Ok so I've been watching Avatar ALOT lately and this idea popped into my head. So I figured I'd share it with all of you. I put a lot of myself into this OC... Like really other than you name and a few other small details she's straight up me.

So her name is Felicity McBride

5'1 feet tall, between 120-135 lbs.

She is 18 years old and in college.

Felicity likes to do random things, like me, but she's a nerd through and through. Oh and her thought process is like mine. I have ADHD so my thoughts come at random and I'm not very good and filtering them hahaha. She is Sassy and strong willed and is a rebel by nature. You guessed it, just like me.

She has dark blond wavy hair and blue eyes. Her hair is really long, mid-back length, she wears it in a loose braid a lot, of a half and half look.

Ok so this is going to follow Avatar the last air-bender CLOSELY... Very few changes. Hope you like it!

Happy Reading!

It was storming outside as I sat at my computer typing away. I didn't really mind the storm, in fact I loved thunderstorms. You get used to them growing up in hurricane territory, Florida, Alabama, and all those southern states. I was finally getting to the chapter where I was explaining the heroin's powers when the power in my apartment went out, erasing everything I had just typed. I wasn't all that mad because the chapter thus far had been a piece of crap.

I went around my apartment using my iPhone as a flashlight looking for candles. Thanks to Bath & Body Works 2 for $22 sale I had plenty of candles to burn. I always liked fire. Growing up in the south we had a lot of camping trips or bonfire parties. My sister and friends would always accuse me of being a pyro because I was so good with handling fire, as strange as that sounds. They knew I loved it and their teasing didn't bother me, especially when they resorted to calling me a fire bender. Plus because of me they could eat roasted marshmallows 'til they were sick.

Damn, it was too quiet. I don't handle quiet well. Noise, strangely enough, helps me think. So I grabbed my headphones as I went around to all the rooms unplugging things, in case of lighting. I had a 'thank god' moment upon seeing my iPhone was fully charged because there was no way I would make it through the evening without my music, I'd go insane.

I have the most random taste in music. As an example one my favorites playlists starts with "Let it Go" from Frozen, The Piano Guys cover, then "You are Fire" by Prince Royce, some heavy dub step, more Disney music, a lot of stuff by Escala or Lindsey Sterling, some random alternative stuff like "love natural", then stuff I'd heard it zumba followed by relaxing meditation for my yoga classes. Anyways my taste in music: random!

I decided that if I can't write on my computer then I'll write the old fashion way, with a pen and paper! So I grabbed my favorite notebook and cracked the whip, or pen, and began where I had left off. So my heroin, she has powers kinda like Professor X from X-men. She's not the strongest or most gorgeous person in the world, but she has her mind. Which in my opinion, would be the most badass super power ever. Set in a completely different world than our normal one, she is pretty much me, but unlike me she had caught the eye of this hottie. Well he's actually a prince who was forced out by his Aunt, now the bitch is trying to have him killed. Go figure!

I was about four pages in when the power finally decided to grace me with its presence. I plugged in my TV for background noise and figured since I was already writing in my favorite turquoise colored leather-ish notebook and things were going well, why stop?

In honor of all the candles and the poor fire sticks (matches) that gave their lives to light them, I decided to watch Avatar. There's more than one reason why my friends call me a fire bender. I'm an avatar junky. And they all laughed when I said Zuko was hot! Who's laughing now bitches!? I turned on my TV and put the zip drive with the entire Avatar series into my xbox. I grabbed my controller, pressed 'play all' then sat back down. It wasn't even 10 minutes in and I was completely focused on the show, and not my writing, laughing my head off! Man, I loved Sokka! Dang it, I really needed to write, I'd had the best idea for a character.

Right about then, my phone started ringing. It was my younger sister Alice, she was my only sister and she was the baby of the family. She lived in the freshman dorms on the university's campus, and I lived in the college run apartments. She came to stay with me a lot though, we are really close. "Hey, Ally cat, what's up?"

"Is your power out, Fili?" Fili was her nickname for me. Felicity was actually my name, but, being a nerd, I really didn't mind being nicknamed after the hot dwarf in the hobbit.

