"Revenge is Bittersweet," Chapter Six

by DragonShadow83 and VTBOTS


"WHAT are you doing here!?" demands an extremely ticked-off Teriyaki Yoko, glaring death glares at the group of fives who somehow appeared in her dressing room.

"Getting the heck out, that's what!" shouts an enthusiastic Katy Kat.

"You can't leave!" declares Yoko, still desperately covering herself in the towel wrapped around her.

"Hey wait a minute, why am I standing with the GOOD guys!?" wonders Rammy out loud.

"Because you're good, too?" says Parappa. "Besides, you want Teriyaki Yoko, too, so now here's your chance with her guard down, if you get what I mean."

"I'm supposed to be killing Lammy, not Teriyaki! Don't you remember what I said about that witch!?" says Rammy, worriness appearing on her face, which is rare for her.

"ENOUGH!" screams Teriyaki Yoko, raising her hand as if to chant something.

Not paying the sorceress much mind at the moment, Parappa continues to whisper to Rammy impatiently, "I know you want Lammy, but I think it's best you help us stop Teriyaki Yoko; she's much more dangerous."

"Shouldn't we be trying to escape instead of whispering?" grumbles Katy.

"Screw you guys! I'm not fighting her! You're on your own!" announces Rammy as she high-tails it for the exit.

But Yoko won't have that. "Nobody's going anywhere, traitor!" she declares as suddenly the door slams, spikes sticking out over a foot long.

"Yeeg!" grunts Rammy, stopping JUST in time before she could impale herself into the trap.

Then, suddenly filling with courage, Parappa stands, hardly even caring that there's a nearly naked woman in the middle of the room anymore. "Looks like we're trapped here," says Parappa, frowning deeply. "Guess we gotta fight our way out."

"We're not fighters!" shouts a frightened Lammy, twindling her thumbs nervously.

"I know that, and I know that you especially don't like fighting, but..." Katy begins, when she suddenly remembers an incident involving two guys bullying her friend. But the day was saved when Katy got her to rock on her guitar, taking care of the offenders. Katy then looks towards Rammy, who's in the far back watching the incoming fray. She wonders... "Yo Rammy, your guitar!" Katy calls. "Jam on it and see if something will happen!"

Rammy knows what Katy Kat is talking about, and immediately shakes her head no. "Are you nuts?" she says. "I'm not fighting her! She's crazy!"

Suddenly, a blood-curling scream from Lammy echoes throughout the room when spikes come up out of the floor, stopping just BARELY inside her, uh... 'opening.' "SOMEONE DO SOMETHING!!" she yells, terribly frightened and badly shaking.

Suddenly filling with rage, Ma-san leaps on top of Teriyaki Yoko with gritted teeth, ferociously grabbing the antennae thingies on her head, threatening to yank them off.

"OW!" the sorceress exclaims. "Little brat!"

Electricity sparks between the antennae, running through Ma-san. Howling in pain, Ma-san lets go and falls to the floor, half-conscious. Katy calls out Ma-san's name and immediately checks on her-- Lammy would do the same if she wasn't... occupied. Rammy cringes as she has a powerful reminder of the shock torture this witch gave her.

"All right.... Now I'm mad!" Parappa states as he rolls up the fur of his arms (as much as he can) since his shirt has no sleeves, and then tackles the enemy down to the floor, in her towel and all, rolling all over the place and knocking down obstacles such as nightstands and decorative figurines and such in the process. He continously drives his fist into her face, her antennae, anything to knock her unconscious and/or break the spell out of the only exit.

During the struggle the towel comes off, leaving Parappa rolling on top of a very bare (and very enraged) Teriyaki Yoko.

"Yaaa!" he yelps as he backs away toward Lammy, who is fidgetting nervously, stilled 'pinned' by the spike. Katy, who has seen the whole thing, can only slap her paw to her face.

Yoko stands up, growling, "How DARE you paw at me like that!" With a snap of her fingers her original clothing float over to her and she quickly slips it on. While Yoko is busy, Parappa slowly helps Lammy out of her predictament. The moment she is set down on the floor, she breathes a HEAVY sigh of relief.

Katy finally slides her paw off of her face, saying, "Never let a puppy do a cat's job." She extends her claws, screeching "Rrrreeeeeoooowwwwww!" as she leaps toward her opponent, ready to claw the dark mistress within every inch of her life.

But the witch puts her hand forward and chants something, letting it flash while chanting something quickly until a dark version of Katy appears.

