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Anna stood on her tip-toes, trying to watch the babies on the nursery. Hans, her elder brother, had left her there, since he was too busy watching their father. Anna didn't mind, though. She enjoyed being alone for a while, without her brother around to piss her off. But still, she didn't like being too alone.

That was the main reason which made her take a walk around the hospital, looking for something fun to do. Not that she didn't enjoy being around the newborns, because she truly did. But eventually she got tired of looking to babies with the exact same pinky chubby face, toothless and bald. They kind that reminded her of a potato.

Of course a ten years old walking alone at a hospital in the middle of the early morning wasn't exactly usual, but the doctors and nurses were just too busy or too tired to care. She was glad no one, not even once, tried to stop her in the middle of her walk to ask if she shouldn't be with her parents, or what she was up to there alone. At least not until she reached the third floor.

"What are you doing there?" A curious voice asked. Anna looked up, finding a blonde beautiful young girl, around her age, sitting on a bed and looking inside her eyes. "Can you talk?"

"Oh, y-yes, I can." Anna stuttered, blushing heavily. "I got bored of watching babies. They are a bit monotonous." The blonde girl giggled, encouraging Anna to approach. "Hi, my name is Anna. Who are you?"

"I'm Elsa." The blonde kid answered. She had her hair pulled down on a braid and big beautiful icy-blue eyes. Her hair was platinum blonde, and she was pale. If Anna looked closely, she could even find a few freckles around her small nose, different from her, who had her whole body covered in freckles. "I'm twelve. How old are you?"

"I'm ten." Anna quickly got up on Elsa's bed, not waiting for any kind of invitation. "So, why are you here? And what is this on your arm?" She pointed to a pipe on the elder girl's arm. "Are you sick? What is that thing coming from that other thing? Will that make you feel better? Oh, well, assuming you are feeling bad. You don't look sick. D-doesn't mean that you're healthy, but you don't look sick. You look beautiful. Wait, what?"

Anna groaned, feeling blood rushing through her cheeks. And then, she heard what she judged to be the most amazing sound on earth. Slowly, the eight years old opened her eyes to see her new friend, if she could call her so, laughing. She tried to hide covering her mouth with her hand, but Anna could still see the corner of her lips curled up on a smile.

"Hans said I can be an annoying rambler sometimes." She muttered, still blushing, but not so hard. "I'm sorry."

"I don't know who this 'Hans' is, but he's wrong. You're funny." She smiled softly, tapping on the other side of the bed. "Sit here." Anna happily did so, resting her back on the blonde's pillow. "Yes, I'm sick. I ate something I shouldn't have, and now I'm feeling bad. This is an intra – inter – well, doesn't matter the name, but this pipe here," she pointed to the object. ", is bringing this to my body, so I'll feel better. And thank you. You are beautiful too." She blushed as she finished her sentence, cursing her genetic for making her have such pale skin. "W-well, so, why are you here? It's really late now. You should be sleeping, shouldn't you?"

"I would be, but father is sick, and I and Hans, - that's my big brother – have to stay here with him. He's been here for a few days now, and Hans left me there on the nursery so I could watch the newborns. But they all look like a huge potato, so I decided to take a walk around to see if there was anything interesting." She explained, gesturing with her hands. "And now I'm here with you." She smiled at Elsa. "So, what do you do around here? You know, to have fun."

"I read a book." Elsa shrugged. "I would talk to my aunt and uncle, but they had to go on an important meeting, so it's just me for a while."

"But where are your parents? Can't they stay here with you?" Anna asked curiously.

"Not really." Elsa chuckled sadly. "My parents are dead." Anna's eyes went wide, and her mouth dropped open.

"D-dead? I'm sorry! I'm such an idiot for asking about it! Y-you probably don't want to talk about it, it's sad. I-I mean, it must be sad, I don't know, p-please, don't get mad at me." She shrank, making Elsa frown. "H-Hans and father are right, I just mess everything up. I'm such an – "

"Why would I be mad at you? You couldn't have known." She said calmly. "And your dad and Hans are both stupid if they say things like that to you. You're a nice girl." Anna smiled, blushing once again.

"You're nice too." She mumbled. "But father and Hans are right. I killed momma right before I was born. I shouldn't even be here. Momma should."

