by Gunman

Disclaimer: I do not own Spider-Man, Justice League, or their characters.

Summary: Spider-Man and his allies travel to the Flashpoint Paradox universe in order to help prevent a devastating global Armageddon.


Chapter 6
Flashpoint Heroes Pt. 2

"If I don't come back, it's been an honor knowing you." Spider-Man said.

"Hold it! If you're the one taking all the risks... why did you bring us along?" Green Lantern asked.

"In case I fail." Spider-Man said.

"Not very confident, are you?" Batman Sr. said.

"A wise man once taught me to have a back-up plan." the web-slinger said.

"Who was this man?" Cyborg asked.

"His name was Captain America. You can look him up on the computer." Spider-Man said.

"Someone should still go with you." Batman Jr. said.

"No. Stealth over force has a better chance for success." he replied.

"But why do you have to take all the risks yourself?" Flash asked.

"Because this isn't my world." Spider-Man replied.

Picking up the crystal shards, Spider-Man vanished before the eyes of the group.

"Where did you find that guy?" Cyborg asked the group.

"We didn't." Green Lantern said.

"He found us." Starfire replied.

"Some kind of dimension-hopping superhero, who needed our help to save this world." Raven said.

"But why? If he's from another universe, why bother helping ours?" Batman Sr. asked.

"Something about bringing hope to this world." John Stewart said.

"Hope?" Superman asked.

"He wasn't too specific, but from what we've seen..." Flash said.


"Yeah. Because something really isn't right. Something happened to change all of this." Flash said.

"And he's going to change it even more." Batman Jr. said.

"Something wrong, Lantern?" Flash asked.

"You are so different from the Flash I knew." John said.

"You too. And not just because you're black." Barry replied.

"Right. Anyway, we should do something. I don't like just sitting around doing nothing." he said.

"We need to get organized." Cyborg said.

"Oh? You got something in mind?" Lantern asked.

Cyborg brought up the holographic images of the other metahumans he was attempting to recruit for his special task force. His communicator was open as well.

The group saw The Enchantress, Citizen Cold, Pied Piper, Shade, Sandman, and the Shazam Kids.

"When Batman originally refused to join us, a lot of them quit. A couple of them gave me their contact information just in case things changed." Cyborg said.

"Who quit?" Green Lantern asked.

"Sandman and Pied Piper were first, then Shade, then Citizen Cold. They all went back to their respective cities." Cyborg said. "Fortunately, there were a few other people I recently found who wanted to join up." he explained as he brought up four other new holographic images.

However, these figures were female, as opposed to the four men who had just quit. The League wondered if the guys would have stuck around if they had seen the present women.

"Element Woman. She can transmute her body into any element she can imagine. Fire, ice, stone, wood, water, steel, etc." Cyborg introduced.

The woman had long purple hair that seemed to flutter around in the breeze, a gray-stone face, and normal looking eyes which are black and white. Left leg looked like it was made of metal, right leg looked like stone, her left arm was almost a charcoal-like stone that was blazing on fire, and her right arm looked like it was made of ice. Her torso was covered by some kind of strange specially-made armor that stretched from her neck to her crotch.

John Stewart looked at her in shock, remembering his long-time friend Rex Mason, also known as Metamorpho the element man.

"The Black Canary. Professional street fighter with a powerful sonic scream." Cyborg said, moving on to the next woman.

This woman was much like the Black Canary the heroes remembered, however there were a couple differences. For one, she wore a black domino mask with the sides of the mask slightly pointed up. She also carried a pair of escrima sticks strapped to her back. And little did they know that her blond hair was very real. Aside from that she looked and dressed just like her counterpart.

"This is Lieutenant Zinda Blake, code-name Lady Blackhawk. RAF fighter pilot, skilled hand-to-hand combatant and an expert markswoman." Cyborg said, moving on to the third woman.

The woman was the tallest of the four, with long blond hair, blue eyes, and seemed as athletic as an amazon. She was dressed in a black flight uniform with a short skirt that showed off her legs, black gloves and boots and a pilots cap on her head with a strange hawk-like symbol on it. A gun holster was strapped under arm.

"And this is... Batwoman." Cyborg said, with some hesitation as the fourth woman appeared.

Everyone looked at the woman and then at Cyborg.

"She was heavily influenced by you, Bats." Cyborg said to Batman Sr.

The woman had long flaming-red hair, pale peach skin and an athletic figure. She was dressed in a dark gray, almost black, leather suit, with a black cape with the interior being red. Her mask covered her eyes and was pointed upwards on the sides, like a pair of ears. She had a red bat-symbol on her chest, red boots and gloves, and a red utility belt.

Batman Sr., Batman Jr., Robin, Green Lantern, Flash, Supergirl, Starfire, Raven and Superman could see the colors of their outfits more clearly since Cyborg was able to upgrade his holographics thanks to the tech Spider-Man had provided them.

"Hey, who are the other guys?" Lady Blackhawk asked. "They're new."

"Everyone, I'd like you to meet the Justice League." Cyborg said to the holograms.

"You've got strippers on your team?" Enchantress joked.

Starfire, Supergirl and Raven looked at the woman in the somewhat provocative witch-like outfit with eyes tightened into thin lines, like they knew it was an insult.

"Look who's talking." Supergirl said, pointing at Enchantress, Lady Blackhawk, Black Canary and Element Woman.

The quartet looked at each other and their outfits, before realizing she wasn't totally wrong.

"This is Zatanna Zatara, also known as The Enchantress. Lady Blackhawk is from London. Black Canary is a vigilante from Star City. Element Woman is a recent metahuman discovered by me outside of Metropolis. And Batwoman is from Coast City." Cyborg introduced. "Ladies, I'd like to introduce you to Superman, the two Batmen, Robin, Green Lantern, Flash, Supergirl, Starfire and Raven. There are a couple of others who are currently tied up at the moment." Cyborg said.

"Why do you have two Batmen?" Black Canary asked over the communicator.

"Long story." Batman Sr. said.

"Why do you have children on your team?" Green Lantern suddenly asked, indicating the six multi-ethnic children standing next to Enchantress.

"Say's you!" one of the 'children' said, pointing to Robin.

"These six children – collectively known as the Shazam Kids – each possess one of the six attributes of the power of the wizard Shazam, and have to work together to combine to become Captain Thunder." Cyborg explained.

"Eugene Choi. I possess the wisdom of Solomon." the Asian-American boy introduced himself.

"Pedro Peña, I possess the strength of Hercules." an overweight Latino boy introduced himself.

"Mary Batson, I possesses the stamina of Atlas." The brown haired American girl introduced herself.

"Freddy Freeman, I possess the power of Zeus." the tall brown-haired Canadian boy with the crutches introduced himself.

"Billy Batson, I possess the courage of Achilles." the young American boy with the black hair introduced himself.

"And I'm Darla Dudley, I possess the speed of Mercury." the African-American girl introduced herself.

"Individually they are powerful. But together they become one of the most powerful heroes on this planet." Cyborg said.

"Captain Thunder." Green Lantern said.

