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"Do you have it?" Dumbledore's voice was tense, strung tight with stress as Severus approached him. Severus nodded and removed a still warm potion from his pocket to pass over to the headmaster. Dumbledore used magic to remove the cork, his shriveled hand still pulled tight to his chest. Severus smoothed the map that lay on Dumbledore's desk before nodding to the older man.

Dumbledore tipped the potion over the map pooling it over all the major continents and even the oceans. Once the potion was emptied leaving the map coated in sparkling blue slime Dumbledore waved his wand and channeled as much power as he could into his locating spell.

"Adiecit locum"

The potion glowed and seemed to zoom in rushing toward England , closer and closer until all the blue potion was pulsing brightly over a blank section of map near Wiltshire. Dumbledore released a sharp breath of air and Severus fell back into a chair. There was no denying it any longer, no hope that the boy had escaped and was in hiding. Lord Voldemort had captured Harry Potter.

"Malfoy Manor." Snape's voice was resigned and he was unsurprised by Albus's answering nod.

"It is as we feared. Harry has been captured he is likely being held in the Malfoy dungeons."

"How will we rescue him?" Snape asked already trying to think of ways to smuggle people through the Malfoy wards. He could get through, perhaps if he discovered where the boy was being kept he could get him a portkey.

"It may be prudent to wait." Dumbledore's words were like being splashed with cold water.


"None of my charms indicate Harry has been seriously harmed. For whatever reason Tom has chosen to keep him alive. If we bide our time Tom's distraction with Harry could be beneficial." Albus voice was thoughtful, Severus gaped at him.

"I do not think that is wise. I find the fact that the Dark Lord has left the boy unharmed quite unsettling. It means he is saving him for something. I cannot imagine what dark ritual he is planning but I doubt it will be a pleasant end for Potter." Dumbledore seemed to consider this a moment before turning his eyes thoughtfully back to his servant.

"When were you last summoned Severus?" Taken aback Severus considered and was surprised to realize it had been well over a month.

"Not since before Easter." Severus confessed.

"If he summons you go at once. Learn all you can of Harry's situation, if he does not call soon it may be best to go yourself. Surely you can create a reason to request a meeting if you must." Severus skin crawled. One did not simply request a meeting with the Dark Lord, if you had information you sent a letter. If you were summoned you appeared, that he hadn't been summoned was unnerving. Had his cover been broken at last? Perhaps the boy had said something, though he had suffered no mortal wounds Severus was well aware of the kind of pain that can be inflicted with no lasting damage.

Severus hated Harry Potter deeply but he couldn't help feeling that no one should endure the things the Dark Lord would undoubtedly inflict upon him.

Harry wandered the garden's of Malfoy Manor with a smile pulling at his mouth despite himself. Spring was in full swing and the garden was awash with vibrant colors and sweet smells. It was Harry's first taste of fresh air in three weeks. The grounds were deserted, Harry's only company the birds trilling happily in their trees. Occasionally a pure white peacock would cross his path but otherwise Harry was completely alone. He wandered down path after path, Narcissa had explained to him at breakfast that each Malfoy bride was given a different section of garden to design. Making each one a unique reflection of not only the woman who'd created it but also the fashion of the era.

Harry wandered through stark orderly flower gardens (the kind Aunt Petunia had tried so hard to emulate). Past statue gardens, these were very creepy because Harry wasn't completely certain the statues hadn't once been people. They were all incredibly life like and more than once Harry felt they were watching him. Another garden was as wild and overgrown as the Weasley's with various plants seeming to fight each other for their share of sunlight and soil. Harry didn't imagine Narcissa approved much of this garden. She'd given him a tour of her garden before leaving him to wander the grounds. It had been filled with white flowers of all sorts, the tree's all weighed down with heavily scented blossoms. Narcissa told him they were enchanted to stay that way all year round.