"What the--!?" is all Katy can manage to get out when her dark self, screeching "ROWR!", extends her claws and meets Katy in mid-air.

"Meet Kary!" says Teriyaki Yoko with a smirk. "I had a feeling when I watched you perform your first concert via television that you are a tough cookie, but I wasn't sure. But when I viewed your attitude that you displayed here, it confirmed everything. So I created a dark version of you; someone with the same toughness and valiance as you, except Kary here is more vicious and evil. Kind of like how I created Rammy out of you, you crowd-stealer!" she shouts accusingly at Lammy, pointing over to her dark self, Rammy, who crosses her arms and growls.

"Why is everyone saying I stole something from them!?" says Lammy, frustrated. "What did I 'steal' from you?"

"My audience, of course!" Teriyaki Yoko replies viciously. "You might have possibly saved my concert that day, but since then people kept talking about you, you, you! What about me!? It was MY concert! They should be cheering ME on, not YOU!"

"Well, can you get mad at her for being good?" smirks Parappa, half-joking, half-serious. Rammy, too, smirks.

"Shut up!" Yoko yells, unleashing a minor wind spell to force him to the wall. Then she whirls at Rammy. "And you? What are you doing here? I fired you!"

Rammy frowns deeply, immediately letting out her anger, "I'm here to get back at you for everything you did to me! You put me through so much pain, so much misery... and sometimes, so much depression! And then you dare to fire me just because your idiots thought Lammy was me and made her play!? After everything I've done for you!"

"All you've done was be late, and you nearly ruined my last concert! Besides, why are you feeling like I'm singling you out!?"

"Huh!?" say Rammy, Parappa, and Lammy (the only three actaully listening at the moment) simultaneously.

"What, did you think you, Rammy, were the only one I punish? I do it to many of my workers."

"You... torture your own workers?" says Parappa in disbelief. "Nobody tried to sue or arrest you or anything!?"

"Now who would DARE arrest me, Teriyaki Yoko?" she states with a proud smirk. "After having a taste of my power, they would be too terrified to get me in trouble." Then, facing Rammy again, she says, "Usually my workers--most of them my creations--quickly swore to obey my orders after even one torture. But you.... You were a special case. You continued to display rebellious attitude despite the torture I give you. I thought you would quit after punishing you so many times, but you kept going and going.

"Then I finally got a look into your eyes.... I had the feeling that one day you would betray me, and attempt to ruin or even kill me. So I thrusted harsher punishments against you, in hopes of giving you second thoughts..." Then, Teriyaki Yoko's tone grows very dark and harsh, growling, "But... it looks like I should have KILLED you instead!"

Rammy stares back at her with a dark glare of her own.

"What? Do you want to fight me? HUH!? Well, are you!?"

Rammy doesn't do anything. All that motivation of wanting revenge against her suddenly disappeared; if one looks carefully, they could see her trembling.

"Thought so!" growls Teriyaki Yoko, viciously. Parappa and even Lammy look at Rammy sympathetically, while the witch turns her attention to the battle between Katy and Kary, smiling with satisfaction.

A dazed Ma-san wakes up for a minute, sees the two cats, and mumbles with a trembling voice, "Two Katies?" before fainting. "As if one Katy wasn't enough..." she whispers to herself.

Katy Kat looks over her dark self over, "tsk"'ing and shaking her head. "Such tacky taste in color and clothing. You totally need some fashion sense..."

"At least I don't look like a damn Care Bear or soemthing!" Kary retorts.

"WHAT!?" Taking that as a major insult, Katy extends her claws again and slashes across Kary's face ferociously.

"Rawr!" growls Kary, who counters with a slash of her own, tagging Katy's ear.

"Ow! Why you little..." Katy says through gritted teeth, extending her claws yet again.

"Come on!" Kary matches her claws against Katy's.

"My claws are longer than yours!" taunts the blue cat, raspberrying.

"No, they just took longer coming out of those scrawny arms of yours!" counters the dark cat, laughing.

"Stop it with the skinny jokes!" shouts an offended Katy, swiping her claws across her counterpart's midsection fiercely.

"Hah, come on!" the counterpart taunts, and then the two get into yet another catfight.

Sweatdropping at the girls, Parappa whispers to Lammy, "If Teriyaki Yoko is able to create dark versions of us, then this could mean big trouble. There HAS to be someway to cancel her magic, or at least weaken it enough so that we can find a way out of here. Maybe if I can sneak behind her and surprise her..."

