This chapter contains some sexually suggestive material.

Autumn By: Jester

Epilogue: The Goblin Queen and the Captain of the Goblin Guard Two months later...

Sarah Williams moved with all the grace and self-assuredness that only a true queen would possess. All heads turned to glimpse her, all straining to get a good look as she passed by, processing to the dais. The girl came to stand before the Goblin King gowned in luxurious crimson velvet.

The blood red of the gown contrasted sharply with her features. She was born to wear such a color. The color of the dress complimented her fair skin and rich chocolate tresses. Her piercing green eyes settled on the King who looked as comfortable in his throne as he did in his own skin.

His mismatched eyes were drawn to the gold crescent shaped pendant that hung in its rightful place over her breast. The dress was exquisite, which was not surprising, as Lachesis had impeccable taste.

Jareth let his eyes roam over his wife's figure, as this was the first time he was allowed to see her in her coronation gown. The rich velvet hung perfectly on her. The scoop neckline revealed the perfect amount of her porcelain skin, beautifully enhancing all her feminine curves in all the right places. She was the picture of royal elegance.

Her tailored sleeves were the perfect length, coming to points over her hands and leaving a generous amount of fabric hanging from her wrists, flowing gracefully as she moved. The sides of her hair had been swept back and plaited into two thin braids that were joined at the back of her head. The rest of her dark hair cascaded feely over her shoulders. The dropped waist further accentuated the noble style of the gown. The dress was tastefully trimmed in black, and her hips were belted with a wide leather belt that matched the Goblin King's royal armor.

The Goblin King rose from his throne as his new bride stood before him. He was dressed in his formal attire, just as he had been when she had first laid eyes upon him the night she wished Toby away. As he stood before her now, the memory of that meeting flashed through her mind's eye, "You're him aren't you? You're the Goblin King."

His expression was serious as he faced the assembly, but as he passed in front of her he smirked, a secret grin meant only for her. In response, her blood red lips formed the tiniest smile, for his eyes only. It lasted only a moment, as he promptly started to address his subjects and the guests that filled his castle.

Sarah found it difficult to concentrate on what he was saying and it was nearly impossible to stand still, when all she wanted to do was scan the faces in the crowd. Nevertheless, she went through the motions of the ceremony, the whole experience seeming incredibly surreal. At least he had prepared her well. She knew exactly when she was supposed to speak and knew the exact words she was supposed to say.

The only nervousness she felt stemmed from the fact that there were hundreds of eyes starting at her. The ceremony itself, or the coronation, didn't intimidate her, since she and Jareth had already been wed. This was merely the ceremony where she would be crowned Queen of the Goblin Kingdom. God that still sounded so strange...that she was about to become a queen!

She wished that she could see her family and friends, if only she could be sure that they were there in the crowd. The time had come where Jareth would ask her to kneel before the throne. He moved in and softly told her to kneel, but before she could move to obey, he breathed swiftly so only she could hear, "Relax, they are all here."

Before she had come here she had made an agreement with Lachesis. She had told Lachesis of her decision to give up her mortal existence aboveground and that she wanted to remain by Jareth's side in his kingdom. She had but two requests in return for giving up her life. The first was that her return to the underground would be a surprise to Jareth. Lachesis agreed to this readily, and personally volunteered to have two special gown's made for Sarah.

One she wore when she surprised Jareth in the throne room the night she returned, which had also served as her wedding dress. She not only wore it when she and Jareth had exchanged their vows that night, but she had also worn it just a few days earlier when the marriage rite had been performed under the moon in the castle garden.

Sarah's second request was that she would be able to look in on her family and close friends from time to time and they would be allowed to visit her on special occasions. This certainly qualified as a special occasion so, with Lachesis and Jareth's help, she had sent word to her family and friends and they had been brought here for her coronation.

She had been uneasy about how they would take the news that she and Jareth had already wed, and she had no idea what they thought about the fact that he was actually the ruler of the Goblin Kingdom and not really her neighbor. ...But the fact that they had come eased her mind tremendously. She knew this would be a difficult thing for them to accept, but she had explained the whole story to them in a letter that Lachesis brought to them.

She had yet to speak with them, but she hoped that they would come to understand. Jareth noticed the way Sarah's breath seemed to catch in her throat at his declaration and he added, "...They are all smiling." Sarah flashed him another secret smile as she knelt before him. Well now she could breathe a little easier.

