Title: A Case Of Selective Obliviousness

By: garlic

Disclaimer: Frozen and all affiliated characters property of Disney.

Summary: In which an act of True Love is traditionally followed by marriage, no matter how much Elsa refuses to believe that things like this just aren't done.

AN: So of course after years (cough-overadecadeyouass) of inactivity, the thing that brings me back is incestuous lesbian Disney sisters. So TW for Elsanna/icest - don't like, don't read - if you continue on and are offended, I can't help that you're a moron. Anyways, I was drowning in the angst that is the Elsanna fandom, and I just really wanted some light-hearted comedy where our protagonists are cute oblivious idiots in love and everyone knows it, and this idea wouldn't just get out of my head. I'm also pretty sure my writing is actually worse than it used to be, so apologies.

Edit: New cover art by lovely Chinese artist 3000, via the wonderful hgsmcsb who translated this work and shared it with the fantastic folks over at Yamibo forums.


"Yes, your majesty."



"And Anna's."


"To each other."

"Just so."

Elsa glared in bewilderment, but suspected her expression lost quite a bit of menace with the blush she could feel heating her cheeks.

"We are sisters."

The entire council room seemed to shrug.

"Apparently True Love trumps that."

Elsa could practically hear the capital letters. "It would be a scandal!"

"Actually, in the court of popular opinion, it's more scandalous that you two aren't married already."

"What? How?!" Elsa could safely say she was completely and utterly flummoxed.

"An unwed couple cohabiting-"

"We are the Queen and Princess, we are supposed to live in the castle!"

"-sharing a bed-"

"We do not share a bed!"

"-a fact which Princess Anna has cheerfully and publicly announced in the town square a few weeks past-"

Elsa abandoned decorum and buried her face in her hands. Oh, Anna. "It was a sleepover! We are trying to reconnect. As siblings!" She felt compelled to add again.

"-and on the topic of the Princess, the older generations find it unseemly that she goes gallivanting around unescorted with a strange man-"

"Kristoff is a good friend! And Sven is always with them!"

"-unattached as she is-"

"So it would be okay to go gallivanting around town with men as long as she were married?"

"-and quite frankly, a royal wedding would do much to liven the spirits of Arendelle." As the head of the Council concluded, several other members nodded their heads in the affirmative, a murmur of agreement buzzing amongst them.

"Plus, people are starting to talk about the delay. They think you're getting cold feet."

Elsa stared. The room hushed. A few long, agonizing seconds silently passed. A crow cawed in the distance.

The councillor cleared his throat, finally looking a bit embarrassed, an expression the Queen thought was quite frankly overdue. "...Yes, they are purposely using that phrase. Puns are making a comeback."

Elsa sighed, feeling very much like she was going to lose this particular argument. "I still find it hard to believe the entire kingdom is cheering for me to wed another woman, much less my sister."

"Well naturally there are a few dissenters, but even those you'd think would raise a fuss were quite tolerant about it. There were surveys."

Down by the docks:

"Well, any bloke's that keeping her royal-ness from turning the fjords into a glorified ice rink's a bloke what deserves the job, and if that bloke jes' happens to be her sister, well, what's another bloke to protest? The queen ain't gonna melt fer me."

At the playground:

"It's True Love! They haveta get married! If they don't there won't be a happily ever after! And if there's no happily ever after there'll be no more parties! And if there are no more parties there'll be no more cake! And if there's no more cake we'll DIE."

At the local country club:

"Indeed, this is all quite unconventional, but Royalty always had that touch of strangeness. And now we don't have any worries of some upstart rapscallion foreigner barging his way onto the throne. It wouldn't do to have any more 'Prince Hans' showing up, for they're certainly out there. Yes, the Queen and Princess will protect each other and the royal throne from such dastardly kingdom grabbers."

At the Church of Arendelle:

"There is no argument to be made of True Love. That is all that matters."

The Valley of the Living Rock:

"Well that explains why she was holding back from such a man!"

Elsa gaped in the most undignified manner. She wasn't sure what was more surprising. The fact that the citizens of Arendelle expected her to marry her sister or that an entire faction of her government had apparently conducted some very thorough research on the matter of her marrying her sister all while she was blissfully unaware.

"Plus, everyone seems to be in agreement that you two look very cute together."

She let her head fall back into her hands, and barely stifled a piteous moan.

Elsa was beginning to regret confiding in a snowman. No matter how much she adored him.

Olaf blinked innocently up at her. "You mean you aren't married? Ooooo, can I be the best man? Or would it be the maid of honor? Oh, can Marshmallow come?"

