Heliohedonist :: A person (usually hailing from Heliohapt) that follows the doctrine of hedonism to an almost fanatical point.

Hedonism :: The doctrine that happiness and pleasure is the singular or chief good in life.

"It's ridiculous! Absolutely horrible, lewd, indecent! Its... why, its heliohedonistic,"

Sinbad applauds Ja'far's new word. Heliohedonistic tops the chart this month. He slides another date into his mouth, both him and Sharrkan watching the Prime Minister flush another shade of red as he gesticulates wildly with flapping robes and paces back and forth. He seems to have quite the array of tints and shades. Anywhere from cherry blossom pink when Sinbad completes his paperwork because he'll do 'anything for his wife', to this new shade that seems to occur when Sharrkan offers to blow him in public after the meeting because he's looking a bit too tense.

"If you'd dare to believe it, I'm not even especially bad, in my countries standards I'm practically innocent,"

Ja'far doesn't dare not one little bit.

"Bullshit. You are the most...you're a... just...ahghumfpbbbhht," It belatedly occurs to him that Ja'far is really cute even when he's upset. And that he's never been to Heliohapt. Pity, he would have turned so many interesting colors if he'd have seen. Sharrkan promises to himself to bring the three of them at the nearest opportunity. Oh, he'll show Ja'far heliohedonistic, all right.