Lammy nods a 'Go for it', and Parappa nods back. Then, taking a breath, he begins crawling sneakily out of the fray, trying to get behind Teriyaki who is viewing the fight with slight interest. When he finally reaches her blind side, he produces a joke buzzer from his pocket, silently thanking PJ for this gift 'given' to him as he prank from a couple of weeks ago as he straps it around his paw.

Suddenly sensing something, Teriyaki turns and looks down at him, glaring. "What are you doing?"

"Guess!" Parappa smirks as he thrusts the buzzer quite a shocking treatment. "Don't like it when it's done to you, do you!?"

Teriyaki Yoko screams as the electricity runs through her. The electricity all goes straight to her antennae, being discharged randomly across the room.

"YIE!" yells Lammy as she leaps out of the way of one bolt.

"YAGH!" Rammy isn't so fortunate, for she jumps too late and is struck by one. The discharge runs between her and Teriyaki continuously. "RAGH!"

"AGH!" screams Teriyaki Yoko as she finally gets a taste of her own medicine. Katy and Kary stop their fighting to see this strange sight.

"...well... this is quite a shocker," Katy comments.

"Uhhh... whoops," says Parappa, scratching behind his head. "What an electrifying mistake I made."

"This sure sparks my interest a little," says Lammy

Ma-san, who has slowly regained full consciousness, frowns. "Enough with the revolting jokes," she says... then pauses... "D'OH!"

"What's going on!?" worries Kary.

"Feedback!" Teriyaki screams as the electricity running between her and Rammy grows stronger... It seems as if the discharge is becoming a little too unstable...

"Hey, what's... going on?" says Parappa, backing off and shaking his head in worriness. "This thing...," he looks to his buzzer, "couldn't have been that strong against her." Then he looks over at the two again, saying, "I didn't want to hurt Rammy, really, I didn't! But why is the discharge becoming stronger? I don't like the looks of this..."

"If Teriyaki made her," theorizes Lammy, "then there must be something in them both together that's... volatile. Connecting them... they're going to destroy this whole place!" she suddenly exclaims.

"What? Then we have to get out of here!" Katy shouts. She points over to the exit-- The spike trap is gone.

"Hey, what about me!?" yells an annoyed Kary.

"Nothing of hers is... getting out alive!" declares Rammy, grabbing Kary and pulling her into the discharge, causing the unstableness to grow even more. She screams like the whiney cat she is.

"Come on guys!" Lammy yells. She, Katy, Parappa, and a barely injured Ma-san all high-tail it to the exit out of the brightly-flashing room. Parappa pauses, though, and looks back at Rammy, still getting electrocuted and trying to resist any more screaming. He stares at her for a while and then says, sadly, "Sorry..." before turning to catch up to her friends, secretly wondering if Rammy heard him.

Little does he know that Rammy looks back after him, smiling a bit before turning back to her archnemesis, Teriyaki Yoko.

"If I don't survive this... at least I'll know I'll have half of my revenge," states Rammy, but smirks, "Keyword is if."

"You think I, Teriyaki Yoko, evil queen, mistress of darkness am going to be beaten like this!? You and I both know it'll take a little more than a creator-to-creation unstabled discharge to defeat ME!!!"

"...... We'll see," Rammy says, smirking a bit and grabbing unto her enemy tighter. "We'll see...."

* * * * *

MilkCan and Parappa burst through the front door of the theater, leaping out just before it all goes up. The gang drop facedown on the ground, paws over their heads to protect them from the scattering debris.

"Man!" says Parappa excitedly, "and I thought stuff like this only happen in the movies!"

"And cartoons!" Lammy adds. Another explosion occurs, though, burning them all until they're completely black, save for their big, animeish eyes. "Puh... usually people escape unscathed like that..."

"Well, at least we're alive," Katy reminds them.

"Yeah," says Parappa. "But Rammy... and all those people inside... I'm not so sure of...." Looking at the burning theater one more time, he collapses on his knees. "What... what have I done??" he whimpers.

"They were all probably her creations anyway..." Lammy says, coughing from the smoke.

"Probably, but... I was hoping we could bring the good out of Rammy. She wanted to take down Teriyaki Yoko herself, I'm quite sure, but I guess she backed down because she (Rammy) remembered how powerful she was..."


Katy sighs, "Well, that fax machine thing you told us about, Lammy, most likely was inside. So now how are we going to get back home?"

"I certainly don't wanna swim there," Ma-san says, looking out into the far ocean.

"Well, Chop-Chop Master Onion got us here somehow... maybe we can leave the same way."

"... how did you girls get here, anyway?" says Parappa, wanting that question answered for quite a while.

