure to keep an eye out for any lingering servants who were not out at the field watching the knights. When they reached her chamber, the children were quickly put down to nap in their cribs. As soon as they were sure the children were asleep, Cersei was thrust up against the walls, her lips assaulted by her brother's as he pawed at her breasts like the lion he was. "Jaime... oh gods, Jaime, its been too long," Cersei muttered between kisses as her hands traveled over the length of his shimmering breastplate.

Jaime's hands worked like clockwork, pulling at her skirts so they were lifted above her thighs. Her own, spidery fingers dug at the band of his pants, unfastening buttons as fast as she could before her fingers deftly wrapped around his hardening cock. Before she had a chance to breath and fully relish in the warmth in her hands, it was gone, buried deep between her legs.


Tyegon Baratheon watched the people of the court with interest, watching the comings and goings of the smallfolk as they were dealt with by his father and the Lord Hand, Jon Arryn. His green eyes shifted to his father, the King, Robert first of his name. Tyegon loved his father as much as he did his mother, but Robert was no Father or King, he had realized not long before. Jon Arryn ran the kingdom while his father whored and drunk his way through Kingslanding and the surrounding countryside.

He had stood here, near the painful looking Iron Throne just weeks ago as his father smacked the teeth out of his older brother's mouth. Not that the idiot Joffrey hadn't deserved the blow of course. The fool had slaughtered a pregnant cat, the one who kept the mice from over running the kitchen, just to see the unborn kittens. The black haired prince remembered the day well as there had been no food until dinner when the cat's remains and her kittens had been cleaned up and the kitchen overhauled and scrubbed on the orders of his mother.

Tyegon could remember his father's rage and had for the first time been truly frightened of the man they said had broke the Dragon on the Trident. For nearly a full five minutes he was certain he was about to take his brother's place as heir due to the boy's death, but Joffrey had been spared by his mother's pleas. In truth, the black prince thought that his brother deserved a beating for the horrid slaughter of the innocent, but he wouldn't speak against his mother.

His mother was a strange woman, constantly twiddling her fingers as if she was rolling something invisible in her hands. She loved her children dearly and all had the look of her, well, all but Tyegon himself who took after their father. Today though would be his final day in King's Landing. He had been told many times that after his fifth nameday he was going to Casterly Rock, to learn from their grandfather Tywin the ins and outs of lordship and if need be to be the Hand of the King.

In response, his sad eyes landed on his sister Myrcella, just two name days old and still clinging to their mother's skirts. He smiled at her when she noticed him looking and gave him a near toothless smile in return. Tommen, the sweet child was nestled deeply in their mother's arms as she held him to her. Tyegon wondered if he would see the two of them again after he was sent off to the Westerlands.

"Well, that was dull," the king suddenly said as he stood from his throne, revealing that one of the blades had cut into his garments, showing the growing fat beneath. "Shit, I'll need a change of shirt," Robert muttered as he divested himself of the torn cloth and tossed it to a nearby servant. "See to it that that gets patched up," he commanded. "With no more business today, I think I'll retire to my chambers."

The second son of the king would have liked to say he was shocked that the king had forgotten, but with his father's constant drinking and hangovers, it wasn't a surprise. He watched as his father walked, nearly waddled from the throne room and sighed. His gaze flickered to the rest of his family and saw his mother's sad green eyes looking back at him. "Come along, my cub, we must get you ready to travel," she whispered as she stood from her tiny seat near the massive Iron Throne and began to lead her children away.

As he followed his mother, Tyegon thought of the night before as he had packed away his most private and personal belongings, before stashing them away to make sure Joffrey couldn't find them. His older brother had a nasty habit of decrying his ownership of anything and claiming them for his own. Still though, he had one thing that all of King's Landing would gladly give him all its gold to see, the exception being his father would have it smashed.

He had found it his most prized possession deep beneath the keep. He had been playing in his room when he had banged his knee on the fireplace jarring one of the stones out of place. As he did, a tiny section of his wall had slid back and up, just high enough for him to crawl through. Imagining a wonderful adventure, the tiny prince had knelt and crawled through the tunnel of carved stone.

He soon found the tunnel widening into a chamber as wide as his father's throne him, charred black by fire. The room was nearly pitch black lit only by tiny holes in the ceilings that let the musty air out into the sky. Tyegon had thought the room was empty as his eyes adjusted, but then he saw it, half covered by soot and dirt. It was black as the space between the stars with vines of orange crawling across its surface. He knew what it was, it was unmistakable, but if he brought it to his room, Joffrey would try and steal it, so he had left it there buried beneath the Keep. Last night though, he had went back to retrieve it, stuffing it deep beneath his other 'treasures'.

He blinked as the sun intruded upon his thoughts as he stepped outside the doors to the castle. A procession of men, bearing the red and black armor, holding the banner of the golden lion on a field of red were lined up on both horse and foot. An ornate cart was tethered to two strong stallions, their manes braided and their tails groomed. Tyegon rolled his eyes, there was no way that was going to last on the march to his destination.

"My sweet child," his mother said catching his attention. He turned to her to see her eyes damp with tears before she knelt and pulled him into a careful hug. His eyes grew wet as well as he snaked his arms around his mother, sister and brother, careful not to hurt either of his younger siblings. "You will write often," she commanded, as she pulled back slightly, leaving one hand to rest upon his shoulder. "Obey your grandfather, and make sure to learn all you can, except from your uncle Tyrion. I don't want to hear of you following in his mismatched footsteps."

"Of course," Tyegon choked out. He hadn't realized how emotion his leaving would be until right now. He was going to miss his mother, father and his siblings dearly along the road. Who knew when he would see them again. He was quickly pulled into another hug, which he gladly committed himself to, hugging her fiercely as tears began to make their way down his cheeks. He didn't know why his mother hated her youngest brother so much, but he would try to do as she said none the less.

He opened his eyes in time to see the servants loading his precious treasures and gasped. Releasing his mother he moved toward his bag, not bothering to apologize to the young man who had brought it out and began to shift through it quickly, searching for the bottom. He didn't notice his mother's movement until her heard her gasp at the same moment his eyes landed on the oblong treasure inside, still in one piece.

"Listen to me carefully," she whispered as her free hand gripped his shoulder tightly. "Do not let anyone see that until you reach Casterly Rock. Show it only to your grandfather, and ask him for his advice," she said softly as eased her fingers from his shoulder. Tyegon nodded silently as he moved his things back to cover up the black and orange treasure.

"Well, well, finally leaving are you," a voice said, sending chills down Tyegon's spine. He turned as his mother released his shoulder and eyed his older brother warily. "I knew you couldn't handle the life of a prince," Joffrey said arrogantly as he trotted down the stairs to the courtyard and smirked at his younger sibling. "Off to be a lord then? I suppose its only best, not everyone can handle life at the top."

"Good bye Joffrey," the black haired boy said with some disdain, not noticing his mother's sad look at the fact her two oldest didn't get along. "I'll be sure to leave you out of my salutations in my letters," he said as he moved toward the door to his carriage, waiting as one of the armored men opened it for him. He climbed inside and turned, his eyes landing on his mother and his younger siblings. "I'm going to miss you," he whispered softly as tears began to spring forth anew. Quietly he climbed inside and let the door close behind him.

He was leaving Kings Landing, but he was now on a grand adventure first to Kingsroad until Goldroad, and then on to Casterly Rock. He just prayed that nothing untoward happened to his family before he saw them again.