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Anna sat beside Elsa, looking out across the amazing view behind Belle's manor, listening to Elsa sing her new favorite song. It had been almost four days since she had regained her hearing and each day seemed more wonderful than the last for all of them. Elsa took Anna to the mall, to the park, and to the beach. Everywhere the redhead went she experienced new sounds; like the sound of wind whistling through trees, the sounds of dogs barking, the crashing of waves meeting the soft sand on the shore, and the soft trickle of the stream that ran behind Belle's house. What Anna loved the most out of everything she heard, however, was the sound of Elsa's voice raised in song.

"May your past be the sound, of your feet upon the ground, carry o-o-on."

"Your voice is so pretty!" Anna swooned, cuddling up in Elsa's lap, "Sing some more!"

"Nah, no more for tonight, okay?" Elsa sighed, laying back on the soft grass, Anna rolling out of her lap and lying beside her. She took Elsa's hand and looked up at the sky, staring at the clouds as they rolled passed lazily in the evening summer sky.

"Can you sing me to sleep though?" Anna asked and Elsa chuckled warmly, playing with Anna's fingers.

"When have I ever refused singing you a lullaby?"

Anna smiled and shut her eyes, simply listening to the warm wind and enjoying the feeling of Elsa's gentle touch as she continued to play with her fingers.

"You know," Anna said dreamily, "If I were to just lay here with you for the rest of my life, I would be perfectly content."

"Nah." Elsa said smiling, "You'd get hungry and leave me."

"…You're probably right." Anna giggled, sitting up slowly and pushing her glasses up her nose, "But once I got my snack I'd come right back."

Elsa stretched her arms above her head, then looked at Anna and remained that way for a very long time, slowly relaxing as she focused more and more on Anna's face with every passing second. The redhead looked ahead of her, down the small hill, and at the trickling brook to the small willow tree that swayed in the soft breeze, and beyond that the quiet, dense forest.

"You know what we should do one day?" Anna asked, looking down at the barista, "I think we should explore that forest over there! What do you think? We could go looking for weird caves or lakes or…we could find a special place that we go that we could call our own! OH! And what if we'd find something special like a secret that someone's left in the forest!" Anna gestured excitedly, "Think of it as something magical! Like…like NARNIA! Wouldn't it be cool if we found some kind of massive tree that had a hole at the base and whenever you'd walk through it you'd be transported into someplace magical like Narnia where we could meet talking animals, be queens of a whole beautiful land and you could wear armor and be in battles and take me on horse rides and we'd sit on the beach in our kingdom and eat food fit for royalty and we'd go down in history as the greatest queens in all of that land forever! Wouldn't that be cool? Elsa? Wouldn't it be cool?"

As Anna was babbling on and on and on, Elsa closed her eyes and simply listened. The longer Elsa listened to Anna, the more sure she was that she was the most joyful person in her life. The simple sound of Anna's voice was enough for Elsa to stop and listen to every word.

"Elsa? Are you listening to me?" Anna asked, "Elsa? Hellooo?"

Anna waved her hand in front of Elsa face until Elsa responded by slowly opening her eyes, sitting up, and pulling Anna in for a hug.

"Hmm!" Anna hummed as her cheek was pressed into Elsa's soft shirt, hearing the soft rustle of the fabric against her ear, "You feel so nice, Elsa."

Elsa laughed lightly and kissed Anna's temple. The younger woman heard the soft sound of Elsa's kiss and she shivered in response, nestling her head under Elsa's chin comfortably. Suddenly, from the back porch, Belle threw open the screen door and called loudly, "Hey you guys! Dinner is ready!"

"And it's delicious!" Rapunzel called from somewhere behind Belle inside the house.

"I'll tell you something ELSE that's delicious!" Belle smiled smugly, looking back at Rapunzel who was setting the table, "You in an apron."

Elsa and Anna rolled their eyes, smiling at each other. Elsa helped Anna to her feet, putting her arm around her waist, and guiding her to the front porch, taking her time on the way.

"So I was thinking," Elsa began, grinning, "I never really did take you out on a date now did I?"

Anna looked up at her girlfriend curiously as they walked up the stairs and crossed the back porch, then asked with a suspicious looking smile, "Are you asking me out?"

"Maybe." Elsa teased, opening the screen door for Anna, "Maybe not."

