A/N: Okay, so this is just how I imagine pregnant Anna would be like. So... yeah. Bye. Oh, and it's a g!p Elsa prompt.

Her eyes were teary and a hiccup escaped from her mouth. Elsa frowned and was about to ask her girlfriend what was wrong, but Anna turned around and ran away from her, leaving the blonde girl alone in the middle of the park. Elsa's jaw was dropped, and she seemed to be as confused as the rest of the families walking around them. She couldn't tell what the hell had just happened; one minute, everything was fine. They were walking around the park, as they always did at the end of most evenings. The other minute, Anna just walked away from her, not giving the blonde girl a chance to react.

Elsa took a moment to compose herself before running after Anna. She looked around the park, but she wasn't anywhere. Elsa sighed, making her way back to their apartment. She probably would be there, or else she would just check on Anna's brother's house, or even her own brother. Wherever she were, she couldn't just hide forever.

She got into their apartment, and Anna was already there, sitting on the couch and with her face buried on a pillow. Elsa slammed the door, making sure her long-date girlfriend realized she was there, but Anna didn't even look at her. She just shrank, sniffling loudly.

"What was that about?" Elsa snapped. As much as she tried to control the anger and the hurt on her voice, it was almost impossible. She wasn't any good at it. "Anna, you just left me alone in the middle of these people and simply disappear! I was fucking worried about you! I thought something bad had happened." She lowered her voice, kneeling down and placing a hand on her girlfriend's arm. "Baby, what is going on? Are you feeling something? I can take you to the hospital if you want to."

"Go away!" Anna sobbed, slapping Elsa's hand away from her arm. "I don't want you around."

"What? Why? What did I do now?" Elsa frowned. "We were just fine, and then you simply – don't you think I deserve some explanation here?"

"Don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about!" Anna stood up from the couch, walking away from Elsa. "And stop trying to make me look like the bad guy."

"So, I'm the bad guy here?" Elsa yelled angrily. "Sure, because I'm the one who left my fucking girlfriend alone and wasn't capable of telling her why!"

"Don't yell at me!" Anna cried, tears running down her cheeks and making a sad face that made Elsa's heart ache. "You just – goddamn, Elsa! You didn't have to do that in front of me!"

"Anna, I love you." The blonde girl said, taking a step forward and placing her hands on Anna's hips. "But if you don't tell me what in hell I did wrong, how can I apologize and explain why I was doing that?"

"You were checking on another woman."

Elsa's jaw dropped for the second time on that day. She tried to speak, but no word came out from her lips. Her voice seemed to be gone, as well as Anna's sanity. She didn't check on another girl; she barely looked to other girl that wasn't Anna. "W-what?" She cooed, making Anna roll her eyes.

"I saw you checking on that woman with the blue dress." Anna sniffled. Elsa's eyes widened, and she simply smiled, pulling Anna closer to her. "I – you will check on other women, I know that. But why did you have to do it right in front of me?"

"Love, I wasn't checking on her." Elsa said sweetly. "I was looking at her because she had a baby." Anna said nothing, so Elsa continued. "I was thinking that maybe someday it could be us. I was imagining how beautiful you would look if you were carrying my child, and how amazing it would be to become a mother. I was imagining that you would do a great mom someday." Slowly, Anna moved on Elsa's arms, resting her head on the blonde's chest. "Well, not that soon, because I am not so sure if I am ready to become a mother, but… well, I would like to have kids with you."

"Promise?" She whispered, as Elsa smiled against her hair.

"I'd never check on anyone else. Only you, love." She promised.

"How many?" Anna asked, smiling shyly.

"As many as you want."


"Hey Flynn, what's up?" Elsa greeted her friend.

"Hey Els. Uh, can you come over and pick Anna up?" He asked, making her stop working. "She's not feeling well."

"Okay. What's wrong with her?" She asked, grabbing her purse.

"Cramps." Elsa could feel Flynn's discomfort as he finished the sentence, which made her smile a bit.

"Okay, tell her to get downstairs. I'm heading there."

She didn't take long to park in front of Anna's work building. The younger girl was already there, switching uncomfortably on her feet. As soon as she saw Elsa, she smiled weakly, walking to the car slowly.

"Hey." She greeted, placing a light kiss on Elsa's lips. "I missed you."

"I missed you too." Elsa smiled, stroking Anna's hair. "Feeling sick, love?" Anna nodded, putting her seatbelt on. "Okay. I'll give you some pills when we get home, and then we can stay in bed the whole day. How does that sounds?"