Elsa couldn't help the small smile that crept across her lips at Olaf's enthusiasm. "I don't think there will be a wedding, Olaf." She winced internally as the snowman's cheery expression fell away.

"But why not? Don't you and Anna Love each other?"

There it was again, that capital "L." Elsa wondered if in her years of isolation she had become so emotionally and socially stunted that she had completely skipped the lesson everybody else seemed to have learned about "Love." She knew what love was, surely. In no uncertain terms she knew she loved Anna with all her heart. Just as when they were children. Right? Elsa glanced back at Olaf's expectant look, worrying her bottom lip between her teeth.

"I do love Anna, wholly." Elsa reassured him, feeling dread and warmth swirl low in her belly. I'm just not sure how, anymore.

Olaf brightened once more. "Well that's good! Because Anna definitely loves you! It was so romantic, even though it wasn't a kiss."

Elsa startled. "Kiss? What are talking about, Olaf?"

The snowman waved his arms akimbo, excited to be imparting knowledge. "An act of True Love! The Love Experts-" Elsa blinked in bewilderment, Love Experts? Who on Earth? "-said that True Love's kiss would thaw a frozen heart, but I guess True Love's sacrifice worked too. Ooh, maybe you guys should kiss just to make sure."

Kiss? Elsa raised the tips of her fingers to the side of her mouth, just shy of her cheek as unbidden, the image of Anna flashed through her mind. Anna, playfully spinning in the impromptu snow flurry she had conjured for her not a week ago. Anna, happy and laughing and so so pretty against the pale winter backdrop. Anna, skin rosy and flush from the cold, tackling her to a snowdrift and pinning her triumphantly, copper hair mussed and glittering with snowflakes, breath puffing warm and white, soft clouds against her cheek. Anna, achingly beautiful and joyful and alive, leaning down and tenderly pressing her lips to the corner of Elsa's mouth, setting embers of heat aglow under the natural coolness of her skin. Elsa blushed, letting her fingers drift to her lips. What would it feel like to have that kiss here? Elsa thought she might just burst into flames.

As Olaf chattered on obliviously before her, Elsa was helpless to the whirlwind of emotions the snowman had unintentionally set off. When had her heart decided to drum this erratic beat just for Anna? When had her head followed suit? When did it start that her eyes constantly sought out her sister, lingering over her slim, athletic figure, the vibrant corona of her hair? When did she become so entranced by the shifting sea hues of her eyes, the starry constellation of her freckles? When did her body begin this traitorous tingle at the mere thought of Anna, her skin prickling hot and sensitive with a mere touch? Her magic whispered knowingly to her, as always more in tune with her true emotions than her own mind. When had she fallen in love?

"Congratulations on your engagement, Your Majesty!"

"We look forward to the wedding!"

"You make sure Queen Elsa takes time from her duties to pay you proper attention, you hear? Tell 'er happy wife, happy life!"

Anna cheerfully waved back at the group of pedestrians they passed. "Thank you, you're too kind-wait, what?" Her head rubbernecked at an alarming speed, the motion jerking her body sideways into Kristoff. "Whose wife?!"

Kristoff chuckled, cupping his large hands about slim shoulders to steady the young woman. "Whoa there, feisty pants. What's the problem?"

Anna raised an eyebrow incredulously. "Did you hear those guys? They said Elsa has a wife!"

"No, they said you were Elsa's wife." Anna's eyes rounded. "Actually, they said you were going to be Elsa's wife." Anna's left eye twitched. "And they congratulated you." Anna's mouth flopped open wordlessly.

Another group sailed gaily down the street, calling out variations of "Can't wait's" and "So thrilled for you's" and even one sly wink from a grinning noblewoman. It was enough to snap the redhead out of her temporary stupor.

"I think you're missing the point, Kristoff! And why am I the wife?" Anna hush-screeched at her friend.

Kristoff was beginning to think that Anna really had no idea what was going on. But how on Earth could she not? Pretty much all of Arendelle had been talking about this for months. It would take a truly oblivious idio-Ah, Kristoff thought, I see the problem. Now, how to gently ease her into this?

"Well, everybody has assumed that you and Elsa are engaged to be married." Okay, that may have been a little blunt. "It's sort of common knowledge." Okay, that wasn't much better. "The entire kingdom is sort of waiting for you guys to publicly announce the wedding date." God, I'm so bad at this. By his side, Sven rolled his eyes in agreement.

Anna gaped at Kristoff. "You knew about all of this? Why didn't you tell me earlier?"