They were smiling, that had to be a good sign! This was the part where she would be crowned queen. She swallowed the nervous excitement that coursed through her like adrenaline. She bowed her head reverently as Jareth laid his hand over her head, proclaiming her Queen of the Goblin Kingdom. As he placed the delicate gold and silver crown on her head, she was filled with awe and a quieting calm swept over her. She was suddenly sure that everything would be all right. Robert Williams squeezed his wife's hand as Sarah knelt before the Goblin King. At first he had regarded this whole situation with much disbelief, as any logical, rational person would, but he was here, and this place, these people, were every bit as real as his own home and his own family.

He watched as his daughter was crowned and he was overcome with pride. His little Sarah was all grown up. She had become every bit the beauty he knew she would, for she looked remarkably like her mother, yet she possessed his fiery spirit...and there were times that she reminded him so much of himself that it was a little scary.

He had been so proud of her when she had graduated from college but that was nothing compared to the pride he felt now as he watched her become a queen. She had blossomed into a wonderful young woman, and she was married now. He was relived that his daughter had married for love, but some part of him felt sad over the loss of his little girl.

He didn't know Jareth very well, but even he could see that there was something extraordinary that passed between them, even now, and that was a rare thing. Well, he was a King, so he wouldn't have any trouble providing for his daughter, and he had a pretty good idea that Jareth would be very protective of his new wife. But still, king or no king, he was Sarah's father and it was his place to worry. He had every intention of congratulating Jareth, while quietly informing him that if he ever hurt his daughter or did her wrong in any way, he would personally kick his royal goblin ass and not all the magic in the damn universe would save him.

Jareth placed the crown on Sarah's head and bid her to stand. He stood beside her, his hand entwined with hers, and he looked at her with quiet awe. He loved this woman, his wife, his much that every time he looked at her he felt his heart clench.

As he led her to her throne, a perfect copy of his own, right beside his, she smiled and it took his breath away. They sat at the same moment and their eyes locked as they both realized what they had gained. Jareth had gained a loving wife and queen and Sarah had gained a loving husband and King, what more could they hope for. (Well perhaps a few rug-rats down the line...but that's another story)

Robert smiled at the look that passed between his daughter and Jareth. At that moment He was pretty certain that he would never have to worry about Jareth. He could tell by the way that Jareth was looking at her that he would do nothing but honor and love her for the rest of his life.

Jareth barely managed to tear his eyes away from Sarah as he presented the new Queen of the Goblin Kingdom to the court. Deafening cheers erupted from every corner of the throne room and Sarah's gaze swept the room looking over the faces of her new subjects.

Her eyes lingered on a few as she smiled with genuine happiness. Her father...he gave her his signature wink and beamed at her, looking as happy as he had the day she graduated. Toby was jumping up and down, laughing and clapping in his enthusiasm. Karen flashed Sarah a bright smile and clapped. Sarah could tell, even from this distance, that Karen was all teary eyed.

Then distracted by loud cheers and raucous whooping, Sarah turned to see her friends Trina and Kim, obviously joyously celebrating as they popped open a bottle of champagne and thrust a glass in her direction. She distinctly heard them chant, "Oh yeah...go Sarah...go, go, go Sarah."

The surrounding goblins were quickly encouraged by the girls' enthusiasm and they began to chant and cheer as well, a few even joined in Trina's little victory dance as she downed some champagne from the bottle. Sarah was laughing in pure joy at the sight of her friends celebrating with goblins. Then she saw Hoggle. Ludo was holding him up so he could see her, and Kim quickly lifted Didymus onto her shoulders so that he too could see and cheer for his friend.

Then Sarah spotted four figures by the doors that she hadn't noticed before. Clotho and Atropos stood side by side clapping and as Sarah noticed them they both bowed and smiled. On the opposite side of the doors stood Lachesis...and Raziel. Lachesis beamed at Sarah, her smile spoke volumes of all that they had been through and Sarah felt happy and truly lucky to call this fate her friend.

Raziel stood beside Lachesis, a cool smirk graced his powerful features. His hand rested gently on Lachesis's shoulder and he whispered something to the Fate before his eyes met Sarah's. He flashed a special smile at Sarah and bowed his head slightly. He made another nod to Jareth and Sarah noticed that Jareth smiled as he nodded back.

