Shiki: New Life Chapter 31

Kurayami-err... Sakurako Kisshoan, explained to the three teens who had their eyes widened. "I knew my family was dead after years of roaming, I even met Shion one year, she was in her eighties and dying. She was happy to be reunited with me and I watched as she slipped away." Sakurako said, looking down at her cup of water, sadly. "Turns out she ended up marrying Ashihei and had a daughter named Umiko. Tanosuke married a young lady named Reika Shinohara, giving them two daughters that Tano named after me. There was Sakurako and then there was Kurayami." Sakurako had tears streaming down her face at the thoughts of the life she could have lived with Tano. "Sakurako, I am so sorry to hear that." Arisu said with sadness in her voice.

Sakurako turned to look at the teens, a smile fluttered on her face. "Its a reason I am fighting, my story could repeat itself on others. I cannot let that happen." She stood up, facing the others. "I have been called many horrible names through the years I have been around. Freak, cannibal, witch, even been nicknamed vampiress by many." Sakurako looked behind them and smiled. "I wish for you three to keep referring me to as Kurayami, like I said, Sakurako Kisshoan is the name I lost. Sakurako is dead but Kurayami is around." She ended her message. "Sure Kurayami." Yutaka said, he was the one who ended up crying halfway through the story.

Kurayami looked up to see Sunako was there on the steps, her head tilted and a mouth that had been opened thanks to a gasp she must have had. "You heard my story again, Sunako?" Kurayami looked at the Shiki girl who nodded. "Only halfway in though, but it still is a tragic tale." Sunako said as she walked away, possibly to see if Seishin got the book she asked for. Sunako told Mitsuo her story a while back, he couldn't choose which story was more saddening, Kurayami's or Sunako's. "Sunako, I collected the book you wanted from the library." Seishin said to Sunako, holding a purple book which gave Sunako a smile apon her face.

"Thanks Dear Seishin! It will be pleasing to know what we could use to stop the rivals." She says as she walks to the door. "Mitsuo, I want you to continue your research on the Enoshiki family and who they victimized. I got Hotaka Ozaki on with documenting who they bit and who has died, maybe then we could find out how many rose and how many didn't so far." Sunako says as she runs off to her reading quarters of the cabin to read the book in pure silence...

Mitsuo walked along the dirty trail towards the school, thinking silently to himself. "I know that Main Sotoba had many deaths... But, I really wonder how many have been affected in Lower Sotoba." He says silently, remembering that time when Kotaro was trying to feed Hidetora. Mitsuo was walking to school, bag in hand. He walked in the school to see everyone standing outside, looking extremely horrified. "What happened?!" Mitsuo yelled outloud to see Kotone was crying silently, Hikaru had a shocked face, and Miho was incredibly horrified.

"Take them to the clinic! Pronto!" Hotaka Ozaki commanded some of the staff of the school, carrying Shizuko, Miho's little sister and Dayu Tomohashi, the class three teacher out of the school. "Shizuko, Shizuko... SHIZUKO!" Miho yelled H to her little sister, fear and sadness enveloping her emotions. Shizuko was horribly pale, her green eyes dark with illness, her breathing was shallow, Mitsuo knew immediately she must have been bitten by the Shikis. "Mi... Ho..." Shizuko muttered silently, her usually bright and joyful features were destroyed by illness, leaving her as a shell filled with depression and death. Hotaka shook his head sadly.

"She is one of the youngest who were infected, just fifteen." He says with anger in his voice, almost blaming himself for her infliction. Dayu Tomohashi was no better, looking more ill and sickly than Shizuko, he looked like he was being embraced by death itself. Mister Dayu was a teacher for eleven full years, and now at age fourty-three, its hard to lose a older teacher. "Who is gonna take Mr. Tomohashi's place as class three's teacher?" Mikio said to Mitsuo who shrugged. "Even if they get a replacement, they would not be tge same as Mr. Tomohashi, he was my teacher when he taught second grade." Hikaru said, looking distraught, first he lost his mother and sisters, now his favorite childhood teacher.

"What would Hikaru think when he finds out Chinatsu rose from the grave?" Mitsuo thought to himself, thinking of all the dread and guilt that would break Hikaru if that were to happen. Miho chased after the people carrying Shizuko, trying to see her sister again. "Listen up students!" Mr. Imoo yelled out, all the students turned to face him. "School is done for the day until we can find a replacement teacher for Mr. Tomohashi. Until then, my students shall do their research paper on the history of Sotoba. Rinako's students in class two will do their math quizes at home, class three will do their literature homework." Hideyoshi Imoo yelled out, the students all were shocked, there hasn't been a time they were dismissed from school like this! "What is happening to Sotoba!?" One of Mr. Tomohashi's students, a blue haired girl named Marina Teshimizu falls to the floor and panics, her friends from her class, Kanika Asakura and Nishoko Tatara helping her back on her feet and patting her back, saying words that can try to relax her.

It took a few moments until Nishoko held Marina close, the lavender haired young woman getting Marina home safely. At this time, everyone headed home, even Mitsuo started to head back, his eyes filled with dread. "That class has been victimized by those monsters..." He says, looking up at Kanemasa with pure dread.

How much longer do ae have to put up with this?