"Yeah." Cyborg replied.

"Incredible." Superman said.


After nearly a half-hour of discussion, Batman Sr. agreed to have these heroes meet at his Mansion. Cyborg gave them the address, with Batman's permission, and then proceeded with a new project.

Constructing a proper meeting place.

It took the group a few minutes to create and build a large circular table with several chairs around it, as their meeting table, with a 'JL' logo in the middle of the table. The group then sat down and started talking.

Their seating arrangement was Batman Sr., Batman Jr., Cyborg, Green Lantern, Flash, Supergirl, Starfire, Raven, Superman, Spider-Man (they made him a chair), and Jonn Jonzz (they made him a chair too, while he was recovering). Robin was a youth so he didn't get a chair. Just yet. So for now he just stood behind his father.

They had left several additional chairs open for their future team members.

The group them got down to business.

Their primary discussion at the moment was two different things: where Spider-Man had vanished to, and where were the other heroes of this world. Like Captain Atom for one.

"Captain Atom originally went to stop the war between the Amazons and Atlanteans. He disappeared somewhere over Europe. No one has been able to find him." Cyborg said.

"And he went by himself?" Superman asked.

"Yes." Cyborg said.

"If he was ordered to do so, he would have. Guy's a real patriot." Batman Sr. said.

"Sounds like Nathan, though." John Stewart agreed.

"Are there any other heroes we should try and recruit?" Supergirl asked.

"I've heard of this one guy with wind powers in Chicago, calls himself Red Tornado, but I haven't been able to locate him yet." Cyborg said.

"Any others?" Superman asked.

"Would be nice if we had some Atlantean and Amazon assistance." Flash said.

"That's not going to happen. At least not any time soon." Batman Sr. said.

"Arthur and Diana were once members of the League. But their war is bringing the world to it's knees." the speedster said.

"Even with these new recruits of Cyborg, I'm not sure we'll be able to stop two whole armies." Batman Jr. said.

"We never had their armies on our side before." Flash said. "And we did just fine."

"Because you had power." a voice from behind them said.

Everyone looked over and saw Jonn Jonzz, dressed in his blue cape, shorts, boots, and red X-shaped suspenders across his chest, his appearance now more humanoid than alien when they had found him.

"Jonn. How are you feeling?" Flash asked.

"Better. Thank you. All of you." Jonn said as he took a seat at the table.

The group continued discussing various plans on how to stop Arthur and Diana, even as Cyborg continued to monitor the world for additional heroes to add to their ranks.

Suddenly, a bright flash caught everyone's attention.

The League looked back to the side of the Cave, seeing a young man with brown hair and hazel eyes dressed in a light blue/green Atlantean-styled armor standing next to a beautiful red-haired woman dressed in a green two-piece bikini, cape, and a gold headdress.

The Justice League stood up from their chairs and gasped when they saw them.

"What?" Supergirl gasped, not recognizing the pair who had suddenly arrived.

"Who's that?" Flash asked

"Identify yourself!" Robin snapped at the pair.

"Guys! It's me! Spider-Man!" the young man in the Atlantean armor said to them.

"Spider-Man? Where's your costume?" Supergirl asked.

"Had to exchange it for a new one." Peter answered.

"What happened? Where are we?" the red-haired woman asked as she looked around confused and bewildered.

"Who is that?" Supergirl asked as she pointed to the redhead in the green bikini and cape.

"This is... Queen Mera of Atlantis." Peter introduced.

"Perhaps not 'Queen' anymore." Mera said.

"Jonn?" Batman Jr. asked the Martian.

"It is Spider-Man. And she is Queen Mera of Atlantis." The Martian said, using his telepathy to confirm their identities.

"Where are we?" Mera asked.

"This is the Batcave, our base of operations. Six months into the future." Peter said.

"Six months? Into the future?" she gasped.

Strange quakes suddenly rock the cave as everyone looks around in shock.

"What's happening?" Cyborg asked.

"An earthquake?" Starfire asked.

"That didn't feel like an earthquake." Green Lantern said.

"I don't think it was. It felt like... something else. Something... energetic." Raven said.

"I think... things have changed." Peter said. "The stasis field I erected over the mansion and this cave should have protected us from the chronological changes to this world."

Cyborg scanned the world-wide news networks and is shocked.

"What the... this is impossible!" Cyborg gasped.

"What's wrong?" Supergirl asked.

"Uh... Most of Europe isn't underwater. The United Kingdom hasn't been taken over by the amazon nation." he gasped, getting the rest of the heroes to gasp at what he was saying.

"So Atlantis and Themyscira didn't go to war." Batman Jr. said.

"No... but something else has come about." Cyborg said.

"What?" Supergirl asked.

"Well, to start: A massive earthquake has separated half of California and dropped it into the ocean." Cyborg said.

"The San Andreas Fault?" Flash asked.


"My God. Millions of people... dead." Supergirl said.

"Yeah, but not from war." Cyborg said.

"Anything else?" Batman Jr. asked.

"A nuclear missile was stolen from Russia and detonated in Germany. Eight months ago." Cyborg said.

"What? But Superman prevented... that." Flash groaned, realizing that Superman hadn't been around to deal with that crisis.

"The entire Mediterranean Ocean is now sovereign waters of Atlantis and Themyscira. The Middle East and most of Africa are under Atlantean and Amazon occupation, after they eliminated all of the terrorist and extremist forces." Cyborg explained.

"What did you do?" GL John Stewart asked Peter.

"I was attempting to prevent a war between Themyscira and Atlantis." Peter said.

"Well, you were successful. However, their alliance is now trying to show the world governments just how ineffective they are in dealing with free radical threats and organizations." Batman Sr. said.

"But they're conquering whole continents in the process." Green Lantern said.

"How many people have they killed thus far?" Flash asked about the Alliance.

"About... 29.6 million." Cyborg said.

"That's better than having 132 million dead and sinking half of the European continent with their war. Whatever you did made things better." Batman Jr. said to Peter.

"It's only slightly better. With their Alliance in control of the Middle East and most of Africa, not to mention the Mediterranean Sea, the world governments are considering them to be a threat. They are rallying together to put an end to them." Cyborg said.

"Funny how something like that gets the world governments to actually cooperate." Peter snickered.

"They're worried that the Amazon/Atlantean Alliance won't stop conquering various countries and putting down their different factions in order to bring them under their rule. The Alliance claims that they are doing this in order to create a peaceful world, but the world governments are resisting." Cyborg explained.

"Of course they are. A forced peace, by either sword or gun, is no peace at all." Superman said.

"What do you mean?" Robin asked.

"The world needs to come to this conclusion on its own." the man of steel said.

"It won't." the young side-kick said.

"It's the only way." Superman added.

"So... what do we do now?" Starfire asked.

"We prepare." Batman Sr. said.

"Oh, you're bleeding!" Mera gasped as she suddenly remembered the arrow still in Peter's stomach.

"Oh... right." he groaned, his body suddenly remembering the pain that the arrow was giving him.

Peter vaguely wondered how he could have ignored or overlooked such a thing.