After that, Sarah could scarcely recall how she had ended up in the garden. Everything seemed a surreal blur. It was already evening, and the castle gardens had been transformed into a truly magical place. It seemed that the most beautiful flowers had just sprung up everywhere and the entire garden was lit with soft lantern light.

As Jareth escorted Sarah down the path to the center of the garden where the guests were waiting, she noticed as she passed several lanterns that inside each was a tiny naked fairy. Their golden skin illuminated the lanterns, giving the garden a magical golden glow.

As Sarah looked at the tiny blonde fairy, the tiny creature giggled, giving a little wave before she blew a kiss to her new queen. Sarah was in total wonder of this place. Just as Jareth was about to lead her into the main area of the garden where all the guests were waiting, she pulled him back by his sleeve.

He looked down at her lovely face as she began, "Jareth...thank you." He regarded her with a mixture of puzzlement and wonder as he breathed, "For what?" She smiled, "For all this...for caring enough to come back to me...for giving me my dreams..."

He kissed the tip of her nose and replied, "It is you who has given me my gave me a second chance." She kissed him softly on the lips and whispered, "we'd better get out there." He kissed her back and murmured, "Are you in a hurry?" She pulled back and gave him a smirk wicked enough to rival one of his own as she purred, "Yes, because if you don't get me in public soon I think that I might have to ravish you."

He regarded her with amusement and drawled, "And you wouldn't ravish me in public?" She looked him up and down blatantly before she mused, "I'll do my best not to, but I can't promise anything...not when you're dressed like that." He glanced down at his formal royal armor and then looked over her gown, "Well you're not making it very easy on me either."

She smiled and whispered silkily, "I'll tell you what...once this party is over...You and I...we' a little game." He couldn't resist kissing her again and he breathed against her lips, "A game? I'm intrigued. Tell me, what does this game entail?" She shook her head, "After the festivities I will tell let's get through this." She smiled widely as she grabbed his hand and dragged him into the center of the garden.

Sarah made her rounds, beginning with her family. She spoke with her father at great length and though he admitted he was quite shocked at first when he learned of her marriage and the circumstances surrounding it, he reassured her that he trusted her judgment and he wanted her to be happy.

Sarah wept a little when her father told her how much he was going to miss her, and that's when Jareth appeared behind Robert. Without a word he had formed two small crystals in the palm of his hand. He placed one in Sarah's hand and offered the other to her father.

Robert gaped at the crystal orb, and mused, "I'd ask how you just did that, But I don't really want to know...I've had enough serious blows to my belief system these last few days." Jareth smiled and politely replied, "It's merely a gift..." Robert took the crystal from Jareth and gave Sarah a blank look as he asked, " it?"

Jareth softly replied, "It's a crystal that will allow you and Sarah to see each other anytime you wish." Robert softened for a moment and replied, "Thank you Jareth...that's very thoughtful."

Just then Toby bounded over and leapt into Sarah's arms, with Karen trailing after him. After squeezing his sister tightly he looked to Jareth and announced, "I knew you were the Goblin King." Jareth laughed, "Yes, Toby, you are quite right...and we have met before." Toby replied with delight, "I knew it!"

He glanced at Sarah and he and added slyly, "And that's not all I knew!" Sarah shook her head, she knew what was coming, but she let Toby have his fun with Jareth. The Goblin King smiled and asked, "What else did you know?" Toby giggled and teased, "That you were Sarah's boyfriend and that she would marry you."

The tiniest hint of a blush graced the Goblin King's face as he asked with a smile, "And how did you know that?" Toby grinned from ear to ear as he announced, "Cause...even when I was very little she always told me the same story...the one about you...she had it real bad...I know my sister and she was like totally hot for you..."

Sarah could barely believe what had just come out of her brother's mouth and she cried, "Toby!" Toby suddenly shut his mouth as his mother shook her head, "I don't know where he gets this stuff from." Sarah laughed as her father, no longer able to contain his delight, broke into hysterics.

Karen shot Robert a warning look as he laughed, "That's my kid...Boy Sarah, he's every bit as observant as you were at that age." Sarah put her brother down and sighed, "Yeah, don't remind me..." Jareth and Sarah's father eventually wandered off and Robert offered Jareth his congratulations and also gave a slightly watered down version of his "I'm her father and if you break her heart I'll break your face" speech, which Jareth graciously accepted.