"Oh please." Anna laughed, "You TOTALLY wanna take me out."

"I said: maybe, maybe not!" Elsa chuckled, following Anna inside.

"If we were to, say, go out on a date," Anna continued, flicking Elsa's shoulder playfully, "where would you take me?"

"Someplace classy." Elsa answered as she sat down heavily at the head of the table, playing with the silverware that had been laid out, "Not too classy though. Not too expensive either. Just a nice quiet place where the portion sizes aren't too tiny and the waiters don't have to wear suits or uniforms."

"That sounds lovely." Anna replied, taking a seat next to Elsa, "Where would we go after?"

"Hmm…depends on where you would want to go. Maybe to the beach or the park to watch the sun set because I know how much you like to watch the dusk."

"And then?" Anna placed her cheek in her hand, leaning forward slightly, half closing her eyes and smiling dreamily.

"We could watch the stars..." Elsa said, "Or we could go to see a movie."

"How about both?" Anna asked, "We could watch the sun set, go to the movies, then come back here and watch the stars."

"That's perfect!" Elsa clapped her hands once together and grinned at Anna, "Then it's settled! I'm taking you out tomorrow! But hold on... I didn't actually ask you out..."

Anna scoffed, "The answer is YES, you dork!"

Anna laughed and reached across the table to take Elsa's hand. Elsa gave that adorable little half smile that Anna loved and her heart swelled in her chest.

"I can't wait." Elsa sighed.

"Me neither." Anna giggled.

"Can't wait for what?" Olaf asked as he charged into the room with a dog treat in his hand, Sven tumbling after.

"Oh I'm just taking your sister out on a date." Anna said smiling.

"Wait a minute, YOU'RE taking ME?" Elsa asked sitting up slightly.

"We're taking each other." Anna replied quickly.

"I asked you!"

"Not really, you said MAYBE."

"But then I asked you directly."

"I THOUGHT 'yes' far before you even asked."

"Girls, girls." Belle scolded, setting down a bowl of mashed potatoes and corn. Rapunzel set down an entire roasted chicken and said roughly,

"Stop arguing like an old married couple and eat up!"

Belle slapped Rapunzel's arm as she laughed and Olaf pushed Sven down as he tried to get a bite of the chicken on the table. Anna giggled and turned to smile lovingly at Elsa who was watching everything going on with her makeshift family she had somehow created with Anna. Everything, to Elsa, seemed to be exactly what it would be like to be a part of a real family. It had always just been her and Olaf doing what they wanted, getting along with their own rules, but now that they had Rapunzel, Belle, and Anna, she felt like she was responsible for them all somehow and yet...the hole in her heart she never knew she had felt was mended.

"What's your deal?" Rapunzel asked Elsa as she sat down and pulled up the bowl of mashed potatoes, "You look like you're high."

"I'm just happy." Elsa said with a smile.

"…Same thing as high."

"Shut up, Punzy." Belle sighed tiredly, shoveling oversized amounts of mashed potatoes on her plate, "I bet this is new for you and Olaf, being a part of a family like this."

Elsa nodded in reply and crossed her arms. Anna, who was digging into a corn cob beside the barista, stopped her chewing to notice Olaf who was looking at Rapunzel with a strangely familiar expression on his face. it took Anna a moment to recognize it, but she realized that the face he was making was identical to the way Elsa looked at Anna when they were having a moment together. She smiled into her corn cob and silently began giggling as Rapunzel noticed Olaf out of the corner of her eye. He looked at her straight on, smiling goofily.

Rapunzel awkwardly turned away from Belle, mid conversation and asked the boy softly, "You alright, kid?"

"Yep." Olaf said with a small giggle.

"Okay then…" Rapunzel replied, smiling, but narrowing her eyes at the same time, "You don't seem like it."

"I'm absolutely wonderful." Olaf sighed.

"Oh…my god." Belle whispered, covering her mouth with her hand and recognizing the look Olaf had(Much to Anna's amusement) and said, "looks like I've got a bit of competition here, Punz."

Rapunzel didn't understand what Belle meant until she turned to look at Olaf again. The detective smiled yet again at Olaf, but then had a fleeting moment of realization, then smiled a very different smile. She chuckled warmly and rested her hand on Olaf's head to ruffle his hair.

Elsa sat back in her chair and crossed her arms, then leaned over and whispered in Anna's ear, "His first crush."