"Uhhhhh...." Katy and Ma-san say simultaneously, both scratching behind their necks nervously.

Lammy strokes her chin and shrugs... then socks Parappa, knocking him out.

"Whoa!" exclaims an impressed Ma-san. "Sweet punch, Lammy, never knew you had it in ya!"

"We have to get home somehow," she sighs as she knocks out both Ma-san and Katy... but pauses. "How the heck do I knock MYSELF out?" She sits down on the ground, sighing.

* * * * *

Back at the campsite...

"Ah, you must give me the pleasure of your company this evening," says Chop-Chop, sitting in front of a still nude Amy.

"Why should I?" says Amy, filing her nails. "After what you did to those girls?"

"What I did?" asks Chop-Chop, confused.

"I don't think you really had to strip them down... Poor girls were probably humiliated to death."

"You cannot travel by spirit when weighed down by physical things."

"Yeah, sure..." Amy pauses. "I wonder what's taking them so long to get their friend? They should be back by now." She pauses again. "Uh, they do know how to return, right?"

"... they're intelligent girls. I'm sure they'll figure it out." He then turns as Parappa, Katy, and Ma-san appear behind him, laying on the ground, slowly regaining consciousness. "Ah, here we are."

Waking up, Parappa groans, "Ohhhh... Man, for someone who's so afraid of fighting, she sure gots a mean paw there!" Then, looking around him, he says, "Hey, where are we? And where is Lammy?"

Katy stands up, though wobbly. "The last thing I remember is her knocking the three of us out." She pauses. "Then that means she's by herself back on the island!"

"You have returned, and brought your friend with you?" Chop-Chop asks.

"Yeah, that would be him," says Ma-san, pointing to Parappa. "But Lammy hasn't come back yet..." Katy translates before Chop-Chop could even open his mouth to ask.

"She will fall asleep soon. ... or starve to death," he says plainly.

"Let's hope the former happens," whimpers Parappa, twiddling his fingers nervously. When he gets a good look at what he is doing... "Gosh! Now I'm getting Lammy's habits!"

So they all sit there and wait silently. They wait...

and wait...

and wait...

and wait some more...

and then... oh, looks like there's something there! No, it was just a firefly. So they wait some more...

and wait...

and wait...

until finally....

Ma-san snaps! "What's taking her so (bleep)-ing long, it can't take that long to (bleep)-ing fall asleep!" she screams.

"It's only been ten minutes," says Chop-Chop, not needing a translator to know what she may have said.

"It's okay Ma-san, I'm worried, too," Parappa whispers, patting her shoulder a couple of times.

"W-Worried? Who says I'm worried? I just don't feel like standing around. Yeah, that's it!" she declares, crossing her arms. Katy smirks, trying to resist a laugh.

* * * * *

Back on the island, Lammy stands up. "Grrr.... this is nuts! Hmmm." She walks up to a tree. "I can't believe this!" She kicks it with mighty frustration, bringing a coconut down to knock her out cold.

* * * * *

Parappa sighs sadly, stuffing his paws into his pockets. "... I guess she's not coming back...." he whimpers, a tear beginning to fall from eyes.

Putting a comfortable paw on his shoulder, Katy suggests, "Let's go home..."

"Damn that lamb," grumbles Ma-san, just about ready to walk away when Lammy appears behind them, still out cold.

"LAMMY!" Parappa exclaims, immediately running up to her unconscious body.

"Well, whaddaya know..." says Ma-san, smiling a bit with relief along with Katy.

Amy would be smiling, too, if she wasn't looking suspicious. Somehow they are able to return even with their clothes on...

Parappa carries the cute, sleeping lamb in his arms, checking on her. She only mumbles.

Ma-san nudges Parappa with a smirk, and teases, "Doesn't she look cute when she's asleep like that?" Parappa bites his lower lip silently, blushing a little, and is relieved that he would stay out of the subject when Lammy begins to stir.

"Ugh..." she opens one eye, looking up at the dog and rubbing her head, "what hit me..."

"I'm so glad you're back, Lammy," Parappa says in a low voice, hugging her close, another tear falling.

Lammy just blinks. "... uuuhhh..."

"Oh, quiet and hug him back," says Katy, "he was ready to cry like a little baby."

"Was n--!" protests Parappa, but is cut off when Lammy, shrugging, hugs him back.

"You know, dogboy, you look WAY better with her than Sunny anyday," smirks Ma-san.

"Who says we're together anyway?" says Lammy.

