The Mary-Sue Games

By: Emberwind8

I do not own the Hunger Games

Hello everybody, I'm Emberwind8! This is my first SYOT, about what would happen if the Quarter Quell twist was that only girls considered 'Mary-Sue' would be eligible to be Reaped. Hope you like it!

"President Snow, I have a suggestion," tentatively states Head Gamemaker Cylin.

"Yes, what is it?" he forcefully asks, not wanting to be annoyed by Cylin's pointless blather for longer than he had to be.

"For the Quarter Quell this year, I think we should do something different than what is on the card," he nervously suggests. "How about we choose the most perfect, beautiful, girls from each District to be eligible to be Reaped?"

President Snow's eye widen with disbelief as he stutters his response, "You mean the 'she-who-shall-not-be-named' girls?" he says, "Theā€¦ Mary-Sues?"

"Yes sir," he replies, "I think the citizens of Panem will love seeing them! Don't you?"

He thinks for a while, then answers, "I do! This will showcase the tributes who aren't disgusting little mongrels! We shall announce the Quell next week, great job Cylin!"

Sorry about the shortness. I didn't know what to say exactly.

So here are the tributes:

District 1

Silky Silk (Xymena Falling)

Krystal Jackson (2019rocheca)

District 2

Chelsea Sparklez Unicorn Happiness Rainbows (Emberwind8)


District 3

Maya Diamond (Maya Kallos)

Scarlett Chambers (Aeridella)

District 4

Jessica Clear (gorrillaface345)

Aquamarine 'Marine' Madison (xSenseix)

District 5

Serena Bella (ShayminxForeverx)

Peyton Greene (Emberwind8)

District 6

Ceria Foruto (Pixargirl)

Diana Glimmer Summer Bee (ShayminxForeverx)

District 7

Treasure Genesis (TamaraSTraifeil)

Elise Theron (i. really. like. tea)

District 8

Avalon Rivers (TheParadox675)

Marina Waters (gorrillaface356)

District 9

Tessa Boylez (gorrillaface345)

Sarasponda 'Sara' Leeford (cherrybubble)

District 10

Bella McCool (Walking in moonlight)

Dooneese (louisluv218)

District 11

Lavender Finch (Fourtrisforever3)

Sky Thorn (The gem of Pluto)

District 12

Lily Prettybuns (thebananachick)

Lilac Blossom (EverlarkClato4ever)

Capitol (Stus)

Alexander 'Alex' Henry Jasper Cristopher Romanalvo (gorrillaface345)

Leo Lionel Blaise Garra (Skeleton Rose)

Apollo Adonis Bacchus Gaston Edward Grey (Pixargirl)

Miracle Anthony Cornelious Juniper McSunset the Third (Walking in moonlight)

Felix Archer Roe (i. really. like. tea)

Styx Sahar Storme of Silverbeam (shirapp)

Trevor Scott Richard Pablo Fredrickson III (TheParadox675)

Glow'in De'Dark (shirapp)

Omgimawesomeandya (ILIKETOTALLYROCK)

Amber Sparkles Indigo Moonlight Emeralds (Megan Hermione Lovegood)

Beau Forte Intellegente Victorieuse (feistyflame)

Gary Stu (feistyflame)

This is to anyone who submitted a tribute. It's just how the sponsorship program works. It's a point system.

- Everyone starts with twenty points.

- If you give a positive review, you get 10 points, one per chapter (constructive criticism is much appreciated)

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- Answering the question at the end of a chapter correctly gets you ten to twenty points depending on what the question is

You can spend points on sponsoring your tribute(s) when the chapters with the Games are posted. I will have the items and values up with Games chapters.

Here are the points for each submitter:

Pixargirl- 950

gorrillaface345- 685


2019rocheca(1)- 360

TamaraSTraifeil- 315

Skeleton Rose- 255

feistyflame- 155

i. really. like. tea - 150

Fourtrisforever3- 145

TheParadox675- 145

thebananachick- 120

cherrybubble- 100

Megan Hermione Lovegood- 100

ShayminxForeverx- 90

Walking in moonlight- 85

shirapp- 85

The Gem Of Pluto- 80

Xymena Falling- 75

Maya Kallos- 65

xSenseix- 55

Aeridella- 25

EverlarkClato4ever- 25

louisluv218- 20

So here's a question for the sponsors:

What is my favorite 'Warriors' book (out of the main books)

20 points is you get my favorite

15 if you get my second favorite

10 if you get my third favorite

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