Sharrkan has run into a very, very large road block.

He is an exile of his own Kingdom.

He sits in a back booth of his favorite brothel, high off his ass and mourning what could have been a beautiful plan with a terrifically interested brunette peeling off his uniform and he kinda wishes she wasn't here right now. Tries to make it obvious by swatting halfheartedly at her wandering hands and taking another drag off of his hookah pipe, but it doesn't stop her in the least.

How could he ever get into his kingdom? Heliohapt's entire population knows his handsome face. He'd have to be someone else entirely just to get past the gates.

Someone else entirely.

Someone else entirely.

Oh. Well that might work.

Suddenly, Sharrkan's got a lot to do and a beautiful plan to carry out.

A soft hand drags down his chest, tracing patterns and Sharrkan looks down to the potty little thing that leans against him, navel exposed like the dirty little harlot she is.

Aaah, Sharrkan supposes, he's off duty still and doesn't he deserve a reward for being so brilliant?


Sinbad rarely gets requests from Sharrkan. Usually, the man is content with decent working hours and discounts at taverns. That makes this especially peculiar.

"And why should I endanger you, me and Ja'far over this?"

"C'mon, Sin. Heliohedonistic. He doesn't even know the half of it. Wouldn't you like to go? A little adventure, a lotta ass?"

Sin stares. Sharrkan stares back.

"It's not safe."

"Heliohapt's not gonna attack an ally with seven Djinn."

"He'll kill me."

"Not if he's busy keeping me secret."

"He'll kill me when we come back."

"If we do as planned, he'll be too fucked out to do anything but ask for you again."

And damn if that isn't a good idea to both of them.

"Only for a few days."


And that's that. Sharrkan leaves the room to start packing and Sinbad starts falsifying excuses and documents and calling for Yamuraiha.

Heliohedonistic his ass.

::Sorry for the long break, I have a partial life now and I honestly wasn't even sure where this fic was going to go. But now I do and I know that there will be much porn.::