"Here, allow me." Mera said as she moved Peter over to one of the work tables.

While Mera tended to Peter, the other heroes just kept watch as Raven came over to offer her healing abilities to the ailing hero. Namely to remove the arrow without rupturing any more of his blood vessels.

"So... you're not Spider-Man anymore?" Raven asked as her dark force powers kept the blood inside his body.

"No. Just call me... Peter. Peter Parker." Peter said as Mera carefully bandaged the wound.

"But how is that possible?" Supergirl asked, standing nearby.

"With this." Peter said as he put the special syringe that he had used to alter his genetics.

Peter then explained how he had used the syringe to change himself from a human-spider into an Atlantean using a special genetic modifier/retro-virus that he had helped to create. The Justice League just listened as Peter explained what he had done.

"Are you certain, Jonn?" Batman Jr. asked.

"Yes. Spider-Man has altered his genetics in order to become an Atlantean so that he could infiltrate Themyscira and save Queen Mera before she was killed by the Amazon queen, Diana." Jonn Jonzz said to the dark knight.

"He did all that just to save one person?" Cyborg asked.

"No. To save millions of lives from the war it would have caused." Batman Sr. said.

"Thank you." Mera said to Peter as she finished applying the bandage to his side.

"For what?" Peter asked.

"Saving my life. If not for you..."

"You're welcome." he replied.

The Justice League went back to discussing what to do from this point on, while Mera was staring at the device that had turned Peter into an Atlantean.

"You changed yourself into an Atlantean... with this... to save me?" she asked, holding the strange high-tech syringe in her hands and examining it.

"It was the only way I could get close enough to you at the time." Peter said.

"You could have just taken the armor from the warrior you knocked out." she said.

"Not the elite warriors armors. They could only be used by Atlanteans." he said.

Mera looked at him, confused.

"What are you talking about?" she asked.

"The armor worn by the elite warriors of Atlantis, possess DNA-recognition software so that only Atlanteans could wear it and use the weapons." Peter explained.

"I... didn't know that. How did you?" she asked.

"I did my homework." he said simply.

"And now you will never be able to go back. To what you were." she said.

"No. I don't think so." he replied.

"What about the crystal shards?" she asked.

"There isn't enough power in them to cross the dimensional barriers and get me home. Not even enough power to alter my genetics and change me back, either. I'm... trapped here. Like this." he said in a simple and sad tone.

Mera just looked at Peter for several long seconds, before she leaned forward and kissed Peter on his cheek.

"Mera..." he gasped slightly.

"Don't say anything, Peter. I... when you used the shards to show me of what might had happened if I had attacked Diana... I also saw glimpses of your life. From your world. I didn't fully understand what they were until just now. You have been cut off from your home. And I have been cut off from mine. My husband has chosen another woman, in so brief a time that they have met, despite our years of being together. You didn't do this for your own sake, but to save others. You and I are both Atlanteans now, so... I thought..." she started to say, only to be stopped when she felt a finger on her lips.

"Actually, I was going to say, I've always loved red-haired women." he said to her, a smile widening on her face.


It was three days later and the League had been very busy since Peter had saved Mera from being beheaded by the amazon queen.

Currently, Peter was helping Mera create her new outfit, which was much more than what she had been wearing before hand.

Her new outfit was a green skintight bodysuit without sleeves that ended in a high collar around her neck, while her crown/headdress sat on the table next to them. The suit had a fish-scale pattern that Mera liked, and Peter thought appropriate. Though this was because it allowed for a streamline fit with no-drag to impair underwater mobility.

"I didn't know you were so good at sewing." Mera joked to Peter.

"You get good at this when you have to do it yourself." Peter replied as he finished with her collar. "And I mean, by yourself. No billion-dollar corporation with unlimited resources, or special alien powers and technology to help you. There, all done."

Mera looked at herself in the full-length mirror and smiled.

"Amazing!" she said.

"Nice work." Supergirl said as she, Raven, Starfire and Zatanna came over to them.

"Really. Peter even made me another suit from reinforced kevlar." Mera said, pointing to the full-bodied green suit that had sleeves and gloves built in that was lying on the table next to her crown and headdress.

"I like it. Does it come in blue and white?" Zatanna asked. "Could you make me a new costume?"

"What's wrong with the one you have?" Raven asked.

"Aside from the fact that I look like a witch?" Zatanna said, looking at her Halloween costume, a dark brown and black 'sexy witch' costume.

"I thought that was intentional." Starfire said.

"And couldn't you just use your magic to make yourself a new costume?" Black Canary said as she came over to the group.

"That's way too easy." Enchantress said.

While the girls argued and talked Peter looked around the Batcave and saw the other members of the newly formed Justice League working on their new equipment, as well as remodeling the Cave to fit Bruce's interpretation of 'efficiency'. Bruce was forced to purchase some equipment from LexCorps using his fathers money from the Wayne Casinos.

Not that Thomas was upset by this, he was just glad to have his son back. Peter looked over and saw Bruce's mother, Martha, talking to her grandson, Damian, about the three unconscious guests that Superman and the others had brought in a couple days ago.

Peter still remembered the last couple of days that lead up to their current roster expanding.


(Flashback, two and a half days ago)

Thomas Wayne had given the heroes their own rooms at the mansion, seeing as how he had no other use for them. Peter was resting and recovering in one of the rooms, with Mera staying with him to help.

Element Woman, Black Canary, Enchantress, Lady Blackhawk, and Batwoman had already arrived. They choose their rooms, a couple of them actually bunking together, before they went down to the Batcave to begin their planning and organization.

The Shazam Kids were actually upstairs in the mansion watching television for the time being.

Meanwhile, the other members of the Justice League were having their own troubles.

"I can't believe you didn't try and get her some help." Bruce said to his father as he worked on the new Bat-Computer that was replacing the one Spider-Man/Peter had brought with him.

"I did, it didn't take. She completely lost her grip on reality after you died. Right after you died." Thomas said, with emphasis, to his son.

"We have to find her." Bruce said.

"Don't you think I've been trying? She could be anywhere."

"Look, the Joker I'm used to dealing with usually made his hideout in some kind of joke factory or candy company or prop department warehouse."

"Already tried those places." Thomas replied.

"What about abandoned theaters?" Bruce asked.

"Looked there after the warehouses."

"Okay, what about her old charity headquarters?" Bruce asked.

"The Gotham City Orphanage For At-Risk Children? It's been closed for years." Thomas mused.

"Might be a good place to start."

"It might. After you died..."

"You really need to stop saying that." Bruce interrupted.

"Look, I've had to live with that fact for over 20 years." Thomas snipped. "Having you just thrown back into my life is..."

"I know. Me too." Bruce said.

"Then we should start right away." Damian said, approaching the pair of Batmen.

The two senior members of the Wayne Family looked at Damian as they looked over at the Tumbler that Spider-Man had brought with them. It was painted black, which Batman suspected that the web-slinger had brought it specifically for him.

"I'll drive." Robin said.

"No." Batman Sr. said.

"I know how." he insisted.