"It was, but it's back on now." just as I said that the lights cut off again. Fate loves proving me wrong (quote: Sokka). "Well, never mind. They just went out again." The lights were off but somehow my TV was still on. "Ok?"

"What? What is it?" Alice asked.

"I'm not really sure, but my TV is on," I pushed the power button over and over but nothing happened. Finally I reached back behind the TV and unplugged it. "Go, fly, soar!" Man that was one of my favorite Sokka parts.

"What the hell man?"

"What? Fili, what's going on?"

"This is trippy! I just unplugged my TV!"

"But I can hear it playing!"

"Yeah! Crazy, right?"

"Very! So anyways will you come get me? I'm scared!"

"Hahaha, chicken! Yeah, let me put on some shoes and I'll head your way." I slipped on my favorite pair of black, canvas Toms, as I hung up then slid my phone and headphones into my pocket.

Well if the TV was gonna be on I might as well plug it back in. When I plugged it back into the wall there was a flash of lighting. Power surged through the wall shocking my fingers. I backed away holding my hand and watched as the TV lit up. It got brighter and brighter to the point where I thought it would explode.

I reached up to block my eyes, as I did, I felt the floor give way under me. What was going on? How was I falling? Where was I falling?

"What the hell?!" I screamed as I found myself sliding down some sort of icy slope. Everything was white and freezing! There was water and ice everywhere. 'Great I'm gonna freeze to death!'

"Dig this ship out and follow them!" A voice! I heard someone yelling!

"Look out!" I screamed as I slid towards a ship trapped under all the snow. I tried to slow myself down, but it was useless. I slammed into someone. "Finally, solid ground!"

I looked down at the guy under me, "well, kinda, I guess you're pretty solid." Dang he looked pissed and very familiar. He pushed me off and I hit the deck.

"Ow! Really, do you know how to treat a woman at all?" I stared up at him. Oh, my dear, sweet God! He was Zuko! Prince, mother fudging, Zuko! Weird pony tail and all!

"Who are you, girl? Where did you come from?" He grabbed my arm and pulled me to my feet.

"Again, ow! Seriously! You need to work on your lady skills." I pushed at him. He was solid! He barely moved.

"How dare you! Do you know who I am?"

"Yeah, actually, I do! And I don't give a flying hog monkey fart," (what did I just say?) "If you're a prince or not, I refuse to be man handled. I don't know how I got here. And if you were the kind of prince you should be, you would be all for helping a damsel in distress! I am freezing!" Of course I'm freezing, I'm wearing a (now soaked through) tank top in a frozen tundra. Thank goodness it wasn't a white tank top that would just be awkward.

I looked around when I heard a weird roar from above me. Oh dang, it was Appa? I really am in the Avatar! "This is crazy! I'm going insane!"

"Look at me, girl! I asked you, who are you?" He grabbed my hand to jerk me to face him causing pain to flash through my already injured fingers.

"Ah, stop! Let go!" I pushed away again but I slipped on the snow and landed on my butt. "Ah ow!"

"Are you alright, young miss?" I knew there was a reason I always loved Uncle Iroh. He hurried over to me and helped me up. As he did he noticed my hand. "What happened? Have you did fight with a lighting-using fire bender?"

I couldn't help but laugh, "No, it was just a stupid accident. Thank you though"

"Come let's get you inside where it's warm and see to your hand." We walked past a very pissed off Zuko to the door. "Tell me do you like tea?"

"Yes, chamomile is my favorite" I smile at the friendly older man.

"Oh, you have good taste! I like this young woman, nephew." He smiled then called back to Zuko.

"Uncle, what are you doing? We don't know who this girl is! What if she's friends with the Avatar? She could be our enemy. I can't and won't let her walk freely on my ship."

I looked at Iroh, "Is he really, really always like this?"

"Pretty much," Iroh nodded. "Very well, Prince Zuko, I will take full responsibly for her. She will be under my constant guard. You won't have to worry about her at all. How's that?"

