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"Kai, will you just get a fucking search team down here?!" Rapunzel demanded as she muscled her way through a clump of bushes, "As soon as you can. Just SEND someone, okay?" She listened to what her partner had to say, then sighed in frustration, agreed impatiently, thanked him, then slammed her cell phone shut and shoved it in her pocket just as she ran into a branch.

Elsa, following her from behind as closely as she could, shoved the branch out of the way for the other woman to get through. Neither of them said a word as they trudged through the brush, stopping every few minutes to check the ground for signs of the murderer's footprints. About five minutes into their trek, they lost track of the footprints and couldn't find them again. Rapunzel burned with fury and Elsa fell closer and closer to losing her mind.

The two shoved through bushes and plants noisily as they made their way through the woods.

"I know what you're thinking." Rapunzel said, struggling through some particularly difficult to get through bushes, "You're thinking that we won't find them, and that your brother and my cousin are gone for good." She hurtled over a bramble bush, "You're most likely already trying to figure out a way to live without them."

Elsa stared at the back of Rapunzel's head expectantly, anticipating what she had to say next.

"Well I'm going to tell you this: Even if they are gone, would you want to stay with me?"

The barista paused, then softly replied, "Yes."

Rapunzel felt a bit at peace.

"Still, it's highly unlikely we won't find them before they're gone." Rapunzel said with a slightly lighter tone, "We're going to scour every inch of this place."

"Do you know where these woods lead out?" Elsa asked.

"By Eugene's house." Rapunzel replied breathily, leaning on a tree and pulling out her phone to check to see if her partner had texted her, "Where the hell is Kai? I swear he doesn't know how important this is."

"Eugene?" Elsa asked, panting, "What's been up with him? Hasn't he been helping around with the case?"

"Not really." Rapunzel replied impatiently, opening her phone and tilting her head, "All he did was being me and Belle coffee."

"Really." Elsa sighed, "Did you know that he was into you?"

"Wait what?" Rapunzel asked, nearly dropping her phone.

"Yeah." Elsa replied, sitting down cross legged on the ground, "A while back, when he was giving me a ride to your place, he told me he was into you."
Rapunzel stared at Elsa for a long moment letting it sink in, then blinked rapidly and snapped her fingers upon realization, "Wait! I remember talking to him about Belle and how she became my girlfriend."

"You didn't know he liked you?" Elsa asked.

"No!" Rapunzel said softly, "That's why he sounded so sad over the phone…poor guy…and even after that he came by the station to get us some coffee."

Elsa sighed sadly, "Nice job at being completely oblivious, Punz."

Rapunzel sighed and pressed her back against the tree, "I'm so stupid…I feel so bad for him."

"Listen carefully." Eugene began.

"Oh lovely." Anna muttered, "A monologue from my cousin's wanna be boyfriend."

"SHUT UP!" Eugene roared, causing Anna to flinch back against the shack where she had been tied to a loose pipe that stuck up out of the ground, "Listen to what I have to say or I'll cut the boy's throat." Eugene crossed the space between him and Olaf, then delicately placed the knife on his neck. Anna remained silent.

"Once I met your cousin," Eugene resumed, "I fell in love with her instantly, adoring everything about her. When I realized that she only wanted to be friends, something awoke inside of me the likes of which I had never felt. If I wasn't good enough for her, who was? The thoughts consumed me for years and years...until one day the anger inside of me grew so intense I killed someone. He was a college classmate. Miserable piece of shit gasped and choked as I squeezed his neck. He wouldn't shut up…"

Olaf whimpered as Eugene pressed the knife harder against his throat.

"Once he finally fell silent I felt better. People who had happy, normal lives became my envy, so I decided to snuff them out to make myself feel better. It worked, and was continuing to work. Soon, it became not only about snuffing out the perfect happy mediocre lives of men and women, it became a pleasure, a sort of drug. On top of that, the thrill of almost being caught and somehow managing to duck under the law each and every time, narrowly escaping them with every murder, made me feel so…dominant."