"How cute." Anna giggled.

As the small family ate their dinner together, talking about daily life and random occurrences at the many places Elsa and Anna has visited together since Anna had gotten her hearing back, they avoided the subject of the murderer as much as they could. At this point, however, it was inevitable to bring up the subject since it was a massive part of everyone's daily lives. With Belle and Rapunzel working every day all day on finding this man, their conversation oftentimes involuntarily turned to their case. A body hadn't shown up in about a week or so, so Rapunzel and Belle suspected that the murderer had been going through what they called: A silent stage. A silent stage was when the murderer went completely silent, untraceable, undetectable until the next body was found along with clues as to his whereabouts.

Belle and Rapunzel had done their best to keep the subject subtle, but there really was no avoiding it.

"So hey uhh…" Anna whispered to Elsa, "There's been something I've been meaning to ask you."

"Hmm?" Elsa asked, her mouth full. Anna gestured for Elsa to lean down so she could whisper in her ear. The redhead pressed her lips up to Elsa's ear and then whispered in a low tone,

"I wanted if you would like to take a shower with me."

Elsa nearly spat out her food.

"A what?!" Elsa shouted, sitting back in her seat and grabbing the table.

"HUSH!" Anna said, rolling her eyes as everyone else cast confused and curious stares at the two, "Come here, you butt!" She took Elsa's arm and dragged her away from the dinner table and into the other room where the two could speak alone.

"Like I was saying-"

"A shower?!" Elsa asked, flushing red, "TOGETHER!?"

"First of all," said Anna, placing a hand on Elsa's chest, "…Shut up. Second, since we've been together this long, and we've done so much together and trust each other and love each other...I've kind of just been waiting for the right moment to y'know…turn it up a notch."

"NO! No notches! There will be no notch turning!" Elsa whispered hoarsely, shaking her head vigorously, "Notch turning is out of the question!"

Anna, thinking quickly, reached up and pulled apart the buttons on her shirt, revealing a lacy bra underneath covering her breasts. Anna thought it wasn't possible for Elsa to get any redder, but when the barista saw Anna's chest covered only by a tight fitting bra, she turned an extremely (Almost humorously) dark shade of red, nearing purple.

"What could it hurt?" Anna asked slowly in a smooth, low tone, "I mean it would only be for a few minutes. And…nothing would come of it. No one has to know. It will just be you and me…alone…in one of the showers on the far side of the mansion where there will be no chance of anyone seeing, or hearing us."

Elsa tore her eyes from Anna's chest and fought to focus on her eyes like any respectable person would've done but Elsa simply wasn't able too. It was a part of Anna she had never seen before, and there was so much more unexposed skin underneath that shirt…free for Elsa to explore, to mark, to deem her own…

"Uhm…no one will find out?" Elsa asked playing with her shirt.

"Elsa," Anna sighed, buttoning up her shirt again, "What are you five years old? Even if someone did find out, like Belle or Rapunzel, who is there for them to tell?! And if your brother hears us I can bet you any money that he wouldn't understand."

"Okay, okay fine." Elsa said nervously, shaking her hands, "I'll let you turn the notch a little."

"Awesome!" Anna said, throwing her arms around Elsa's neck and hugging her tightly, "Tonight I want to get to know you as much as I possibly can."

"Notice that I said the word LITTLE." said Elsa.

"Meh." Anna shrugged, placing a kiss on Elsa's lips before making her way back into the kitchen to talk with Belle and Rapunzel. They immediately inquired her about her and Elsa's sudden leave from the table to which Anna hastily replied, "Ah nothing. We were just discussing something that needed to be attended to."

Elsa, meanwhile, nervously sat down on the stairs and couldn't help but start fantasizing about all the things she could try on Anna that night. She knew that when it came to sex, she was not the more dominant of the two. But when the time came, Elsa was sure she could do the right things. This would be a learning experience for the both of them. Elsa, unlike Anna, hadn't masturbated ever because she simply never thought to. She had been curious, sure, and tried only once, but it felt wrong doing it, so she never did. Now that she was at the doorstep of full out sex, she was completely nervous about it.

Anna, however, was completely ecstatic for the evening's event-to-be. She was determined to give Elsa a good time. But most of all, she wanted to experiment. She had always wanted to try something like this, and now that she had had the actual natural urges to have sex with Elsa, she was more than entitled to try. She knew Elsa was uneasy, but once natural instinct took over, everything would be fine.

