by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Eva, Robocop, The Matrix, Hellboy, Terminator 3, She-Ra, Star Wars the Clone Wars, Mortal Kombat 9, Justice League TAS or their characters.

Summary: A group of unique heroes are pulled from their respective universes and thrust into the world of the Justice League.

NOTE: This is meant to be a one-shot chapter, with a possible follow up for later. This was just written for fun, and because I was bored. It might not be perfect, but it's not really meant to be.


Chapter 1
The New Heroes

It had been ten hours since the Eva had gotten swallowed by the 12th Angel, and Shinji was at his last breath of air. If one counted breathing LCL into his lungs as air.

He was on the verge of passing out, when everything around him seemed to spin. He felt the entry pod rumble, explosions outside the Eva now getting his attention. He felt the heat of the explosions, and the rumbling became jostling, to the point it was worse than riding with Misato in her car.

He suddenly felt the Eva disappear, as if leaving him. But he was not alone.

"Shinji... my son..."

"Who... who are you?"

"I am your mother. I am Yui Ikari." the voice said as a face appeared before him.

"What... my mother? What's happening? Where are we... I don't understand." the teenager replied.

"You and I are being sent somewhere else. The 12th Angel is letting us go, to another universe." the woman said.

"Another universe? Why?" he asked.

"It doesn't want to hurt us... but it cannot allow us to help NERV keep Lilith prisoner any longer."

"So I was right. The Angels were attacking... because we had an Angel inside NERV. The one that Misato and Kaji showed me. They were attacking us... to rescue... Lilith?" he asked.

"Yes." she said.

"So... it's sending us to another universe?" he asked.

"Yes. This Angel is unique in that it can open portals to other universes. Other dimensions. Even other worlds. And it is sending us, together, to some place else." Yui explained.

"I... think that would be better." Shinji said with a smile.

Yui appeared next to Shinji, naked as the day she was born, and every bit what she looked like on the day she had been absorbed into Unit 01.

Their world suddenly changed, as a hole opened up beneath them and swallowed them whole. Like a giant tube-slide.

Images flashed passed his eyes, his mind slightly unable to comprehend the strange and bizarre scenes he himself was witnessing.

(Universe One)

Shinji and his mother passed through a world where a red-skinned demon was a government operative to destroy the evil creatures that threatened mankind.

He saw the red-skinned demon in question, standing against an army of mindless monsters whose only desire was to kill the demon. He saw the demons friends lying around at his feet, the monsters getting closer to him.

Shinji and Yui fell past him on both side of his body, the red demon suddenly falling with them, leaving the monsters to attack and kill themselves.

(Universe Two)

They passed through a futuristic world where a starship captain and his crew were battling a genetically engineered warrior, and losing.

Shinji saw himself heading towards the warrior. A tall, lean and athletic man with short black hair, pale skin and a cold glare. He passed right through the man, who was no affected in the least, though he was slightly confused. Shinji, however, swore he felt something come along with him as he did. As if it were being pulled by him from the man.

A man whose name he knew, yet he didn't know how.

A man named Khan.

(Universe Three)

They passed through a more modern-day world where a young future resistance leader was being hunted by a highly advanced cybernetic weapon that just happened to look like an incredibly sexy, blond-haired, blue-eyed woman.

He saw his mother head right towards this woman, her incorporeal body slamming into the blond-haired cyborg and then saw the cyborg fall after him down the hole. Looking back, he saw a strange cybernetic skeleton remain behind in place of the woman he had just seen.

(Universe Four)

They passed through a world that looked like it was in chaos from all types of criminals running rampant and doing whatever they wanted. He saw a high-tech armored and well-armed police officer being used as a weapon to hunt down criminals, but his mind being controlled by a powerful corporation called OCP. The police officer was able to free himself from their control, but was about to be put down by the privatized army of soldiers for the corporation. Shinji and his mother passed through the universe, on both sides of the cyborg police officer, and pulled him down with them, even as the energy vortex unleashed an electrical surge that accidentally opened up OCP's files to the world, exposing their secrets to all of mankind, including their responsibility of causing the crime wave that would push the public to accept/demand cybernetic police officers.