"And what is she is a spy? What if she is friends with the Avatar? I need interrogate her. She could have information useful to my search."

"Look, Yeller McYellie Pants, my name is Felicity. I have no earthly idea how I got here, and no I'm not friends with the Avatar. I'm not exactly your enemy either but that can go either way." I poked him in the shoulder. "Well then again, I know how you'll turn out; no I'm not your enemy," I thought out loud than looked back at him.

"What did you call him?" Iroh patted his belly laughing.

"Oh, Yeller McYellie pants," I couldn't help but laugh with him, "I guess I over did it."

"What do you mean you know how I'll turn out?" Zuko questioned. "You can't possibly know that or me for that matter."

"Oh, but I can and I do. I meant what I said; I know how you will turn out, what kind of guy you will become." I shivered again and sneezed.

"We can talk more inside, nephew. Let's get her warm before she catches cold." Iroh opened the ship's door for me.

"No, I want an answer! Now!" He grabbed my arm once more.

Ok, that's it, "Stop grabbing me!" I didn't mean it hit him, I really didn't, it was just a reflex. But I don't regret it either. I gave him one clean hit the soft spot just under his breast-plate. Other than knock the breath out of him, I didn't really hurt him. He took two steps back caught his breathe and glared at me with those hard, golden eyes of his.

My hand was stinging but I held his glare, "Like I said, Zuko. I don't care if you're a prince; I refuse to be man handled." I was prepared for him to throw me into the brig. "I'll answer your question only when and if I want to. You can't scare me, and trust me when I tell you, fussy pants, you want me on your side."

Iroh laughed, "I knew I was going to like you. Not many people have caught my nephew off guard like that. Now let's go have that tea, and your hand! It has started bleeding."

He led me inside. We finally got to Uncle Iroh's quarters and he called for the tea. He was as sweet as I could have ever imagined. He cleaned my hand and used his fire-bending to draw out the heat from the burn. As he wrapped it, he had some of Zuko's old clothes brought in for me since my tank top was wet. I changed behind the screen as he prepared my tea. I guess it was awkward for him as well so he made friendly small talk. "Felicity right? That's a very unusual name, but very lovely."

"Thanks," I was so confused on how to wear this tunic thing. One: in was way too big. Two: it was for a boy. And three: well I don't really have a three. I just put on the shirt and pants. I wasn't worried about the shoes; they were way to big anyways. The pants kind of cuffed just below the knees so i just put my Toms back on.

It was a really good thing I look good in red! Red pants, red shirt, and a darker red, sleeveless tunic type thing with black term and black sash/belt. The clothes were too big, the sleeves reached my fore arms, and I had to wrap the belt around my waist three times.

"Well, how do I look?" I asked as I walked out from behind the screen and I saw that Uncle Iroh wasn't alone. Zuko was sitting next to him at the table. "Oh, when did you get here?"

"This is my ship; I don't need your permission to be here." He growled at me. "Be glad you're here and not in the brig. I still have half a mind to throw you in there."

"You could have at least said you were here! I was almost completely naked a minute ago!" I almost died when he blushed. "You really don't have any lady skills, do you?"

Iroh laughed and poured me a cup as I sat down, "Looks like you caught him off guard again, Felicity! You look fine. I'm sorry we don't have any women's clothes to offer, but when we stop for repairs we can buy you some. Those are interesting shoes."

"Oh, thanks! There my favorite pair. And you don't have to do that these are fine. I have four older brothers, so I'm used to wearing guys clothes. They weren't clothes like this, but I can make do." I started to reach for the sugar but Zuko got it first. I just gave him a 'really?' look.

"What is that around your ankle?" Iroh asked.

"Oh, my anklet? I found it once when I was with my sister and brothers at the beach." It was a simple tan braided anklet you would buy at a souvenir place, with a shark tooth and three black wood beads on each side. "I thought it was lucky. I love sharks and it has a shark tooth, so I've been wearing in ever since."

Zuko sat up, "A squid-shark?"

"No. A shark."

Iroh added, "A dolphin-shark?"

"No, just a shark."

"A turtle-shark?" Zuko asked again, unamused and bored.