"Can we watch Tangled?" Anna asked, looking a bit happier. "You know how much I love this movie."

"Sure we can, baby." Elsa smiled, leaning to kiss her girlfriend's cheek. "So, how was your day?"

"Boring. I spent most of the day alone, since Flynn and Kristoff had a meeting with I-don't-care-whom." Anna huffed, making Elsa giggle.

Kristoff was Elsa's big brother, and also Anna's best friend. The girls had met thanks to him, since he was the one who decided they were spending too much time on their own and needed a friend. Elsa fell for Anna immediately, and so did the auburn girl. Within a month, they started to date. Elsa and Anna had been dating for almost five years then, and people would often ask them why they weren't married yet. Elsa would just roll her eyes and answer that they already lived as a married couple, so marrying wasn't really a big deal.

"You know, I really missed you." Anna smirked, as Elsa stopped on the traffic light.

"I know; I missed you – oh." She gasped, as Anna moved her hand to between Elsa's legs. The blonde flushed as her member tightened on her skinny jeans almost immediately, making Anna smile. It was shameful how fast Anna could turn her on. She felt like a lovesick teenager sometimes. "A-Anna." Elsa breathed, as the redhead played with Elsa's jeans, slowly opening its buttons.

"What, baby? Didn't you miss me too?" She chuckled, pulling Elsa's boxers down and leaning her head. "I think you did." She kissed the tip of her hardened member, making Elsa groan. Anna smirked after lowering her head down and pulling Elsa's cock on her mouth.

The blonde grabbed the steering wheel strongly, biting back a moan. She needed to get home quick, or else, she was definitely going to crash the car.

"A-Anna, faster." She moaned. Anna took the hint, bobbing her head faster at her girlfriend's sex. "Shit babe. That feels so good." Another thing that was shameful was how fast Anna could make her come. As much as she tried, she could never last too long with her. "Fuck, baby, I'm com –" She thanked god she had to stop the car, or else they would have suffered an accident. She groaned loudly, holding Anna's head on her cock as she came hard on her mouth. She closed her eyes for a second, enjoying the feeling, but a car right behind her started to honk impatiently. She flushed, quickly starting the car once again, as Anna smirked. "I love you." She said, stroking her girlfriend's face slowly.

"I know. I love you too."


"...and I'm done with this, Elsa, I can't stand it anymore!" Anna cried.

"What? Baby, why are you yelling at me?" She asked, wrapping her arms around the younger girl, but Anna pushed her away.

"T-that fucker who has a crush on you! H-he keeps staring at you the whole fucking party!" Elsa shrank as she saw Anna's teary eyes. "A-and you were there, laughing with him, and I was alone!"

"Who, Jack?" Elsa asked, as Anna sniffled. "Anna, I wasn't – "

"D-do you like him?" Anna asked, pouting. "A-aren't you into girls anymore? O-or don't you love me anymore?"

"You know I only love you." Elsa answered softly, pulling the younger girl into an embrace. "Baby, I was just having fun with other people. And you were there with Hans and Kris. Don't you think you're overreacting just a little bit?" Anna sniffled, burying her face on Elsa's neck.

"I-I'm sorry, you're right." Anna mumbled. "I think I'm just tired. I-it's just these fucking cramps!" Elsa nodded, kissing her forehead. "And there's just too much going on at work, I'm so sorry Els. I didn't mean to be such a meanie."

"It's okay." Elsa smiled, pulling her girlfriend to the couch. "You should head to a doctor, babe. If you don't get better soon, I myself am driving you there."

"Can we go to bed?" Anna whispered, pressing her nose against Elsa's cool neck. The blonde nodded, wrapping her arms carefully around her girlfriend, guiding her to their room. "Els, did you mean it?"

"What, sweetie?" Elsa asked, grabbing their pajamas and handing Anna hers.

"That you only love me?" She asked, her eyes turning teary again.

"Of course, babe. Honey, are you feeling okay?" She wrapped her arms around Anna, placing soft kisses on her face.

"Y-yeah, I just got a bit too happy I guess." She mumbled, wiping tears away from her eyes. "Can you take some pills to me? I think it's in the bathroom." Elsa nodded, quickly running to the bathroom to look for it.

While she was looking, she found something that made her body freeze. She opened her mouth, unable to talk, grabbing the small box and walking to their bedroom again.

