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Summary: During the fight in the Chamber of Secrets, a delay in Fawkes healing of Harry leads to several different hidden worlds colliding with Harry's reality, life, and destiny to change. Thankfully, two Gods are here to help in a definitely different way. Fem!Harry, Living-a-video-game. Hogwarts starts at age 12 in this story. Fem!Harry/fem!harem; Multi!Xovers

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"Currently we have added, several outfits similar to the outfit you are wearing, along with several other types, some new school robes, a tome on Sorceresses, and a pre-prepared Grimore for you keep any spells, potion, etc. you create," continued Chaos.

"Now, we have given you all the help we can give. Good luck with your destiny and there is a minor help feature, which you can ask questions if you need to. We recommend that you explore the area were the Ballisk slept. Ms. Weasley will be unconscious for a while longer since the whole time we were here time was frozen. When you are done exploring, just shake Ms. Weasley to wake her up and Mr. Weasley will have finished clearing a path for you to get through the rock fall," Both Chaos and Ra gave Amara a hug.

Chapter 2:

2:00 pm May 25, 2013 (A/N: I moved the date of everything up to closer to the current date)

As the time restarted, the bed vanished and the rest of the chamber faded into view. Amara found herself standing near the corpse of dead basilisk and the ruined Diary. Ginny was lying near the entrance to the Chamber from the passageway towards the rest of Hogwarts. Amara took a step towards the Diary and squatted to pick up the Diary. As she picked up the Diary two messages appeared as though on a transparent screen in mid-air which vanished after being read.

New Item Gained: Riddle's Diary – Destroyed

Riddle's Horcux Destroyed: 1 of ?

Quest Item

New Quest: Tell the Tale – The Events in the Chamber of Secrets

Tell Dumbledore about the events leading up to the destruction of the Diary, about the breaking of the blood curse (including what Chaos and Ra said), and hand Dumbledore Riddle's Diary.

Reward: 1000 Exp

After she stood up, she notice that she was now wearing knee high leather boots, instead of wearing slippers as earlier with Chaos and Ra or her ratty old trainers before her change. She also notice that her clothes had a few new parts beside the boots. She notice that the dress had a leather cord belt with a wand holder tied to it, a leather pouch as tied to the belt, a wrist band with a crest with the name Potter and a motto under it in Latin which she couldn't read. 'Nice… damn it. Now I am starting to even think more like a girl… Well, probably a good thing since a now am one. Definitely could be worse than a becoming a girl.'

As she picked up the Diary, she felt an influx of knowledge on how to store things in her Inventory and how to anyone else (besides any bondmates in the loop on the Game) would see it as being pulled from a pocket or not find it unusual for things to magically appear. She stored the Diary in the Inventory and stood up. Amara started to look around the Chamber since in her rush to save Ginny and the fight with Riddle and the basilisk she did not get a great view of the Chamber. She quickly notice that the statue of Sytherin's mouth where the basilisk came from was still open. Looking around she saw that the Chamber contained pools on either side of the Chamber which came together leaving a small path to Sytherin's statue. All around the Chamber were dozens of torches with magical fires burning lighting the Chamber fully. On the Chamber walls were scenes of ancient magical combat from all around the ancient world.

Amara remembering Chaos and Ra's suggestion and hint, carefully walked towards the open statue mouth, avoiding the dead basilisk, broken rocks from the fight, and the few animal skeletons. As she reaches the walkway toward the statue mouth, she carefully climbed the stairs up to the opening.

After a couple minutes of careful climbing, she stepped in the statue mouth and noticing the lack of torches, drew her wand from its new holder. She quickly noticed that her wand barely reacts to her. 'Damn it now. I guess after the destruction of the Horcrux, breaking of the bloodline curse, and the shifting genders the wand does not match me anymore. Hopefully it will work enough for now and I don't need to use my magic much.' Appearing before her on a transparent screen:

New Item Gained: Harry Potter's Wand

-15 % Magic Needed for Defensive and Light Magic

+15% Power for Defensive and Light Magic

Composition: Holly and Phoenix Feather (Fawkes)

Brother Wand to Voldemort's

Quality: Average

Core Match: Low (+50% Magic Needed for All Magics)

The message disappeared after she finished reading it. Shaking off these thoughts, since she couldn't do anything about it, she quickly lit the end of her wand and followed the passageway for a couple of minutes until she reaches another room. As she steps into the room several torches lite, and she put out the wand light and lowers the wand slightly. Looking around quickly noticing a giant bowl like area further at the entrance of the room. "That must be the basilisk bed."

"Very nice guess and you are correct," answered back a voice from the back of the room. Amara whirled around aimed her wand carefully towards the back of the room.

"Whose there? Show yourself!" demanded Amara to the laughter of the voice.

