"At the beginning…"

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The sun was shining down on a girl who was laying on a bench in the park, the mahogany haired girl enjoying the beautiful summer day.

She was dressed in a white spaghetti strapped top with a black button up vest over it, jeans and a pair of banana yellow convers.

Around her neck was a red ribbon tied around it that she had been using to keep her bangs out of her face, but she untied it and let her hair fall freely as she sunbathed.

Under the bench was a two foot tall blue dragon with yellow V shaped markings on his face and his scarlet eyes were closed as he snored.

"Man, what a great day." Daisuke Motomiya yawned as she stretched out.

Her chocolate eyes blinked as they took in the bright blue sky along with the white fluffy clouds decorating it while the sun shone light everywhere.

Laughter was heard making her look over and smile at the sight of the children running around the park, their digimon playing with them.

She spotted one of her friends Cody walking around with his grandfather while the boy's partner Armadillomon was walking beside the two humans, talking with them.

Veemon then blinked his scarlet eyes open and sat up, accidentally hitting his head on the bench making him yelp in pain as Daisuke bent down to check on him.

"What happened?" she asked.

"I hit my head. Forget I was sleeping here." Veemon rubbed the sore spot.

Crooning, Daisuke picked her dragon up and kissed the bump on his head making him giggle and smile up at her.

"Better?" she asked.

"Yep. Hey, can we go get some ice cream? I'm hungry." Veemon clasped his hands and gave her the puppy dog eyes.

Laughing at the cute display, the girl stood up and set her dragon down on the ground beside her and held hands with him.

"Sure, I'm kinda hungry too. Maybe we can get a large hot fudge sundae." She suggested.

"With lots of chocolate sauce and strawberries!" Veemon bounced excitedly as a bit of drool dripped from his lips.

"Sounds good to me. Let's head to the ice cream shop. Maybe we'll run into the others on the way over and invite them with us." Daisuke laughed.

As they walked over to the shop, the wind then picked up a bit and blew the girl's hair back from her face while Veemon's ears flapped from the breeze.

Just then, Daisuke's D-3 started beeping making her pull the device out of her pocket to see that it was flashing and she looked around curiously.

"What's wrong?" Veemon asked as he looked around.

Car alarms then started blaring making people and digimon in the street jump in surprise and look around to locate the source of the problem.

"I don't know. But…" the girl trailed off.

A street sign nearby then began to creek as the metal bent and then gave a loud screech when the metal was completely crunched up.

"I'm getting a bad feeling about this." Daisuke said as she stepped back.

A burst of wind then blew around the girl and the dragon, making them lift their arms to cover their head and protect their faces from the violent winds.

"Daisuke…Veemon…" a familiar voice whispered their names over the roar of the winds.

Opening her eyes, Daisuke caught sight of a familiar blue dragon and her eyes went wide in shock as she saw the large, old dragon circle his body around her and Veemon.

"What is going on here?!" Daisuke yelled over the winds at the God digimon.

Veemon blinked his eyes opened and gasped when he saw Azulongmon was there and as the dragon flew into the air, the duo of Miracles found themselves lifting into the air as well inside of a twister.

"There is a great issue that needs to be taken care of." Azulongmon said.

Once high in the clouds, the dragon allowed the girl and the younger dragon to ride on his back as he took off into a rainbow colored vortex that opened up in the sky.

"What are you talking about? I thought we already took care of all the evils." Daisuke said.

"You did. MaloMyotismon and Diaboramon have been dealt with, but I'm afraid that the Digidestineds didn't defeat their greatest enemy. They merely sealed him away." Azulongmon told them.

"Sealed who away?" Veemon asked.

As they flew through the vortex, the area around them turned black and the image of the original eight Digidestineds facing a mutated digimon appeared.

He was covered in black armour with arms that resembled Devimon's and had shirt silver hair, blood shot gold eyes and wore a long black and red cape.

His bottom half was made of a gold rubix cube that had chains with claws attached to it.

Each of the eight digivices glowed and formed a prism around the evil digimon and he was trapped inside of it, and then was tossed into the abyss of space.

"Who was that guy?" Daisuke asked Azulongmon as the vortex returned to the multicolored theme.

"It was Apocolymon. He was too strong for the Digidestinds to defeat, so they sealed him away. I fear that he is breaking out of his confinement and will be back to destroy the world." Azulongmon explained.

This news made the duo of Miracles gasp in shock as an image of Apocolymon bursting forth from the prism made of light appeared in front of them.

The mutant digimon then invaded Earth and started destroying everything in his path, innocent humans and digimon being killed in the wake of his destruction.

Cody, Yolei, Ken, TK, Kari, Yolei, Sora, Mimi, Matt, Joe and Izzy were all lying on the ground of the destroyed street, each of them lying dead as their digimon had been deleted.

Apocolymon then laughed manically as he sent out a final blast and the bright light destroyed the bodies of the Digidestineds making Daisuke sob in horror as she covered her eyes and Veemon clung to her side, the dragon whimpering from the horror they had just witnessed.