"Did you find it?" Anna asked. "No, babe. I asked for pills, not for tampons." She said, rolling her eyes. "Did you have too much drinking, love? You know it's not healthy to –"

"When was your last period?" Elsa asked quietly, staring at Anna's greenish eyes.

They both remained in silence.


"How long does it takes?" Anna asked, resting her head on a pillow.

"Three minutes." Elsa answered quietly.

"It doesn't make sense. I-I mean, we worn condoms." Anna cooed.

"Not every time." Elsa said, lying by Anna's side. They remained in silence for some long, avoiding each other's gaze. "W-will you keep it if you're pregnant? I-I mean, it's up to you. I'll be right here whatever you decide it's best." Anna nodded, turning around to face her girlfriend.

"How long does it still takes?" Anna asked.

"It's almost done." Elsa answered, getting up from their bed. "Do you want me to look at it?" Anna nodded, as Elsa walked back to the bathroom. She returned with the pregnancy test in hands, sitting by Anna's side. "It's – well, two lines means it's… positive. You're pregnant, Anna."

For a second, Anna didn't say anything. Tears start running down her cheeks, and just when Elsa was about to try to comfort her somehow, she threw herself on top of her girlfriend, placing sloppy kisses upon her face.

"We are having a baby, Els!" She said, grinning and leaning to kiss Elsa's lips. "We're going to be mommies, love."


Anna's pregnancy was going extremely normal. Especially on the department of weird desires in the middle of the night. Her bump was already there, and Elsa got used to spend moments before going to bed staring at it, kissing it and talking to it. And in one of these talks, she asked the baby why it made her momma had such weird desires at such inconvenient hours. And its answer was another desire at another inconvenient time.

"Baby?" Anna whispered, stroking Elsa's hair. "I want pineapple juice with tomatoes."

"What?" Elsa's eyes went wide and she frowned. "You want to drink pineapple juice and eat tomatoes?"

"No, I want it all together." Anna answered. "What? Tomatoes are fruits, don't you know? I want some."

"Love, I know we live in NYC, but where in hell will I find pineapple juice with tomatoes?" Elsa asked. Anna pouted, making the blonde's heart ache. "No, don't do that. All right, I'll find it."

"N-no, you're right. Who would sell it?" She smiled sadly, but Elsa was already on her feet. What her babies wanted, they would get.

"I'll make you some, then." Elsa answered. "Just give me a moment. I don't think we have any tomatoes at home, all right?" She leaned forward, kissing Anna's forehead and then her bump. "I'll be right back."



It took her an hour to come back home. Apparently, even in New York City you have trouble to find tomatoes and pineapples at 1am. But she didn't mind it anymore. She was slowly getting used to attend to any of Anna's wishes, even if that meant she would have to get out of her warm and comfy bed to go out on a cold supermarket in the middle of the night.

"I'm home, love." Elsa hummed, smiling as her girlfriend came bouncing to the kitchen, smiling brightly at her. "I brought the tomatoes. And pineapple."

"You're the best." Anna said, kissing Elsa's cheek.

Elsa just smiled, turning around to prepare the juice. As soon as she finished it, she handed it to Anna, who drank it in a single gulp.

"Oh, sorry." Anna blushed, offering her glass to Elsa. "Do you want some?"

"I think I'll pass it." She said, grimacing at the drink. "You honestly liked it?"

"Mhm!" Anna nodded, handing the cup to her girlfriend. "And I want some more."


Another thing Elsa was trying to get used to was Anna's sudden mood swing. One moment, she was just fine. The other, she just broke down. Elsa wasn't so sure about what could make her moody or sad. And plus, Anna wasn't likely to tell her what was going on, so she normally just had to guess it. And that day when she threw Elsa her own pillow and a cover, she stood in the middle of the hallway wondering what in hell had just happened.

"Love?" Elsa called on their bedroom door. "I understand you don't want me in our room, but can you at least tell me why I'm being forced to sleep at the couch?"

"Go away!" Anna's muffled voice came out, making Elsa sigh heavily. "Leave me alone."

"Anna, this is just not fair!" Elsa groaned. "I don't even know why you are so mad at me! And since I'm too fucking tired to try to guess, I was assuming you could just tell me for once!"

"You're being rude." Anna mumbled.

"I am being rude? For heaven's sake!" She slammed her hand on the wall. "I've worked the whole day, and all I wanted was to take a bath, cuddle with my girlfriend and our baby and sleep, but all that I got was a girl fucking mad at me for god knows why and now I have to sleep at the couch? Open the door!"