"Please, follow my voice. I promise you I will not harm you. Not that I could if I wanted to," replied the voice with more than a hint of amusement.

She slowly steps into the room and carefully walks to the back of the room. On the back wall Amara saw sat a large portrait of a middle age man, with black hair, dark green eyes, and aristocratic features. In front of the portrait and to the left was a pedestal with a hemisphere of green crystal.

"There you are. You definitely are a beauty. I am Salazar Slytherin, one of the co-founders of this school, and Lord of the Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Slytherin. May I be introduced to lovely beauty before me and ask what brings you down here to this hidden Chamber?" asked Lord Slytherin.

"My name is Har… sorry… Amara Potter."

"A beautiful name, Amara, though it sounds like you were going to introduce yourself with a different name to start with," replied Slytherin with a bit of suspicion. Amara sighed realizing that due to her slip up she would have to explain what happened since she could tell that Slytherin would catch an attempt brush it off or lie.

"It will be explained in my story of why I am here. I came down here to save a student from the basilisk and to stop your heir…" started Amara before she was interrupted by Slytherin.

"I have NO HEIR. That piece of scum, is a descendant of my disowned and disinherited son. I only had two children, one boy and one girl. He was originally born from a line thief attempt by the middle daughter of the Gaunts in an attempt to steal the Slytherin family money and magic. The daughter of the Gaunts was of course sentenced for death (the family somehow weaseled out of being punished along with the girl) and I was given the child to raise. My wife and I decided to raise him as if he was our own. That pick of scum, destroyed the Slytherin name with his foolish blood purity obsession, studied deeply in Dark and Black Magic, and murder his own younger half-sister for power. She was my only daughter and ten years old when he killed her for some dark ritual. I banish him from the Slytherin line and disowned and disinherited him. I had to fight him a duel to stop him from killing a group of non-magical children, killing him in the process. I died two months later from the injuries from that duel," roared Lord Slytherin in a fury. Amara quickly backed up a couple of steps at the raw fury and hatred in his voice and the stunning pieces of information Slytherin has given.

After a couple minutes when Slytherin was calmer, Amara asked, "A lot of what you just said is very different from what was taught in Magical History. All of the records or stories that I heard of say that you were a Dark wizard, who hated muggles, muggleborns, or non-purebloods. They say you left the school after an argument about trying to stop any muggleborns from attending Hogwarts. They also mention nothing about disowning your son."

At this Lord Slytherin sighed in disgust. "Those rumors created by my enemies, the Gaunts, who were still furious at the death of their daughter, my disowned son married the only daughter of his uncle. The scum married his own cousin and had a son with her. They spread those rumors in attempt to weaken my family. I am a half-blood myself so that rumor of being obsessed with blood purity is foolish. My mother was a first generation magical. My son thought blood purity matter since he was more powerful than most of his peers because all four of his grandparents were magical."

"You should not call non-magicals, muggles or anything like that, but instead call them as they are, non-magicals. While, I have always dislike non-magicals because they are uneducated, superstitious, violent towards magic, and a dangerous threat, I believe that insulting them by calling them muggles is stupid. I have never held the first generation magical's (not muggleborn) heritage against them. I only argued with Gryffindor that we should enter the first generation magical children at 9 instead of 12 since most could not read or write. I also suggested we take magical children from any magic hating non-magicals (at that age or younger if possible). Godric was such an idealist, he did not like the idea of destroying families or making first generation children appear less than their peers since they would have to start earlier." He scoffed at Gryffindor's idealism

"Excuse me, what do you mean muggle as an insult? I mean no insult, I have always heard them call such in the magical world. My mother was a first-generation magical," interrupted a confused Amara.

"Muggle is an insult towards non-magicals (muggleborn for first generation). It means that they muddle or muddy throughout life since they are less than human because they don't have magic," answered Slytherin.

"I guess the mean must have been lost throughout the last thousand years since 'muggle' and 'muggleborn' are not insults now. Though I never did like the term since I entered the magical world when I was 12," replied Amara with a thoughtful look.

Slytherin continued his response, "Next, the Slytherin family has always before my disowned son been a grey or light family. We have specialized in Parsel Magic, Warding, Healing, Potions, and Enchanting. I guess I should let you get back to your explanation of your adventure in this Chamber." At this Amara started to explain, first starting with her life' history and then the situation that brought her to the Chamber and the events that occurred during the fight and after. She covered everything but the details about the game since her instincts were telling her that she should only mention that to her bondmates.

"Damn that Riddle boy, I always thought he was like his ancestor but I never thought he would be so corrupted. He made multiple Horcruxes which is utter insanity," commented Slytherin in disbelief. After a couple of seconds, Slytherin shook his head, and looked back at Amara with a smile, "At least one good thing came from this. While I am sorry about how the breaking of the curse changed your gender, but I am happy that a Sorceress line has returned, especially a Tantric Mage Sorceress. By the sounds of it, the world truly needs a Sorceress."