(Universe Five)

The pair pass through the Nether Realm of a universe where highly skilled fighters battle to protect their world from annihilation at that hands of interdimensional warlords and monsters, where they inadvertently pull a shapely, athletic and sexy young-looking woman with long black hair, dressed in a sexy green outfit, along with them through the portal.

However, their disruption of the Nether Realm dimension, sends the other people who were standing next to the woman, (an athletic princess wearing blue, an angry young martial arts prodigy, a cybernetic armed commando, a SWAT team officer, a former crime syndicate operative, a cybernetic ice ninja, a human smoke ninja, a Native America mystic, and a shaolin priest wearing a razor-rimmed black hat) back to the Earth Realm, allowing a certain thunder god to revive them, freeing them of their afterlife incarceration.

(Universe Six)

The pair pass through the dimensions and emerge briefly on the world of Etheria, where they save a powerful young heroine from being captured and tortured by the evil Horde.

Utilizing mass bombardment weapons, the Horde attacked every innocent village and town, luring the Great Rebellion out into the open to be destroyed. Eventually the blond heroine was left all alone, surrounded and about to be captured by troopers, who were prepared to do anything they wanted to her, she was suddenly rescued, whisked away to another world that would need her power.

And leaving the planet Etheria to self-destruct since their planetary bombardment had destabilized the elemental balance of the planet itself.

(Universe Seven)

They passed through a far distant dystopian world where the entire Earth was covered in storm clouds and a race of highly advanced machines had driven the last of mankind underground. He saw a blinded man with incredible powers fighting to defend the last of mankind against an artificially created 'Agent' of an computer-generated dream world called The Matrix.

Shinji saw himself pass through the blinded man, said man possessing great powers and willingness to sacrifice for his people.

Like before with the other man, Shinji felt something being pulled along with him as he passed through the blinded man.

A man called Thomas Anderson, but who was known as Neo.

(Universe Eight)

The pair pass through an alternate universe, where costumed heroes battled to protect their world from the forces of evil in various shapes and forms.

One of these heroes, an amazing red-and-blue suited spider-themed clone vigilante, was pulled away from his world via the pair passing by him and sucking him down into the portal they inadvertently created with their traveling.

Which was fortunate for him, seeing as how he was about to be attacked by a large group of his rogues gallery, one of whom had come prepared to eliminate him, but using a specialized neutron bomb, based off the supervillain called Nitro, which would destroy everything within the blast radius of a quarter of a mile, and nothing else.

With the webslinger gone, the bomb nevertheless exploded and took out over two dozen costumed super villains in an instant.

(Universe Nine)

Traveling through a dimension where five unique individuals were exposed to a forceful surge of high-energy cosmic radiation aboard a V-shaped space station, the mother and son passed through the energy cloud, along with their unintentional allies from the other dimensions.

This radiation having washed over this unique group, however briefly as they passed through this dimension, was more than enough to stabilize and revitalize the group of seven, many of whom were heavily injured and even dead when they were taken from their world.

Quickly passing through the dimension and the energy cloud, an energy which the 12th Angel used to alter their bodies costumes, so as to upgrade and repair them as needed, the seven were once again pushed through into another universe.

A world of costumed heroes and villains referred to as the DCAU.


(Universe Ten, DCAU)

In the city of Metropolis, a mysterious and powerful energy portal opens up and drops seven human looking people into the middle of the city.

This will be your new world. Good luck to you all. The 12th Angel said to them as it closed the portal and went back to rescuing Lilith from NERV.

The first person is Robocop, a.k.a. Alex J. Murphy. He was armored head-to-toe with the latest in advanced cybernetics technology, titanium armor, tactical police weapons and a heads-up targeting and tracking display. The lower half of his face was seen, which was the only indication of his being human.

The second is Spider-Man, a.k.a. Ben Reilly. Dressed in his own version of the red-and-blue Spider-Man outfit, a different design from what Peter Parker originally created in the other universe. Due to his heritage, Ben is brown-haired with hazel eyes.

The third is She-Ra, a.k.a. Princess Adora from Etheria, chosen to wield the Sword of Protection, and lead the Great Rebellion against the Evil Horde, as the super-powered heroine She-Ra. Dressed in a white tunic-type dress with gold boots, belt and headdress, wrist bands on her arms, and a small red cape flowing behind her. She has long blond hair and blue eyes.