Anna's face screwed up in disgust.

"If the law couldn't stop me, then…who could? And having the greatest detective on the force as my good friend…well…that didn't hurt either."

"You monster." Anna whispered.

"Just wait, it gets better." Eugene growled, lifting the knife off of Olaf's neck and placing the blade on his arm, "Everything was going fine until Rapunzel called me about Belle."

Anna and Olaf's eyes widened in shock and the boy cried out as Eugene dragged the blade down his arm, cutting open his flesh and saying in a soft, slightly off balance sounding tone, "So I vowed to take everything away from Rapunzel. Starting with scaring her with the body in her front yard, then paying off that douche Kristoff to cause a distraction for me so I could steal Olaf, and then you, then Elsa, then Belle…But unfortunately everything went a bit off track once you four caught me while I was taking care of some…business."

"So you shot Belle." Anna said for him.

"With poison." Eugene said with a gleeful smile, "I coated it with lethal poison. She should be flat lining in about a few minutes or so, I believe."

"YOU MONSTER!" Anna cried, struggling against her bonds.

"Am I?" Eugene giggle unstably, walking slowly over to Anna and placing the blade that was soaked with Olaf's blood and wiping it across her cheek slowly, "Am I really?"

Back at the hospital, Belle was in immense pain. There was nothing the doctors could do. They were doing all they could but the poison had set in immediately once the bullet had entered her skin and had already made its way into her bloodstream. Belle could feel herself slowly beginning so slip away. She lifted her hand and rested it on the doctor's arm gently and said, "May I call my girlfriend?"

The doctor hesitated, then handed her her cell phone. Belle immediately called Rapunzel and listened to the dial tone.

Rapunzel's phone vibrated in her pocket and the detective pulled it out without a second thought and shouted, "GET THE BACKUP DOWN HERE, DOOFUS!"

But the sound on the other end of the phone wasn't Kai. It was a small, ever-gentle voice that whispered her words so quietly Rapunzel could hardly hear, "Punzy, the poison in the bullet…it's too late."

The cop tripped over a twig and steadied herself against a tree, the realization hitting her hard. Elsa helped her to stand and asked what was wrong but Rapunzel hushed her harshly and said into the phone in a choking voice, "No, Belle, you can't be serious!"

"I am." Belle replied, "Listen to me." A shuddering breath, "It's too late. The doctors are saying all my systems are failing…my heart will stop in a matter of seconds from now."

"You…" Rapunzel was too shocked and appalled for words.

"Listen to me, it was so much fun getting to know you and spending time with you and sleeping with you when we could. If I could change anything about us, I would've changed the fact that we got together so late into our relationship."

"Belle, no…" Rapunzel said, her knees shaking and tears rolling down her cheeks, "You can't…you can't…"

"Just listen, you dork." Belle giggled gently, "You're the finest cop on the force…and it was an honor to be your girlfriend."

Rapunzel covered her face with her hand and let out a sob.

"Now let me go in peace and tell me you'll catch this son of a bitch." Belle's voice was getting quieter and Rapunzel didn't have the heart to ask her to repeat herself. She caught the words go, peace, tell me, and catch son of a bitch. She then replied,

"You bet your ass I'll catch him."

A soft hum on the other side, then silence.

"Belle?!" Rapunzel cried, grabbing the phone with both hands.

"I love you, coffee breath." Belle whispered.

"I love you more, google head." Rapunzel replied.

"See you later…m-maybe."

"…Yeah." Rapunzel said, her throat clenching up tightly as her crying intensified, "I'll…miss you."

"Me t-too." Belle said.




The phone dropped the call and Rapunzel wrenched the phone away from her ear and stared at the screen as it blinked, the words, "Call ended" flashing across the screen.

Elsa stared in complete shock and Rapunzel leaned against the tree and sobbed. Elsa moved closer, then placed a hand on Rapunzel's arm. The devastated woman looked up at Elsa and looked into her comforting blue gaze, then let the woman wrap her in a hug.