"For some reason, my anger and distaste towards the change is muted and barely there, and it almost feels right for some reason. I finally don't feel that discomfort about something being wrong with my body," commented a thoughtful and slightly perturbed Amara at this feel.

"Based on what Lord Chaos and Lord Ra stated about how the curse was weakening, I am not surprised. You were always a powerful magical and with the weakening of the curse, your magic and body could probably tell something was wrong. Though by the time you would have been 21, it would have probably stopped when magical maturity occurred and the curse started to strength itself from your lifeforce and magic," stated Slytherin.


"Ah, yes. You are only finishing your second year, right?" At her nod, he continued, "A maturity is when you magic will start to slow your aging with the amount dependent on your magic. It is typically about 21 for a wizard and 20 for a witch. For a Sorceress, it is 17 but they will not be fully mature physically like a wizard or witch at the time of their maturity and it could take another 15 or years before they reach full physical maturity. At this time, your aging will truly slow due to your magic."

"Lord Slytherin, how do you know so much about Sorceresses? I though they disappeared or thought be killed off about 500 years before your time?" Amara asked bewildered at his knowledge.

"True, but I studied Sorceresses in my youth since I never truly believed that they were killed off. My great-grandfather who died at nearly 300 year of age when I was a child had mentioned how he had meet Merlin a year before he disappeared, and was told that he hid a Sorceress away under a curse. Most people scoffed at my great-grandfather's legend but some instinct told me that he was right." Amara was surprised at how Merlin lived nearly a 200 years after the destruction of the Sorceress lines, though since she learned of her roots as a Sorceress, her respect and awe for the great wizard had decreased.

After a minute for Amara to clear her thoughts on the subject, he started again, "Now, I would like to ask a favor of you, young Amara. I promise that you will not be harmed. Could you please step in front of the pedestal and place both hands in front of you on the green crystal? It is important that you don't release the crystal until it is done? I promise I will explain why after."

Looking a bit concerned at the mysterious request and stared at Slytherin for a couple of seconds. She decided that he had earned her trust and walked in around the pedestal facing the pedestal and the portrait. Following Slytherin's instruction, she placed both hands on the green crystal. For a second nothing happened.

After a second, the green crystal started to glow releasing a brilliant green light. As she held the crystal she felt a powerful presence flowing through her body and it took all of her self-control to not let go of the crystal. It felt like the presence studying her very soul. Thirty seconds after the crystal started to glow, the glow started fade away. After the glow had disappear, she felt the presence fade away and quickly let go of the crystal.

She quickly backed away from the crystal, panicking from the experiences. A rush of questions flowed off her tongue in her musical tone though it had a hint of panic.

"What was that? What happened? Why did you want me to do that?"

"You passed, Amara. I am sorry about not telling you more before the test and I am sorry for the invasion of your privacy. The green crystal tested you very essence of you being. With the disowning of my son and the death of my daughter, I was the last of my family since a year before the death of my daughter by wife passed away from a magical illness. When I defeated my disowned son, I cursed his line to pass so that any who defeated them would gain the gift of Parseltongue for themselves and one generation. I was hoping that eventual one those who gained the gift in this manner would find this Chamber. The crystal in the pedestal would search them to see if they were of pure heart and soul. You were founded to be truly pure in soul and heart. You suffered a harsh childhood but you have managed to maintain your purity of soul and heart, the purest I have ever seen in fact," replied Slytherin in a calming tone.

"Why were you checking to see if my soul and being is pure?" asked Amara with a look of disbelief and confusion.

"Because since I knew that I was dying from the duel with my disowned son and that I was the last of my line, I worked on creating a partial blood adoption. The partial blood adoption would instead of the normal blood adoption, would add myself as a third parent. The normal blood adoption replaces the individual's birth parent(s) with the adopted parent(s). I was hoping to convince a worthy person, to accept the adoption to become my child. I would like you accept the adoption and to become Amarantham "Amara" Hetshepsit Slytherin-Potter. You are more worthy than I could have ever expected or even hoped," answered Slytherin.

"Why me, Lord Slytherin?" a shell-shocked Amara replied.

