As dawn began to blanket the sky, the Elder God Shinnok made his way to his chambers. It had been a long year, the Union of Elders had decided that there were to be Realms...where all their creation would be free and not bound to just the Heavens-or NetherRealm. It would be announced to the Gods and Angels in a few nights-when everything would be valid, and Shinnok could feel excitement running through his veins. He was already in power of his sector (death), and thought of what may happen when whole Realms would fall to him. That surge of excitement slowly shifted to darkness. Whole Realms at his mercy...souls that will worship and praise him...his unbreakable influence to kill...

Thunder boomed,

Shinnok shook his head. Such ideas are never welcome in the Heavens, and as one of the Divine, he must not allow such thoughts to occupy him. Either way, he had enough to think about-it was requested for all the Elders to have a lead Sorcerer.

As he arrived to his destination, he closed the vintage door behind him and gathered five candles, each representing the major elements. A blue one-water, a red one-fire, a green one-earth, a white one-air and a black one-death.

As he laid them out in a ring, a cold chill ran through him. He stopped and closed his eyes, allowing it to have its temporary control-then leave. When he opened his eyes, the candles were alight. He smiled and raised his hands-one clawed at his heart, and the other opened towards the centre of the ring. He began to chant the Sacred words to the Aleh, and the flames of the candles began to reach for the middle of the circle.

Slowly, the air began to dampen and the soil began to come together. Wind whirled around in the interior, until the middle was no longer visible. As his words began to harden, the fire of the candles joined the wind, and the gust had turned into vapour, flames, wind and sand-all controlled by Death himself.

A faint moan was heard in the middle...and slowly the flames returned to the candles, and the winds died down. In the centre of the circle laid a body. He approached, circled, and studied the being. Once he was satisfied with his work, he knelt down beside the body, cupped his hands, and breathed life into it.

The head moved to the side slightly, and the hands began to explore the ground beneath it.

And as it turned its head towards the Lord, it's eyes opened.