"You see," said Eugene as he stood again and paced back over to Olaf, "By eliminating everyone close to Rapunzel, she will have only one person to come to…"

"She will NEVER love you." Anna said darkly, tears running down her cheeks, "Once she finds you, she's going to shoot you in a matter of two seconds without a second thought!"

"Hmm." Eugene said, leaning down and placing a hand on Olaf's head, "If…she finds me." He grabbed a handful of Olaf's shaggy platinum blonde hair on the top of his head and pulled harshly.

"AAAAGH!" Olaf cried.

"SHE WILL." Anna roared, struggling mightily against her bonds, "SHE WILL find you!"

"She will never find this place." Eugene chuckled, putting the knife between Olaf's eyes, "Now. To business." He applied pressure to the tip and Olaf screamed shrilly in terror as he felt the blade puncture the skin and a trickle of blood started down his nose.

"NO!" Anna screamed, struggling against the pipe, "Kill me instead! Let him live! PLEASE!"

"I brought you here for a reason." Eugene said, a intense desire behind his eyes, watching the blood trickle down Olaf's nose, "And that's for you to watch your beloved girlfriend's brother die in the most painful way possible."

Anna pulled as hard as she could on her bonds and struggled so hard her wrists were cut. She made a pained sound in the back of her throat, then slumped weakly against the back of the shack, watching in terror as Olaf was being tortured.

"Stop it." Olaf gasped weakly.

Eugene halted suddenly, then threw his head back and laughed.

"You think you have the right to tell me to stop!" Eugene laughed, "You're an interesting child, Olaf…"

The boy flinched as Eugene crouched down in front of him and fixated him with a wide grin and an insane gleam in his eyes. The murderer reached out and Olaf screamed in fright, expecting a strike. However, all he received was a hand being placed on his cheek.

"If you weren't the brother of someone so important to Rapunzel, I would take you in as an apprentice."

Olaf panted, his breath gone in his intense panic as Eugene patted his cheek.

Anna, in the corner, was slowly starting to give way to panic. She knew that Olaf would be killed, but after him, her. She didn't want to see Olaf killed. She wished she could save him. Elsa's brother was going to die and she could do nothing to stop it…

Or could she?

Suddenly, like her cousin, she began to think rapidly, her brain processing the situation. She remembered a book that Rapunzel had brought home from work one day that Belle had given her. Anna had stolen it and brought into her room to read in secret. It was entitled something like "Exploring the Mind of a Psychopath." All at once, Anna remembered that psychopathic serial killers were often egocentric and talked about themselves a lot. She remembered that some of them were usually forced to be this way because of rejection or isolation which was entirely true in this case.

Another thing that Anna remembered serial killers are characterized along with, are fantasies…

Then Anna had a brilliant idea, and without even formulating a concrete plan she began to speak.


The murderer's eye's shifted from Olaf to Anna.

"…Um." Anna shut her eyes, swallowed deeply, then continued, "You said you were going to kill Elsa too?"

"Oh yes." Eugene said, standing up and crossing his arms, thinking for a moment, "I might actually rape her too…gorgeous woman that Elsa."

Anna's heart began to pound and she began to rage...but then she slowly calmed herself down because she had a plan, and if she kept it going, it would save Olaf's life, her life, and Elsa's life. All she needed was to buy Rapunzel time. That's all she needed. She calmed herself and prepared herself to put on a show.

"Please don't hurt her!" Anna said desperately.

"And you honestly think, after that entire rant, I won't hurt her?!" Eugene chuckled, "moron."

"Wh-what are you going to do to her?" Anna asked.

"Well." Eugene said, pacing about the room, "I'm firstly going to maybe torture a bit by telling her how I killed you, how hard and how loud you screamed as I did it, then I'll tell her how her brother died." Eugene looked back at Olaf and grinned, "I'm sure she'll love to hear about all the lovely things I did to you."

Olaf shook in complete fear.

"What else will you do?" Anna asked.