"Where did Elsa go?" Olaf asked Anna as they finished up their dinner.

"Oh I dunno." Anna said, dismissively, "Could you guys take Elsa and my turn at the dishes tonight? We'll do it twice in a row! Pleeeaasse?"

Belle and Rapunzel rolled their eyes simultaneously and resisted the urge to give the excuse that they had been working constantly on an exhausting case that no one could crack…but they didn't want to take Elsa and Anna away from a good time together. (Both of them had figured out what the two were planning long before supper had ended.)

Anna and Olaf placed their dishes in the sink, while Belle and Rapunzel got to work. On her way to find Elsa, Anna was interrupted by Olaf who asked Anna if she wanted to play monopoly.

"I'm sorry, bud." Anna said, picking him up and resting him on her shoulders, "But how about tomorrow night?"

"Oh..." Olaf said disappointedly, "...Okay." Anna, feeling guilty about not giving Olaf attention, took him up to his room, read to him for a few minutes, then kissed his forehead and told him goodnight. Olaf looked at her sadly, and said, "Where's Elsa?"

"I don't know." Anna said honestly, smiling affectionately down at the little man, "But when I find her, I'll tell her you said goodnight."

Olaf smiled and cuddled up under his blankets and said with a yawn, "Okay."

Anna left the room and began her search for Elsa. Belle's mansion was large and had countless rooms where a game of hide and seek would be almost impossible to finish. So Anna, at some point, had the thought that Elsa was hiding from her since she had seemed so nervous earlier...how DARE she...

So Anna resorted to calling out Elsa's name until she got a response.

Elsa, who had decided to retreat up the stairs and into the bathroom on the far right side of the manor's upper floor, had been pacing the bathroom floor and rubbing her face constantly, trying to think of a good way to greet Anna once she walked into the room. She had throught and thought and thought to no end until she heard Anna's approaching footsteps, and her calls. Elsa then immediately, without thinking, stripped off her clothes, laid them out on the floor, got in the shower and started the water.

Anna turned her head upon the sound of the shower coming to life, and she grinned, then moved toward the sound. Upon reaching the door that lead into the bathroom, she hesitated in front of the door and laid her hand on the knob…


The redhead whipped round, pushing her glasses up her nose to see Belle standing in the doorway at the end of the hallway. She curiously stared at Anna, looking her up and down, then she broke out into a massive, smug grin. Anna flushed a light shade of red and stuttered, "W-w- what do you want, Belle?"

"Nothing special." Belle giggled, "I just came to find you because Rapunzel wanted to talk to you about her work schedule this week…I guess it can wait for now though so…you go ahead and do whatever you were going to do over here."

"Thanks, I…I will." Anna said, turning the door knob and slowly slipping inside the bathroom. She gave Belle one last awkward glace from the crack of the door before she slowly shut it and locked it. Anna sighed slowly and said,

"Well, we aren't being very subtle now are we?"

"Not nearly enough." Said Elsa from the shower.

"Yeah, so I tucked your brother into bed tonight, and once we're done you should go in and….and…" Once Anna had turned around fully to look at Elsa, she didn't expect to see the shower curtain drawn back completely allowing full view of Elsa. She trailed off as she watched Elsa throw her head back in the stream of water, running her fingers through her long, platinum blonde hair, the water running down her body.

"So…" Elsa said, leaning against the back of the shower, "What the hell are you doing over there? Come on."

The very sight of the barista naked made Anna's face turn almost as red as Elsa's face was earlier. The curves of Elsa's hips made Anna's mouth water. As the redhead clumsily pulled off her clothes, unable to tear her eyes off of Elsa's sculpture of a body, she stuttered, "I expected you to be amazing, but just…not THIS amazing…"

"What's that supposed to mean?" Elsa chuckled, shaking her hair.

"I mean you're breathtaking…"

"And this breathtaking body is all yours." Elsa said, running her hand down her chest, "Now come here"

As soon as the words left Elsa's lips, Anna was making her way towards her. Elsa's charade of confidence was working to her advantage. Truthfully, she was terrified beyond belief, heart pounding in her chest, and the hot water drizzling down her body was not helping. Anna stepped into the bathtub and immediately took the dominant side, crashing her lips up against Elsa's and pinning her against the back of the shower.