Harry was following a stream that wound it's way through several of the larger gardens when he finally reached a nice spot for thinking. The stream had been blocked off to create a small waterfall down into a beautiful blue pond. Leaning over Harry saw a few fish swimming lazily about. The air was rich here with the smell of soil and cherry blossoms. Near the pond was a patch of grass that was lush and green, surrounded by blooms of purple, pink and silver. Harry lay down on the grass closing his eyes to the bright sun and breathing deeply. He was warm and content as he lay on the grass allowing his thoughts to drift.

They drifted, as usual, back to a conversation he had some two weeks prior. It had been just before Hermione and Draco returned to Hogwarts. Harry had wanted Hermione to stay despite still not being on speaking terms with her but Voldemort would not allow it. Voldemort didn't want anyone to know about the contract until after it was completed. Instead the night Hermione was due to return to Hogwarts Voldemort launched a fake attack on Hermione's house. He'd levelled it to the ground and used memory charms to convince Hermione's parents that they'd left Harry at the house to do some last minute shopping.

Hermione had taken an unbreakable vow and allowed Voldemort to tamper with her memories and place false ones of their vacation together. Harry wasn't sure they'd stand up to much scrutiny but Voldemort believed that Dumbledore wouldn't bother looking too deeply. No one had suspected anything about Hermione's plan, not even Harry. The plan appeared to have worked, Hermione hadn't written but Draco had. Hermione had settled back into castle life and none of the teachers seemed to suspect her. There had been nothing in the paper about his disappearance and Voldemort believed Dumbledore was keeping it quiet to buy himself time.

Harry had been allowed to wander the Manor after the first Death Eater meeting. The next morning he'd found his door unlocked and so far it hadn't been locked again. It was two days later that Harry had sought out the Library in hopes of learning more about the ritual he was supposed to perform with Voldemort. When he stepped into the room he was confronted by the sight of Draco Malfoy, the other boy was laying with one leg over the arm of an austere looking chair. His head rested against the back and he seemed enthralled in the book before him. Harry turned at once to leave but Draco stopped him.

"Potter wait! You don't have to leave. I mean you live here now." Harry turned and gaped at the other boy. Malfoy shifted under Harry's scrutiny but when Harry didn't speak the blond returned to his reading. Harry stood for a moment longer before moving further into the library. The contract still clenched tightly in one hand. Harry looked around taking in the huge library. Books climbed several stories high along every wall, the room was spacious scattered with tables and chairs. It was smaller than Hogwarts library but only just. Harry glanced down at the scroll in his hand then back up to the shelves. Maybe he should just swallow his anger and talk to Hermione. Harry was about to do just that when Malfoy's voice cut through his thoughts.

"Need help finding something Potter?" Harry was prepared to be offended, surprisingly though Malfoy's tone wasn't sneering but solicitous. Harry nodded slowly as his eyes still scanned the shelves as if hoping the right book would just jump out at him.

"I'm looking for information about Unio Pacem." Harry was more than a little offended when Malfoy let out a snort.

"Honestly Potter I thought it was something important. You won't find anything like that in here, the children's library is in a different part of the house." Harry scowled at him.

"This is important! Why the children's library?" Harry demanded his glare just daring Malfoy to defy him. The other boy just rolled his eyes.

"Because it's a fairy tale Potter. Unio Pacem doesn't actually exist."

"According to this contract it does and Hermione wrote it so I don't think it's wrong." Malfoy's eyes trained sharply onto the scroll in Harry's hand as if noticing it for the first time.

"May I see it?" Malfoy asked with a slightly hushed voice. Harry hesitated, Voldemort hadn't wanted anyone to know the details of the contract. The thought was all Harry needed to overcome his hesitance. Fuck Voldemort. Harry handed the contract to Malfoy. Malfoy accepted the contract and sunk back into his chair as he unrolled the scroll and began to read. Harry watched him silently for a few moments as his face shifted through various expressions of shock. It seemed like an eternity before Malfoy glanced back up at him.

"Did you read this?" Malfoy's eyes were wide and his normally pale skin seemed to have lost any color it ever held. Harry nodded but then shrugged.

