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Chapter 6: The Beginning.

"Come at me, deadbeats!" Johnny taunted as he made his way past a troop of AOD bikers with his Striker assault shotgun.

"I'd never thought I'll have to do this again," Niko remarked as he killed another biker with his MP5 SMG.

"I don't know," Little Jacob said with a heavy Jamaican accent while using an Uzi sub machine gun. "I haven't had this much fun since we took down that snake, Dimitri in Happiness Island and thing."

"Looks like something just went up in flames," Clay said as he pointed towards a thick cloud of black smoke coming from the back of a warehouse.

"Let's check it out, Johnny," Terry suggested.

"Alright, stay close."

The small group of bikers, along with Niko and Little Jacob, rushed towards the direction of the thick black smoke while taking down any AOD biker or guards that stood in their way.

"I sure hope the Uptown Riders are having as much fun at our bikes," Johnny remarked.

"I think they are," Terry said. "I heard the fucking AOD didn't come alone and there was a lot of protection for this cargo."

As they close in to the burning wreckage. Niko immediately realised something was amiss. Vicious growls were heard coming from the burning wreckage.

"What's the Russians and the Chinese doing here? And why are they running away?" Niko asked with worry upon noticing the fleeing guards.

"And what's that weird noise?" Clay asked upon hearing ferocious roars in the area. "Sounds like there're fucking lions or bears around here."

"I'll check it out," a Lost biker suggested as he rushed towards the burning wreckage and thick black smoke.

"Wait!" Johnny called out, but it was too late. The biker vanished within the thick black smoke. It wasn't long before a loud ferocious roar and an ear piercing scream was jeard that made Johnny, Niko and the rest to stop advancing forward. Fear was clearly written on their faces.

"Maybe, we should get out of here?" Niko suggested meekly.

Although Johnny was frightened, he still continued to inch forward. "You guys get back. I'll find that guy." As soon as he finished his sentence, the biker that disappeared earlier emerged and walked slowly from the smoke. However, the biker looked very gloomy with both of his arms pointing towards the ground. His face was also facing the ground. Johnny immediately called out to him.

"Hey, are you alright?" Johnny asked with concern. All of a sudden, the biker looked up. The terrifying and wry face along with the eyes without pupils greatly shocked Johnny.

"Oh shit!" Johnny cried out. The biker suddenly charged at Johnny at an incredible speed with its mouth open, revealing two very large and sharp fangs. His arms reached for Johnny's neck. Johnny immediately retreated. "This is not good."

The biker was now just inches away from him.


Johnny looked back to see that the biker that was almost on him lay dead on the ground with blood coming from its head. Soon, he heard Niko's voice.

"Johnny!" Niko called out with his gun drawn. "Aside from being square with that help I owed you, we've got to get out of here!" Johnny was still scared stiff.

"What the fuck was that?" Johnny asked meekly. "He doesn't look human."

"I don't know," Niko replied. "But we've got to go. Looks like there is more coming our way!"

Niko and Johnny immediately ran towards Clay, Terry, Little Jacob and the others, who were waiting for them near a large warehouse. However, more of the creatures, who looked like Triads and Russians, soon emerged from the smoke and pursued the fleeing duo.

"Clay! Terry!" Johnny shouted. "Drop these fucking monsters!"

"You got it boss," Terry said as he began shooting with his AK-47 assault rifle. Clay followed with his Striker assault shotgun.

"Let's do it, Jacob," Niko said to Little Jacob as they began shooting.


Yusuf, Luis and a few other Russian and Chinese guards managed to get on the ship. From where they are, they soon realised that their worst fears were have come true. The zombies were released from the explosion that destroyed the bulletproof glass and have been infecting nearby guards and people.

"Fuck it," Luis exclaimed. "How did those things survive the blast?"

"I'm guessing it's the glass," Yusuf answered. "The manufacturer never told me that the glass was also designed to protect whatever's behind it from an explosion. That fool."

"Why did you even steal those shitty 'things' in the first place?" Luis asked. "In fact, how did you steal them at all?"

"Well," Yusuf replied. "I wanted to buy them. But those scientists said they weren't for sale and said they wanted to do some more research and shit. So I sent a team of raiders to steal these babies when these fucking scientists were doing some experiment about exposing these zombies to sunlight."

"You crazy Arab fool," Luis commented in Dominican.

Suddenly, screams of terror and gunfire were heard on the deck of the ship. There were also desperate cries along with loud and ferocious growls.

"Oh crap!" Luis exclaimed. "They are onboard!"

"What are we gonna do?" Yusuf asked in fear. He was beginning to panic. "We can't get off the ship now. I'm...I'm too young to be a zombie. My Towers aren't finished yet. And I...I..." his voice trailed off as the rising fear and panic overwhelmed him.

"Calm down, Yusuf," Luis urged. "I have an idea. I saw a life boat on the top deck of the ship. Let's head on over there now."

"Alright, homie," Yusuf said, feeling more calm now.

Luis and Yusuf quickly headed towards the superstructure of the ship. As they attempted to open a huge metal door, zombies began charging at them.

"Come on, Luis," Yusuf urged. "Hurry up!"

"I'm trying! But this fucking door is stuck," Luis said as he continued to yank the door handle. Fear was building up in him rapidly as he struggled with the door. Two zombies are now less than 10 metres away from them and were charging towards them at full speed.

"Hurry up!" Yusuf cried. A zombie suddenly grabbed his arm and had its mouth wide open.

"AHHHHHHHH!" he screamed as he closed his eyes tightly.

Suddenly, the grip loosened and blood spurted like a fountain. The zombie had been beheaded by a sword-wielding man. As the second zombie attempted to attack the man, the sharp blade of the sword swiftly did the same thing to the second as with the first.

"Got it!" Luis cried as he pulled open the door. "Are you ok, Yusuf?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. That was some crazy shit," Yusuf replied despite having blood all over his tracksuit. The mysterious man immediately pushed the two inside the dining hall before closing the door.

"Quick!" the man ordered. "Barricade the door!"

Luis and Yusuf immediately pushed kitchen tables and chairs to block the door. The man pushed a large and heavy refrigerator with great force in front of the door.

"Thank you, Mr...uh...," Luis said to the man as soon as the door was barricaded, but paused as he doesn't know his name.

The man, dressed in an olive green jacket stained with blood with a white shirt and jeans, simply replied, "Lee, Mr. Huang Lee."