"Please call me Salazar or even Father if you accept the adoption. The crystal never lies and with your history, you will bring honor and respect to the Slytherin line. While I don't want to replace your parents, I don't want my own line to end and ever since I saw you enter the Chamber, I felt a connection to you and that you will raise the Slytherin line along with you own to greatness. During my young adult stage, I wandered throughout the several Hidden Worlds and learned many of their magics and techniques, which you would inherit along with the whole Slytherin family wealth and heirlooms. If you accept the adoption, you will first be emancipated since the Slytherin family charter allows for an orphan heir or heiress to be emancipated and to gain Head of House status at thirteen. So you would be free to leave your mother's sisters family. You also would gain a set of quarters here in Hogwarts for your years here at the school. Normally, you would have to deal with any Magical Marriage Contracts which would become active but since you are not a witch or wizard, and instead are a Sorceress, they are not tied to you due to the wording, which specifies witch or wizard. You can cancel them for future generations without concern since Heads of House can cancel inactive magical contracts. You also would have to spend one-third of your mealtime during your Hogwarts years at the Slytherin table and visit the Slytherin Common Room at least twice a year as Head of Slytherin family. You also would be required by the time you are thirty to provide a heir or heiress for the Slytherin line," spoke Salazar.

Amara just stared in shock at the offer. After a couple of minutes, her brain restarted and she started to consider the offer. Normally she would be much more hesitant but something in her gut that she should take the offer. 'Now, the pros are the cool and unknown magics, knowledge of some of the other Hidden Worlds that I will have to deal with in the future, freedom from the Dursley's, and it would drive Riddle crazy if I were to become the heir of Slytherin. Plus the quarters here in Hogwarts would be a nice since I will need new sleeping arrangements. The cons are that I would have to spend time at the Slytherin table and Common Room and I would have to have a child by the time I am thirty. The Slytherin part would be annoying due to Malfoy and other Voldemort ass kissers but I am sure that there are some fun Slytherins. Plus there are quite a few hot Slytherin girls. As a Sorceress I don't have to carry the child unless I so desired to in the future. I would have probably been married with children, even if I had never become a Sorceress. The adoption would not really change anything there if I accepted the adoption. So all in all, the adoption would be the best choice plus my gut says I should do it and it has never been wrong yet.'

Making up her mind she nodded and said, "I accept the adoption."

At her acceptance of the adoption, Salazar broke out into a smile, "Thank you daughter. I am positive that you will bring honor and respect back to the Slytherin line. I could tell from the moment that you enter this room of the Chamber. Now, we should complete the adoption and you can look around the hidden portion of the Chamber with contains many heirlooms and a large portion of our family's wealth. While, Gringott's bank was founded before my death, I never trusted them to protect my family's complete heritage. Goblins, while honorable have at times have had bad apples, like humans, and with the death of my heirs I refused to trust them with everything."

In the portrait, Salazar waved his hand towards a section of wall to the left of his portrait, causing a doorway into another room to appear.

"Inside the room to the left of this portrait you will find a runic array carved into the floor. In the center of the array there is another pedestal with a bowl full of an almost completed modified blood adoption potion under stasis and a knife. When you step into the array, the stasis will fade and you will need to complete the potion. To complete the potion you must use the provided knife to make a small cut in your hand and add seven drops of your blood. The knife has been charmed so that the wound will heal as soon as the seven drops are added to the potion and destroy any leftover blood. Once you have completed the potion, you must drink the potion. Normally a blood adoption will change the appearance of the adoptee at reflect the adoptee's new parents but since it is a partial adoption aimed at the inclusion of family magic into the adoptee, it should only add a few highlights to your hair, probably of a very dark red color," informed a smiling Salazar.

Nodding her nervously in understanding of the process for the blood adoption, she walked purposefully towards the new room. As she entered the room, she quickly took stock of the room. It was a 10 foot by 10 foot square room. In the center of the floor laid carved in the stone floor a beautiful but eye catching runic array shaped like a seven pointed star inside a circle of runes. Dead center of the array was a pedestal similar to the one containing the crystal with a small bowl with a knife of silver covered in a dome of whitish magic. As she walked towards the center of the room and stepped inside the circle, the runes started to glow a reddish gold color. Reaching the center of the array the dome surrounding the bowl and the knife faded away.

Stepping in front of the bowl, she saw that the bowl contained about 4oz of a silver liquid with a greenish tint. Picking up the knife, Amara quickly followed the instruction of Salazar in the antechamber and made a small incision in the palm of her left hand. Tilting her hand over the bowl she watched and carefully counted the drops of blood being added to the potion. She noticed that her blood looked like it had a golden tint to it but she filed it for future consideration. Once seven drops were added she put the knife down and watched as the wound healed and the blood vanished from the knife and her hand. She then watched as the potion gained a golden tint and picked up the bowl.

'Well let's hope this was a good idea,' she quickly thought as she quickly downed the potion.

Shuddering at the taste, she thought, 'Ugh that was nasty.' She quickly felt rush of magic enter her body, though unlike some of the previous times with the abilities gained from her perks, she felt as though the family magic was welcoming her and embracing her fully. It was an amazing feeling.

