Hey guys! So, I got my first M/M request. (That took a really long time, I'm surprised). Here's how I'm going to go with this: There are a lot of extremely creepy M/M pairings, and I don't want to write the weird ones. So please, unless it's your OTP, I'd prefer straight relationships. Thanks.

Today, though, is going to be Larry and Franziska. Some of you wanted crack, some of you didn't, so… Yeah. I'm just going to improvise.


I never thought a whip could be used like this.

She hooked me around my waist, and pulled me towards her. Her lips crashed into mine, and the sloppy, passionate kiss left me breathless. "Mmm, yes, you fool," she said as we broke apart. I went in for another kiss, and she responded eagerly. As we broke apart, her teeth gently closed around my bottom lip, stretching it towards her. "Larry," she called.

"What is it, babe?"


"What is it?"

"Larry! It's time for breakfast! Wake up!"

I opened my eyes to find a pillow being hurled at me. Phoenix was standing in the door.

Oh, right. I was staying at the Wright's house for the week.

"I'm up, I'm up! Geez, Nick!"

"Are you sure, babe?"

"Did I say that out loud?" I groaned.

"Yes. Who exactly were you dreaming about? It had better not be my daughter, or I'll be defending myself in a murder case."

"No, it's not her. It's another chick."

"It had better be. Trucy made pancakes. And you had better at least pretend that you like them."

"Are they going to be like the omelets she made yesterday?"

"She likes peanut butter, and she likes chocolate, and she likes potato chips, and she likes cherry pie filling, and she likes pickles, and she likes omelets. She just doesn't like them all together."

"I don't, either."

"I think the pancakes should be halfway normal. I didn't see any farfetched ingredients."

I staggered out of bed, leaving my dreams of Franzie behind. I stumbled into the kitchen to find a ten year old girl looking at me, excitedly. "Hi, Mr. Larry! I made you breakfast!"

"Oh, you did? That's great." I looked down at my plate of pancakes. Huh. They did look pretty normal. I cut a piece off with my fork, and took a bite. It was terrible. I choked, and Phoenix glared at me. "Can you get me a glass of water, Trucy? These pancakes are so good, I let them go down the wrong pipe."

"I knew that they'd be yummy! I added a whole bottle of vanilla!"

"Trucy loves her vanilla," Phoenix added.

"So, Daddy, what are we going to do today?" the little demon asked.

"Oh, well Edgeworth and Franziska are going off on an another Interpol mission today. They'll be leaving soon. We're going to the airport to see them go."

"They're leaving again? How long are they gonna be gone?" I asked.

"They didn't say. Anywhere from a month to a year," Phoenix replied, choking down a pancake with a smile.

"Aww, but Mr. Edgeworth is so much fun!" Trucy whined.

"You have an interesting definition of fun, kid," I replied.

"So Larry, you're coming with, aren't you?" Phoenix asked.

"Of course, Nick! What kind of friend do you think I am?!"

"I plead the fifth," he retorted.

"What's the fifth?" Trucy asked.

"It's the right to remain silent," Phoenix replied.

"Oh." She stuffed a pancake in her cheeks, and she strongly resembled a chipmunk.

"So, we should get going," Phoenix said eventually.

"But you guys only had one pancake!" Trucy grumbled.

"I'm not very hungry," I replied. "But they were very good." She glared at me.

"You're lying."

"Huh? What makes you say that?"

"Your right eye twitches whenever you lie. Plus, my pancakes tasted gross," she smirked.

"Nick! What's up with your kid?! I don't twitch my eye when I lie! And I wasn't lying!"

"Hee hee, your eye twitched again." Trucy grinned innocently.

"Trucy's got a built in lie detector. She's pretty good at finding these kinds of things," Phoenix added.

"Daddy, you should get us McDonald's on the way to the airport," Trucy said.

"I agree."


After getting two McMuffins and a happy meal ("But Daddy! You never get me happy meals! How am I supposed to be happy if I never get to eat a happy meal?!"), we had arrived at the airport. I saw Franziska in the distance, next to Edgeworth. I'd give just about anything to trade places with him, just to be by her side. He didn't know what he had.

"Mr. Edgey! Miss Franzy!" Trucy ran up to them, and hugged Edgeworth's leg. He looked down at her awkwardly, and patted her on the head.

Me and Phoenix walked up to them a moment later, and Franziska was threatening the little girl with her whip.

"Ooh! Miss Franzy, can I try?"

"My name is NOT Franzy. And no, you'll get yourself killed."

"Please? Miss Franziska?" Franziska glanced at me.

"You're only allowed to hit him and your father." She handed Trucy the whip, and she immediately started whirling it around. Phoenix snatched it out of the air with one hand, causing the spinning Trucy to fall over.

"No weapons in the airport, Trucy."

"Then how come Miss Franziska gets to play with it?" she whined.

"She's a member of the police force, so she has special privileges."

"How can I get special privileges?" Trucy whined.

"Stop spinning weapons around," Franziska retorted. "Then you might have a chance."

"What's the point of having weapons if you can't use them?" she complained.

"Franziska, our plane is about to leave," Edgeworth interrupted. Trucy looked up at him, and glared evilly. She pulled off his cravat, and ran. Edgeworth and Phoenix followed, shouting.

"That foolish fool, foolishly raising a foolish fool of a foolish child," Franziska huffed. "Well, I am taking my seat on the plane." She turned and began walking away.

"Wait! Franziska!" I called, running up to her.

"What is it? I have a plane to catch." Her blue-gray eyes pierced through mine, and I knew there was only one thing that I could do.

"Forgive me."

"What? Wh-oomph!" I crashed my lips into hers, for a single moment. When she shoved me away, she began whipping me until I passed out. I probably deserved it.

I dreamed of her, of course.