"Beat her, probably, and then thrust my knife into her rib cage and cut her artery's loose from that beating heart of hers, then watch her bleed out, begging for mercy." There was an insane glee behind his eyes as he spoke, "And she'll scream, and scream, and scream, and nobody…NOBODY…not even your renowned cousin who is apparently the greatest cop on the force will be able to save her."

Rapunzel lifted her head from Elsa's shoulder and looked into her eyes again and Elsa sighed softly. Rapunzel stood on her own and leaned against a tree, furiously wiping her tears away and trying to get a hold of herself, shaking her head.

"Okay." She said, breathily, wiping her hands on her jeans, "Okay. We have to keep moving."

"I'm so-"

"There's no use talking about it." Rapunzel interrupted, placing a hand on Elsa's shoulder, "We can mourn her later, right now we need to find those that are still alive."

Elsa stared for a moment, but then nodded in her agreement and watched as Rapunzel moved her way through the brush, hopping over logs and making her way past some trees and stones…suddenly her phone rang and she halted in her tracks. In the back of her mind she knew it was impossible, but she hoped it was Belle. She pulled out the phone and checked the name, sighed slowly, and accepted the call.

"It's about time, Kai."

"Yeah, sorry about the holdup there." Kai apologized, "We're just having a bit of trouble with the crime scene and nosy neighbors getting all up in police business. I just sent five cop cars with search dogs and search lights for you. We'll find Anna, and Olaf, okay?"

"Yeah." Rapunzel said softly, "Thanks."

"…And no insult?" Kai asked, suspiciously, "Did something happen?"

"Belle." Rapunzel said, then she choked. She lifted a hand to cover her mouth where she coughed four or five times before resuming the conversation, "Sorry I just feel a little sick. She…passed away not a few minutes ago."

There was silence on the other end. Elsa could feel the weight of the moment resting down on both of them. Kai sighed on the other end and said in a choked up sounding voice, "She was a good woman."

"One of the best." Rapunzel sighed, "Now…get down here as soon as you can, okay?"

"Will do." Kai said, "…stay safe out there, you hear?"

"Don't worry." Rapunzel said, "I'm gonna get this bastard even if it kills me."

Elsa bit her lip nervously and looked out into the woods, looking around and narrowing her eyes into the distance, looking as far as she could see. Rapunzel finished her call and turned back to Elsa who was still looking around.

"What do you see?" Rapunzel asked, tilting her head and looking around too.

"Nothing. Nothing." Elsa said sadly, shaking her head back and forth, "I just…thought that if I looked hard enough I could see something."

Rapunzel sighed softly, then reached out and took Elsa's hand and pulled her forward, "Let's talk about happier things to pass the time. How about you tell me about the first time you talked to Anna?"

Elsa, tripping over a few oddly shaped twigs, clutched Rapunzel's hand tightly and chuckled warmly, then replied in a gentle tone, "Well, back when I was a barista, Anna had come in one morning with her hair up in a bun, looking all nervous and out of place. She was kind of bumping into people here and there and I felt bad for her. At the same time, I couldn't help but notice how pretty she was. She had those glasses and those freckles and that beautiful smile…

"Yeah." Rapunzel sighed, "She does have a hell of a smile."

"You got that right." Elsa smiled, "And when she got to the counter, strangely enough, she didn't say anything for her order. She pulled out a piece of paper and held it out to me with that pretty smile. I was kind of transfixed with her eyes for a few minutes to be honest," Elsa paused, letting Rapunzel laugh, "And so I snapped back to reality and made her order, then watched her as she went and sat back in the corner where she normally liked to sit."

"She watched you right?" Rapunzel asked.

"Constantly." Elsa replied and Rapunzel bust out laughing, Elsa following suit, "She pretended to read a book and then kept peeking at me when I thought I wasn't looking!"

"Yeah…" Rapunzel chuckled, "She's cute like that."

"Then she kept doing it and when I finally was able to start a conversation, she didn't say anything…"

Rapunzel smiled.