Suddenly the world seemed to freeze and in bold text a message appeared in front of her on a transparent screen:

New Perk Gained: Child of the Serpent

A perk which is a family trait of true Slytherins, which Salazar Slytherin's disowned son's family lost with their disownment. It grants the user:

Active Parseltongue (Allows for the Gamer full control of their Parseltongue ability)

+25 Parsel Magic

+25 Warding Magic

+25 Runic Magic

+25 Healing Magic

+25 Magicka Core Score

After she read the message, the message disappeared and the world unfroze. 'Wow, nice perk. I guess the adoption was the right choice. I guess I should go see Salazar… well I guess Father would not be inappropriate.'

She exited the ritual room for the adoption and reentered the basilisk nest and portrait room. Stepping in the portrait room, she turned to the right and walked back in front of her new father's portrait.

As she stepped in front of her father, he ask, "Done?"

At her nod, he gave her a studying eye and commented, "It appears all that changed in your appearance is the a few darker red highlights were added. Though you did have many of the traits that the true Slytherin family had to start with. Most Slytherin females had red hair and all Slytherin's had emerald green eyes. My eyes were unusually darker green from the typical Slytherin which is from my mother's side. Welcome in to the Most Ancient and Noble House of Slytherin, Amarantham "Amara" Hatshepsut Slytherin-Potter, my new daughter."

"Thank you, father. I promise to make you proud," replied Amara with a hint of tears in her eyes from the acceptance in the Slytherin family.

"You will make me proud by just being yourself. Now, enter through the door behind my portrait and enter my personal study and store room for a large portion of the Slytherin heirlooms and money. I have a portrait inside the study along with in your new living quarters and hidden in the headmaster's office," Slytherin stated with a proud smile. A couple seconds later, the portrait swung forward revealing a massive chamber. As she stepped in the chamber, she froze in shock at the content of the room.

The front of the chamber was a study and library with the back of the chamber filled with a ton of heirlooms, gold, and gems. The whole chamber was equal to the size of the Great Hall above in the school. There was at least ten times the gold that was in her Gringotts vault. Quickly getting over her shock, she walked towards her father's portrait by the desk in the chamber.

"Wow, this is impressive," Amara said aloud as she looked around at the contents as she approached the portrait.

"Amara, my daughter, this is only half of the money and the most important of the heirlooms. The rest of the money and heirlooms are in Gringotts. The Slytherin line was a wealthy line that started with a first generation magical noble in 753 BC but our true wealth was our knowledge and heirlooms."

Amara was stunned at the age of her new family. "Wow that was nearly 2800 years ago."

"Child, I know from your earlier story that you were raise in the non-magical world and were not told much about your family but the Le Fay line that we now know that the Potters are descended from goes back even further. The Le Fay line goes back to ancient Egypt around 3000 BC. Plus the around the time I founded this school the heir of the Potter family married the granddaughter of the youngest of the three Perevell brothers, only remaining of the three brothers. The Perevell family was founded about 1000 BC. There are a few lines of similar age in Britain like the Black line, Dumbledore line, the Bones line, the Lovegood line, and the Ravenclaw line, though the Le Fay line is no longer considered to be around and would now be considered wrapped into the Potter line. Some lines that are now in Britain might be as old as these lines but they were not here in Britain when we founded Hogwarts and so they do not have the same political power. Some examples that I have heard of would be the Greengrass line which is a line I heard about when I was alive but was located in Norway and the Scandinavian area and they moved to Britain during the 1400s, the Patil line which was from India which I met during my travels which only recently in the last 20 years moved here, and several other lines."

Again Amara was stunned at the age of her family and the history behind it.

"Wow, that's a lot of history. What do I need from here? Ever since my change and after the meeting with Lord Chaos and Lord Ra my wand does not really match my core any more. Is there any family wands here?" Amara asked remembering in a conversation with Ron and other pureblood members that many wizards and witches use family wands.

"Yes, traditionally each family member have two wands. One is their wand they get from a wand maker or preferably a wand crafter and a family wand, as a back-up wand. The difference between a wand-maker and a wand-crafter is a wand-maker makes a bunch of wands to match up with potential customers and a wand-crafter makes a wand that matches your core. A wand from a wand-crafter would be a very good match to the core and much better than a wand from a wand-maker but they can be much more expensive. The wands are along the right wall as you enter the heirloom section of the chamber. You also need to pick up the Head of House Ring which is near the wands and I recommend looking through the jewelry section to see if you want any of the various jewelry. The Head of House Ring goes on your right ring figure. There are a lot of useful and beautiful piece. I also recommend check for some Battle Robes and Armor in the heirlooms which is one the left wall as you enter the heirlooms. Why do grab what you want from those sections and then return here? I will then recommend some books to take with you. You then should get back to Miss Weasley and return to the school. You can always return the Chamber later before you leave for the year," responded her father's portrait.