The combination of Anna's kisses, the water caressing her sensitive body, and feeling of bare breasts pressing up against her own sent electricity up and down Elsa's spine. Soon, unfamiliar sounds began to escape from her throat as Anna continued on with her exploration of Elsa's body.

"That's it." Anna sighed heavily, "All I want to hear is that beautiful voice of yours raised in complete ecstasy."

"Oh GOD, Anna!" Elsa moaned softly, pressing herself against the younger woman, "This is so crazy. And weird. But I'm just glad I'm doing this with you!"

"Me too." Anna whispered, sharply nipping Elsa's neck.

Anna leaned forward and trailed kisses down Elsa's collarbone, reaching her chest, then she began to crouch as she went lower, kissing Elsa's smooth abdominals and downward still...The moan that escaped from Elsa's lips was nothing short of erotic for Anna and her own hand flew down to her own womanhood to tease herself...

The rest of the evening, for the both of them, was a complete blur.

When Elsa woke up, she was on the bathroom floor with Anna draped across her stomach, both were still very naked, but very clean to say the least. The shower was still running, and she didn't know how long it had been that way, but she gently moved Anna off of her stomach, careful not to wake her, and stumbled over to the shower. She blurrily fumbled with the water control and when she had successfully turned the water off, she sat heavily down on the side of the bathtub, looking over at Anna who still lay unconscious on the bathroom floor. Elsa, not liking the sight of Anna laying on the cold, hard tiles decided to take Anna back to their bed. Elsa pulled on some of the clothes she wore last night, wrapped Anna up in a bath towel, then picked her up bridal style and carried her back to their bedroom, stumbling this way and that, praying that neither Belle nor Rapunzel would run into her naked in the hallway. Elsa reached her room eventually and laid Anna down on their bed as softly as she could. The Barista smiled sleepily as Anna rolled out of the towel and began to shiver, then grabbed her blankets and cocooned herself underneath them, humming in pleasure as she began to warm up.

Elsa sighed and got under the covers herself, then whispered to her lover, "Good night, freckles."

"Hmmm…?" Anna hummed, slowly opening her eyes to see Elsa lying beside her, "…What...just happened?"

"We'll talk about it later." Elsa smiled, placing a kiss on Anna's forehead, "It's in the early hours of the morning and you need your rest."

"Okay." Anna sighed, moving up closer to Elsa and pressing the delicate, yet, strong form of Elsa to herself, "I love you."

"I love you too." Elsa smiled, shutting her eyes and sighing in contentment. There was a few moments of silence in which Elsa began to drift off to the sweet sensation of sleep when suddenly she heard from beside her,


"What is it?"

"Can you hum the slow version of every time we touch?"

Elsa chuckled, "Of course, love." And she did so until the rise and fall of Anna's chest became constant. Elsa watched Anna's face for a few minutes as the young woman slept and her eyes slowly shut, and she gave over to sleep.

"Elsa and Anna haven't woken up yet." Belle told Rapunzel as the two sat at the table for breakfast.

"Ehh, let 'em sleep." Rapunzel smiled as she flipped through her journal, "After what we heard last night they should be exhausted."

"Yeah that was impressive how loud they were." Belle chuckled as she poured herself a cup of hot coffee.

"It was their first time." Rapunzel said, smiling, "The least we can do is simply not mention it."

"Imagine Elsa's face if we said, 'hey we heard you guys getting some in the shower last night.'!"

Rapunzel laughed lightly and started a new entry in her journal, writing about her case and writing about Belle, her cousin, and Elsa along with Olaf and how everything was going well in her family life. She was always sure she wrote all the positive things about her life in the journal, because when she would come back to it years later, she would want to read of the happy times, not the bad times so she refrained from mentioning the serial killer in her pages.

She couldn't help but mention him a few times, however. But when she did, she kept it lighthearted, although her heart was burdened in reality. She hoped to look back at this case as a triumph in the near future. There was no way she was letting this become a cold case.

When she realized Belle had become silent after a while, she lifted her eyes to see Belle with her cheek in her hand and watching Elsa with a soft, affectionate smile on her face.

"Hmm." Rapunzel hummed questioningly, placing a period at the end of the sentence she had just written.