"Don't say such a thing." Elsa whispered. "If you weren't here, I would be bored and alone." Elsa lifted the auburn girl's chin. "And I wouldn't have had made a new friend."

"So we are friends?" Elsa nodded, smiling. "Great!" Anna squealed, making the other girl laugh. "So that means you actually like me? Because I never really had a friend."

"Yes, I like you." Elsa giggled. "You're a very – unique person, Anna."

"I'll take that as a compliment." She said, getting out of Elsa's bed.

"Where are you going?" The elder girl frowned. "Do you need anything?"

"I should get back to father's room, to see if I can already go to sleep. And plus, Hans must be looking for me. He's going to get mad if I disappear for that long." She yawned. "I'll see you tomorrow, right?"

"I guess so." Elsa mumbled. "Can you give me your number? J-just in case I don't see you again."

"Sure." Anna smiled widely. She grabbed a piece of paper and a pen, writing her phone quickly and handing it to the blonde girl. "Night, Elsa!"

"Night, Anna." She answered. "Wait! Come here." She stretched her arms, trying to reach the younger girl. Anna got closer, and Elsa leaned, placing a soft kiss on her cheek. "Now you can go. Good night, red."


"Hey, I was looking for you!" Elsa said, reaching out for Anna's arm. "I'm leaving now – what happened?"

"Father is dead." She sniffled, rubbing her eyes. "H-he died last night."

"Oh, Anna, I'm so sorry." Elsa took a step closer, pulling the younger girl into an embrace. "It's going to be okay. I'm here for you, all right?" Anna nodded, resting her head on the blonde's chest. "I guess I can just stay here a bit longer. Uncle won't be mad if I do so."

"Thank you." Anna mumbled. "My uncle is coming to town, so Hans and I won't be alone."

"Do you like him?" She asked, pulling her friend to a bench.

"He's not so bad, I guess. I don't remember him." Anna answered. "C-can I lie on your lap? I haven't slept the whole night."

"Sure you can. Come." Elsa tapped on her lap, smiling softly to the younger girl. "You're going to be fine, Anna. I promise."


A few years had passed since her father died. She was now a fifteen years old, but she didn't feel like much changed. She was still the clumsy, goofy and freckled girl she'd ever been. She only happened to get shier and to be considered a weirdo at school for everyone but Elsa. And Kristoff, of course.

Elsa was now a beautiful woman. She was already seventeen, and was still Anna's best friend. She didn't change much too, though. She was still the sweet, nerd and even a bit shy girl Anna once met on a hospital room. She, besides Kristoff, was Anna's only friend. She was what Anna wanted to be. She was beautiful, smart, lovely and kind. She didn't have many friends too, but people seemed to admire her. Anna, on the other hand, was the freak. She didn't like being noticed, so she was used to wear dark clothes, despite Elsa's requests for her to wear colorful clothes. She walked with her head down, rarely talking to other people, unless it was necessary. And she truthfully hated herself for that.

"I'm in love with this song." Elsa said, throwing her body by Anna's side in bed. "Do you like it?"

"Not really. It's too depressing. Even for me." Anna smirked, making Elsa roll her eyes. "So, no boyfriend and girlfriend night today?"

"First of all, this is Anna's day, so it's only me and you." Elsa answered, stretching an arm to stroke Anna's auburn hair. "Second and last, I broke up with him."

"Again?" Anna quirked a brow, twisting the corner of her lips.

"I'm for real this time." Elsa promised, kissing Anna's cheek. "I don't feel like dating anyone right now."

"You say that every single time." Anna mumbled, closing her eyes and enjoying Elsa's touch. "And I pretend to believe you every time."

"Silly." Elsa giggled. "God, I'm going to miss you when I get into college."

"I'm going to miss you too." Anna said. "I'm going to need a new best friend."

"Don't you dare to replace me, you brat." Elsa joked, poking Anna's hips.

"Brat? I'm offended!" She laughed. "As if I could replace you. I doubt I can find another idiot who loves me half as much as you do."

"Well, you do have Kristoff…" Elsa smirked.

"And here we go again." Anna sighed. "We're totally not dating."

"But –"

"No buts, Els! Boys are gross." Anna mumbled.

"Not everyone is like that, Anna." Elsa said softly.

"They are all the same for me." Anna shrugged. "Maybe I'm just not into boys."