Kristoff scratched his head a bit sheepishly. "Well, I kind of thought you already knew. I mean, it made sense, True Love and all that. Not to mention, that one time at the clothing shop when you picked out lingerie for Elsa."

"It was a gift!"

"You bought yourself a matching pair."

"I really liked the design!"

"When the saleslady winked and asked you what the special occasion was you told her it was your one month anniversary with Elsa."

"It was! Of our reconciliation! You know, of when I thawed! Gosh, I had no idea she was implying something else!"

Kristoff grinned at the bright red glow radiating from the petite girl in from of him. "Well, you certainly made her day. She was the belle of the town gossip ball." Anna groaned and covered her eyes in embarrassment. He really shouldn't tease her like this, but flustered Anna was just so adorable.

Anna let out a small whine. "Oh no, it all makes so much sense now. All those questions about whether Elsa preferred to unwrap her gifts slowly from intricate layers or a quick reveal with the simple tug of a bow..." Kristoff could barely hold back the guffaw threatening to bust his gut. "...And all that leering..." Kristoff's stomach was starting to hurt. "...And oh, oh-Oh MY GOD! Kristoff! When she asked me if I needed any 'accessories' I told her Elsa preferred to make her own! Y'know, out of ice! I thought she was talking about jewelry! What was she really saying?! WHAT?!"

Kristoff lost it.


Anna stormed down the castle halls in a huff, doling out some serious side-eye to anyone she passed. Were they all in on this? I mean yeah, maybe lingerie wasn't really the most sisterly gift to give, but - if her ice gowns were any indication - Elsa seemed to like that little bit of rebellion showing some skin stated. Plus Elsa was still a bit reserved and shy when it came actual physical touch, and Anna figured feeling sexy might boost her confidence a bit. And so what if she put in a lot of effort trying to find the perfect design, Elsa deserved the best; something that would accentuate the long, sinuous curve of her body, the flare of womanly hips. Something that highlighted her flawless moon-kissed skin, complimented the piercing ice blue of her eyes and the seductive flair of her tossed platinum tresses...oh. Wait. Anna came to a screeching halt. "What?" Anna's jaw dropped. "Oh. Oh." Anna blinked, turned, and started banging her head against the nearest wall. She was such an idiot.

Never let it be said that once Anna decided on a something, she was hesitant to act. It had been a full day since her rather eye-opening revelation of her less than (or perhaps more than) sisterly affections, and after a short panic attack which resulted in several torn rugs, a broken vase, an aching bump on the head, a missing plate of gourmet chocolates from the kitchen and a long rambling one-sided conversation with Joan, Anna was determined to approach Elsa about her feelings. And their engagement. Unfortunately, Elsa was making things a bit difficult by avoiding her at every opportunity (that stinker).

So Anna recruited Kai and Gerda, who both gave her knowing looks which made her redden in embarrassment (darnit, everybody knew), and Anna had Elsa's schedule diverting her to an empty study where Anna would ambush-er, wait for her.

And she waited. And waited. She paced anxiously along the wall of books, running a hand along their spines, chewing her lip and trying not to psych herself out.

"You got this, Anna. It's Elsa, it's True Love!" Anna muttered. "And something the entire kingdom has already decided has happened." Anna paused to roll her eyes at this, still not sure who she was exasperated with most, herself or her people. To her right the clock chimed, and with narrowed eyes fixated at the closed door, she decided to be exasperated most with Elsa, who was late.

She was headed to the doorway to take a peek out into the hall when the door swung open swiftly, and Elsa - no, the Queen - strode in. "Captain. Let's make this quick, I- Anna!" Elsa jumped in surprise, the barest hint of snow bursting in a cold flurry above them before she wrestled her magic back under control. "What are you doing here? Where is Captain Landvik?" The study was conspicuously empty of the Head of the Guard; Anna stood nervously in front of her, body language trepid, but eyes full of determined fire. Elsa gulped, recalled Kai informing her of a last minute meeting that absolutely must take place in a secluded wing of the castle posthaste, and concluded she had been handily set up indeed.

Anna's heart hammered a fast staccato, surprise freezing her in place. Elsa's sudden presence seemed to drain all the bravado out of her. Elsa was otherworldly - regal and kind and intelligent and lovely and so unbearably gorgeous, and Anna felt every inch of her plainness in comparison. Why would someone like Elsa want someone like me?

