Dear Editor,

Is anyone going to make a general announcement about the fact Regina Mills is no longer mayor? I realize a lot is happening right now what with the ice wall, that ice princess or ice queen or ice bad guy or the month or whatever, and I know we haven't exactly had a chance to have a town hall discussion on it since the curse was recast, but it'd be nice to know who our supposedly elected officials are these days.

Yesterday I heard through the grapevine while I was eating breakfast at the diner that there was a fireside chat in the mayor's office to answer questions about what was happening in the town but that meeting wasn't broadcast anywhere. There was no TV broadcast, nothing went up online about it, and there wasn't even a mention of it on the only radio station we get in this town.

Nothing. Not a thing.

What the hell?

I have a lot of questions about the general state of affairs of the town right now, as do a whole bunch of other people, and there's a fireside chat about the state of affairs for the town that only 15 people know anything about. Why was this a good idea?

I was so pissed off about this that I went to Town Hall to talk to the mayor about it. It's so unlike Regina Mills to hold a State of the Town address without making sure the entire populace has access to it that I was positive this thing (whatever it is) with Robin Hood had made her finally lose the good sense she's always had about how to run things.

Imagine my surprise when I wasn't greeted by Ms. Hawthorne but by Happy who informed me that Mayor Blanchard was in a meeting and would have to get back to me regarding my issue.



There is a wall of ice surrounding the town, we have no where we can go, limited entertainment, nothing to really do, and no one in the monarchy could take 15 minutes to hop on the only television station we get in this town to announce the change in mayorship?

This is not okay. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to keep us in the dark, especially when the gods only know what kind of super destructive force is going to put the beat down on us next. We need to remain informed. So far, no one's even bothered to explain the giant snowman from hell that whipped through town the other day. If Regina was still in office, we would have been made aware of the situation.

Remember when Zelena and her monkeys were flying around town? At least we knew what was going on with that. Regina held a town hall meeting, and she also did a lot of news interviews to keep us updated, so I really don't think it'd be too much for Blanchard to put the baby down for two seconds and give us at least a little update on the town website about what the f—k is happening in Storybrooke right now.

David Nolan walking around town saying, "Calm down, everybody. Everything is going to be okay," is about as useful as Killian Jones' right hand. Sometimes, I honestly think the leaders of this town completely forget there are real people living here as opposed to background fodder to make their lives look more interesting.

Surly and annoyed,

Shane Westbrook