My first fan fiction. Set after the events of GTA IV Deal ending and in 2012.

Chapter 1: Product, Profit and Pussies.

"You degenerates ready for this?" asked Luis Lopez to Armando Torres and Henrique Bardas. All three of them were silently observing a drug deal going on between the Chinese Triads and the Russian Mafia which was taking place behind some houses in Meadows Park while hiding behind their black Cavalcade SUV with M249 advanced MG (Machine Guns) in their hands.

They had a very simple thing to do. Rob the two gangs and take the drugs and the cash. It has always been easier said than done. The dark night made aiming very difficult.

"Ready when you are bro," replied Armando.

"Let's fucking do this thing!" Henrique replied enthusiastically.

Luis, together with his childhood friends and fellow drug pushers from the Dominican Republic, Armando and Henrique, has already ambushed many ongoing drug deals to steal the drugs and the money. They have become so notorious in Liberty City that it was no longer uncommon for the gangs who are overlooking the deal to carry Molotov Cocktails, M249 Advanced MGs of their own, and even RPGs (Rocket Propelled Grenades) in order to protect the deal from these three fellows. Although Luis has done this countless times, he still had a feeling that there was a surprise awaiting him at this particular raid.

Luis didn't always have to do these raids to get money. A few years ago, he was the bodyguard and business partner of nightclub entrepreneur, Tony Prince (a.k.a Gay Tony due to his homosexuality attitude). He owned two popular nightclubs in the city, which were Maisonette 9 and Hercules. However, things weren't smooth as Tony had been massively in debt to Italian mobsters, accused of stealing very expensive diamonds and the nightclubs being shut down. Fortunately, Luis helped him pull through those tough times. Eventually, the two managed to resolve their issues together and business was booming again. Tony eventually left Liberty City to retire from the business and have since sold the clubs to a close and eccentric friend, Yusuf Amir.

Luis, in his black and white jacket, blue jeans and white shoes, takes aim at the closest guard to him. That guard was the only one who was carrying the extremely dangerous RPG and was also furthest from the location of the deal, where the majority of the dealers were.

"Here goes nothing," Luis said as he took a deep breath and readied his finger at the trigger of his gun.


"The body of the Triad fell backwards with a thud as a bullet entered his skull. Unfortunately, a nearby Mafia member saw the Triad getting killed with bright red blood everywhere. He swiftly alerted the heavily armed dealers.

"Can we borrow your product and cash permanently?" Armando asked sarcastically as he put a bullet into the head of the thug.

"You aren't getting our shit, you bunch of idiots!" a Triad dealer said as he ran quickly towards his black Sultan RS sports car with a black duffel bag. Luis made sure he never made it to his car.

A long gunfight ensued. Nearby pedestrians screamed as the shooting raged on. Luis, Armando and Henrique hid behind a brick wall as they took out any dealers that emerge from the yard. Many corpses soon littered the place. All with a hole in the head as these dealers and guards wear body armor.

"Get the cash Luis! It's just over there!" Henrique said as he killed the Mafia dealer trying to escape with the money.

While the fighting continued, a black Schafter four-door sedan zoomed past the trio to flee the scene. Inside were Chinese Triad and Russian Mafia members. Armando and Henrique immediately fired at the fleeing vehicle but Luis stopped them.

"What's up, bro?" Armando asked with surprise as Luis put both of his hands in front of him and Henrique.

"Let them go. We don't need to waste our ammo on our third P," Luis said calmly as the mysterious vehicle sped off into the distance.

After the intense battle, Luis cautiously walked towards to the body of the dead Triad, who tried to run away with the drugs, in case there were more gunmen hiding around the area. He soon picked up the black duffel bag and slung it across his shoulder.

"I got the drugs," Luis said. "Let's go!"

"We gonna get paid!" Henrique said excitedly.

"How many women can I fuck at the Triangle Club with this stuff?" Armando asked happily.

"Probably none if those dickheads come back for this stuff. Let's go," Luis urged.

As the trio quietly and vigilantly walked back to their black Cavalcade, Luis's eye noticed a piece of blood stained paper next to a dead Russian dealer leaning against some plastic chairs.

"Hey guys, wait up," Luis said to his companions.

"What's up, L?" Armando asked.

"Check this out," Luis said as he picked up the blood stained paper and showed it to Armando and Henrique. There were sketches and writings on the paper but the dark red blood made it very hard to read and recognize some of the words. The dark moonless night wasn't helping but the nearby wall lamps made it easier to read. Curiosity got the better of them and they stayed back a little to see what it says.

"Sorry L, you know I can't read well," Henrique said as he eyes glanced at the piece of paper.

"Sure, what did I expect from a guy with an IQ of 76?" Armando asked sarcastically.

"Shut the fuck up you two and let me read it," Luis said as he's looked at the paper thoroughly.

After a few silent moments, Henrique lost his patience.

"Well, what's it say?" Henrique asked.

"It looks like somebody's hiring the Chinese and the Russians to escort some sort of cargo coming in to Liberty City. There's even a small map detailing East Hook."

"What's the cargo? Who's hiring these fools?"

"I don't know. Motherfucker's blood smeared the name of the cargo here. But...," Luis replied and paused.

"But what?" Armando asked.

"The guy who hired them is...Yusuf Amir!" Luis answered with surprise. "That rich prick! Why is he hiring these fools? What's that cargo he wants protect?"

Yusuf Amir was a very wealthy real estate developer in Liberty City and a close friend of Luis and Tony. He undertook many projects to build many luxury condominiums in Liberty City. One of his biggest projects was the Imperial Amir Towers he plans to build in Castle Gardens. However, he was a very carefree and eccentric man who does many crazy things such as importing air from the Himalayas and changing the furniture daily for his the Towers in Castle Gardens. He has also asked Luis to help him steal various things that he can't buy (not due to lack of funds, but because the items were not for sale), like an illegal attack helicopter known as the Buzzard, stealing a NOOSE (National Office of Security Enforcement) APC (Armoured Personnel Carrier) and also a LTA (Liberty City Transport Authority) subway train.

"Could it be more product?" Henrique asked.

"Maybe, but we aren't stealing this one if it is. I'll have some words with that fellow later. For now, let's get out of here before those assholes come back."

As the trio got back on their pickup, the unmistakeable sound of tyres skidding was heard in the distance.

"We never seem to get past of this crazy shit, do we?" Luis remarked as he hurriedly started the car.

"I guess not," Armando replied. "Now put your fucking foot down!"

Five yellow and black Huntley Sport SUVs soon appeared at the end of the street and were closing in to the black Cavalcade parked at the other end of the street. Triads and Russians Mafia members were pointing their MP5 SMGs (Sub Machine Guns) and Glock 17 pistols at the trio.

"Man, I almost thought that this time the dealers are going to be the only the third P we'll come across," Luis said as he broke his side window and began shooting at his pursuers as he drove.

"Just get us back to our drop off point in one piece," Armando told him as he and Henrique also started shooting.