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Hello's a new one. Probably about 11 chapters. Fostering Fun-esque but a little different from my usual and it's normal TV universe (but a few months in future). It's actually one I started months ago at the end of 1A then left for a while but then I had a similar Fostering Fun request and a similar theme came up in discussions about potential stories for S2 so I revived it.

Thanks to thesameguest for the reading thing and TheTBone for helping with the ideas (and demanding I "make Braylor happen" when looking for a name for Brandon's new girlfriend.)

NB: Taylor is not meant to be representative of anyone, despite the name request.

Set around Stef and Lena's first wedding anniversary. Callie and Jude are both adopted by this point so (as you can tell by "Braylor") this is definitely not a Brallie fic.

Would love to know what you think!

[Flash forward]


The sound of tumbling glass resonated through the room sharper than the pain running through Jesus' arm. Emma, leaping back to avoid the shards.

"Jesus!" Mariana ran over to her brother. "Stop it!"

With another swinging yell, Javi jumped back up and as he dived and they bundled across the floor sweat, bubbles and beer flying.

"Guys! Cool it! Break it…up!" Brandon launched onto them pulling his hopped up brother off the still startled, but equally as proficient in fighting, target.

Callie ran into the commotion, too many words of horror to express, before Jude ran in behind.

"Guys – there are lights outside…" the words rang off his lips as all faces snapped towards him.

"A car just pulled up!"

Callie threw her bag down and jumped onto the sofa. Stef and Lena had made plans to take their anniversary celebration out of town, making sure all of the kids had someone's house to stay at in their absence. Well, as far as they could.

Callie felt a little bad for having lied about having plans but she could watch the house and even if they found out and she got in a little trouble, it couldn't be worse than inviting herself to someone's house that she barely knew or liked. All of her friends were either boys or in her family, and this seemed the best option in the greater scheme of things.

She made her mental check list of things to do. None of them involved much other than food and relaxing, for once enjoying the space that the absence of four siblings and two immensely involved mothers would leave. She loved having a family, she really did - but it didn't change the fact she had built herself as a loner and enjoyed some space every now and again.

First stop - kitchen. She moved through to the empty room to make some popcorn.

So empty.

So big!

She'd barely noticed how much space there was.

She momentarily contemplated a Risky Business style dance routine but even without anyone in she still couldn't quite bring herself to - just in case there was some nanny cam or even some secret spy robot from the government. Wow, her thoughts deviated when they were the only thing to accompany her.

After a bowl of popcorn, a full episode of America's Next Top Model and ten minutes of wondering why Mariana watches such things, she decided she may as well take advantage of a bath with no time pressure.

She part danced up the stairs, still with Old Time Rock and Roll in her head. Deciding she now had to listen to it right that second, she rescued her headphones and player and grabbed her dressing gown from her room.

Head rocking, she closed her eyes and mimed her way into the bathroom before a screech and song stopping clatter as her iPod fell to the floor.

"Whoops! So many doors to this bathroom, guess I missed that one!" a tall brown haired girl beamed. "I swear I've never seen a bathroom that leads onto so many rooms. I mean is this normal or...? You know what I mean?"

The girl babbled as Callie looked on, mouth propped open as she gawped at the dripping girl wrapped in a towel standing in front of her.

"But I guess you're pretty used to it, seeing as it's your bathroom. At least, I hope it's your bathroom!" she laughed. "Because if you are a burglar or something then I guess I should be hitting you or screaming or something, right?"

The talking finally stopped as the girl continued to smile, apparently un-phased.

"And you are…?" Callie finally was able to co-ordinate finding her own words with a break in the unknown guest's.

"God, sorry!" she put a palm to her forehead. "I'm Taylor. I'm assuming you're one of Brandon's sisters."

Callie's forehead creased as she had a moment for her brain to catch up with the train of dialogue she had just been met with.

"And you're sorta…naked in our bathroom..." Was all she could come out with, still blindsided by the meeting…and quietly grateful she had abandoned her plans for a dance routine.

"Right!" Taylor blushed looking down at her towel wrapped body. "I was just taking a shower. Brandon said we'd have the house to ourselves, I didn't realise you were gonna be here. I'd have warned you, or at least locked all the doors. All three. Seriously though, is that normal, like how do you remember to lock them all?" her mind deviated back examining the room, Callie dipping her head before turning to shout to Brandon.

"Brandon!" she yelled, moving out to the hall, her confused brother hopping out of his room.

"Callie!" he gasped. "I thought snuck home too?" he quickly changed direction in realisation.

"Brandon you didn't tell me how pretty your sister was." Taylor chirped as he looked to her, horrified, as his mind processed the encounter that must have just taken place.

"I mean I know you guys had that thing like a million years ago but really like, I see why. Your hair is beautiful." she stroked one of Callie's loose waves, Callie unsure of what to make of it but not sensing anything other than a genuine niceness.

"Tay, why don't you get changed." Brandon smiled awkwardly, shuffling his hands in his pockets. "Sure thing! I'll let you draw the house share plan. Nice to meet you Callie." she smiled.

After a moment of silence Callie launched forward grabbing Brandon into her room.

"Did I for real just meet your new secret girlfriend naked in our bathroom?"

"Wait, she was naked?" he asked, nervously before looking back as Callie slapped his arm.

"She may as well have been. What the hell Brandon, you're meant to be at Aiden's!" she scolded before he took a second to regroup.

"Hey hold up, you're meant to be at Tiffany's"

"I've barely even spoken to Tiffany out of class, clearly it was an excuse."

"So why are you mad at me?" he asked defensively.

"Because you have friends to stay with. I was meant to have the house to myself, not me, you and Marcia Brady!"

"Look, Taylor's cool."

"She seems it, really." Callie replied. "But you know, it may have been nice to meet her, I dunno, in the living room."

"It is not my fault you're sneaking around! Look, clearly we're both taking advantage of an empty house - there's no reason we have to be in each other's way."

"I guess not." Callie sighed. "But if Moms find out they're gonna kill you for sneaking a girl over, you better not drag me down with you."

"OK." he held his hands up. "But same applies. Not that there's any reason they should find out." they nodded as they were suddenly interrupted by a blast of music that quickly dropped down, followed by a few laughs. They turned to the stairs confused before exchanging a look and heading down.

"That's perfect, dude. It should be as loud as we can without it being heard out the house." Jesus commented as his friend Jordan tweaked the volume on the record player.

"Jesus, are you sure this amount of beer is a good idea? I thought you said like twenty peo-...Callie! Brandon!" Mariana gasped, shocked, dropping a handful of cans down on the counter, two boys with more following.

The four teens swapped looks of nervousness and anger as everyone's presence was acknowledged by all parts.

"Are you freakin' kidding me?" Callie finally groaned folding her arms.

So much for her quiet, undetected night in.

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