Amara feeling over whelmed from the day's events nodded in agreement since she knew that everyone in the school must be getting very concerned and she didn't want Ginny to wake up alone in the outer Chamber. She quickly walked along the right wall to the heirloom section towards the family wands, which were on six racks of 25 wands.

When she reached the wands, she looked at the racks of wands under preservation charms. She carefully picked up a wand and tried to feel if she felt a connection like she had felt with her previous wand. As she went through the nearly three hundred family wands, she had felt several wand that she formed a partial connection to but after about seventy wands she finally felt a wand that she felt a connection even greater than her old wand. As she picked it up, she looked at the label and was surprised to see that the wand was wielded by a Dagmar Slytherin nee Greengrass around 800 AD. A message appear in the air:

New Item Gained: Dagmar Slytherin's Wand

-25% Magic Needed for Warding, Healing, Norse, and Lightning Magic

+10% Power to Warding, Healing, Norse, and Lightning Magic

-5% Magic for all Other Magics

Composition: Oak and Thunderbird Tail Feather

Focus Type: Wand

Quality: High

Core Match: High

After she read the message it disappear and she looked around the wand racks she saw several charmed wand holders for the wrist, which she grabbed the best looking one.

New Item Gained: Charmed Wand Holder - Wrist

Can hold up to one Wand

Charmed to be Invisible to all but the Wearer

Quality: High

Amara fastened the wand holder to her left arm with the wand facing her wrist so it was easily accessible. She placed Dagmar's wand in the new holder, leaving her old wand in the waist holder on her belt.

Game Hint:

Only one focus of any type can be used per hand/limb at a time

'Ah, so I can have multiple focus on me but I can only use two at a time. Plus wandless magic would be allowable even if I have two focus in use… though it would very difficult to split my attention three ways for casting but it's good to know,' thought Amara after she read the message and moved towards jewelry.

"Wow," Amara whispered as she walked through the various jewelry until she saw a pedestal with a ring sitting on it. As she approached the ring, she examined the ring. The Slytherin Head of Family ring was a platinum ring with serpents engraved in the band with an Emerald inlaid with a raised platinum seal with an S with a serpent wrapped around it on a shield half of platinum the rest of the emerald.

Picking up the ring and placing it on her right ring figure. She felt a rush of magic similar to the adoption.

New Item Gained: Lord of Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Slytherin Ring

+25 Mind Arts

Mind Protection from All Except Gods/Goddess/Deities

Quality: High - Unique

New Skill Gained: Mind Magic - 50

Base – 25

Slytherin Ring + 25

Once she finished with reading the two game messages, she started to look around. Amara found that there was a lot of beautiful jewelry but there were only three pieces that call to her. The first was a ring formed from two serpents with their tails wrapped together with their open mouths facing where it looked like a gem stone should be. As she pick it up a message appeared.

New Item Gained: Incomplete Daughter of the Serpent Focus Ring

Optional Quest Item: Complete the Serpent Focus Ring

New Optional Quest: Complete the Serpent Focus Ring

Talk to Salazar Slytherin about Daughter of the Serpent Focus Ring and follow his instructions on how to attune the Ring to your core.

Reward: Daughter of the Serpent Focus Ring

'This could be a very useful ring. I will definitely talk to Salazar since it would allow me to have a focus much more subtle than a wand plus it is a beautiful ring,' Amara thought and put the ring on for safe keeping. The ring shrank to fit her finger. The second piece was a black leather wrist band with silver Norse runes and designs covering the surface with the central design being the symbol of the World Tree. She placed in on her right wrist since she had the wand holder on her left forearm.

New Item Gained: Lord's Friend

Cools When Near Untrustworthy People or Enemies

Warms When Near Others Who are Trustworthy and Desire to Be a Friend or Ally

Quality: High

The last piece of jewelry was a Celtic Torc that looked like a silver snake with emerald eyes which was designed for a female. The snake had incredible level of detail and looked to be very life-like. Picking it up and putting it on a message was displayed:

New Item Gained: Torc of the Serpent Guardian

Warns Wearer of any Poison or Harmful Potion near them

Provides Protection from All Low Power or Level Spells

Quality: High - Unique

Amara laughed, "Definitely useful with my destiny," and carefully put the torc on. Continuing on through the jewelry, she found other interesting pieces but decided that she would come back later for other jewelry. At this she headed across to the left side of the heirlooms and to check out the Battle Robes since she knew that they would be useful.