"I did but-it's kinda confusing. Can you tell me about the ritual?" Malfoy nodded slowly and in an uncharacteristic show of nerves pulled his lip into his mouth and began to chew on it.

"I don't know much. I honestly didn't believe it existed before I saw this but I know if Granger put it in and the Dark Lord signed this, it must be real." Despite his words Malfoy's voice was still skeptical like he couldn't believe it despite the proof. Harry let out a huff of annoyance when the blond trailed off again to stare down at the contract.

"What do you know?" Harry demanded, startling Malfoy.

"It's a binding spell, usually used to end wars. I know they always say those bound by Unio Pacem are of 'One Mind' and in the stories if one of the partners dies the other always follows. In one story I read as a boy, a King fell in battle and his wife collapsed miles away in the castle. Then his ghost appeared to kiss her and carry her with him to the afterlife."

"Okay so we'll be of 'One mind' whatever that means and we'll both die at the same time. It can't like-" Harry hesitated "The way you talk makes it sound like it'll make me fall in love with him."

The look Malfoy gave him was one of horrified disgust. It mirrored Harry's own feelings on the matter almost exactly and Harry had to resist a sudden urge to burst out laughing.

"No spell can force you to fall in love." Malfoy assured him, prompting Harry's to almost collapse his relief was so powerful. "But-I mean in the stories they always did fall in love. Even if they fought before the binding afterwards they were never the same."

"But you don't know why? I mean it's one thing to fall in love with a man who is your rival but Voldemort is-I mean just-" Harry couldn't seem to form the words but it was alright but Malfoy was already nodding his understanding.

"So have you given any thought to the rest of the contract?" Malfoy prompted clearly trying to change the subject. Harry looked at him in confusion.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, no changes can be made without you both agreeing. I can't believe the Dark Lord agreed to it honestly, what ever a Horcrux is he certainly values them." Malfoy shot Harry a questioning look as if hoping he would explain but Harry just shook his head.

"Trust me you really don't want to know. Honestly I got so hung up on the binding I hadn't thought about much else."

"Well start thinking about it Potter. What would you change about our world? Cause you'll be running it soon enough."

It was these words that Harry had found himself contemplating in the following weeks. Voldemort rarely spoke to him, if it weren't for the Dark Wizard's insistence that they dine together Harry would never see him. Not that Harry exactly minded but as time ticked by he began to worry that Voldemort would try to get out of consulting him on policy decisions. Harry resolved to address the issue soon when a shadow fell over him.


"Well. . .well what have we here?" Harry sat up quickly squinting his eyes to see who had found him. A wizard leaned above him, he was filthy with ragged torn robes thrown over his frame. A breeze drifted across the garden, causing Harry to gag as the smell of dirty wet dog mixed with blood assaulted his sense. Harry scrambled back from the stranger wishing desperately for his wand. Voldemort had still not returned it, convinced Harry would be safe within Malfoy Manor.

"Who are you?" Harry demanded as he climbed to his feet. He sounded more confident than he was. The stranger smirked at him but it looked more like a snarl.

"The name's Fenrir Greyback, and I know who you are Harry Potter." As he spoke the man lunged forward and grabbed Harry's wrist. Harry struggled to pull away but the strangers grip on his wrist was bruisingly tight.

"If you know who I am you'll know your Lord has forbidden anyone to harm me." Harry hated invoking Voldemort's protection but something about the way this man was looking at him made Harry's skin crawl. He needed to get away and he needed to get away right now. Rather than releasing him Fenrir gained a rather feral grin and pulled Harry closer.

"Oh I know but the Dark Lord is away from the manor today." At Harry's startled expression Fenrir's grin sharpened "Even if he were here I'm sure he wouldn't mind if I had a taste. He isn't using you, every one knows the Dark Lord can't get it up."

Fenrir paused leaning down and running his tongue up Harry's throat. Harry struggled harder fighting the urge to vomit as his smell assaulted Harry's nose.

"It would be a tragedy to let a sweet thing like you go to waste." Fenrir's voice was low growl as he scraped his teeth against Harry's throat Harry jerked back hard but Fenrir just used the motion to push Harry to the ground beneath him.