"I love watching you write." Belle said simply, lifting her cup of coffee to her lips.

"Well then." Rapunzel sighed, smiling, "I love watching you too...especially when you're reading or doing an autopsy…minus the gore."

"You were always squeamish." Belle chuckled, crossing the space between her and Rapunzel. She leaned down and Rapunzel shut her eyes as Belle pressed her lips to her cheek, holding it out for a few seconds, then letting go slowly, nuzzling her nose and placing a light kiss on her lips as well.

"Let's try to have a good day today, okay?" Rapunzel said to her partner, "I don't want to be discouraged today by this case."

"I agree." Belle said, "Let's get going soon. I need to finish my autopsy."

"Good morning." Came a small voice as Olaf entered the room.

"Hey, bud." Rapunzel greeted him, patting the seat next to her. He hopped up onto the chair and Belle placed a plate of waffles, eggs, and bacon in front of him which he hastily got into. Rapunzel watching him eat for a few minutes, then wrote in her journal, "My cousin's girlfriend's brother is beginning to look more like Elsa every day. The features on his face are almost identical to that of his sister. If they weren't so far apart in age, I'd believe they were identical twins. The little guy seems to have developed a small crush on me much to my and Belle's amusement. He will stare at me when he thinks I'm not looking. I won't be surprised if he starts asking me for a lock of my hair next."

"Do you and Belle have to go away all day again?" Olaf asked Rapunzel. She tapped her pen on the page and replied sadly, "Yeah."

"Oh." Olaf replied in a slight disappointed tone then continued so shyly that Rapunzel and Belle smiled and resisted giggling, "I love my sister and Anna, but I would like to spend more time with YOU."

"I promise that you and I will hang out in the future." Rapunzel reassured the boy as she stood and placed her empty breakfast plate into the sink.

"Awesome!" Olaf said excitedly. Rapunzel reached down and picked up her journal, closing the leather bound book and tucking the pen into the spine. The detective, hallway to the door, turned and waved to Olaf. He got out of his chair and ran to her. She opened his arms for him and pulled him into a hug.

"Be careful." Olaf sighed. And Rapunzel shut her eyes, hugging him tightly in reply. Belle stood by and her chest swelled with happiness seeing her always-tough partner hugging a little boy who was concerned for her safety. Rapunzel stood tall and told him, "I'll be careful as long as you stay safe here while I'm gone, okay? Stay upstairs and don't answer the door for any-"

Just as she was about to finish her sentence, there came from the front door the sounds of someone knocking rapidly. Rapunzel looked over her shoulder to cast Belle a look, wordlessly asking her, 'were you expecting anyone today?'. The medical examiner shrugged her shoulders and looked just as confused as Rapunzel.

The detective walked quickly to the door and turned the knob, slowly pulling it open a crack to see who was on the other side. A tall, blonde, disgruntled looking man, twisting a ratty looking cleaning rag stood at the door, nervously looking inside and impatiently tapping his foot on the sidewalk.

"Is…is Elsa here?" asked the man anxiously. Rapunzel stared at him for a while longer, her eyes narrowing in suspicion. Belle, beside her and Olaf, behind the two women, stared in wait to see what Rapunzel would say.

"How do you know Elsa?" Rapunzel asked.

"I-I'm her cousin." Kristoff said hastily, trying to push his way inside, but Rapunzel held the door fast, "Can you just let me in? There's something I need from her."

"Is it more money?" Olaf demanded from behind the two women.

Rapunzel turned her head and stared at Olaf very hard before asking him, "Is this guy related to you?"

"Yes." Olaf said, crossing his arms, "He's my he always wants something from us."

"Listen, it's important this time." Kristoff said in a hushed voice, looking behind him, over his shoulder, "I owe some guys some money and they're not going to-"

"And what makes you think Elsa is just going to hand you over the money?" Rapunzel asked viciously, "And to be honest I think you've come to the wrong house. I'm a fucking cop, you idiot. What kind of money do you owe? Drug money?"

"I need to pay off a loan!" Kristoff shouted loudly, throwing his arms in the air, "Nothing else! I just needed some groceries and asked a buddy of mine to give me a loan. I didn't know that he was demanding interest so I owe him almost fifty dollars!"

"And who do you think you are coming to-"

"Punzy…" came Elsa's groggy voice from behind them, all four looked at her with surprised expressions,"Let the moron in."