"She just…sat there and looked at me with this cute little smile."

"You didn't know she was deaf."

"Not in the slightest bit." Elsa said, giggling, "Then she just kind of wrote to me on her little notepad and told me she was deaf. I had no idea how to react so I just…started talking to her out loud even after I clearly knew she was deaf."

Rapunzel giggled again.

"…Yeah…" Elsa trailed off and sighed longingly, "I'm afraid I…won't be able to kiss her anymore."

Rapunzel looked at Elsa sadly and turned her head to look back out at the forest in front of her. She sighed and said, "I don't know if I'll be able to hug her either."

"I don't think I would last long without one of her hugs." Elsa sighed, "And…hearing her laugh."

"Or watching her in general."

"She's beautiful to look at."


The two fell into silence.

"If I know Anna she's probably doing something ridiculously reckless right now." Rapunzel chuckled.

"Like what?" Elsa asked

"I don't know…She could be pinned down by the murderer, but then suddenly BOOM…she'll think of something smart and witty to say to catch him off guard and keep his attention. You know, a while back, I came home from work with a book about understanding murderers…she read that whole thing and now she understands everything about serial killers."

"Did you bring her that book on purpose?"

"I did." Rapunzel smiled, "She's smart as a whip that girl. I figured that, if I was to bring her into my line of work, there was a possibility of something like this happening. And that book she read might just save her life."

"…I don't doubt that." Elsa sighed dreamily, "She's so amazing."

"I know." Rapunzel said, a fire igniting in her chest and her feet moving faster across the forest floor, "If I know her she's probably scared, terrified for her life, but she's still somehow protecting herself and Olaf as best she can by doing everything in her power to distract that bastard long enough for us to find him!"

"How can you be sure of all this?" Elsa asked, ducking under a branch.

"Because," Rapunzel said confidently, "I just have that feeling."

"Why did you decide to cut the main arteries to the heart?" Anna asked, struggling weakly against the pipe, "It's so horrible!"

"Because." Eugene responded with a dark, low chuckle, "I enjoy watching the life drain out of my victims. I love to watch the light slowly fade out of their eyes and then vanish completely, as if it were never there."


"HAH!" Eugene bust out into a maniacal fit of laughter in which he bent over and clutched the knife in his hand, "You view it as disgusting, an act of unspeakable torture and murder! But I view it as a lifeline, as a means to keep myself alive and sane."

"You're already insane, Eugene." Anna said bitterly, "You're so hung up on the fact that Rapunzel didn't notice your love or didn't care for it that you've gone so low…no…you've degraded yourself so much that you've become a heartless, merciless, tortuous killer in order for you to feel better. Putting other people through pain and misery makes you feel better! That's heartless!"

"It is!" Eugene roared, bounding over and grabbing Anna's shirt picking her up off the floor and holding her right in front of his face, "And since I'm heartless, these people have to be the same."

"What…" Anna whispered.

"My heart's been ripped out of my chest every time Rapunzel has denied me my place at her side. It's ached and pained me for years upon years with no escape, no relief, NEVER getting any kind of release from this horrible throbbing pain…why shouldn't my victims feel the same?"

"You've been having the life sucked out of you too, haven't you? But only in a different way." Anna sympathized.

Eugene slowly set Anna back down on the floor and sighed deeply. He stared at her angrily, the hatred inside of him slowly receding when his blind fury was slightly extinguished by the pity of another. Anna looked up at him and said softly, "You know you can stop this."

"Why would I want to?" Eugene laughed, "This is my life. Why would I want to go to jail for the rest of my life or possibly get a death sentence?"

"Because there would be relief." Anna replied gently, her gut twisting into knots in her efforts to sympathize with the murderer, "You could get a different kind of help…and Punzy would help you too."

"This isn't going to save your life, you know." Eugene said, sounding like he was on the verge of snapping, "You're trying to stall me."

Anna's heart stopped.