Harry struggled as best he could trying to ignore the sensation of rough hands pawing down his chest and abdomen. He'd landed on his arm after the fall and a shooting pain in his wrist told him it was probably broken. He ignored the pain still twisting and pulling, trying not to breath in the smell of his attacker. It was hopeless as the much larger man seemed to have no trouble holding him still with his larger frame. When those pawing hands brushed against Harry's groin he went still for a moment before he finally gave into his fear and began to scream for help. Even as he renewed his struggles Harry doubted anyone would come save him.


Lord Voldemort was spending too much time inside the mind of his Horcrux. Since Harry Potter's arrival at Malfoy Manor Voldemort had spent the majority of his time sitting in his study, watching the world through Harry's eyes. He had the boy studying with Narcissa and Lucius Malfoy since he wasn't allowed to return to Hogwarts. Harry felt everything so intensely it was like squinting at a light when you'd been sitting in the dark. Voldemort found Harry Potter's mind impossible to resist.

When he wasn't actively inside the boy's head he was thinking about him. Thinking about the policy changes Harry was contemplating, thinking about how to sway Harry's view on muggles and Voldemort found he was getting very little else done. The trouble was he found it all too easy to let go of some of his more radical ideas. Before his partial death at Harry's hands he'd felt a powerful burning hate for muggles. Upon his return this hate was absent. He still disliked muggles, they were less than him but he felt no heat.

Voldemort suspected the last of his humanity split from him when he created Harry's Horcrux. Perhaps because it was accidental or perhaps because he'd split it so many times before. The one thing Voldemort was certain of is that Harry Potter now held all that was left of Tom Riddle. Voldemort would not have said he missed his powerful emotions. Overall he found their absence more conducive to clear thinking but Harry felt everything. He was a boiling furnace of emotion, when Voldemort felt through Harry's Horcrux he truly felt alive. It was painful, intoxicating and utterly addictive.

For this reason Voldemort resolved to stay out of the boy's head on his next trip away from the Manor. He'd postponed his travel for the first three weeks after the boy's arrival but Voldemort couldn't do that forever. The head of the Azarov Vampire clan had requested a meeting nearly a month ago, he would be a valuable ally. Mika Azarov and his clan of nearly 400 vampires scattered across Russia were hugely influential among Dark and Neutral creatures. Voldemort could not afford to insult them. He arrived in Russia directly after finishing his breakfast with the boy.

Azarov was waiting for him and quickly led him into a meeting room. They spoke and negotiated for hours not bothering to break for meals. Voldemort occasionally wondered how Harry was entertaining himself but did not give into his urge to find out. Voldemort and Azarov had finally come to preliminary agreements when a strange feeling of panic began to work through Voldemort. The emotion felt foreign, Voldemort held up his hand to silence the Vampire as he stood abruptly trying to trace the source of the strange sensation.

Like a damn breaking a scream suddenly ripped through the mental barrier to his Horcrux. A torrent of emotions poured through Voldemort; fear, disgust,and horror all meshed together into a gut churning panic. For a moment Voldemort was paralyzed with it, before his mind kicked into gear. He didn't feel this way, that meant Harry did. Voldemort made no apologies as he forced his way through the anti apparition wards that carpeted the vampire's lair.

He apparated by feel directly to where he believed Harry to be. Voldemort was surprised to find himself in a fragrant garden and it took him a moment to register that the boy was no where in sight. At least until a muffled yell and sounds of a struggle pulled his eyes to some bushes that hedged the pond. Harry was there barely visible and struggling desperately under a larger wizard. Voldemort's magic reacted without conscious thought blasting the attacker away and pinning him under a crucio a few feet away.

Voldemort ignored the screams and rushed to Harry. The boy lay on the ground still breathing heavily, his face white. His jeans had been pushed down around his ankles and it looked as if his attacker had been working on his boxers when Voldemort arrived. Voldemort glanced again at the man still screaming on the ground and felt a flare of rage as he recognized Fenrir Greyback. The traitor would pay.