Face Palm! "No," Oh, I got it! "A TIGER shark!"

"Oh, man! That sounds fearsome!" Iroh was excited to hear about the strange beast. "I've never heard of a tiger shark before."

"It is!" Really! "It's a man-eater!" *Said in an Australian accent* I explained making a "toothy" mouth with my hands.

"I've never seen anything like it before, but then again I've never seen anyone like you before." He smiled.

"What do you mean?"

"Well you look different from anyone I've ever met. Your hair is so light, but you have tan skin." He smile and took a sip of his tea. "I have to say you are a lovely young lady. Isn't that right Zuko?" He didn't answer. Zuko just looked at me as if he hated me really and huffed.

"Thank you, and you know, Zuko, boys are always mean to girls they think are pretty. It's ok to admit it, I won't judge." He was a lot of fun to tease. He just glared at me. Iroh and I laughed, "I go to the beach a lot so the sun gave me some color, and normally I'm very fair-skinned. I guess my hair is a lot lighter compared to most people here. It's pretty common where I'm from but then again I'm the only one in my family with dark blonde hair and blue eyes." I smiled, "My brother's used to tease me and say they found me in the woods!"

Iroh laughed but Zuko just smirked, "That makes since, you really do act like an animal."

If looks could kill, he would have been toast. All the sudden as I glared at him and he glared back at me, his tea began to boil. I couldn't help but grin as the heat caused the tea-cup to shatter. He growled in pain.

Ha, hot head, serves you right if you can't control your temper.

"Could you pass the sugar, Zuko?" I smiled sweetly. He didn't move, so Iroh reached for the sugar bowl and slid it towards me.

"Thank you very much," I nodded to Iroh as I started scoping sugar into my tea. Three spoons were normally perfect. I loved chamomile tea; it was like my brain juice. I always got the best ideas for my stories when I was drinking chamomile tea.

"Maybe she is a firebender. That's perfect. I already don't like the idea of her being on my ship, she must be from the fire nation. Just what I need, another fire bender out looking for the Avatar, it's hard enough trying to find him without having to worry about someone getting in the way. I can't let her go now. I'll just lock her in the brig and keep her out of my way."

"Really, Zuko," I slammed my cup on the table, "I can hear you, you know. Stop talking about me as if I'm not here. I'm not a firebender and I'm not with the Fire nation. I just so happen to be from somewhere far, far away and I don't know how I got here. I'm not going to get in your way. As a matter of fact, if you behave, I'll even help you"

He stared at me in shock and wide eyed, "How did you...?"

"Where did you learn how to whisper, in a saw mill? I heard every word you just said." I can't believe he's playing innocent.

"I didn't say anything!" He hissed at me.

"Yeah, sure. If you're trying to scare me by threatening to throw me in the brig it won't work." I glared at him, hard.

"This is impossible. How could she have heard me? I was just thinking to myself I never said anything out loud." I heard him again like a whisper, only this time I kept my eyes on him. His mouth never moved.

"Oh, my God." Now I was the one in shock. "I heard you again. You're right, this is impossible."

My notebook! I was holding it when everything happened and my iPhone was in my pocket. I jumped up and grabbed my phone; the battery was still at 100%. How? It should have been fried or soaked. "Have either of you seen a blueish colored notebook?"

Zuko jumped up as well watching every move I made. He wasn't going to be taken off guard again. Iroh was still seated and looked very confused. I turned and looked at Zuko for a moment. He had something in his tunic.

"Is that my notebook? Give it to me!" I reached out but he didn't move a muscle. Fine! I marched over to him.

He took out my notebook but didn't hand it to me. So I snatched it from him and opened it. I read through everything I wrote:

"Her vast mind could help her with any problem she faced, big or small. It was like having an endless bag of tricks, if she could think it she could do it. Amazing was the power of a fully unlocked mind. Beautiful and terrifying. She had been like this all her life. Kaylee's parents often worried about her. She always had so many imaginary friends (that she could actually see), and she could make things move or disappear, she could even hear into her mom's head from time to time. That really came in handy around her birthday or Christmas. She grew up watching superhero movies and always looked up to the good guys with special gifts. She often practiced when no one was around, trying, learning from what she saw in the movies. She could do everything they could do if she wanted, mostly she just like cleaning her room while she read her favorite books."