The silence was growing heavy and stifling, and Anna was ready to just throw in the towel and call this whole thing a wash when movement caught her attention. Elsa was fidgeting. Anna's eyes widened in comprehension. With all of Elsa's noble bearing, her command over ice and snow, it was easy to forget that underneath it all was her sister - timid, emotionally clumsy, earnestly hard-working Elsa. With cheeks dusted a light rose, hands tangled pensively at her abdomen, just as unsure and lost as Anna herself. Affection bloomed bright and hard in her chest, and she rocked forward, stepping in closer the other woman. She shyly scuffed her boot. "Sooo, apparently we're supposed to be getting married?"

Elsa blushed heavily, fingers fiddling nervously with the ends of her braid, eyes flitting from wall to ceiling to floor, unable to bring her gaze to meet her sister's. "I'm sorry, Anna. It's just a misunderstanding. I'll get everything cleared up." Elsa tried to keep the melancholy off her face at that thought, silently chastising herself for already missing her fake, non-existent engagement to her not-lover.

Anna edged closer, tilting her head up to try and peer into Elsa's eyes. She could feel her heart beginning to thrum a fast beat - true love true love truelove truelovetruelovelovelovelove...Anna steeled herself, took a deep breath. Let her hopes and dreams and desires whisper out.

"But, is there really anything to clear up?"

Elsa could feel her blood arrest in her veins, breath caught in her throat as her magic seemed to still in suspense. The air cooled, and her eyes snapped up to meet Anna's (so, so close). Was it possible? Did she hear correctly?

She licked her lips, catching the way Anna's eyes flickered down to watch, the way those blue orbs seemed to darken to teal, the warm pink blush overtaking the smattering of freckles across the bridge of her nose. Her magic hummed at their closeness - this was someone who truly loved her, someone she truly loved, and it responded with glee as Anna's hand boldly came up to settle softly at her cheek, thumb brushing lightly along curve of her cheekbone, and in the back of her mind Elsa somewhat deliriously noted that even her fickle, tempestuous magic approved of them together.

Their heads slid ever closer, eyes locked to each other's, and Elsa could feel the last vestiges of self-restraint fall away as their lips met softly, and her eyes slipped shut as her world was swept away in a flurry of sensations and Anna, Anna, Anna.

Anna felt arms slide around around her coming to a rest at her hips, and then she was engulfed in the faint sweet scent of honeysuckle and pine. Elsa smelled like winter, clean and cold and crisp, invigorating and intoxicating. Anna whimpered, rising up onto her toes to press harder into the kiss. Elsa's lips were soft and cool and pliant against hers, and she couldn't resist trying for more, swiping her tongue across the pad of Elsa's lower lip, moaning in delight when they parted for her. Kissing Elsa ignited a spark within her, spreading outwards from her heart and racing through her limbs to every reach of her being, eerily reminiscent of the warmth of her thaw. True love! She exulted, and felt herself burn so much hotter to know it was reciprocated.

They parted gently, twin blushes decorating their cheeks, hearts racing. Anna slipped her fingers into the soft hair at the nape of Elsa's neck, enjoying the feel of cool silken strands, and absolutely reveled in the tiny shiver that passed through her sister's frame and the way her hands unconsciously clenched at her waist. Anna smiled coyly, draping her other arm about Elsa's hip, massaging daring fingertips to the small of her back. "So...about this engagement..."

Elsa blushed darker, lips still tingling. Blood and magic rushed fervently through her veins, a cacophony of want and satisfaction and possession and overwhelming love. Anna's hands were bright pinpoints of heat and sensation that melted through her skin, her magic, her very will, and Elsa was struck with the singular clarity that Anna had her elder sister wrapped quite neatly around her fingers.

"Olaf thinks it should be summer wedding."

Anna hummed in approval. "On our one year anniversary." She leaned in, affectionately resting their foreheads gently together, content in that moment to bask in the look of love in her sister's eyes.

Elsa smiled, nuzzling closer. "Anniversary?" She queried.

"Of our Act of True Love."

"Ah." Elsa chuckled. "Even though it wasn't a kiss."

Anna pulled back slightly, brow arched playfully. "Oh? Were you going to kiss me back then?" She leaned up, dipping a gentle kiss to the line of Elsa's jaw, grinning at the hard swallow that induced, then nipped at that perfect, pale skin again, emboldened. She practically purred. "Melt me?"

Elsa trembled under Anna's attentions, her magic swelled and surged against her skin, begging to be let out in a show of joy and elation. "Olaf may have mentioned something about missing out on True Love's kiss."

Anna smirked. "That Olaf, full of great ideas."

Elsa bent back down to catch Anna in brief kiss. "I'll be sure to tell him he can be the best man then," she murmured, "but until then, I think I owe my fiancee a few more acts of True Love."

Anna couldn't agree more.