After Sarah had talked with her stepmother, she had gone in search of her friends who had already recruited enough goblins to begin a slightly revised version of beer make that ale pong. Trina and Kim embraced Sarah as she assured them that her coronation was not worthy of them giving her a goblin ale shower. They both offered her their congratulations and the unavoidable but oh so necessary girl talk ensued.

Sarah was just glad to see her friends, and found it hilarious when Trina actually convinced Jareth to play a round of ale pong. Of course Trina wasted him and Jareth had to drink three full glasses of goblin ale, which he accomplished easily despite his loathing of the stuff. Trina laughed as he finished and goaded, "Goes down a lot easier than long island iced tea doesn't it?" Jareth laughed at her joke and played along as Trina and Kim gave him a survival list of how to survive in a marriage with Sarah. Later when most of the guests had already started to head home Jareth found Sarah looking up at the statue in the middle of the garden. It depicted Jareth in all his Goblin King finery holding out a crystal, whilst in a casual stance. Sarah, depicted in a similar high collared gown, was at his side, her face the picture of power and beauty as she stood with one hand on her hip, the other arm draped casually over the Goblin King's shoulder. The sculpture depicted them truthfully, and Like a pair destined to be together.

Jareth approached Sarah, his arms encircling her waist as he breathed, "I was just thinking about Lachesis and you know where they've gotten off to?"

Sarah turned and smiled, indicating the western, less populated, side of the garden, "I saw them go that way just a few minutes ago." Jareth caught her hand in his and asked, "Shall we go bid them hello?" Sarah nodded, "Yes, I was about to do just that."

Jareth walked with Sarah down the path. There were not as many lanterns this way, as the moon did a far superior job of illuminating this half of the garden. Sarah noticed that they had walked until no more guests seemed to mill about. Perhaps they had already gone. The idea filled Sarah with regret, for she wished to speak with Lachesis and Raziel to see how they were faring.

Suddenly she spotted them. She grasped Jareth's arm, stilling him as she froze, noticing that the two deities were engaged in a private moment. Jareth stopped walking as Sarah's hand grasped his arm. His mismatched eyes darted up to see Lachesis and Raziel. Quick witted she was, and Sarah pulled Jarerh behind the rose bushes so they wouldn't be seen.

Jareth couldn't help but gawk at what he thought he'd just seen. The Fate and the Dark Guardian were sitting together on the grass their faces merely inches apart. It looked as though they might be about to kiss. Raziel held Lachesis's hands in his own and he was talking quietly with her.

Sarah could see the look on the Fate's pale face and she knew it well. It was love. Sarah knew that she shouldn't be watching, but she couldn't help it, she was far too curious. She waited for Jareth to tell her that they should leave or for him to make them disappear, but neither happened. Apparently he was just as curious as she was. So they sat there in stunned silence as the scene unfolded before them.

Raziel's hands smoothed over the fate's arms to finally cup her face. He looked as though he was about to kiss her. Sarah saw Lachesis's eyes grow dark with desire as Raziel loomed over her. She loved him and wanted him, just as desperately as Sarah had loved and wanted Jareth...that much was obvious. Sarah had been sure that Raziel had moved to kiss her, but he stopped himself at the last second.

As Sarah watched, she witnessed the unbearable restraint in his expression. Denied the comfort of his lips against her own, Lachesis moved closer, as she wrapped her arms about his shoulders and buried her face against his neck.

He had held back for her, but she needed his closeness. Sarah imagined that poor Lachesis must have been drowning in her love and desire as she tentatively placed caressing kisses up his neck and over his cheeks. When she kissed his forehead, she broke down, a sob escaping from her as the tears poured down her face.

Sarah couldn't hear what Lachesis was saying through her sobs, but she barely picked up on Raziel's words as her grasped her wrists and drew her away from himself, "Lachesis, by the powers I love you! But I can't be near you...the desire to touch you is driving me out of my mind...I...I can no longer trust myself..."

He was shaking as he stood up and strode away like a man possessed. Lachesis gritted her teeth and sobbed pitifully as she pitched forward, catching the grass in her tight fists as she wept there on all fours, holding onto the earth beneath her as if she needed to hang onto it to prevent herself from going after him.