"No. I'm driving." Bruce said.

Thomas just smirked at the interplay his son and grandson were demonstrating. Despite the odd nature of their reunion, the older man was happy for the first time in over two decades.

The trio got into the Tumbler and roared out into the night, with Batwoman taking the motorcycle and following them.

As the Bat Clan left the Cave, Cyborg was on a two-way tele-conference with the president, arguing about their more recent actions.

"Because it wasn't right, sir." Cyborg informed the president.

"Cyborg, you have no idea the weapons potential those aliens could have given us." the president said to the hero.

"They're living beings, sir! Not weapons or things to be used simply because they aren't human. They don't deserve to have experiments preformed on them, no matter what the situation is."

"Even in a time of war, Cyborg?"

"War hasn't come to us, Mr. President." Cyborg said.

"It's only a matter of time. We needed to be prepared for the possibility of anything happening. We can't leave it to chance, or to a bunch of super-powered individuals who can't be controlled." the president said.

"They don't need to be controlled, sir. Not if we trust them."

"A leap of faith, is something we do not have time for."

"Far better than having them against us. Which is what would have happened had we not intervened."

Behind the cybernetic hero, Element Women and Jonn Jonzz were talking.

"I can't believe I voted for that guy." Element Woman said.

"At least you have certain rights. Being a Martian on Earth, I have none." Jonn said.

"Trust me, sweetie, you're not missing much." she smirked.

"Mr. President, the task force that I've assembled is more than capable of handling this situation." Cyborg continued to argue.

"We already sent Captain Atom to deal with the Alliance." the president said.

"They sent Captain Atom to deal with two armies? Alone?" Supergirl whispered to Green Lantern.

"They didn't have anyone else here powerful enough, or loyal enough, to deal with them." John Stewart said to the maid of might.

"That's still suicide!" she hissed.

"And where is he now?" Cyborg asked the president.

"I'm afraid that's classified." the president said.

"He's missing, isn't he?" Cyborg asked.

"Don't go assuming a worst-case scenario, Cyborg. And as for your task force, their services will not be required. The real heroes will be handling this operation." the president said.

"The military?" he asked.

"This situation will be rendered moot and very soon. And should any of your task force members come near this situation, they will be arrested for interference in a military operation." the president said, right before the screen went dead.

Cyborg turned to the aliens and metahumans.

"I'm sorry." Cyborg said.

"You tried." Superman said.

"It is not your fault that your leaders refuse to listen." Jonn Jonzz said.

"We might have to take matters into our own hands." Green Lantern said.

"We're already on thin ice with the President and the military. Do we want to enhance an already intense situation?" Cyborg asked.

"We may not have a choice." Flash stated. "If Captain Atom has disappeared, then we at least need to find him."

"Add him to the team?" Green Lantern asked.

"Maybe. But who do we send to go looking for him?" Cyborg asked.

"I'll go." Superman volunteered.

"Me too." Green Lantern said.

"I'll help." Supergirl said.

"What about Captain Thunder and Starfire?" Cyborg wondered.

"No. Let's not show our full strength just yet." Green Lantern said.

"You'd better do it fast. Kory is really itching to go and help the world." Raven said as she appeared next to them.

"She'll get her chance. Don't worry." Cyborg said.


(Old Gotham City Orphanage)

The four caped figures leapt quietly along the rooftops, coming to a damaged skylight that looked down into the main room of the orphanage.

Bruce sends Robin in to deal with the thugs. As soon as he hits the floor, the clown thugs were on him, much to their own chagrin.

"He's good." Batwoman said as she watched Robin punch, kick and flip the thugs around the room.

"He ought to be." Batman Jr. said.

"Because you trained him." Batman Sr. asked/stated.

"Not at first. His grandfather did most of it." Batman Jr. said.

"I take it you don't mean me." the older Batman said.

"No. His other grandfather. Ras Al Ghul, the leader of the League of Assassins."

"He was trained to be a killer?" Batwoman asked.

"He was trained to be a leader. Trained to be stronger, think faster, move quicker. With skills that most other people didn't possess." Batman Jr. said.

"That's a lot of pressure to put on a child." Batman Sr. said.

"I thought so." the younger Batman said.

"Besides combat, what other talents does he possess?" Batwoman asked curiously.

"Well, he hacked NORAD when he was six. He started climbing the European mountains when he was four. First time he did, he fell and broke his wrist. But he finished the climb any way." he explained.

"Why?" Batman Sr. asked.

"It was... expected of him." Batman Jr. said.

"And where were you when this was happening?" the older Batman asked.

"At that time..." he said, trying to think back to when Damian was four, "... I was punching out a male version of the Joker before he tried to flood the city with so much laughing gas, people would have died from laughing too much."

"Sick." the older Batman said.

"Yup." Batwoman said.

"Sounds like your Joker and mine aren't that different." Batman Sr. said.

"Here's hoping we can change that." the younger Batman said.

Sounds of fighting stopped, the trio looking down to see nearly ten clown-faced thugs face down on the ground.

"The thugs are down. Joker will be here soon." Batwoman said.

"Wait." Batman Jr. said.

Robin turned to see the female Joker appear out of the shadows.

"Who are you?" Joker asked, gun in her right hand, a crowbar in her left.

Damian looked at the woman. Pale skin, long greenish hair, red lips, pale purple suit and a wide sadistic grin on her face.

Remembering what his father had told him prior to their arrival, Robin removed his mask, revealing his youthful face. One that The Joker recognized instantly.

"B-B-Bruce?" the female clown gasped at seeing him. Images of that fateful night back in the alley flooding her mind like a tidal wave hitting the beach.

She dropped the gun and crowbar as she hugged the boy tightly.

"Bruce! My Son!" she cried out.

"I'm not Bruce." Damian said through a muffled voice.

"W-what?" she asked as she pulled back from the boy.

"My name is Damian Al-Ghul Wayne. I am the son of Bruce Wayne." he said.

"Bruce's... son? But... that means..." she stuttered.

The two Batmen land behind Joker and Robin.

"What? Two of you?" Joker gasped. "Sleeping around on me, Bats? Or is this some sick, twisted cloning experiment?" she snapped at the older Batman.

"This is no joke. Martha." Batman Sr. said as he stepped forward to remove his cowl.

Joker just looked at Thomas Wayne, more than a little shocked he had removed his own cowl before her. He hadn't done that in years.

The younger Batman walked towards the woman, also removing his cowl.

"Who are you?" Joker asked.

"My name is Bruce Wayne. Orphaned son of Thomas and Martha Wayne, who died over 20 years ago, in an alley mugging gone wrong." Bruce explained.

Joker stared at the 30-year old man. She raised her hand and cupped his cheek, her lips trembling as she stared into his eyes.

To Bruce it was more than a little unnerving to see his mother looking like The Joker. The garish outfit and horrible make-up, in female form, worried him.

It boggled his mind that his own mother could become his worst enemy.

"You... you're... Bruce?" she said in a voice so weak it felt like a whisper.

"Hi, mom." he said to her.