The fourth is Yui Ikari, now the mind and soul of the T-X Terminator, dubbed 'The Terminatrix', who was absorbed by the Evangelion Unit-01 robot during activation, and now freed by the 12th Angel, given new life in the most advanced cyborg of all time. She was dressed in a reddish leather outfit with matching shoes. Her default female form is blond haired and blue-eyed.

The fifth is Jade, bodyguard to Princess Kitana of Edenia, she is strong, athletic and highly skilled in the martial arts. She wields an energy staff that is both offensive and defensive in nature. She was dressed in a sexy but functional slave girl/Arabian princess outfit with long black boots and a mask over the lower half of her face. She has long black hair, brown eyes, and tanned skin.

The sixth is Hellboy, a.k.a. Anung Un Rama, a red-skinned demon who was found and raised by a kind professor who trained him to defend mankind from paranormal threats. His right hand is a large stone-like fist, and he was dressed in a brown trench coat, black pants and shirt and boots. He had a gun holster on his belt where his large revolver sat.

The last person is Shinji Ikari, a.k.a. the Third Child of NERV, who had changed from a lean brown-haired, blue-eyed 14-year old Japanese boy, into a tall, athletic and handsome Japanese man with a 20-year old appearance, dressed in a modified blue and white light-armored suit (Think the armored suit worn by 'Kicker' in Transformers Energon) with the words 'EVA 01' on left side of his chest.

"Owww..." Jade groaned as she gripped her staff. "That hurt."

"I feel like crap." Hellboy grunted as he shook his head to clear his thoughts.

"All systems... operational." Robocop stated as he sat up.

"Are you alright?" Spider-Man asked the blond haired woman in white who he was lying next to.

"Uh... yes. I think so." She-Ra said to the red-and-blue man to her left.

"Shinji-kun?" the blond-haired cyborg asked to young man sitting up next to her.

"M-Mother?" Shinji gasped as he pulled his helmet off.

"Shinji?" she gasped, looking at her now adult son.

She touched his face, staring at her now grown child.

"What happened?" she asked.

"I..." Shinji started to say, touching his own face, and then looking at his reflection in the visor of his helmet. "...I've changed."

"We all have. In some way." Yui said as she looked at the other people who had arrived with them.

It took ten minutes for the group to look at and examine themselves, collect their thoughts and such, give their own introductions and a brief history about themselves, before finally speaking their minds about what had just happened.

"So, what are we gonna do now?" Hellboy grumbled as he looked around.

"There is not very much, if anything, we can do. We're in an alternate universe, all of us having lost something or someone, even our own worlds, so there isn't very much for us to go back to." Yui said.

"Almost as if we have been given new life." Jade said.

"But what are we going to do with these new lives?" Spider-Man asked.

Robocop suddenly turned his head to the side.

"I am detecting a radio transmission. Several criminals have escaped from prison. Five super villains are responsible for the break out. I must apprehend them." he said as he began heading towards the prison.

The others looked at one another in shock.

"He must apprehend them? He's not from this universe." She-Ra asked.

"He's a cop. No matter we're in another dimension, it's his job." Spider-Man said. "And I'm going to help him."

"I'll join you." the princess of power said.

"I want to help." Jade said.

"I'm game." Hellboy said.

"Shinji?" Yui asked her son.

The young man put his helmet back on and stood up.

"I'm in." he said to his mother.


Solomon Grundy and Copperhead were running through the abandoned warehouse like someone was chasing them. They had made their way to what was a long and empty hallway.

"This way!" Copperhead shouted, pointing to the left.

"Grundy say this way!" the large zombie said, pulling the snake-man to the right.

"Hey!" he shouted.

However, once they got outside...

"This is the police! Surrender!" an officer shouted though a bullhorn.

"Terrific. 'Grundy say this way'." Copperhead said mockingly to the large zombie as the police opened fire. "What next?"

Behind them, two individuals were watching them intently.

"How can we stop them? We don't know what these two are capable of." She-Ra asked Spider-Man.

"The guy dressed up as a snake probably has poisoned fangs, speed, agility, and is stronger than a normal human. The big grey guy seems to be incredibly strong and durable. But not too intelligent." the webslinger surmised.