Jareth watched as Raziel left that part of the garden. He glanced down at Sarah and breathed, "You stay with her...I'm going after him..." Sarah looked up at him completely at a loss, "What do I tell her...?" He smiled, "You're her friend, you'll think of something."

Jareth disappeared in a shower of glitter and Sarah came out of her hiding spot and approached the weeping fate. Lachesis was so distraught she didn't even hear the girl's approach. Sarah dropped to her knees beside her, smoothing her hand over the Fate's back as she wept, "Lachesis...are you alright?"

Lachesis sniffed and looked over her shoulder, "Sarah?" Sarah nodded, "I um...sorta saw what happened....are...are you ok?" Lachesis forced a smile through her tears and hiccoughed, "...Not really." With that, the fate sat back on her heels, wrapping her arms tightly around the Goblin queen. Sarah was dumbstruck. She didn't know what to do or say, so she did the only thing she could think of. She hugged Lachesis to her, feeling the fate's tears falling on her neck as she rocked her and whispered that everything would be alright...somehow.

They sat there like that for a long time and Sarah just held her, rubbing her back, like she had done with human friends many times and occasionally smoothing back her hair away from her tearstained face.

Jareth found Raziel in the opposite end of the garden, pacing like a caged tiger. Jareth stood quietly, trying to think of something to say. For a moment Raziel didn't even notice him. Jareth announced his presence by taking a few steps closer as he began, "Raziel, forgive me, I have no wish to intrude...I...just thought you might like some company."

Raziel looked up at the Goblin King and the pain was evident in his luminous eyes. "Jareth. I've been meaning to have a word with you. Congratulations on your marriage." Jareth leaned against the stone wall behind them and replied, "Thank you, Sarah and I were just looking for you..."

Raziel smiled albeit sadly, "And where is the Goblin Queen?" Jareth met his gaze and replied matter of factly, "with Lachesis..." Understanding washed across Raziel's features as Jareth finished, "I saw what happened and I might want to talk."

Raziel seemed to get a far off look in his eyes as he gazed in the direction that he had left Lachesis, "You did, did you? Well...I'm glad Sarah is with her...the little lass has a knack for comfort...but I'm sure you know that better than anyone." Jareth nodded, "I do. You...called me friend once, and I admit that's not a title I get if I may...I'm here to listen, if you'd like to talk."

Raziel sighed deeply, his whole frame seemed to move with effort of it, "That's very noble of you Jareth...but the last thing I want to do is talk..." Jareth tensed, wondering at what the guardian was getting at, but he was quick to explain, "You see...for me, talking cannot help. Lachesis and I have already admitted our love for each other. Yes Love, Jareth. I love her just as she has confessed that she loves me...but what peace can we know if we cannot even express that love...I am condemned to talking."

Jareth sighed, how could he lend this poor creature any comfort when he knew that if he was told that he could be around Sarah but not touch her he would surely go out of his mind. He could understand where Raziel was coming from, but he could never truly know what he was going through.

Raziel clenched his hands into fists as he sagged against the wall next to Jareth, "I thought I could handle it...I thought just having her near would be enough...and the confession of her love it was a blessing..." he paused and sighed, "...and curse all in one. My heart feels whole that she returns my love, but I'm still haunted by her presence...I want to be able to touch please her. Every smile...every light kiss she leaves on my skin...tortures me further."

Jareth decided that the best approach would be to examine the problem logically so he thought carefully and replied, "So you thought you could accept her companionship without physical intimacy, but it's proving to be too difficult?"

Raziel nodded, the pain washing over his features again and Jareth added, "So you wish to be intimate with her, yet you cannot because of the balance of power?" Raziel again nodded, "Yes...If it were to happen the consequences would be the same as they would have been with Elizar. I am part of the dark court, for our powers to intermingle would be..."

"...Forbidden." Both Jareth and Raziel looked up in astonishment as a young woman emerged from the shadow of the trees. Jareth could see right away that this creature was not human nor was she a component of the underground.

She had the same luminous quality as Raziel and the Fates, however there was something much more awe inspiring about her. Her presence seemed to demand respect. As she stepped into the moonlight Jareth got a better look at her. She was wearing a very dark purple gown...the color of night. Her reddish brown hair spilled over her shoulders and her calculating dark eyes studied the two beings before her.

Raziel looked at her in surprise, obviously recognizing her as he stammered, "My Lady? What brings you here?" She looked at him, a small smile playing over her dark lips as she mused, "Why you do Raziel...well, that and my desire to pay my respects to the newly ordained Goblin Queen. Come. What I have to say involves all four of you."