The pair had tears in their eyes as they hugged each other tightly. A good five minutes at best.

Thomas stepped forward as the woman looked at him.

"T-Thomas?" Joker asked, tears streaming down her face as she looked at her husband.

"Hello, Martha." he said, not even moving to try and hug his wife.

Any image or facsimile that was The Joker seemed to have completely vanish, replaced by the woman that Bruce and Thomas had lost for years and years. Heavy make-up notwithstanding.

Martha Wayne just broke down and cried, so much so that she passed out on the floor.

"She passed out." Bruce said.

"Yes. I was counting on this, actually." Thomas said.

"What do you think she's going to do once she wakes up?" Damian asked.

"Hopefully, she'll be normal." Thomas said.

"I hope not." Bruce said.

"Why?" Damian asked.

"Because we're not." Bruce said.

"Right." Thomas said.

On the rooftop Batwoman awaited their return.

"Weird family." she muttered under her breath.


(Meanwhile, across the Atlantic Ocean and over the Mediterranean)

Superman and Supergirl were flying over the coastal European countries, following Green Lantern John Stewart who was leading them across the Ocean.

"Are you sure it's this way?" Superman asked.

"I'm sure. My ring can track any energy signature. And atomic energy is easy to track." Green Lantern said.

"Gotta get me one of those." Supergirl said with a smirk.

"We need to be careful. We're officially over Atlantean sovereign waters." Green Lantern said.

"Seriously?" Supergirl asked.

"As far as the Atlanteans are concerned, it's their territory."

Suddenly, an explosion to the South caught their attention.

"What was that?" Supergirl asked.

"It's him! It's Atom!" Green Lantern said as he raced towards the energy explosion as the two Kryptonians flew after him.

They arrived to see an injured Captain Atom flying away from a large submarine that was firing at him. He was returning fire, shooting energy bolts out of his hands as the pursuing Atlanteans were slowly getting closer to him.

"Captain!" Green Lantern shouted as the silver-suited and red gloves and boots wearing hero turned to see three figures heading towards him.

"Wha... who are... where did you..." Captain Atom stuttered weakly.

"We'll explain later." Green Lantern said as he threw up a force bubble around the injured Captain Atom, who was slowly leaking atomic energy. "We need to get you to safety."

"How... do I know... I can trust you?" the Captain asked as he allowed himself to settle onto the floor of the bubble.

"Does this help?" John Stewart said as he made the arm-sleeve on his left bicep retract, showing Captain Atom his tattoo, which said 'USMC'.

Captain Atom smiled. "Never thought I'd be happy to see the Marines."

Superman and Supergirl flew up in front of them, blocking the energy attacks of the Atlanteans.

"Get going, John! We'll cover you!" Superman shouted.

"Right." Green Lantern said as he towed the weary looking Captain Atom behind him.

Superman and Supergirl clapped their hands together, causing a massive double-shockwave that stunned the Atlanteans and their crafts, disorienting them enough to allow the alien heroes to retreat after Green Lantern.

"Well, we got him." Kara said to Kal.

"Yes, and now we can... wait! There!" Superman said as he suddenly looked down.

Kara followed his gaze and saw two destroyed ships still under attack by the Atlanteans and their amazon allies.

Quickly diving towards the ships, Superman and Supergirl quickly scanned the battlefield, seeing only three people having survived thus far. Two were on the deck of a sinking ship, and the third was barely hanging on to a piece of metal that was rapidly sinking into the ocean.

"I'll get the two on the ship, you get the one in the water." Superman said.

"On it!" Supergirl said

Superman flew onto the deck of the ship, slamming into the floor and scattering the Atlanteans and the Amazons, and seeing the two men who were injured and barely standing. One was a bald man in business suit. The other man was dressed in a black bodysuit made of kevlar, his face covered by a mask that was half black and half orange. Superman quickly picked the two men up and lifted off into the sky.

The men were barely conscious as Superman looked over and saw his cousin holding an attractive woman in a black catsuit with medium-length dark hair, several bruises and injuries on her face and body.

Within less than an hour the group had returned to the Wayne Mansion and were making sure their guests were alright. Despite what had happened in their previous lives, the heroes still had to try and save their lives.

Of course, once they had returned to the Batcave with their passengers/guests, they found the League in hot debate over two things.

1 - that Batman and his team had brought The Joker with them, and that she was Bruce's mother. And 2 - that Cyborg was actually considering bringing in Yo-Yo, the Joker's energetic and bubbly henchwoman, to the Cave to join the League.

This was causing quite a stir amongst the League since they were bringing in criminals to their ranks.

(End Flashback)


It had been two days since Green Lantern and the others had returned to the Batcave with their new guests.

Due to their excessive blood loss from their previous battles against the Atlanteans and Amazons, the three figures: identified as Lex Luthor, Slade Wilson, and Talia Al Ghul, were unconscious. The League had set up plasma and fluid bags pumped into them intravenously in order to sustain them, as well as making sure that their injuries were patched up.

Captain Atom was recovering nicely from his hostage experience due to the special chamber that the League had created for him. It was restoring his atomic energy while repairing his containment suit using mechanical arms. He was sure that due to his injuries in escaping from the Atlanteans he wouldn't have made it back to the States without the aid of the League.

Meanwhile, Bruce and Damian were arguing, again, over whether or not to kill Deathstroke, since this was a completely different universe they were in, in which Deathstroke hadn't killed Ras Al Ghul and tortured his mother, who was probably also not his mother either.

Thomas was tending to his wife, who had actually made a miraculous psychological recovery from her initial madness, now that her son was alive. What's more was the fact that she now had a grandson as well. To that end she had washed the green out of her hair, wiped the make-up off her face and lips, and had managed to find something more appropriate to wear. But the feelings of her 'old life' were still reverberating through her mind.

It all felt like a bad dream to her. A perpetual nightmare.

And while this was going on, Peter and Mera were making another discovery.

"Are you sure?" Mera asked.

"Yes. The computer shows a large cave beneath this one. Below sea-level." Peter replied.

Wayne Manor was located on the outskirts of Gotham City, overlooking the ocean itself. The cliff was sheer rock, and it was a good forty feet down to the water line. Beneath the mansion itself was an expansive cave system, which included an outlet into the ocean, and beneath the water line. And according to the computer, this underwater cave system was expansive as well.

To Mera this was a golden opportunity. She and Peter could have their own place that no one else would want, and they could still be close by to the League if something came up.

"Excuse me. Peter? Mera?" Jonn Jonzz said to the two Atlantean heroes.

"Jonn? What's wrong?" Peter asked, turning his attention to the Martian.

"There is someone in the mansion above us." he said to the pair.

"What? Who?" Batman asked as he heard the Martian.

"I do not know. They appear to have mental abilities as well, but I can tell you they are Atlantean and they are female." he said.

"Tula?!" Mera gasped.