"You're trying to persuade me to change so that I'll let you and the boy go and everything will be fine!" Eugene stomped up to Anna and grabbed her shirt once more, putting a blade to her neck and pressing it there slowly, applying more and more pressure with each passing moment, "You will never escape here alive!"

Then, exhausted of ideas, Anna shut her eyes, took a deep breath and screamed as loud as she could.

Elsa had begun to hum softly and Rapunzel had taken to texting her partner about current events concerning Belle. Kai always knew how to make her feel better. The detective, having lost nearly everything to the murderer, her cousin, her best friend's brother, her girlfriend…all was lost. She was beginning to doubt that she could ever catch this man. They were so close. So painfully close to catching him.

"Punzy?" Elsa asked suddenly, "Could we stop for a minute?"

"Sure." Rapunzel said, sitting down on the ground and covering her face with her hands. Elsa sat beside her and rested her head on Rapunzel's shoulder, sighing tiredly. Rapunzel put her arm Around Elsa's shoulder and turned her head so she could kiss the top of Elsa's head gently.

"All isn't lost." Rapunzel said in Elsa's ear, pressing her forehead against Elsa's head, her voice cracking, "Even if we lose them…We'll-"

Suddenly, cutting Rapunzel off, there came a faint, distant, shrill scream.

Both women immediately stood up and stated bolting in the direction where the scream came. Rapunzel took out her glock and Elsa clenched her fists, ready for a fight, Rapunzel pulled out her phone and called Kai. He answered immediately and Elsa screamed, "We found them we found them! Get to the wreck as fast as you can! We found them!"

Elsa jumped once and whooped with joy, then surged through the forest faster, adrenaline causing both women to bolt as fast as they could.

Eugene threw back his arm and slapped Anna across the face as hard as he could. She cried out in pain and was dropped on the concrete floor heavily. She couldn't reach up and hold her cheek so it stung painfully without relief. Eugene scoffed in disgust and hissed, "Nice try." Then walked slowly up to Olaf. He was beaten, bruised, bloody, and weakened far beyond his limit. Eugene grabbed his hair and wrenched his head back so he had no choice but to look up at him. Olaf was too afraid to say anything more.

"Now." Said Eugene, putting the knife to Olaf's neck, "I'm going to kill this son of a bitch once and for all. It's been nice knowing you, Olaf. You're surprisingly gutsy."

"Please." Olaf whispered, "Don't kill me. Please don't make Elsa suffer."

Tears rolled down Anna's cheeks and she watched in complete horror as Eugene leaned down and whispered, "Oh I'll make her suffer, Olaf. I'll make her suffer so much she'll be screaming for mercy by the time I'm finished with her."

And the Eugene's arm tensed as he began to draw the blade across Olaf's neck.

All at once, Anna screamed her protest, the door burst open behind Eugene, and he only managed to slice a small incision on Olaf's neck. In barreled Elsa and Rapunzel. The detective, in her adrenaline induced high, saw the man turning to her with a knife. She, without a second thought, lifted her gun and smashed the man over the head with it, sending him to the ground. She placed her foot on his chest and aimed the gun at his head screaming, "DON'T YOU FUCKING MOVE!"

Anna burst into tears and Olaf cried, "ELSA!"

Elsa immediately ran to Olaf and threw her arms around her brother, crying into his shirt and kissing his face.

"Elsa! Elsa!" Olaf cried, struggling against the bonds, "Elsie oh my god!"

"Hold on! Hold on!" Elsa said excitedly, running over to the knife that Eugene had dropped and running back to Olaf, cutting the binds as fast as she could.

When Rapunzel's eyes adjusted to the dark and she saw the face of the murderer she nearly dropped her gun. Eugene stared up at her and Rapunzel stared down at him, both with equal expressions of shock on their faces.

"How did you-" Eugene began

"Y-you…have the right t-to remain silent!" Rapunzel shouted, her fury setting in, "YOU!"

