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Laura had been through a lot for a twenty-four year old. More than most people, super powered or not, could ever imagine. She could easily say she had been through hell and made it through to the other side, and she was glad she had made it through. Because making it through made her the person she was today. Older, wiser, maturer, better control of her emotions, specifically her rage which was a tough one, and most importantly, happy.

Yes, Laura wasn't just content with her life, she was honest to God happy. She had people who cared about her, people who she considered family, people she loved. Of course she wouldn't go around saying that, she was still Laura, glares, growls and all.

They just came less frequently.

But, just because she had changed, grown up, didn't mean she wouldn't turn back into that animal she once was if anyone were to threaten her family (more so then the usual seeing as her family tended to put their lives on the line to fight the good fight on a daily basis) of course she wouldn't rush to that point but if need be she was ready.

The point of it all was she had been through and learned a lot about life.

It held happy moments and sad moments.

Thrills and boredom.

Wars and peace.

So on and so on.

She had come to learn, accept, and understand those points. What she still, to that day, had yet to understand was how one individual could make her beyond happy and yet give her the biggest headaches, healing ability be damned, ever.

"Hey, Wolverette, do you know where my uniforms at?!"

Yes, being married to Peter Parker was . . . . interesting to say the least.

'Uniform?' she inwardly snorted. 'More like a clown costume.'


"No I don't where your 'costumes' at!" she snapped back, emphasizing that his Spider-man "uniform" was not in fact a uniform. "And I told you to stop calling me that!" she loved Peter she really did, but she swore if he called her that one more time, she'd shove her claw up his-

"Whoa." Peter stepped into their kitchen with his hands raised in a manner that said she needed to slow her roll. "Uniform. It's a uniform. Get it right."

"Keep telling yourself that." Laura crossed her arms and leaned against the kitchen counter. "I still, and will always, maintain that your 'uniform' is nothing more than a glorified onesie."

"Can't even get respect from my own wife." Peter sighed as shook his head with a sad chuckle.

Growing up, Peter never really thought he would get married, seeing as he was as nerdy as they come. Even when he got his spider powers he figured relationships wouldn't work out since his responsibilities always got in the way. Never in his mind Peter imagined he would not only be married but married to a smoking hot woman like Laura.

'Guess all that bad luck had to equal out somehow.'

And boy had it.

Long flowing black hair, pale, smooth skin, and the most piercing emerald eyes he had ever seen. To top it off she had a body that would put a supermodel to shame. Everything was perfect, nothing was too big nor too small, from her breasts to her thighs. Sometimes Peter wondered if it was her healing ability that made her such a bombshell and if it was, where did it go wrong for Logan?

All that being said, Peter didn't love Laura just for her looks, they were just . . . a bonus.

A bonus that he could thumbs up anytime.

She really did have an amazing figure.

It was emphasized by the black tank top she wore, that showed just a little bit of her midriff, and the pair of gray short shorts that displayed her shapely thighs.

'Them thighs!'

"Peter, my eyes are up here."

"That's nice."

He didn't lift his eyes from her thighs.

They were really nice and he still saw himself as a nerd and nerds didn't marry hot women. So, for his fellow nerds out there he would stare for their sakes.

Yes, for them, not for him, for them.

Laura herself couldn't help but roll her eyes when Peter refused to avert his line of sight. In all honesty she never saw herself as beautiful or attractive despite what Peter told her. She always saw the monster she once was and could never think that she could be thought of as beautiful because of the blood she spilt. That being said, she was still grateful when Peter told her otherwise.

"Weren't you looking for your costume?"

"Oh right!" Peter immediately turned around and began his fruitless search once again. "And it's a uniform!"

"You're the only one that calls it that." Laura mumbled before going back to the pot of pasta she was making for dinner.

She wasn't no chef but she was at least capable of doing that.

"Ah! Where is it?!" once again she rolled her eyes as heard her husband tearing the apartment apart to find his "uniform".

Actually that reminded her.

"You better clean whatever mess you make!" truthfully she was just as messy as he was, the Facility didn't teach housekeeping, so she didn't want to clean someone else's mess when she barely cleaned her own.

"Yes, ma'am!"

Her eye twitched.

She didn't like it when he called her that either.

She would have to figure why exactly she didn't like being called that one day.

But at the moment, pasta was her mission.

"Don't burn it, Laura. Don't burn it." she didn't like failure, it was drilled into that failure was never an option, so she had every intention of making a perfectly good pot of pasta.

The glare she was giving the pot proved that point.

A few minutes later she was turning off the stove and walked into the living room to find Peter. Their apartment wasn't a large one, but it definitely was a step up from their old one. She couldn't count the number of times she was woken up by that damn train passing by.

Yes, their new apartment was by far the better choice. When walking into the apartment one would find the living room to the left after stepping in a few steps. The living room was decent in size and had a sliding glass door that led to a balcony to the far left. The kitchen was located on the opposite side of the apartment while their bedroom was a straight walk from the front door.

"I can't find it!" following his voice into the bathroom, which was located in the bedroom, Laura crossed her arms while leaning against the door frame.

"I assume you're looking for it so you can go out on patrol?"


"Even though you're exhausted."

"Nah, I'm fine."

"That would be more convincing if you didn't have such obvious bags under your eyes."

"These old things?" Peter smiled as he pointed to said bags. "Their just for show. You know, to lead the baddies into a false sense of security."

"Even though you wear a mask?"

"I'm not tired at all."

"If that's not enough to convince you . . ." Laura trailed off as she pushed herself off the door frame and approached her idiot of a husband. "Then how about this." lifting his shirt up, Laura revealed that Peter had been in fact wearing his costume the entire time.

"Oh . . . . Well, see ya." waving a hand Peter walked past Laura who gave a tired sigh from behind him.

The next thing Peter knew was the feeling of Laura's arm wrapping around his neck.

In a sleeper hold.

"W-What," Peter wheezed, "are . . . y-you . . doing?"

"You're too exhausted to go out on patrol tonight." it was more than disturbing how calm his wife's voice was. "I don't want my husband getting killed by some punk with a gun just because he was too slow due to lack of sleep. So, as your loving wife, I'm keeping that from happening."

" . . By . . . k-killing . . . me?"

"No, by putting you to sleep."

" . . . Permanently?"

"Of course not, and I find it disturbing that you would think that I would do that."

'That's what you find disturbing?!' he could think of something else more disturbing at the moment.

"I'll stop when you lose consciousness."

She was WAY too calm about this.


"Don't worry about your patrol, I'll take your place tonight."

" . . . . Fine." Peter finally relented as his vision became darker and darker.

It's not like Laura wasn't a kickass heroine herself, she could handle herself.

"Good." Laura smiled at Peter's response.

That didn't mean she relented.

"Before you fall into unconsciousness I need to tell you something."

'You're insane!' she spoke as if she was having a casual conversation. 'My wife's insane!'

But despite the realization of how crazy his wife was, Peter was curious about what she had to say.

"There's a pot of pasta on the stove."


"Be sure to warm it up before you eat it when you wake up. Goodnight, Peter."

And he was out.

"Well," Laura began as she placed Peter on their bed, "I can't say I didn't know what I was getting into when I married him."

If Peter was conscious he would protest on his side of things.

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