A soft whimper from Harry pulled Voldemort back to his Horcrux. Harry had got to his feet and was struggling to pull his jeans up. Voldemort was at his side quickly reaching down to pull up and fasten the denim pants. He looked into Harry's eyes delving into his mind using both Legilimancy and the Horcrux to access the entire memory as quickly as possible. Once he'd seen the entire encounter he pulled back behind him Fenrir's screams increase as Voldemort's rage flared.

A sudden impact knocked the breath out of him and distracted Voldemort from the traitorous werewolf. Looking down Voldemort was shocked to confirm what he'd felt. Harry Potter had his arms wrapped tightly around Voldemort's waist. He face was pressed against Voldemort's chest wetting his robes with tears.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you." Came the whispered chant. For a moment Voldemort was frozen before lifting his arms, wrapping them tentatively around the boy and awkwardly patting his back. He didn't speak but after a moment cast a quick charm to hold the werewolf in place. He pulled back from the hug but kept one arm around Harry's shoulder as he escorted him back to the Manor.

There were several Death Eater's lingering inside the main hall but their greetings died on their lips as Voldemort sent them deadly glares and escorted Harry past them. The boy had his face buried in Voldemort's robe as he walked. He was still shaking. Voldemort stopped at his potion's lab but didn't go inside. Instead he summoned the items he required from the doorway before continuing to Harry's quarters. With a flick of his wand Voldemort transfigured the boy's clothes into pajamas knowing Harry wouldn't want to change his clothes with Voldemort in the room. Voldemort resolved not to try and analyze why he cared.

"Drink this." Voldemort told Harry, speaking for the first time since he'd arrived back. Harry took it and much to Voldemort's surprise downed the calming draught without question. Harry accepted the next potion vial before suddenly looking up and meeting Voldemort's eyes.

"You probably think I'm being an idiot. It could have been so much worse, I mean if you hadn't got there-" Harry broke off.

"Just because it could have been worse doesn't mean it wasn't terrible." Voldemort told him "Now drink your potion."

Harry did as he was told, still not bothering to ask what he'd been given. Voldemort watched silently as it took effect, Harry's eyes drooping before his body slumped backwards onto his bed. Voldemort stared at him a moment longer before leaning down and shifting the boy into a more comfortable position and pulling the sneakers from his feet. Another long moment followed before Voldemort huffed and pulled a blanket over the boy. It wasn't as if he was tucking him in after all. It just wouldn't do for Harry to catch pneumonia.

Voldemort stared down at the sleeping boy a moment longer despite himself. Letting the rage he'd had to ignore lick at his insides warming him from the inside. Apparently he could still feel passionate hate after all. He was going to make the werewolf pay, but first he would call a meeting. Let his followers see what happened to those who disobeyed their Lord.

Severus arrived late to the meeting. This wasn't unusual, the Dark Lord recognized his need for discretion when leaving Hogwarts. However because he was late Severus did not know what Fenrir Greyback had done to cause Voldemort to turn on him. By the time Severus arrived the wolf had already been tortured by several Death Eaters and was barely recognizable. At the moment Bellatrix had the man levitated in the air and was levitating a series of knives to slash and cut bits off flesh from their captive.

Voldemort looked on with cold red eyes, his hands clenching at his wand as if fighting the urge to attack himself. Between screams Greyback drew shuddering helpless breaths. Severus stood near the entrance of the hall. Normally he would have attempted to discover Greyback's transgression from one of the other Death Eater's but today he stayed silent. Voldemort's magic had permeated the entire room, smothering in it's intensity. Severus could not remember the last time the Dark Lord had become so enraged. Perhaps after Potter's escape from the graveyard, but Severus had not been there to witness it first hand.

"Enough Bella," Voldemort's tone was completely calm despite the inferno in his eyes. Bellatrix LeStrange immediately cancelled both spells causing the wolf to slump back onto the floor with a slight squelching noise as his skin made contact with all the blood pooled beneath him.