She-Ra looked at Spider-Man in shock.

"How could you possibly know that?" she asked.

"I've taken on guys like that in my world. You?" he asked.

"Not like them... but I get what you're saying." she said.

"Good. Uh... how strong are you?" he asked.

"I'm considered the most powerful woman in the universe." she said with modesty.

"Good. Not sure what the power ratio difference would be, but if Big Gray over there is anything like I think he is, you're gonna need it." he said as he lead her into the warehouse.

The two villains continued to search for a way out to escape, but paused when they noticed two people ahead of them.

One was a beautiful blond haired woman in a white and gold outfit with a headdress and a red cape wielding a sword. The other was an athletic man wearing a red and blue suit with a black spider on his chest.

"Who the heck are you?" Copperhead asked.

"Grundy Not Care! Grundy Smash!" Solomon Grundy shouted as he charged towards them.

"Great. He looks, sounds and acts just like The Hulk." Spider-Man said.

"The who?" She-Ra asked.

"Looks like him, only green." Spider-man said, thumbing towards Grundy.

Copperhead suddenly started running, only to have Spider-Man give chase to him.

"Grundy Smash Pretty Girl!" the zombie shouted as he charged the blond heroine.

"Aren't you a charmer." She-Ra smirked as she dodged his massive fists before moving in closer to block his attacks. She grabbed his wrists and held them up high, even as Grundy towered over her. "You are strong. But I'm no slouch myself." she said as she pushed back against Grundy, forcing him back enough to stumble and fall.

Spider-Man and Copperhead were jumping back and forth from wall to wall, like they were playing a game of tag/follow-the-leader.

"Stop following me!" the snake shouted.

"Stop moving around!" the spider said. "Come here, fang face!"

"Make me, bug breath!" he retorted.

Spider-Man fired his webline at the slippery snake man, catching his tail, and yanking in it hard, pulling the villain back towards himself.

"Hey! What the...AHHHH!" Copperhead shouted.

"Gotcha!" Spider-Man shouted as he grabbed the snake villain.



She-Ra punched and kicked Grundy over and over again. She punched Grundy in the face, knocking him back through a wall.

Strange. I've never cut loose like this before. Yet, it feels so liberating. She thought as she charge the zombie once again.

"Grundy Smash!" the zombie shouted as he charged the woman again.

He's strong. But I'm She-Ra! She thought as she lunged forward and punched the zombie in the face. I need to take him down fast. She thought as she punched him again and again, hitting his face and stomach before throwing an uppercut that knocked the super-strong zombie out of the building and into the street. He was unconscious. There, done. I hope Spider-Man is having as much luck as I am.

As if her prayers had been answered, She-Ra suddenly heard the sounds of fighting coming from the next room.

Racing into the next room, She-Ra paused when she saw Spider-Man blocking kicks and punches from the snake-themed villain.

"Stand still so I can hurt you!" Copperhead shouted as he punched Spider-Man again, only to have his fist blocked and his face smashed in. "I'll Bite You!"

"Bite this!" Spider-Man roared as he threw his fist forward.


Copperhead went flying across the room, smashing into the crates and boxes of the warehouse.

"Well, that was fun." Spider-Man said.

"Are you alright?" She-Ra asked.

"Yeah. I'm fine. You?"

"Never better."

"Come on. Let's wrap these two up and go find the rest of our friends." he said, the blond princess of power actually smiling that she had new friends, over recently losing her old ones.


Firefly and Volcana had arrived in a nearby chemical plant where Firefly had stashed his gear.

"Volcana! Firefly! Put your hands up and come out peacefully!" the police officer shouted through a bullhorn into the building.

"Right, like that's going to happen." the sexy, orange-haired woman said to herself. "You ready?" she asked her partner.

"Just about." Firefly said as he put the newest chemical cartridge into his hand-held flamethrower.

"That's your flamethrower?" she asked, poking at his handgun-like weapon.

"Wait till you see how I use it." he said through his mask.

Firefly jumped out from the building and fired at the police, but is driven back by their gunfire.

"Okay, need a new strategy." he said to the pyrokinetic.

"Don't worry, honey. I've got this." she said with a comforting smile.