"Oh thank GOD!" Kristoff shouted, muscling his way in the house, rudely shoving Rapunzel out of the way who snorted harshly and Belle's cheeks grew hot with anger at the man's intrusiveness. Elsa, still very sleepy and half asleep, reached up lazily and pattered Kristoff's cheek and handed him some money, then patted his other cheek a few times…then slapped it. It was a gentle slap, but it was still a slap.

"OW!" Kristoff wined.

"That's what you get for being the biggest louse on planet earth every time you come around." Elsa growled, rubbing her eyes tiredly, "I'm going back to bed to rest. Kristoff, you parasite, get out. Belle and Punzy, have a good day at work. Olaf, you play wherever and don't answer the door for anyone. If you need anything just come and get me."

With that, everyone obeyed. Belle and Rapunzel left with annoyed and slightly disgusted glances at Kristoff, Olaf went off into the living room to find Sven, and Kristoff tucked the money hastily into his pocket making for the door. As Elsa walked up the stairs lazily, she halted and the very top, made sure everyone was gone, then kept on her way.

As Kristoff walked outside, her stopped in his tracks, then pressed his back up against the smooth wood of the front door. There was no way in hell he was leaving so soon. He had nowhere to go, and even if he was a leech, he had no choice. His cousins were the only ones who could help him and he was going to get as much help as he could. He waited until Belle and Rapunzel were gone and all was quiet inside the house to go back inside. Then he opened the door and snuck back in. He walked inside and sighed silently, forgetting to shut the door after him, then went to look for the refrigerator.

Olaf, out in the living room, heard the soft shuffle of heavy footsteps making their way across the floor into the kitchen. He froze immediately and thought about the murderer at large. What if it was him? The young boy sat rigid and listened intently. The footsteps made their way into the kitchen, then he heard the refrigerator door open slowly. Olaf craned his neck to see through the two conjoining rooms…

"Kristoff?!" Olaf cried.

"HMM?!" the man asked, surprised upon being caught, "Ugh. You."

"Why are you in here?" Olaf asked accusingly, stomping from the living room and into the kitchen where he poked Kristoff's leg.

"I was hungry." Kristoff replied, staring very hard at Olaf, thinking 'who does this little squirt think he is, talking back to me?'

"You've technically broken in."

"Technically." Kristoff said, rummaging through the cupboards, "Hey, where's the peanut butter?"

As Olaf and Kristoff were having a heated conversation in the kitchen, a hooded figure stood silently at the door that was left open by Kristoff, observing the boy and the blonde man and their small quarrel. The cold eyes focused in on the small boy…

Olaf was still talking to Kristoff with his back turned as the figure silently moved inside of the building. Kristoff, who was bent down, searching for food was unaware of the hooded man's presence. The figure waited for thier chance to trike, then just as Olaf was turning to look behind him, the figure darted across the floor between him and Olaf and before Olaf could fully get his scream out, the dark figure grabbed him by the arms, put his hand over Olaf's mouth and dragged him out the door as quickly and silently as he could. Kristoff, hearing the beginning of Olaf's scream, whipped around and saw the figure jumping out of the door that was hanging wide open. His jaw dropped when he heard Olaf's panicked cry from outside, "ELSAAA!"

Elsa sat up in bed immediately when she heard the muffled scream of her brother. The barista bounded across the room, down the stairs and out into the street, bolting after Kristoff who was running for all his might after a black hummer.

"What happened?!" Elsa roared, grabbing Kristoff's shirt and yanking him backwards so that his hit the ground with a thud, looking up at Elsa with wide eyes.

"WHERE IS MY BROTHER?!" Elsa demanded.

Kristoff shakily lifted his hand and pointed forward at the black hummer driving away.

Then, Elsa felt a feeling she had never felt before. It was a mixture of feelings that made her red hot all over. Anger, rage, fear, loss, hatred and overwhelming worry flooded her system all at once as she realized what had happened. Kristoff stumbled to his feet and, panting, looked at the hummer driving away and then at Elsa who remained completely still, staring after the car with wide, blue eyes filled with startling fear.


"SHUT UP!" Elsa screamed at her cousin, grabbing his shirt and shaking him violently, tears rolling down her cheeks, "HE TOOK HIM!"


"He took my baby brother!"