"Or you are just not ready yet." Elsa suggested, as the auburn girl crawled closer to her body. "It took me a while to develop this kind of… interest in boys." She felt her face heating as she finished her sentence.

"Okay, I don't really feel like having a conversation about it." Anna groaned, burying her face on the pillow. "Uncle Pabbie tried to, but it didn't really work out." Elsa laughed, pulling her friend closer to herself. "Would you hate me if I were – well, you know."

"Gay?" Elsa quirked a brow, as Anna nodded. "I could never hate you. You're my best friend; I will always love you, no matter who you sleep with." Anna smiled shyly, and Elsa placed a hand upon the freckled cheek, stroking it carefully. And then it simply happened. Anna leaned forward into Elsa's touch, closing the gap between their lips. It certainly wasn't a "perfect kiss." It was clumsy, inexperienced and way too sloppy, but it was perfect for Anna. She enjoyed every single second, every single touch. Until the kiss broke.

She stared at Elsa, mouth opened as if she needed to say something and eyes widened. But nothing came out, so she just jumps out of the bed and, without saying anything, she left Elsa's house.


They avoided each other for two weeks. Anna did her best to stay at home or at Kristoff's most of the time, and Elsa wouldn't wait for her after school anymore. They would barely say "hi" to each other, and as much as it killed Anna inside, she didn't have the guts to try to talk to Elsa. But at the end of the second week, it was all too much.

Elsa showed up at Anna's room on a Saturday afternoon. The auburn girl was alone at home, since her uncle and her brother had gone out for shopping. She had left her window opened, as she did every day, in case Elsa wanted to get in. Not that she was expecting her blonde friend to show up after all.

Without a word, Elsa walked toward Anna, cupping her cheeks and bringing their lips together. Anna's body trembled, and she felt her legs turning into jelly. She was glad that Elsa, somehow, managed to take them to bed, lying on top of Anna. Her tongue was inside Anna's mouth, and she moaned loudly as she felt Anna's hands on her hair.

This time, when they broke the kiss, neither of them ran away. Elsa stood on top of Anna, stroking the girl's cheek and placing soft kisses on her face. Anna placed her hands on Elsa's waist, closing her eyes to enjoy Elsa's cool touch against her skin.

"What is this about?" Anna mumbled, while Elsa got off her, lying by her side. "What are we doing?"

"I don't know." Elsa answered on the same tune, and it was the truth. She had no idea what they were doing, or how they should be doing it. It was something new for both of them. "Don't get me wrong, okay? B-but I don't want anything serious right now."

"I understand." Anna said, resting her head on Elsa's chest. "C-can we keep going with this?" She gestured toward them, making Elsa smile.

"Of course we can. Let's just say we're… friends with benefits." She suggested, and Anna grinned, nodding sharply.

"It's fine by me."


They kept their secret, as well as their promises. Elsa got a new boyfriend, but that didn't change much. She'd frequently show up on Anna's room, with a smirk upon her face. They would make out these days, but they never went too far. That was until Elsa's graduation. Anna was upset her best friend was leaving, and Elsa was upset she was leaving too. That night, when she showed up on Anna's room, she wasn't with her usual smirk on her lips. She seemed sad.

They kissed, but it also felt different. It wasn't just a kiss, and both of them knew it, but decided not to say a word. Elsa moved slowly, pulling Anna to bed and lying on top of her. She broke the kiss, staring at the greenish eyes for a moment before starting to undress the younger girl. Anna didn't move. She left Elsa strip her down, and bit down a cry when the pale fingers got inside her, bringing a bit of pain to her. A moment later, she was hit by a rush of pleasure, and soon enough, she was undone on Elsa's fingers.

It wasn't the only time they had sex. Elsa started showing up more frequently at night on Anna's room, and Anna got used to it. She would go to Elsa's house sometimes, but not as frequently as the blonde would do it. Elsa started cheating on her boyfriend almost every night, and she refused to spend her last day in town with him. That was probably why they broke up, but Anna didn't really mind. The only thing that bothered to her was that Elsa wouldn't be there for her anymore. They stood up the whole night having sex the night before Elsa would go to college, as if it could compensate her loss.

"Don't get in too much trouble while I'm gone." Elsa advised, smiling weakly. "And don't you dare to get another best friend, okay? I'll be waiting for you there."