Upstairs in the library of the Wayne Mansion, a young female Atlantean girl was walking carefully through the large room. She had short reddish-brown hair, dressed in a yellow bikini top with a green strap around her shoulders to hold it up, a green V-bikini bottom with a short yellow sarong around her hips, yellow fingerless gloves on her hands, and toeless sock-boots on her feet. Her skin was tan and has several large freckles on her face under her eyes and on her bare shoulders.

She looked around, as if she were trying to locate something. Or someone.

"Where are you, my queen?" the girl said softly.

Just then, the grandfather clock moved to the side as several people emerged from the hole behind it. A man in a bat costume, a young man in a red and green outfit next to him, a man in a red suit with a lightning symbol on his chest, a dark-skinned man with metal over most of his body, a blond-haired woman in a blue outfit and red cape who was flying, another dark-skinned man in a green and black suit.

A green-skinned man suddenly floated up through the floor right next to her while a woman in a dark blue cloak materialized through a black portal in the ground, a tall and gorgeous red-haired, orange-skinned woman in purple next to her. The green-skinned man was on her left while the two women were on her right.

Other costumed people continued to emerge from various places around the room and from the other doors in the mansion.

Tula tensed up at seeing the group, until a familiar redheaded woman appeared, pushing her way gently through the group.

"Tula!" Mera shouted.

"Queen Mera!" Tula gasped.

"Not Queen, not anymore." Mera said.

"What?" she asked.

"It's a long story." Mera said as she approached the young Atlantean and hugged her. Tula hugged the red haired woman back. "But it's good to see you again."

"You too. Mera." she said as she looked at the woman. "You haven't changed a bit since I last saw you on Themyscira. But what is going on here? You disappear in a flash of light, with some cute guy I've never seen before, who seemed too young to be wearing elite warrior armor, and I spent the last six months trying to find you while our king married the amazon queen and began a campaign to take over the world."

"Well, I was... what? Arthur married Queen Diana?" Mera gasped.

"Yes." Tula said.

"When?" she asked.

Tula's mouth turned into a grimace/frown, which didn't give everyone a sense that it would good news.

"Less than a week after you disappeared." she said sheepishly.

"A week? Less than a week? Did he even bother to search for me?" Mera asked.

"Well... he sent out a patrol to try and find you. I volunteered to help them, but after only five days of searching, when nothing came up, we were ordered back. For the wedding." Tula said.

Mera looked crest-fallen.

"I don't believe this! We were married for SIX YEARS and he just up and marries that amazon within a week after I left?" she huffed and grumbled.

"Why did you leave any way?" Tula asked.

"He Cheated On Me With That Amazonian Harlot, And I Didn't Want To Get Beheaded And Start A War!" she blurted out, causing Tula to recoil.

"What?" she asked.

"It's... a long story."

It was then that Peter walked up to Mera, his hand on her shoulder.

"Mera..." Peter said to her.

"I'm sorry, Peter. It's just... it's just so much to take in all at once." Mera said to him.

Peter pulled the upset woman into a hug, the redheaded Atlantean burying her head into the crook of the Atlantean-hybrids neck as his arms wrapped around her body. Tula just stared at the pair.

Something was off to the young Atlantean woman. Mera was talking about this like it just happened yesterday. Not the six months Tula had spent searching for her queen.

Then again, she had apparently found someone else. And this young man looked like the same guy she had disappeared with six months ago.

And the way they were holding each other...

"Oh, My, God! You've Had Sex!" Tula shouted, causing everyone to blush heavily at that. A couple of the heroines giggled.

"Thank you for making everyone, including us, feel uncomfortable." Peter said to her.

"I call it like I see it. When was this?" Tula asked.

"Yesterday." Mera answered simply. "Why?"

"Well... okay, not a problem then." she said.

"Why is it not a problem?" Mera asked.

"Well, you disappeared six months ago, so it's probably long overdue to get back at King Arthur." Tula said.

"King Arthur?" Starfire asked Flash. "As in... Camelot?"

"Not the same person." Flash said the alien woman.

Mera and Peter looked at each other for a couple seconds before looking to Tula for an explanation.

"He married Diana a week after you disappeared. And you waited six months to have sex with this guy. Seems like you were more faithful than he was." Tula said.

Mera could only nod at that, realizing that it had probably been less time than that. Though Arthur and Diana had actually slept together before all this happened, and that was only four or five days before she was brought to this time and place by Peter, so technically it was not as long as Tula was making it out to be. But still, Arthur had cheated on her first, and Peter had brought he forward in time by six months, so it had been six months since she and Peter had done anything.

"Tula, how did you find me?" Mera asked the girl.

"Telepathic-Echolocation." Tula said, tapping the side of her head.

Mera looked shocked.

"You mean... you were actually able to make it work? Consciously?" she asked.

"Yes. That's actually why it took us so long to find you." she said.

"Us? You mean... it isn't just you?" Mera asked.

Tule smiled. "Oh, no. You had a lot of people loyal to you." Tula said as she lead the group out to the back yard that overlooked the ocean. She waved her arms in the air wildly for a few seconds.

The group looked out and saw a strange-looking submarine rising up out of the ocean. It was larger than a Los Angeles-class submarine, and far more advanced. From inside the submarine, a group of armored warriors emerged, surrounding an older-looking man in light blue and green robes. He had a gray beard and mustache, and little hair on top of his head. Even from the cliff side Mera could see his pale green eyes.

"Vulko!" Mera gasped at seeing him.

"You know him?" Peter asked.

"Yes. Dr. Nuidis Vulko. Chief scientific adviser to the king of Atlantis. He was my teacher when I was little."

"Yes. All totaled, 312 Atlantean soldiers, technicians and scientists." Tula said. "Men and women, counting myself and Vulko."

"Are they going to be staying here too?" Thomas Wayne asked.

"Well... we don't have any other place to go, since we... kind of... defected from Atlantis." Tula said with a grimace on her face.

The group looked at her even as Mera moved up behind the young Atlantean.

"Defected?" Cyborg asked.

"We don't have enough space in the mansion for all these people." Batman said to his father.

"Not even in the Cave system below the mansion." Thomas stated. "We're gonna need supplies and furnishings for over three hundred additional people..."

"We have all that." Tula said.

"And actually, I think I know a place where we can relocate." Mera said.

"You do? Where?" Batman asked.


Back in the Batcave, Peter brought up the digital sonar rendering of the underwater cave on the main computer screen.

"What is that?" Batman asked.

"It's a sub-level to the cave system that runs underneath this one." Peter said.

"Sub-level? It looks like an underwater cave." Cyborg said.

"Yes. It leads out into the ocean, but the inlet was too narrow for a submarine." Mera said.

"Even an experimental research sub couldn't get into that." Flash said.

"I knew the cave system here was extensive, but not THAT extensive." Bruce said.

"What we want is your permission to build a base beneath this cave." Mera said, with Vulko, Tula and few of their most trusted warriors standing behind them. "In the underwater section below this one."

Batman looked pensive. While having an Atlantean force to help them out would be a great advantage, the problem was that the more people who operated around the Batcave might draw more attention to themselves and their operations.

It was enough trouble just having the League there. Fortunately, Bruce and Thomas Wayne were not heavy public figures. Heck, no one knew that Bruce even existed.