As she walked across the room she looked at the various weapons that rested on the racks in the center of the room. Amara passed by a table with several racks of knifes when she saw an incredible beautiful knife with Egyptian hieroglyphics made from gold. She stopped her trip around the chamber and picked up the knife which seemed to call to her. As she picked it up, the knife seemed to feel like it was a part of herself. Suddenly it dissolved into golden sand and absorbed into body.

New Item Gained: Ritual Blade for the High Priestess of Isis

-50% Magic for Tantric, Blood, and Egyptian Magic When Wielded

+50% More Damage Dealt When Wielded by a Tantric Mage

+50% More Damage Dealt When Wielded by A Chosen Of Isis

Damages Monsters of All Pantheons

Can Only Be Wielded by a Female

Combines with the Essence of the Wielder and Comes at Wielder's Call.

Weapon Type: Dagger

Quality: Godly Artifact

"Whoa, that was weird," Amara whispered in shock at the weapon she just got. 'How do I call the weapon…' At this the blade reappeared in her hands and after a few second she thought about it returning to where it came from and dissolved again. 'So it comes when I think of a desire to have it and disappears when I no longer need it. Nice.'

Shaking herself out of her thoughts she realized that she needed to get the rest of the stuff so she could get back to Ginny. At this she hurried across the room to the Battle Robe section and started to look through the robes. Quickly she was able to discount most of the robes since they were clearly designed for males but she was pleasantly surprised at the number of female robes. After about ten minutes of looking through the robes she found the perfect set. Unlike most of the robes and armor, the robes that she found were a multiple piece set designed for a female. The outer robes were a set of dark green battle robes made from basilisk and dragon hide with silver ruins embroidered on the inside of the robe's acromantula silk lining. The inner part of the robes and armor were a form fitted mithril chest plate and greaves with beautiful mix of Greek, Egyptian, Norse, and Celtic runes. The chest plate and greaves were over top of a dragon and basilisk under-hide form fitting bodysuit lined with acromantula silk for comfort. She slowly pulled the beautiful but highly protective battle robes and armor from the manikin that it was displayed on. Remember how to store items, she stored the robes in her inventory.

New Item Gained: Robes of the Serpent Maiden

Immunity from All Low and Middle Level Spells.

-50% Decrease on Magical Attacks (Excluding the Unforgivables)

-75% Damage from Piercing, Stabbing, and Blunt Force Attacks

- 90% Damage from Slashing Attacks

Auto-Adjust to Wearer's Body.

Regulates Wearer's Temperature to a Comfortable Temperature.

Freedom of Movement (No Restrictiveness from Armor)

No Influence on Wearer's Ability to Cast Magic

Can Only be Worn by a Female

Armor Type: Hybrid Battle Robes and Medium Armor

Quality: High – Unique

'Damn, that is nice set of battle robes and it a beautiful set, too,' thought Amara. Finishing getting all of the items which she need except for some books, she returned to the front of the chamber to her father's portrait.

"Amara, my dear, what did you find for a wand, jewelry, and battle robes?" asked Salazar.

She remembered the quest to ask about the ring and asked, "Father, I was looking through the various jewelry and one of the three pieces of jewelry I chose was a bit weird. It was this ring which looks incomplete and it made me wonder if there was a story behind it." Holding up the ring on her finger, Salazar sighed in sorrow.

"My dear daughter that is a focus ring. It works similar to a wand in that it provides a focus for your magic but they are much more subtle focuses. The ring that you found was one that I had created for my daughter by some legendary Persian and Arabian crafters that met on my journey. The focus ring is a unique one in that it is attunes to the users core by crystallizing a small piece of their magic like the core of a wand and the metal is a pick of Moon Silver. The crystallized piece of magic will regenerate normally as though you casted a powerful spell, it will cause the focus to work the best in the fields of magic that you are strongest in. It was supposed to be my daughters eleventh birthday present. I would be honored if you would use it and may it help end my daughter's killer's legacy."

"I am sorry for your loss, father. I wish I could have known her. I will wear it and stop Voldemort for good. How do I attune it to my core?" asked Amara with a firm and determined tone.

"I am sure you will, daughter. To crystallize a small piece of your magic, you need to draw on the feeling you had when you received your first wand. Then carefully push the magic into the focus ring. The ring is designed to crystallize the magic into a gem or crystal."

Amara closed her eyes and drawing on the instruction her father provided and the understanding on wandless magic gained from Apprentice level Wandless Magic skill, she gently and firmly drew a large amount of her magic and moved through the magical channels in her body to the un-attuned focus ring. When the magic entered the ring, a third of the runic engravings on the inner side of the band started to glow a light golden color as the magic was directed through the focus. Opening her eyes, Amara watched the process of her magic crystalizing. Slowly the between the open jaws of the two snakes, formed a light golden gem cut in an oval shape.