Sarah looked up in surprise as Jareth, Raziel, and a strikingly beautiful stranger appeared before her and Lachesis. Lachesis looked from one to the other, seemingly stunned, before she gaped, "Serpina...?" The woman smiled lovingly and cooed, "My dear Lachesis it has been far too long...and this beauty...why she must be the Goblin Queen."

Sarah smiled and bowed, she wasn't sure why, but somehow she felt it was the thing to do in this woman's presence. Sarah smiled politely, failing to keep from blushing as the stranger stroked her cheek and breathed, " glad I am to finally meet you in person. You will undoubtedly make a fine ruler..."

Sarah raised her brow and asked, "I'm sorry, you are...?" The woman smirked with amusement as she introduced herself, "Proserpina." Sarah immediately recognized the name and stammered, " are..." Proserpina laughed in amusement and finished for her, "...Queen of the underworld...I take it you are familiar with the myths?"

Sarah nodded in astonishment, of course she had heard of the tales of Proserpina or Persephone, daughter of the goddess Demeter, who had been claimed by the dark god Hades to rule the Underworld by his side.

Serpina smiled graciously and added, "I expect that we have much in common Sarah...I would love to talk with you at great length at some point, but unfortunately the purpose of my visit on this night is strictly business."

Raziel straightened and enquired, "You come with a message from the Dark Lord then?" She nodded, "Yes Raziel, I have come with a message to relay to you." Raziel nodded waiting for his orders.

She took a deep breath and began, "As you can imagine the Dark Lord has noticed the companionship that has grown between you and Lachesis...and obviously he is concerned about the nature of such a relationship, especially after the incident with Elizar..."

Raziel braced himself dreading the order that he would have to sever ties with his love. Serpina continued, "He has considered your position and he has decided to offer you a choice."

Raziel looked up in disbelief, "A choice?" Her eyes met his "Yes. You can either return to the dark forest at once, agreeing you and Lachesis will never see each other again, or you may forfeit your position and his Lordship will grant you immortal status here in the underground. If you choose this path, you will be stripped of all your power and you will no longer be a part of the dark court."

Raziel stammered, "...Then I will no a dark guardian?" She nodded her head, "That's correct. You will have no divine power, you will simply exist as you are..."

He was nearly dizzy with relief as he replied, "That means that Lachesis and I..." She nodded and finished, "Yes, with the forfeit of your power you and Lachesis can be together, free of'd even be allowed to marry and produce children with her if you so wish...providing she wills it."

Lachesis was at a loss for words, she could scarcely believe her ears...could this be possible? Raziel glanced at Lachesis, the fetters of restraint were cast away as he stepped forward and claimed her mouth with the most passionate kiss he could manage.

Sarah and Jareth watched in dumb surprise as the fate and the guardian kissed. The passion between them seemed a tangible thing, seemingly affecting all who witnessed it. Sarah suddenly felt the urge to be alone with the Goblin King...soon...very very soon.

Raziel finally broke the kiss, both he and Lachesis were out of breath and looked thoroughly dazed. Serpina chuckled and announced, "Well I take it you've made your decision then...Am I right to assume you wish to be relieved of your duty?"

Raziel looked at her and nodded. Serpina replied, "Very well. I relieve you of your position and of your power as a Gaurdian of the Dark Court." With a clap of her hand, lightning flashed across the sky and suddenly Raziel seemed different, but somehow the same. He was still the immense creature he was before, with his imposing size and impressive wingspan, but the luminous quality of his skin seemed to have disappeared.

The Queen of the Underworld noticed that Raziel and Lachesis couldn't tear their eyes away from each other so she hastily finished, "Well I should be off then...I'm sure you two have much about. Jareth, Sarah, congratulations on your marriage and we are all grateful for your help. Lachesis...I shall...catch up with you soon...take good care of Raziel for us."

Jareth felt it may not be the most pertinent time, but he felt the need to make the offer "Raziel, This may not be the best time, but I was wondering...If you'd like to remain in my kingdom, I could really use a capable Captain of the see I have the most appallingly incompetent army."

He flashed Jareth a genuine smile as he replied, "Jareth consider it if I might request a favor?" Jareth smirked, "Anything." Raziel's voice was resolute as he requested, "Transport Lachesis and I to someplace in the kingdom where we might remain undisturbed for a while."