Then again, this world was having enough troubles with the Atlanteans and Amazons, and all the other troubles that seemed to be popping up without their interventions.

Having an Atlantean force here might cause a misunderstanding for the group. The League was, of course, on the outs with the military due to their rescue of Superman and Jonn Jonzz.

"You understand my concern." Batman asked. "Are you sure these Atlanteans can be trusted?"

"We just left our city, our people, to find Queen Mera, after everything that has happened with King Arthur and the Amazons." Tula said.

"The Atlanteans assembled here are all loyal to Queen Mera..." Vulko said. "...who have proven it by aiding in our search for the queen these last six months."

"How can I be considered a 'queen', without a kingdom? Without a king to rule beside me?" Mera asked.

"Well... you have a consort." Tula said, indicating Peter. "And you like him." she said.

Mera blushed a little at that.

That's putting it mildly. She thought. "Yes, I do, but..."

"Then we simply rebuild our city, starting here with what we have, and with your leadership and power over water, we can..." Vulko said.

"Alright." Mera interrupted him.

"What?" he asked.

"I can't do this alone, but..."

"You know we'll help you, Mera." Peter said.

"He's right." Tula said.

"Then with Batman's approval..." Mera said, indicating the dark knight, who nodded to her. "...we can proceed with facilitating our new base of operations."

"Actually... there is one other matter that we need to address first." Vulko said.

"And that is?" Mera asked.

"If we are to build a second Atlantean City, and have Queen Mera lead us... we must test her choice of a consort." Vulko said, staring at Peter.

"Test the consort?" Tula asked. "I thought we agreed that Peter was her choice."

"Peter may be her choice, but for him to be embraced by the others as such, he needs to pass a test, dictated by our ancient laws." Vulko stated.

"We're creating a new Atlantis! Can't we forgo those ancient laws?" Tula sneered.

"Most, not all." Vulko argued.

Mera looked at Peter, who sighed and looked at Vulko.

"What exactly do I have to do?" Peter asked.

"Can you telepathically control the creatures of the sea?" Vulko asked.

"No." Peter said.

"Can you manipulate water as the queen does?" he asked.


"Can you defeat a dozen of our best soldiers in single combat?"


Everyone looked at Peter in shock.

"Oh, this is going to be interesting." Green Lantern said.


Within minutes the League was assembled on the main lawn behind the mansion overlooking the ocean. The League was standing near the mansion while a couple dozen other Atlanteans were over by the cliff side.

Between the two groups stood Peter Parker who was surrounded by twelve Atlanteans in full battle armor.

"Ten bucks says this is over in a minute." Element Woman said.

"Twenty says ninety seconds." Lady Blackhawk said.

"Bet you fifty it's over in thirty seconds." Robin said. "And Peter wins."

"Deal!" the two heroines said.

"Unbelievable." Supergirl groaned as she shook her head.

The twelve Atlantean soldiers surrounded Peter on all sides, making a perfect circle.

"Are you sure this is necessary?" Mera asked her old mentor.

"We have to know if he is worthy of you." Vulko said.

"Isn't my own opinion enough?" Mera said.

"GO!" one of the Atlanteans from the side shouted.

All at once, the twelve soldiers rushed Peter, jumping on top of him and started punching and kicking him left and right.

Mera felt her heart beat faster with worry for Peter... until she saw the twelve soldiers rise off the ground and shout in confusion.

The whole group of them went flying across the yard, landing in heap/pile of arms and legs. Groans of pain could be heard from the 12 Atlanteans as they scrambled to get untangled from their mess.

The group looked back at Peter as Mera rushed up to him.

"Are you alright, Peter?" Mera asked, her hands touching Peter's face affectionately.

"I'm fine, Mera." Peter smiled as she caressed his cheeks.

"You owe me fifty bucks." Robin said.

"Hmm." Element Woman grumbled at the boy.

"Each." Robin added.

"What?!" Lady Blackhawk gasped.

"So... does that prove that Peter is worthy to be Mera's consort?" Tula said.

"Uh, yes. I think it does." Vulko stuttered almost sheepishly.

Martha, who had been standing with Thomas and Bruce, noticed her son's thoughtful expression.

"Honey, what are you thinking?" Martha asked Bruce.

"If these Atlanteans are loyal to Mera, and both Mera and Peter are in the League..." Bruce started to say.

"We could have a chance at ending this conflict a lot sooner." Thomas said.

"But even with a small army of Atlanteans, a group of aliens, and every vigilante we can find... can we really stop the Amazon-Atlantean Alliance?" Bruce wondered.

"Be nice if we had someone else from the other side." Thomas remarked.

Superman suddenly looked up and saw something heading towards them.

"Something's heading towards us." Kal-El said.

"What?" Bruce asked.

"What is it?" Green Lantern asked.

"Three female figures." the man of steel said.

"What?!" the group gasped.

Within less than a minute, a trio of beautiful women landed on the yard before them. At seeing who the women were, the Atlanteans and the League members tensed up a little.

The first was a young woman with long raven-dark hair. She looked to be about 25 years old. She was athletic and shapely, dressed in a red one-piece bodysuit without sleeves, and white stars running up the sides of the suit. She wore black boots and silver bracelets on her wrists. On her hip was a golden lasso.

To the left of the raven-haired woman was a younger woman with short blond hair, dressed in a pair of red pants, black sleeveless t-shirt with a 'W' symbol on her chest, metal bracelets on her wrists, black boots on her feet, and a red hair-band holding her hair back from her face. She looked to be about 16 or 17 years of age.

To the right of the raven-haired woman was an African-looking woman, who was the tallest and oldest of the trio, maybe 35 years old or so, dressed in silver and blue armor with a shield on her left wrist, a spear in her right hand, a silver and white bow slung around her chest and a quiver full of arrows at her hip.

"They're Amazons!" one of the Atlanteans shouted, raising his gun.

"Only three of them?" Tula gasped in confusion.

"Oh, this should be interesting." Bruce said as he pulled up his mask and cowl, becoming Batman.

"Hello." Mera said as she and Peter stepped forward, flanked by Cyborg, Superman, Batman and Green Lantern. "I am Mera, Queen of the new Atlanteans. This is my consort, Peter. Our allies: Cyborg, Superman, Batman, and the other members of the Justice League. Who are you?"

"I am Donna Troy of Themyscira. This is my little sister Cassie, and my oldest friend Ebony." the raven-haired young woman said, introducing herself and her sisters to the heroes. "The goddess Athena has sent us to join you." she said.

"Join us?" Batman asked.

"Athena?" Flash asked.

"The Greek Goddess of Wisdom and Military Victory." Robin stated, appearing next to Batman.

"I know who she is, I'm just confused why they would come here, since the Amazons are lead by Queen Diana." the speedster said.

"The Amazons are led by Queen Diana, and the Olympian gods are worshiped by the Amazons. Athena contacted the three of us directly, warning us of a great and terrible calamity that will soon befall this world."

"If it's that bad, why didn't Athena make the amazon queen deal with it?" Green Lantern asked.