"Don't yell." Anna whispered. Elsa heard her sniffling, and without waiting anymore, tried to open the door. It wasn't locked, and for a moment she felt stupid for not trying it a while ago. "If you want to sleep here, I'm going to the couch." Anna said, quickly wiping tears away from her eyes.

"I don't want to fight, Anna." Elsa mumbled, crossing her arms. "I just – I'm sick of it! You never tell me what bothers you, and I'm tired of having to guess it all the time. Why can't you just say it?"

"Because you're going to think I'm being silly again." Anna answered quietly.

"I won't." Elsa promised, taking a step forward. "Just tell me." She carefully wrapped an arm around Anna's shoulders, pulling her closer.

"I-it's that stupid boy who keeps hitting on you all the time!" She blurted out. "Y-you never do anything to stop him, a-and that makes me upset." Elsa smiled, pressing a kiss on her girlfriend's forehead. "I don't like him."

"I don't like these boys who hit on you either, but I'm not just forbidding you to sleep with me because I'm jealous." Elsa said calmly. "Anna, I doubt he'd keep hitting on me if he knew about my – well, my boy parts." She pointed to her pants, giggling. "You don't have to be jealous. I told you once; I only have eyes for you."

"I'm sorry." Anna wrapped her arms around Elsa's neck, pressing a kiss on her girlfriend's cheek. "I'm being stupid."

"No, you're being yourself." Elsa corrected. "And I forgive you, as long as we can still cuddle up and have a good night of sleep."

"Sure we can."


Elsa did her best to remain confident during the whole period of Anna's pregnancy. But once her water broke, she just freaked out.

"S-shit, we have to go now. Oh my god, Anna, we're having a baby. Fuck, I need to get you to the hospital." She ran around the living room. "Damn, where the fuck are my keys?"

"Elsa, calm down." Anna said calmly. "Go get me my pajamas and some clothes. Oh, and grab something for you too."

"But – "

"No buts. Do it, or I'm not giving your keys back." Anna threatened. Elsa groaned, but ran to their bedroom, grabbing the first clothes she found. "Done already?" Anna smirked. "Okay, I guess we can go now." She threw the car keys to Elsa, walking on her pace to the door. "And don't you dare to rush me, all right?"

Elsa smiled weakly, nodding. "Never, love." She kissed her girlfriend's hair, walking her outside their house. "We are fucking having a baby, Anna."

"Watch your mouth, miss." Anna said playfully. "I don't want our baby listening to these things when it gets home."

"Sorry." Elsa mumbled, guiding her girlfriend to their car. "Okay, we can do this."

"Elsa, for heaven's sake. I'm the one who's giving birth to a child, calm yourself down."



Anna was yelling. Bad words, as she herself would tell Elsa not to say out loud. She was squeezing her girlfriend's hand so tight that Elsa wondered if Anna was breaking her hand. She kept squeezing Elsa's hand and blaming her for making her go through all of this, but Elsa didn't fought back. She just agreed with Anna and kept caressing her face, despite her girlfriend's attempts to push her away. She stood there the whole time, despite the pain in her body, and despite the fact she was fucking tired. She stood there until Anna gave a last sharp cry, giving place to a new voice on the room. A baby's cry.

It was a baby girl, ginger as Anna and with Elsa's pair of icy-blue eyes. She was small, chubby and beautiful, and Elsa and Anna cried when they first held her together. When the nurse took her to get cleaned up, Elsa wrapped her arms around Anna, kissing her face sloppily and muttering words of comfort, telling her how great she just did, and how proud she was from her. Anna apologized for yelling and cried even more, pulling Elsa closer to her tired body and placing soft kisses on her nose.

"I love you." Elsa said, brushing her lips on Anna's. "Marry me?" She blurted out, eyes focusing on Anna's.

"W-what?" The younger girl stuttered, wiping tears away from her eyes.

"I said, marry me?" Elsa repeated, smiling lazily. "I-I don't have a ring yet, and that was definitely not the way I was planning to ask, but it seemed the perfect time." She said, stroking Anna's cheek with her unharmed hand. "I just – I think I've never loved you as much as I do right now. And I want to call you my wife for the rest of our lives. So, marry me?"

Anna leaned forward, groaning in pain, but managing to crash her lips against Elsa's. She smiled onto the kiss, slowly lying back on the bed and pulling Elsa with her. She first broke the kiss, just to stare at the big icy-blue orbs, before smiling softly at Elsa.

"I thought you'd never ask."