Volcana walked out, her body on fire, as the police cars suddenly were engulfed by a wall of flames.

Just then, the fires were blasted by an explosion of foam that neutralized the majority of the fire. Everyone looked on as a new pair walked out before the police.

One was a silver/metal robot, the other was a red-skinned creature in a trench coat.

"Fire Suppressant Foam successful." the robot said as he replaced his hockey-puck sized disc into the outer side of his left leg. He then turned his attention to the pair of super villains. "Halt! You are under arrest! Surrender now, or there will be... trouble." the robot said.

"Who the heck are you?" one of the policemen asked the pair.

"Call me, Robocop." the robot said.

"And I'm Hellboy." the red-skinned creature said.

"Pleased to meet you. Now, Burn!" the sexy woman glared as he fired her flames at the pair.

Suddenly, the red demon jumped in front of the robot and took the full blast of her fire powers.

However, nothing happened.

"Wha..." she gasped.

"I'm fireproof, babe." Hellboy said.

"Really? You are... but are they?" she asked with a devilish smirk as she looked at the police.

Volcana opened fire on the red-skinned demon even as he approached her, the massive amounts of flames burning his coat and pants. He continued to advance, despite the intense heat.

"Wha... that's impossible!" Volcana gasped as he reached her, his large stone fist reaching out and grabbing her arm.

"Sorry to do this, honey, but you're not giving me any choice." he said as he brought his left hand up and flicked her face with his fingers, knocking her cold.

Just then Firefly jumped out and opened fire upon the pair.

Robocop targeted his flamethrower with his own gun, and fired, blasting the weapon out of his hand.

"Hey! That's not fair!" Firefly shouted as he activated his jetpack, taking off into the air. "Time to vamoose!" he said as he turned around to fly away.

"I don't think so, creep!" Robocop said as he targeted Firefly's wings, shooting them off and damaging his jetpack in the process. Firefly dropped into a nearby dumpster, hitting his head and knocking him half-conscious.

The police quickly cuffed Firefly and Volcana.

"Thanks for the help. You guys with the Justice League?" one of the police men asked.

"No." Robocop said as he turned and walked away.

"We're kinda new here." Hellboy said as he turned and walked away.


Luminous was heading towards an alleyway in order to find a way out away from the prison.

He continued running, until three figures dropped in front of him.

A man in a white armored suit, and two women. The first woman was blond, dressed in a red leather suit and boots. The second was a raven-haired woman in a sexy green Arabian Nights outfit.

"There's only one? Why did you insist on the three of us coming after him?" Jade asked, clearly confused why they needed three people to handle this one man.

"Because I sensed he was more dangerous than he appeared to be." Shinji said through his helmet.

"You have no idea." Luminous said as he pressed the button on his belt. Instantly, dozens of copies of Luminous himself appeared around the trio.

"What trickery is this?" Jade asked, brandishing her weapon. "Some form of illusion?"

"I don't think so." Yui said.

"Get 'em." Luminous said as the clones attacked.

Yui lashed out, knocking several of the clones back with her fists. While not a fighter in any way, shape or form, Yui compensated using the cybernetic systems of her new body to attack and defend.

Shinji kicked and punched several of the clones, throwing several of them into each other and causing them to disappear. The speed and accuracy at which he moved was incredible. Even to him.

Jade swung her energy staff around and around, striking several of the clones and causing them to vanish instantly.

"They are not illusions!" Jade shouted.

"Now you know why I wanted you here with us." Shinji said as he punched down several of the clones that tried to gang up on him.

His fighting skills are incredible! Jade mentally gasped.

Where did Shinji learn to fight like that? Yui wondered as she elbowed another hard-light clone.

"We need to find the real one!" Yui shouted.

Shinji waved his hands around the encompassing holograms, before pointing towards one of them.

"There! That's the real one!" he shouted.

Jade charged her energy staff and hurled it at Luminous, nailing him in the chest, simultaneously knocking him out and de-rezzing his holograms.

"How did you know he could do that?" Jade asked.

"I... just knew. It was like... insight, or something." Shinji said, shrugging his shoulders.

"Good insight." she said with a smirk.

Within a few minutes, the Justice League had arrived, and the new group of heroes were reunited.

They had a long series of questions to answer.