Quest Complete: Complete the Serpent Focus Ring

Reward: Daughter of the Serpent Focus Ring

New Item Gained: Daughter of the Serpent Focus Ring

-35% Magic for Tantric, Parsel, and Elemental Magics

-15% Magic for All Other Magics

+35% Power to Tantric, Parsel, and Elemental Magics

+15% Power to All Other Magics

Quality: High

Core Match: Perfect

Amara gasped at the perfect connection between her core and the focus ring. "It feels better than my old wand ever did."

"Good job with the attuning the focus ring to you. What other items did you find in the chamber that suited you?" asked Salazar smiling at Amara success at completing the focus ring and glad that at least one of his daughters would use the ring.

Amara showed Salazar the various items that she found. Salazar greatly approved of the various pieces since he firmly believed that one should take a proactive defense of oneself especial if one had as many enemies as she did. He also strongly suggested that she wear the Lord's Friend to help weed out any untrustworthy people that she was close to and to make friends and allies with those it sensed want to be friends who were trustworthy. He swore that there were probably a lot of people who wanted to be friends with her and just did not know how to do so.

Next, after they discussed the items that she found, Salazar directed Amara to the various bookshelves and recommended beginners and intermediate level books on various magics that he thought she should study. Amara following his instructions quickly added the suggested books to her inventory. Salazar suggested books for Tantric, Runic, Elemental, Defensive, Offensive, Healing, Warding, Parsel, Mind, and Family magics.

New Items Gained: 80 Books on Tantric, Runic, Elemental, Defensive, Offensive, Healing, Warding, Parsel, and Mind Magics

New Items Gained: Slytherin Family Grimoire

Contains Family Spells, Potions, and History.

Rarity: Unique – Family Heirloom

"Now, that you have some reading for the rest of the school year and your summer. You should grab the extra portrait frame next to the bookshelf to the right of the desk over there. Then you should returned to Miss Weasley and return to the school. I am sure the teachers and Miss Weasley's family is out of their minds with concern for her safety along with your friend, Mr. Weasley and yourself. To get up the entry pipe, call out stairs in parsel and it will shift to a set of stairs to get out," stated Salazar.

Amara nodded and with a smile of thanks replied, "Thank you father for your assistance. I will check up with you when I get to my new quarters tonight. I promise to make our family proud."

"I know you will, daughter," responded Salazar as Amara quickly left the inner study and storage room of the Chamber of Secrets.

As she entered the basilisk's resting place Salazar's portrait silently swung close. A few minutes later she exit the passage way that lead to the outer part of the Chamber of Secrets through the statues mouth.

As she reached the base of the stairs, the statue's mouth in a soft grinding noise, slide close. Carefully walking towards Ginny, who laid near the entrance way, she avoided the battle damage from the fight with the basilisk.

Amara gently shook Ginny, who was starting to stir. Ginny quickly fully turned to Amara and in a confused and scared tone asked, "Who are you? I swear that I didn't mean to do any of this. It was Tom from the journal. I swear I didn't mean to harm anyone. You have to believe me." At this Ginny started to cry saying, "I am going to be expelled and Hogwarts was always my dream."

End of Chapter

Character Stats:

Amarantham "Amara" Nefertari Slytherin-Potter

Race: Sorceress

Classes: Tantric Mage, Elemental (Shadow, Wind)

Level 10

Experience – 15000/18500

Magicka Scale (1-1000) – 470

Magicka Regeneration (1-250) – 50

Strength (1-250) – 40

Vitality (1-250) – 55

Speed (1-250) – 55

Endurance (1-250) – 60

Agility (1-250) – 55

Intelligence (1-250) – 70

Wisdom (1-250) – 70

Charisma (1-250) – 60

Luck (1-250) – 55


Perevells: Cloak of Shadows

Potter's Flight of the Hawk

Child of the Serpent

Personal Pocket Dimension

Mage Sight

Animagus Form – Kitsune

Photograhic Memory

Teleportation Magic: Fading


Wand Magic – 75

Non-Wand Focus Magic – 75

Stave Magic – 75

Wandless Magic – 125

Tantric Magic – 125

Sexual Aura – 125

Parsel Magic – 150

Blood Magic – 35

Healing Magic – 75

Light Magic – 50

Warding Magic – 60

Teleportation Magic – 75

Flight Magic: Aided – 105

Flight Magic: Unaided – 75

Transfiguration Magic – 75

Charms Magic – 75

Defensive Magic – 75

Offensive Magic – 50

Potions Magic – 75

Non-Magical Studies – 50

Magical History – 10

Wind Elemental Magic – 125

Shadow Elemental Magic – 125

Fire Elemental Magic – 30

Illusion Magic – 30

Runic Magic - 50

Mind Magic - 50

Blade Skills - 5

Closing Author's Note:

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The planned crossover worlds are so far:

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