Chapter 1:

Rikki was sitting at Rikki's waiting for Bella and Cleo so they can go swimming. She was drinking her favorite smoothie and from time to time was shooting hidden glances at Zane. She didn't regret at all for dumping him, but she couldn't deny she still had feelings for him either. She looked down to check her watch and when she looked back up she noticed him coming towards her. Rikki groaned and tried to keep herself occupied with her drink, hoping he'll figure out she doesn't want to be bothered, but it didn't work.

- Would you come with me to the office? I need to talk to you. - she heard his voice and saw him sitting at the empty seat opposite her.

- Zane. - she hissed. - Give it up and leave me alone, it's over! Why can't you understand that?!

He only smirked slightly.

- Because I'll never give up.

She slammed her drink down on the table and stood up in an attempt to walk away, but he grabbed her wrist.

- Just hear me out and then you can go! - he begged her.

- I don't want to hear anything! - she said in sharp voice and tried to pulled out of his grip, but he was stronger. - Let me go, or I'll swear I'll burn you from inside out! Slowly and painfully!

- Rikki, please listen! - he said and pulled her so she could face him.

- No, I can't do this anymore Zane! I'm fed up of your stupid behavior and you just don't seem to get it. When will you understand I'm not a toy, when will you understand I'm not going to take it anymore. You can't change my mind so stop bothering me! When you understand that, maybe I'll consider talking to you. - Rikki shouted at his face.

- Rikki, would please just wait! - Zane pleaded.

- No, Zane don't even try anymore! - Rikki said.

- But I've changed and I want to listen, I want to be there for you, I want to understand! - Zane said.

- Then why didn't you do it when you had the chance of that? Huh, Zane? Why didn't you listen I was begging you to do it. I can't just ignore you hurting me and wait for you to grow up! - Rikki shouted.

- But I have grown up. Because of you. When you came to my life you changed me. The problem is you. You've changed too. I don't when or how or even why, but you've definitely changed. - Zane said.

- Yes I have, and I'm not going to stand all this anymore. - Rikki said.

- I just want to suggest something to you. – he said pleadingly. - Why don't you come with me in my chalet up in the mountains? Only for a couple of days. As friends. I'll show you that I have changed. And after that if you still don't want me back, I promise I'll never bother you again and I'll leave you alone. Please think of it.

She suddenly closed her mouth and observed his face for a moment. She then asked:

- What on earth made you think I'll agree to come?

- Just faith. - he answered simply.

- And you expect me to come with you at your chalet after everything you did?

He nodded.

- Will you swear to me that if I come you won't bother me ever again after that?

- Yes.

She hesitated for a moment, but then finally calmed down and sighed:

- Fine then. I'll come.

He slid the hand he was holding her arm with, down to her palm.

- Thank you. - he said.

She turned her back to him and walked away to the entrance just in time to face with Bella and Cleo who were coming towards her.

- Up for a swim? - Rikki asked them playfully.

- Always! - they smiled back at her. They ran out of the cafe to jump straight into the water. In the shadows, in the frame of the door one man was watching silently while the woman he loved with all his heart, the woman he fell in love with from the first moment he saw her, ran down with her two soul-sister mermaids to dive in what was the other part of her - the ocean. He smiled to himself happy she agreed to come with him in his hub. It was going to be a perfect weekend. He knew he'd do everything to win her back. And he also knew that when he does, because he had no doubts he'll do, he'd never let her go...again.


Rikki dove into the ocean with the girls, thinking about the offer she had just accepted. Was it the right thing to do?! Did she accept the offer just so he would stop bothering her, or because she still cared about Zane?! Either ways she was going and no one could stop her. She wondered if it was the right thing to do but he had said just as friends and she could see no harm in it. Nothing more, nothing less, just purely friends.

Her friends raced to the moon pool, but Rikki wanted to swim slower today, whenever she had a lot on her mind, the water calmed her down. When her instinct told her she had spent enough time wandering in the ocean and should probably meet the girls she headed to the moon pool too. She didn't want the to get worried, or even worse - suspicious.

It was then when it crossed her mind - should she tell Bella and Cleo about going on that trip with Zane, or should she make up an excuse that she was going to be out of town with her dad for a few days?! They would believe that, right?!

When she surfaced the girls were in deep conversation. They stopped when they saw Rikki and explained what they were talking about. Something that had to do with boy bands but Rikki wasn't really paying much attention to the conversation. She was too busy fighting with herself on telling Cleo and Bella. They would probably find out anyway.

- So who do you think is the cutest? - Cleo asked Rikki.

- Uh... I don't know. Listen guys, I'm visiting someone for a couple of days. I just thought I should warn you so you didn't think I was ignoring you or anything like that.

- Oh, cool, who are you going to see? - Bella asked.

Rikki had to think fast.

- Just an old friend. - she answered casually.

- Do we know them, is it a girl? - Cleo asked.

Rikki had a feeling they were going somewhere with that questions.

- No, you don't know them. Guys it's not a big deal, really, I'm just going to be going for a few days. - Rikki said.

- Ok, we were just asking... Wait... It must be a boy! Oh my goodness Rikki! Tell us, tell us, tell us! - Bella screamed.

- Forget it guys, he's not so interesting! - Rikki said.

- So it's a he? - Cleo said.

Oh c***, they were onto her!

- Yeah, so what?! I told you to forget it! - Rikki said.

- Ok, but you have to fill us in when you get back! - Bella said.

- Argh! Fine, now will you leave me alone?! This girl talk drives me mad! - Rikki said.

Rikki and the other two girls decided to take a slow swim back. Cleo had a date with Lewis and Bella was having lunch with Will.

Rikki decided to take a walk along the beach since it was the only place she could go. She didn't want to go to the cafe, because she would have to deal with Zane again. She couldn't go home either, because she had forgotten her key and her dad had locked the door after he left for work. Besides she had just had a swim with Bella and Cleo and they were both away now.

She kicked the warm sand beneath her legs and felt the tiny grains rubbing her feet gently. There was a small breeze but it wasn't cold. Rikki loved the summer; she could just do whatever she wanted for the whole day. For a moment she wondered what Emma must have been doing.

Emma had been away for a whole year and her parents decided to take another year around the world. She was upset when she found out but was excited to see more places.

When Rikki took her phone out to check the time she saw she had 3 new messages.

From Cleo: "Do you want to get a juice later, I want us to spend some more time together before you leave..."

From Bella: "Will says he is taking me out later so I won't be able to hang out..."

From Zane: "Hey Rikki, I can't wait for the trip! Don't forget to get a rain coat and more water proof things, in case it rains!"

Rikki re-read Zane's text again and again just to make sure it didn't have any sarcastic or romantic comments or kisses. No such thing. Maybe he really was serious; he genuinely wanted to go as friends and not try to win her back. Maybe he was actually going to give it a go at being trustworthy. As much out of character as it was, he still managed to text her that, minutes after she had left the cafe.

Rikki then saw a figure standing at the top of the sandy hill on the beach, he was watching her. The sun was blocking her view but she managed to make out who it was... Zane.

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