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Just... everywhere.

Hell, he had even heard that they had built an exhibition dedicated to him. It's not that he wasn't ungrateful to his fans, it was just some of them went a little too far.

'I don't want one-night stands,' Steve thought, jogging down the same path he used everyday, 'Why can't women understand that?'

He wanted... more than that.

"Go with the flow," Stark had shrugged with his devious grin, "Because if you work it right, then you could become just as popular as me, with a woman for everyday of the week."

Times had changed... for the worst.


Steve blinked, barely feeling something light hitting his front and bounce off his chest, "Miss!" He quickly moved down to where the girl had fell, "Miss, are you all right?!" He asked in alarm, seeing that she had crashed quite a distance away.

"Err– yes, I think," The girl answered, rubbing her side before taking his offered hand, "Sorry, I wasn't paying attention." She apologised sweetly with a smile and he noticed she didn't ogle him or anything of the sort, "Thank you, Mister...?"

In fact, she looked as if she didn't recognise him at all–!?

Was that possible?