"P-please-" The plea was whimpered so softly it wouldn't have been audible were it not for the tense silence that filled the rest of the hall. The Dark Lord's face pulled into one of such hatred and contempt it made Severus blood run cold.

"Something to say?" Voldemort prompted cold eyes narrowed dangerously.

"My Lord I acted rashly." Greyback spoke with a slight shake in his voice but his words were surprisingly clear given the physical damage he'd undergone. "The full moon is but two days away. It clouded my judgement. I have always been a most loyal and obedient subject."

There was silence in the hall and Greyback seemed to find this encouraging because he began to pull himself up from the floor a bit to glance around the room. He didn't dare look at the Dark Lord, Severus thought this a pity because if he had looked Greyback would have probably known to keep his mouth shut. Voldemort's eyes were a dark blood red and his entire face was drawn tight, promising still more painful retribution.

"Besides it was only Harry Potter." Greyback's tone was petulant now. Clearly thinking this reminder would procure his safety. Severus jumped at his mention of Potter, finally confirmation that Voldemort had him. He waited with baited breath praying the boy had not been killed by Greyback.

Voldemort's eyes flashed red and he began to move down from his platform to advance on the werewolf. His wand raised high though he had not cast a spell.

"Only Harry Potter?" a deadly whisper "Only Harry Potter. Oh well, then you are free to go." Greyback looked up suddenly hopeful, Severus couldn't believe how stupid the werewolf was. It was clear to most present that Greyback wouldn't leave this room alive. At the Dark Lord's silence Greyback began to climb to his feet, no doubt his accelerated werewolf healing the only thing making it possible after such a round of torture. He had only taken one step toward the door when Voldemort stopped him with another curse. Greyback collapsed to the ground with a wail of startled pain. With two long strides he was beside the wolf burying long fingers in his hair and raising his face.

"You think I will let you leave here? Harry Potter was not to be harmed. In ANY way." Another curse, struck the wolf causing his back to arch and another wail to slip from his lips. Severus shuddered. "You think you can touch what belongs to me? You think you are worthy to lay your filthy half breed hands on my future consort?"

As gasp rippled through the hall and Severus felt as if someone had punched him in the stomach. Consort? The Dark Lord had never taken a lover Severus could only imagine the horrors of such a position. So this is why Harry Potter had been spared, so he could be used in the most horrific way. Severus wanted to vomit. The Dark Lord did not seem to notice the shock of his followers, indeed he seemed entirely focussed on the wolf before him.

"You try to use the moon to excuse you? HARRY POTTER IS MINE! THERE IS NO EXCUSE AND THERE WILL BE NO MERCY! Severus!" The sudden sound of his name from the Dark Lord's lips caused him to jump but Severus promptly rushed forward. Hoping against hope he was not next. He dropped to his knees ignoring Greyback's blood as he crawled forward to kiss the hem of the Dark Lord's robe.

"May I be of service, My Lord?" Severus inquired keeping his eyes cast down and trying to tame the desperate beating of his heart.

"The moon will be full in two days will it not?"

"Yes, My Lord." Severus agreed confused by the sudden change of subject.

"I understand there are many potions, which are best brewed with ingredients harvested fresh from a transformed werewolf." Severus eyes darted down to Greyback who hadn't moved but now had large tears tripping pathetically down his face.

"Indeed, though I have none brewing at the moment." Voldemort's lips pulled into a dangerous smile. With a wave of his wand he anchored what looked like a pure silver chain to the floor. Another wave created two half moon's of silver in each of the Dark Lord's hands. He placed them around Greyback's neck ignoring the wolf's pained howl as the silver made contact with his bare skin. Another wave attached the chain and collar effectively holding the wolf in place.

"The wolf will remain here. Amuse yourselves with his body however you see fit, Severus on the full moon you will return and harvest all that is of value. You will not use any charm or magic to reduce pain. I will attend to ensure my orders are obeyed." Voldemort paused and swept his eyes across the hall. "Let this be a lesson to each of you. I am your Lord if you defy me you will be made to pay."

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