"The Gods cannot force us to do anything against their will. And Queen Diana is too preoccupied with the Alliance to hear of this. As well as her marriage to King Arthur of Atlantis. We were contacted by the goddess directly, and asked to come here in order to join your Justice League to prevent this crisis." Ebony said.

The heroes looked at each other with some confusion and obvious suspicion.

"And just what is this calamity that is so terrible you're willing to defect to our side in order to stop it?" Superman asked.

"All Athena told us was the name of the calamity." Donna said.

"What's the name?" Supergirl asked.

"Darkseid." Donna answered.


Authors Notes:

This chapter was over 23 pages long, and it took so many revisions. I wanted to add so many things to this, so it's on me to place the blame.

Below are a few bios of the other people who were supposed to be in this story.

Leonard Snart - Citizen Cold - wields an ice-gun that can freeze anything.

Hartley Rathaway - Pied Piper - Expert in sonic technology. Wields a flute with hypnotic powers. Artificially enhanced hearing.

Wesley Dodds - Sandman - Prophetic dreams Chemist and inventor Superb athlete Proficient hand-to-hand combatant Skilled detective Gas mask and gun.

Rac Shade - Shade - The M-Vest creates a strong force field that repels weaponry, allows a degree of flight and distorts Shade's appearance dependent on the viewer's mental state or his own. Formerly from an alternate universe, Rac landed in this world and was approached by Cyborg for his task force after witnessing him save the lives of several people from a fire.

The newcomers who were not in the Flashpoint Paradox Movie are:

Element Woman - Emily Sung - Like Metamorpho's original powers, Element Woman could transform her body into any of the elements naturally found in nature. She can change her hair color using metals, and she can create silicate faces that fall off after a while. She uses the faces for ashtrays. She said she once tried to transmutate her body into flesh, but this experience ended badly and she vowed never to try it again

Long purple hair, gray-stone face, normal looking eyes which are black and white. Left leg is metal, right leg is stone, left arm is fire, right arm is ice. Torso is covered by specially made armor that stretches from her neck to her crotch.

Dinah Lance - Black Canary - once Oliver Queen's lover before he was killed by the amazons for a disrespectful remark. (This was my version)

Martial arts expert, skilled biker, possesses the power of sonic screaming. Wears a black mask over her eyes. Long blond hair is real. Black corset/swimsuit covers her torso. Fishnet stockings, leather jacket, black boots and leather gloves.

Zinda Blake - Lady Blackhawk - British fighter pilot, expert markswoman. Blond hair, blue eyes, tall and athletic figure. Dresses in a black flight uniform with a short skirt, gloves and boots and a pilots cap on her head.

Kate Kane - Batwoman - inspired by Batman, she created her own suit and became a crime fighter. Long red hair, pale peach skin, athletic figure. Athletic, agile, martial arts expert, gadgets expert. She was dressed in a gray leather suit with a black cape, a red mask over her eyes and a red bat symbol on her chest. Her gloves and boots were also red.

Anyway, not much I can say other than 'sorry it took me so long'. I've been working on a few other things and such. So, hope everyone likes this.

Enjoy the extra scene below.


Extra Scene 1 (Son of Batman, alternate scene with Spider-Man in it)

"Really ticks me off after all those lectures he gave me about using protection." Nightwing said.

"Indeed." Alfred said as he continued to stitch the wound.


"Are you all right, Master Dick?" Alfred asked, stitching wound on his arm.

"I took the cut, I can take the stitch." he grinned.

"Maybe you need more anesthetic." Damian said.

"And maybe you need to go f-"

"Master Dick!" Alfred admonished.

"Maybe you should remember who the blood son is." Damian said.

"'Bloodthirsty', is more like it." Dick retorted.

Damian was looking at the Robin costume behind the glass.

"This was yours?" Damian asked, looking at the Robin suit.

"Still is." Dick said. "Keep your hands off it, kid."

"Is this what you wore in training?"

"It's what I wore when I went out on patrol." he corrected him.

"The only think it's missing is lace trim and a sun hat." Damian joked.

"You don't fool me. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking you could be Robin. Well, you can't." he said.

"I don't need some insipid costume and a bird name. I'm way beyond your kind of simplistic training. As you saw tonight." Damian retorted.

"Don't forget, you lost that fight." Dick replied.

"He does have a point." Spider-Man said, appearing behind Damian.

"Am I suppose to respond to that?" Damian

"Not really. Just stating." the webslinger said.

"Is that what you wore when you were trained?" Damian asked, pointing to Spider-Mans outfit.

"I'm self-trained. And yes. Made it myself." the webslinger said.

"Seems a little ridiculous." the boy said.

"Yeah, what can I say. I don't have a billion-dollar trust fund or a 500-year old grandfather to buy me things."

Damian grimaced as he said that.

"You don't think that my grandfather was a hero either, do you?" Damian asked.

"Not really. To me, Ras is a man of the past. I mean, the guy was about 500, so he comes from a very old way of thinking. The world's changed the last half millennium, and killing people isn't the way to save it."

Damian, however, wasn't convinced.

"Have you ever felt vengeful?" Damian asked.

Spider-Man sighed.

"Yes. More times than I care to think about." he replied to the boy.

"You have power, why not use it?"

"I do use it. Responsibly."

"So do I. So did my grandfather."

"By killing anyone who got in his way? Destroying whatever he thought needed to be destroyed?"

"It was the best way."

"It's a terrorists mentality."

"Are all you superheroes like this?"

"Yes, Damian." Spider-Man said as he turned around to face the boy. "Killing, destroying, ruining peoples lives? That's the way a criminal works. That's the way a monster acts. It's not what good people do. They fight, to build something better. Not tear it down because it's in their way. You have power, and you have to use it responsibly, for the good of all. And with great power, comes great responsibility."

"My grandfather was responsible! He was going to save the world!" Damian said.

"By destroying it? How does that work?" Spider-Man asked.

"Destroying that which is old and corrupt is the best option, rather than letting it fester and grow." he said.

"Correct me if I'm wrong, but your grandfather was over 500 years old, right?'

"You know that. What of it?"

"500 years, and he couldn't see the hope that some people had." Spider-Man said.

"Hope is a quality most people do not possess. They are selfish, ignorant, greedy, and cowardly." Damian said.

"True. Because they don't have our experiences, our outlooks on life."

"What do you mean?" he asked, curiously.

"Look around, Damian. Every person here, has lost something or something they care about. People who meant something to us. People who valued us, guided us, educated us, gave us purpose. They taught us to value life, and as such, we fight to protect it. People who kill, who take lives, don't value it. Maybe not even their own. Do you have anyone like that, Damian?"

"My mother, my grandfather. They raised me to lead humanity." Damian said.

"Over 7 billion people on this planet, Damian. No one can lead that many. The only way they could, is if they were either not human, or most of them were dead and the rest were afraid of what you'd do to them." Spider-Man said.

"You're generalizing." he said.

"Tell me I'm wrong, and mean it." the webslinger said as he walked away before Damian could respond.