"How dare you, give that back to me," Zuko shouted, but I didn't hand the notebook to him.

"Shhh... I'm thinking."

Iroh laughed and sat back down to sip his tea, "Your tea will get cold if you don't drink it."

"Oh, right," I scooped the tea cup up into my hand as I paced back and forth. "Mmm, that's good!"

"Sit down, nephew, and drink your tea," Iroh took another sip.


"Shh! Still thinking." Ok so can hear into people's heads, but I didn't want to, it just kind of happened. I'm not sure how or why this was happening. Honestly it was all a bit much. "I feel dizzy." I sat down and put my face in my hands. What am I going to do? If I can't control it how am I going to sleep? I need sleep; it's one of my favorite things. I mean I have dreams about taking naps.

"What and interesting day, first the avatar, then the snow brings this young woman out of nowhere. She's a nice girl; I think she'll bring a refreshing charge to this ship." Iroh's thought were calm and kind. He was always one of my favorites!

"I can't believe this after two years living in shame, I was so close. Then this strange girl lands literally on top of me and what does uncle do? Treats her like a visiting queen. And now she can hear what I'm thinking. She is probably listening to me right now."

I stood up walking away from them. It got quieter the farther I was from them.

"And where do you think you are going?" Zuko growled at me.

"You think I enjoy this, fussy pants? I need some peace and quiet so calm down, you're disturbing my chi." I covered my ears but that didn't seem to work. My head started to ache from all the noise. I closed my eyes and tried to think of a song. Something calm and sweet that would ease my thoughts, I got it, Clair de Lune. I started to hum it softly, that's a little better.

"I'm sick of this I want answers now. Who are you? What are you?" He grabbed my fore arm and towered over me. Whoa, I didn't realize he was so tall. Then again I'm 5'1 and weighed a buck twenty soaking wet.

"Which one?" Why am I always a smart-ass? I tried to slide my arm out of his grip.

No dice, his grip tightened "What?"

Iroh just laughed, "You asked her two questions, nephew, and I can answer both. She is Felicity, and she is my guest and soon to be friend. Right, my dear?"

"Friends call me, Fili."

"But Felicity is such a lovely name. Can I call you that even if we are friends?"

"Of course, general Iroh!" I smile past Zuko at him. "Now, if you don't mind, Zuko, which I'm sure you don't, I would like to figure out how to stay out of your head. I have enough crazy, random thoughts of my own. I don't need yours as well."

He seemed to like that. His grip loosened and he nodded. "Just so you know you are now my prisoner. I can't allow you to run free with all the information you now know about the Avatar."

"You don't scare me, fussy pants. Threats are pointless. With everything I know in general you're going to want me to say, but there's no reason why we can't be friends, right? Besides I like who you're going to be one day, and I'm more than happy to help you in any way I can." I slid past him and brushed him as I did. A little feminine charm might help things along. I started humming again.

"What is that song?" Iroh watched me sit back down.

"Oh, it's call Clair de Lune. It seems to help me keep your thoughts out of my head if I focus on something else like a song." I smiled and took a deep breath.

Zuko took his seat across from me again. His glare was even harder and meaner now. I'm a little curious, what are you thinking about now fussy pants prince? I don't mind hearing so much this time.

"Did she just? No, don't think about that! You have a mission. The avatar is within reach. I can't let some girl blind me to my quest. Luckily she is wearing heavier clothes now. I'll have to make sure to get rid of that small shirt of hers. I can't have her crew!"

We sat together in Iroh's room for a long time. Iroh asked me questions while Zuko studied me closely. I guess he was trying to figure out if I could hear his thoughts or not. It would slip every now and then, but as long as I had a song in my head I could keep my mind on that and keep the alien thoughts out. I may have been exaggerating a bit before but now it was very true. Without my music, I would go insane.