"I'm going to miss you." Anna mumbled, burying her face on Elsa's neck. "Promise you will visit me as much as you can?"

"I'll come home almost every week if I can, beautiful." Elsa promised, kissing the auburn hair. "God, I hate goodbyes. And plus, it's not like I'm not going to see you anymore. And you'll come to college in about two years, so I'll wait for you there."

"I love you." Anna blurted out, feeling her face burning as she finished her sentence.

"I love you too, sweetie." Elsa smiled. "Call me whenever you need, okay? I promise I'm going to pick it up."


The next two years weren't exactly easy for Anna. She did her best at school, so she could get into the same college as Elsa. Her friend kept her promise, coming back almost every week. They would make out when they were alone at home, but Anna would also take Elsa out for anywhere she wanted to go. Her driver's license was a blessing, and her uncle was just the best uncle ever for giving her a car. Nothing changed between them, at least not apparently.

Anna didn't date anyone else during these two years. She would always be waiting patiently for the weekend to come, so her best friend would be home. She fell in love during these years, but she wasn't brave enough to tell Elsa. In fact, she was fucking scared that if she told her, Elsa would be scared and run away from her, because she didn't want anything serious.

Anna finally got accepted into the same college Elsa was, and she couldn't be happier. She and her best friend took a walk to show Anna the campus, which Elsa was already familiarized with.

"I'm glad you're finally here." Elsa said, wrapping an arm around Anna's shoulders. "I missed you really bad in here. It was boring not to have you around."

"I'm glad I'm here too." Anna squealed, making Elsa laugh. "Kristoff is not nearly as fun as you."

"I know, right? I'm awesome." Anna rolled her eyes over Elsa's joke, but smiled a bit. "So, there's this party on the end of the week. Do you want to come with me?"

"Sure." She quickly answered. Elsa smiled at her, taking a look around before placing a soft kiss on Anna's lips.

"Do you want to go see my dorm room?" She asked, quirking a brow and smirking. Anna gulped, nodding and letting Elsa take her by the hand to her dorm room. As soon as the blonde closed the door, she wrapped her arms around Anna's waist, crashing their lips together. Elsa hurried to get Anna's shirt off, but the younger girl stopped her moves. Elsa looked at her curiously, but Anna just shrugged.

"Can we just cuddle today?" She asked, pulling Elsa to her bed. "I really missed you too, but I'm tired."

"Okay." Elsa agreed, kissing Anna's neck. "Sleep a bit, my dear. We'll have plenty of time for that."


The party didn't go as Elsa expected. It was a great party, of course, but it definitely wasn't going as she had planned. It was supposed to be a night where Anna could have fun with her, where she could stay with her best friend the whole night. But of course it couldn't have happened, since Anna was on the dance floor, dancing with some slut while she was left alone, full of jealousy as her Anna was having fun with someone else.

At a certain moment, when the slut started to get way too touchy with Anna, Elsa got up and walked toward the younger girl, grabbing her hand and pulling her away from the dance floor. Without a word, she dragged Anna to the bathroom, locking the door as soon as they got inside

"What the – " Anna didn't manage to finish her sentence, since Elsa's lips crashed against hers almost immediately. She moaned against Elsa's mouth, wrapping her arms around her neck and pulling her closer. But just when Elsa was about to unbutton Anna's shirt, the auburn girl pulled away. "No. I – we can't. We won't do that anymore, Elsa."

"What? B-but why?" She frowned. "Did I do something wrong? A-am I not good enough at it? C-can I – "

"Elsa, stop." Anna said softly. "You're perfect. You're great at it, don't get me wrong. We just – it's not working anymore."

"Anna, we worked it out for almost three years!" Elsa pointed. "What's the matter?"

"No, you worked it out." Anna corrected. "You were fine with it, not me. A-and this time just hurts too much to keep going. I-I'm sorry, Elsa."

"What do you mean by that?" Elsa asked quietly, getting closer to Anna.

"I'm in love with you, okay?" She blurted out. "I want to hold your hand in public, to kiss you, not to be just a slut you fuck whenever you want."

"Don't call yourself that." Elsa said angrily. "I never treated you as such a thing, and we both agreed to be friends with benefits."