"Yeah," nods Parappa, "who says?" He and Lammy stare at each other's big, cutesy eyes in silence for what feels like, to them, forever. But then Lammy motions to him that they're in an unconvincing position, and Parappa's cheeks glow slightly red, setting her down and nodding apologetically. Ma-san practically laughs.

Suddenly, Katy gasps in sudden remembrance. "Oh my gosh, our gig! Come on, we have to go back and set up!"

"Hey, what 'bout me?" asks Parappa.

"You can... stay in the audience!" Lammy quickly says before running after her friends.

'Stay in the audience... oh well,' thinks the dog as he heads for the site of the concert himself.

When the others are gone, Chop-Chop turns to Amy and smiles. "Now that the others are gone, how about you and I--"

"Forget it!" Amy cuts him off, kicking a piece of the burning firewood right into his lower region. Chop-Chop doubles over in pain and collapses as Amy walks away, snatching her clothing and crossing her arms.

"Love that woman..." whispers the onion man in a high-pitched voice.

* * * * *

"Come on guys," says Lammy as she and her two friends dash towards their respective homes, "we have to get our instruments... and get dressed for the show." Although the wardrobe they're in now are beautiful in their eyes, they still much rather wear their usual MilkCan clothing that everyone would recognize.

"Right!" Katy and Ma-san agree.

They arrive at Lammy's apartment complex, and she runs up to her place.

"Geez," says Katy as she checks her watch, "now I'm starting to pick up Lammy's tardy habits! C'mon, we better be heading to our places, too!"

And they do so, getting dressed VERY quickly, then returning to the studio to retrieve their instruments that they left behind. Then they sprint towards the place where their concert is held. In her haste, Lammy slams into a wall.

"Need to steer better..." she groans as she recovers and continues running towards the stage. The group is slowed again when Katy trips and lands right on her face.

"And they say cats land on their feet..." mumbles Katy.

"Darn these big feet of mine!" Ma-san complains, panting.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, Parappa stands in the audience, tapping his foot repeatedly, arms crossed. "Where are those girls..." he whispers to himself. "They're going to be late. Darn..." he feels the top of his head, "wish I had my hat, I feel naked without it."

But he ignores that when MilkCan finally arrive. Lammy makes it onto the stage, shouting into the mic accidently, "WE MADE IT!!" She stops as the entire audience cringes. "Oops... sorry!"

"Are you ready girls?" Katy says as she puts the mic away for a minute.

"I'm always ready!" shouts a confident Ma-san, whirling her drumsticks.

"Okay! One... two... one, two, three, FOUR!"

The audience explodes in cheers almost immediately when MilkCan begins playing... especially when they hear Katy Kat's singing voice.

Parappa smiles and watches the band play. He can never get tired of watching them perform. He is so into it that he barely notices his former girlfriend walk up behind him.

"Hey," greets Sunny, waving.

"Hi, Sunny," Parappa greets back. "Nice to see ya again. Man, you wouldn't believe what an adventure MilkCan and I had today!"

"I'm sure."

"I'll tell you about it later. Let's just enjoy the concert," suggests Parappa, smiling a bit.

"Okay," Sunny nods, smiling back as she and Parappa turn to do just that.

'I guess things will finally be back to normal,' Parappa states in his mind. 'Well, not totally... Sunny and I have broken up, and I don't think any of us can get over what happened at Teriyaki Yoko's island. I hope we don't get put through stuff like that again.' He looks to Lammy jamming on her guitar carefully. 'Then again... if it wasn't for everything that has happened these past few days, Lammy and I wouldn't have gotten so close... And maybe Rammy would never have smiled or felt good for even once in her life.' He shakes his head. 'Oh well. Back to normal, everyday life for me.'

Smiling to himself, he stops his thinking and watches MilkCan again. But somewhere in the back of his mind, he can't help but feeling that he will be thrusted into yet another adventure... just like always.

* * * * *

And so ends this Parappa and MilkCan's adventure. Thanks to them, the world is saved... even though the world wasn't really in danger at all.

But even as this story includes, many questions still boggle: Will Lammy and Parappa truly be together someday? Will MilkCan become a bigger success? Will Sunny stay single or will she find a lucky plant in her life? Is it really the end of Teriyaki Yoko and Rammy? And where the heck is PJ Berri!?

[PJ Berri is busy stuffing himself with snacks at a table.]

Well, guess that answers that question. Anyway, looks like you'll just have to stay tuned for yet another Parappa gang adventure. Same fandom... same author(s)!

* * * * *