Breaking the Rules, Dradin Style

Disclaimer: I do not own Voltron or any of its characters. If I did own them, Nanny would be much nicer to 'the boys.' Also, all errors belong to me as I didn't have this one beta read. So let me beg forgiveness in advance.

This fanfiction is in response to a KAEX Challenge: What Happens in Dradin, Stays in Dradin – I know that the challenge said something about the "team" but mine isn't the team, but hey, it does have Nanny and isn't that even more fun than the team? This challenge was out before I joined, so I'll use that as my excuse. ; - D

Rating/Setting: Rating is T. Setting is DotU but Dradin… I know, they don't really go together, but give it a try…

Chapter One

"Why, of course you are welcome to rest and recuperate here on Dradin Commander Kogane. We are happy to have Princess Allura of Arus and her entourage here," Dradin's Planetary Flight Coordinator responded. "Please plan to land your Lion and the shuttle at field #4. We will have personnel there to meet you to collect your luggage and take you to the Empire Resort where we will house you in the penthouse suite at no charge. We will also have the medical staff ready to evaluate your party upon arrival. Please plan to stay as long as you need or wish."

Keith was a little surprised at their generosity, but then, having the beautiful Arusian princess and one of the famous Voltron Lions on the planet might get some visitors to stay a little longer and spend more coins. "We thank you for your generosity. We will proceed to your landing coordinates. Kogane out." Taking a moment to change the com settings, he then asked, "Did you get that Princess?"

"Yes, Keith. I have landing field #4 on my display and will follow you in. I have to say that I'm looking forward to getting off this shuttle." She heard him laugh, so she reproachfully said, "You haven't been stuck on a shuttle for six hours with three people vomiting in turns." She flipped off her com as she heard his laughter increase. She had almost puked herself, but not because she was sick, but because the smell of vomit was heavy in the air. Not everyone had made it to the toilets before upchucking. She, Keith, Nanny, a pilot, and a guard had gone to New Balto on a diplomatic mission. After departing New Balto, they learned that the seafood part of the last meal had caused several people to fall ill with food poisoning. She and Keith had not had any of the seafood, opting instead for the beef-type steak instead. The nausea had struck everyone else on her shuttle two hours after leaving New Balto. It had been six hours since then and finally they were close to a planet that would be safe for them to land on and get assistance for the sick members of the party.

Setting the shuttle down gently, she rushed to open the door and get some fresh air. She practically fell into Keith's arms as he was waiting for her.

Wrinkling his nose at the smell that came from the shuttle, he said, "Whew! You weren't joking Princess!" He pulled her a little away from the doorway as the smell was starting to make his stomach feel a little uneasy.

"Un-uh soldier!" Allura took his hand and held him in place.

"What do you mean? Dradin personnel will be here in just a few moments to assist." He was feeling a little concerned about what she might want from him.

"WE are not letting Dradin personnel unload our people. You will help each of the party out of the shuttle." Seeing his look of chagrin, she almost smiled. Keith could face Lotor with a lazon sword, but a little vomit made him turn green. "And be careful. Charlie and Nanny accidentally got some vomit on their clothes." Yep, green. While she didn't take pleasure in his distress as he helped each member of the party to the Dradin shuttle car, she was glad that he did it. She actually heard Nanny say, "Dear boy, thank you so much! I won't forget you helping me in my time of need." For some reason, she felt Nanny would forget that once she was feeling better, especially once she learned where Keith had taken them.

Turning, she looked at the glowing night skyline of Dradin against the inky black sky. Colorful lights, tall buildings, and air shuttles were everywhere. This was a party town, and since she and Keith would be here for a couple of days, she planned to take full advantage of it. When else would she have a chance to have Keith practically to herself in this type of setting with no Coran and no Nanny? A wicked smile crossed her face as she looked down at her clothes. No frumpy gown or flight suit during this stay, she would get some clothes that would help her fit in. She had seen pictures from Dradin and some of the clothes made her blush. She wouldn't go to the extremes, but she'd go far enough that Keith wouldn't be able to take his eyes off of her.