"You don't treat me as such?" Anna snapped. "You get into my room when you fight with one of these boys just to get laid, and then you leave! I was dancing with another girl and you practically dragged me to this bathroom because you decided it was time to fuck me." She lowered her voice, looking sadly into the icy-blue eyes. "Let me make myself clear, Elsa. I won't make out with you anymore. I know you don't want anything serious with me, and honestly, that's fine. But we're no longer friends with benefits, and – " Anna looked like she were about to cry, which made Elsa's heart break. "- and I think it's better if we're no longer friends either."


Another week passed, and Elsa just looked over to see Anna sitting alone on a bench not far from where she was. She was eating a sandwich, pretending to be focusing on a book Elsa was sure she just hated, since Anna never liked Math. She avoided Elsa, just like she did after they first kissed, about three years ago. But this time, she walked over the blonde, or got away from her whenever she tried to get a bit closer.

"Why don't you just go there?" Belle asked, bringing Elsa back to real life. "Seriously, I don't have a clue about what's going on between you guys, but you've been staring at her over a week. It's getting creepy, you know."

"I wasn't staring." Elsa mumbled, blushing.

"Of course not." Belle rolled her eyes, smiling. "Stop being such an idiot and go there."

"She doesn't want to talk." Elsa muttered.

"I swear to god, if you don't go right there on this very second, I'm going there myself." Belle threatened.

And Elsa knew she was serious. So, instead of risking it, she got up and quickly went to where Anna was sitting, standing right by her side.

"Hi." She cheered, sounding a bit too happy. Anna slowly dragged her eyes to Elsa, sighing as she met the icy-blue eyes. She stood up, trying to get out, but Elsa held her on her place. "No, wait. Just – let's talk. Please. If you don't want to do this for the "new me", do it for our almost eight years of friendship." She bit her lip, waiting for Anna to react.

"I made myself clear, Elsa." Anna mumbled, and the elder girl nodded sharply.

"I know, I know. I just – I really miss you." She said. "A-and I don't mean sleeping with you. Well, actually, I do miss that too, but I miss kissing you, and talking to you, a-and hanging out with you." Elsa moved her hand to cup Anna's cheek, stroking it. "I'm sorry I overreacted when I saw you with that – girl on the dance floor. I just – I didn't like you were dancing with someone else. That was supposed to be me, I was the one who was supposed to be with you."

"What are you trying to say?" Anna asked quietly, pulling Elsa's hand away from her face.

"I'm trying to say that I'm in love with you, Anna." She cupped Anna's hands between hers. "I-I'm sorry if I ever treated you bad, or if I hurt you. C-can we try again? And I mean start all over."

Anna didn't answer. She looked around, seeing some people watching them. And then, she leaned forward, placing a kiss on Elsa's lips. It wasn't nearly as much as Elsa needed, but it was something.

"You didn't run." Anna said, smiling over the blonde. "Ask me out."

"W-what?" Elsa stuttered.

"I said, ask me out." Anna repeated.

"Will you, uh – will you go out with me?" Elsa asked nervously, finally looking up on Anna's eyes. The auburn girl smiled at her, closing her Math book.

"Of course I will."


"Does he look like a potato to you right now?" Elsa asked, making Anna giggle.

"No." She shook her head, smiling at the small baby on her arms. "He's the most handsome baby boy ever. Though he is a bit swollen." Elsa laughed, kissing Anna's forehead, and then the baby's.

"He is still handsome, love." She said, kissing her wife once again. "He's a lot like you."

"Are you comparing me to a potato?" Anna quirked a brow, chuckling.

"I thought you said he didn't look like a potato!" Elsa stroked the baby's hand, as he snored lightly. "He needs a name."

"What about… Henry?" Anna suggested, but Elsa shook her head.

"No, it reminds me of Mr. Harrison." Anna rolled her eyes, but smiled. "What about… Cody?"

"Cody sounds nice." Anna agreed, kissing the boy's pale hand. "Hello, Cody. I'm your momma, Anna. And this dork right next to us is your other mommy, Elsa. Yeah, we know it's confusing, but we will explain it better when you get older. Maybe you can also get mad at your mommy because she took way too long to actually ask me out. God, and she took me on that horrible bar –"

"Babe, we can tell our story to him when he get older." Elsa cut her wife off, kissing her lips. "I love you, you know?"

"I do. I love you too."