"Now listen Punzy, there's an explanation for all of this." Eugene said, "I-"

"You were the one that killed five people, stole my cousin, nearly killed my best friend's brother, and killed my GIRLFRIEND?!"

"Listen to me, Punzy, I-"

"NO!" Rapunzel shouted, her finger threatening to press against the trigger, "You listen to me, you fucking bastard. You have no idea how much grief you've caused us. You have absolutely NO. FUCKING. IDEA."

"D-do you have any idea how much pain and grief you've caused me?!" Eugene roared.

And at that moment, Anna shut her eyes and screamed out, "JUST SHOOT HIM!"

Rapunzel looked up, saw the black a blue mark on her cousin's eye, the blood on her cheek that ran down her neck, and the blood that coated her hands from where the ties cut into her wrists. The detective saw red again and looked down at Eugene, her eyes burning with hatred, saying in a tone as cold as ice, "letting you spend the rest of your life in a cell would be too good for you."

Eugene stared at her in shock, wordlessly asking for mercy.

"You've done far too much to get off that easy."

And she pulled the trigger.

Elsa and Olaf didn't even notice the scene going on beside them and as soon as Elsa freed her brother and picked him up out of his chair, she sat down, holding him against her chest.

"Ohh, my precious baby!" she gasped with joy as Olaf clung to her, "I'm so happy you're okay."

"Elsa!" Olaf breathed, voice cracking, "I thought I was going to die!"

"I know, buddy, I know." Elsa said, holding him as tightly as she could, "But I'm here now. I'm here. I've got you. Nobody's going to take you away from me ever again."

Rapunzel dropped her gun, forgetting about Eugene and rushing to Anna who looked up at her, laughing with joy and tears rolling down her cheeks, "You…You did it, Rapunzel!"
"What can I say?" The detective said breathlessly, holding her cousin close to her, "I'm the best detective on the force." She cut the binds on Anna's wrists and as soon as she was free, she threw her arms around her cousin's shoulders and kissed her face lovingly.

"Thank you, thank you!" Anna cried.

The four hugged their loved ones for as long as they pleased, relief washing over them. Olaf was safe and Elsa's worry was put to rest. Anna was safe and the murderer was dead, so Rapunzel was put to rest…she thought to Belle's last words and smiled, hugging Anna harder and realizing that she had let her girlfriend rest in peace by killing her murderer.

Elsa kissed her brother's face multiple times and whispered loving words into his ear as he began to relax. The boy rested his head against Elsa's chest and said softly, weakly, "I love you, Elsa."

"I love you too, Olaf." Elsa replied and let him rest. Anna and Rapunzel, finishing their tearful reunion, turned to Elsa and Olaf. Rapunzel sighed when she saw that the boy was safe, and watched, her chest swelling with happiness, as Anna ran to Elsa, got to her knees and threw her arms around Elsa, kissing her face as well.

"I'm so glad you're okay, freckles." Elsa whispered, leaning forward and pressing her lips to Anna's.

Rapunzel sat down in front of the two and called Kai as she waited for the two to finish.

"Ewww." Olaf mumbled from Elsa's arms.

The two let go and giggled shyly.

"You're such a brave boy, Olaf." Anna said, leaning down and kissing his forehead, "Elsa, you wouldn't believe how brave he was! When Eugene brought me in here and tried to hurt me for the first time Olaf told him not to hurt me even when he knew his own safety was on the line."

"I'm so proud of you, buddy." Elsa said.

"I didn't…want Anna to…get hurt too." He sighed.

"Thank you." Anna said.

"Anna was the one that saved us." Olaf said.

Elsa looked up at Anna and smiled as she said, "I stalled him."

"I love you." Elsa said, leaning forward and kissing her again.

"I love you too." Anna said, nuzzling Elsa's cheek.

"Okay then, Kai, thank you." Rapunzel said to her partner, "You've got my gps signal so hurry up and get your ass down here so we can get home!"

Elsa, Anna, and Olaf all looked at Rapunzel and she smiled back at them.

"My family is finally safe." She sighed, "Thank god."