Jareth couldn't repress his grin as he snapped his fingers and replied, "Done." Sarah looked around in wonder as Raziel and Lachesis disappeared, "Where'd you send them?" The Goblin King looked down at his queen and replied, "To a guestroom in the tower."

He eyed Sarah, a satisfied smile slowly crept across his face as he mused, "Well...I think the last of our guests are capable of keeping themselves amused for a If I'm not mistaken...we have a game to play have we not?" A sly smile formed on her face as she replied, "Oh yeah...I believe we do..."

His eyes darted to her lips and he purred, "What game did you have in mind?" She leaned closer to him and whispered, "Take us to the beginning of the labyrinth and I'll tell you."

He smiled, he was going to like this, he could already tell. With a flick of his wrist they were standing at the entrance to the labyrinth. He stepped back and drawled, "So tell me what is this game that you have in mind?"

She sauntered closer to him, "Nothing too difficult, I just figured since I bested you once before I night give you a chance to redeem yourself." She leaned forward placing an soft kiss on his lips as she whispered, "I challenge you to run against me..." kiss, "...through the labyrinth..." kiss, "...if you catch me..." kiss, "wherever you catch me..." long slow kiss, "You can have me..." she slowly ran her hands up his chest and over his shoulders as she finished silkily, " any way that you want."

She stepped back smirking devilishly at the dazed look on his face as she mocked him, "You have thirteen hours to catch and ravish me in the labyrinth...before I make you my love slave...forever." With that she let out a throaty laugh as she turned on her heel and sprinted through the entrance to the vast maze.

She certainly knew how to make a game interesting, he thought, as he tore off after her. Lucky for him she was wearing heels, which gave him a slight advantage, even though she had a decent head start.

She managed to outrun him through the first passage but when she came into the second region of the labyrinth where she first tried to mark the walkway with her lipstick on her first go, he caught up with her. He advanced until he was close enough and with a last burst of speed he lunged forward and caught her from behind. She cried out in startled surprise as he roughly pulled her to him.

She smiled in anticipation as he pushed her against the ivy covered stone-wall catching the hem of her skirt in his gloved hand. He glanced down noticing the lipstick arrow that still remained on the walkway. He indicated the marking as he panted, "This is where you cheated last time...I think I'll rather enjoy this..."

With that his mouth claimed hers roughly and she decided right then and there that this was going to be a much more enjoyable way of solving the labyrinth. She smiled against his mouth as she wrapped her arms around his neck and challenged, "Go your worst Goblin King..."

Jareth and Sarah never made it all the way through the labyrinth that night, but Sarah discovered that being trapped in an oubliette was not all that bad...not when you had the Goblin King to keep you company.

In the early hours of the morning, the Goblin King and Queen (looking rather exhausted and thoroughly disheveled) happened to stumble upon a raging bonfire deep in the fiery forest. To their surprise, they had managed to unintentionally crash a party.

Apparently Trina and Kim hadn't left as of yet and they were tearing it up with their new orange friends...and man could those guys party. Jareth and Sarah spent the rest of the dark hours revelling with friends. For it was only the first day of Sarah's reign after all and they did have all of eternity to perfect their "game".

And what of Lachesis and Raziel?

High in the tower, in the castle beyond the Goblin city, a winged dark guardian turned Captain of the Goblin Guard, held the Apportioner in his powerful embrace.

The Fate looked up at her tormented love and smiled. At long last their suffering would end. To possess a divine power was to be lonely, but it didn't have to be that way...not anymore...not for them.

In one graceful movement Raziel swept the trembling fate off her feet, his immense dark wings enveloping her as he carried her to a large opulent bed, dripping with black satin. He placed her on the bed looming over her like a vision from the deepest reaches of her darkest fantasy.

He may have been a fledgling in the ways of love, but his passion was overwhelming. The kiss he drank from her lips was heart wrenching, leaving them both shaken and panting.

In the moments that followed that kiss, this creature of darkness made Fate taste the pleasure she had so long been denied, and there in that spiral tower beyond the Goblin city, this creature of light showed the dark guardian exactly what it meant to be loved, heart, body, and soul... so much for the tragic greek ending.

The End Hope you had fun reading...let me know what you thought of it, good or bad :)