Azulongmon sent a sympathetic glance over at the girl and her dragon from witnessing the horror that would come if they didn't defeat Apocolymon, but he knew they needed to see if so they had the motivation to defeat the monster once and for all.

"You understand why I have asked you both of this. The Digidestineds cannot do this alone. They need you both now to help them prevent this from happening." Azulongmon said.

"Yeah, we know. Veemon, you up for this?" Daisuke asked as she wiped her tears away and looked down at her partner.

"You know me. I go where you go." He smiled holding up a fist with a determined smile.

The girl returned the look as she nodded at Veemon and then looked at Azulongmon, meeting eyes with him as he continued to fly through the vortex.

"How do we do this, Azulongmon?" she asked.

"Simple. You have to start at the very beginning." He said as a bright light shone ahead blinding the duo of Miracles.

Veemon and Daisuke groaned as they lifted their arms up to cover their eyes from the harsh light, but soon their world went black as they fell unconscious.

(Later on…)

"Daisuke! Daisuke! Daisuke, wake up!" a familiar voice called.

Groaning at the voice calling her name, Daisuke blinked open her eyes and looked up at the clear blue sky above her.

She then noticed that there were tress around her and she sat up to see that she was in the forest of the Digital World.

"Oh, so that wasn't a dream then." she groaned as she brushed her bangs back from her face.

"Nope, it wasn't." a cute voice spoke with a lisp.

Looking down, Daisuke gasped when she saw that Veemon had reverted back to his In-Training form, Demiveemon and she scooped her partner up into her arms.

"Why are you in your In-Training form, Demiveemon?" she asked standing up.

"I don't know. I just woke up like this. Maybe I can digivolve back. Get your digivice out." Demiveemon said.

"Okay." Daisuke nodded as she reached into her pocket.

She searched for the oval-ish shaped device, but was surprised to find that a smaller device in her pocket and pulled it out.

"What in the-? What happened to my D-3?" she asked.

In her hand was the original digivice that was a powder blue color with a tiny black antenna and was shaped like a four pointed star with smoothed edges.

"Maybe that's what Azulongmon meant by starting at the beginning." Demiveemon suggested as he hopped up onto her head.

"Great. Now what are we supposed to do from here?" Daisuke sighed as she clipped her digivice to her belt.

Yelling was then heard making the duo perk up, the voice sounding male and startled.

"I wonder who that was." Demiveemon mused.

"I don't know. Come on, let's go check it out." Daisuke said as she ran off to where the sound came from.

Hearing voices, the girl followed them as she ventured further in the forest and swore that the voice currently speaking sounded familiar.

"Aw, but Matt!" a child's voice spoke.

"No, TK. We can't play. Right now we have to find the others." The second male spoke.

"Someone's coming." A third male voice spoke.

Pushing the leaves to the side, Daisuke walked out of the forest and came to a clearing where she found two digimon and two human boys.

There was a small white digimon with antenna and for four tiny legs with large black eyes that the girl knew as Tokomon.

Then there was a round orange digimon with a yellow face, a black horn on his head and red eyes called Tsunomon.

One of the boys was about 7 years old with golden blonde hair, peach toned skin with a bit of a pinkish color mixed in and he had azure eyes while his clothing consisted of a green helmet with a blue jewel in the center and he wore an emerald green vest with a hood over a lime green shirt, brown cargo shorts, yellow socks and green shoes with white soles.

On his back was a blue backpack and he stared up at the mahogany haired girl with an adorably curious look on his young and innocent face.

The other boy was the same age as Daisuke, but he had spikey golden blonde hair, lightly peach toned skin, azure eyes that were narrowed like a cat's and he wore an emerald green sleeveless turtle neck, dark wash jeans and brown boots with matching gloves.

"Um, hi." Daisuke waved awkwardly as he looked over the group.

"Hi!" the little boy giggled as he and Tokomon ran over to the girl as she walked out of the bush.

"Who are you? I don't remember seeing you at camp." The boy smiled.

"Oh, uh, I wasn't at camp. I was in the park and-and then there was all this wind and light a-and then I woke up here." Daisuke stumbled over her words.

The boy looked so familiar to her and she knew why.

This was TK Takaishi when he was about seven years old and the boy with hi was his older brother Matt Ishida.

But that would mean that Azulongmon had opened up a time portal and had propelled the girl and her dragon back in time by about five years.

"Really? Cool. I'm TK and this is my big brother Matt!" the boy giggled.

"TK, you shouldn't talk to strangers." Matt scolded as he walked over.

"Ah, come on. He's a kid. It's okay to be curious. I'm Daisuke by the way." She smiled down at the boy.

Demiveemon's tail wagged as he clung to his partner's hair to not fall off of her head.

"Oh, hey!" Tokomon gasped as he ran off into the bushed.

"Hey, where are you going?" Tsunomon asked.

"There are more humans! I can smell them!" Tokomon called.

Demiveemon sniffed at the air and jumped down, running after the white digimon.

"Me too!" he called.

"Demiveemon, get back here!" Daisuke yelled as she ran after him.

"Tokomon!" TK chased after the girl.

"TK!" Matt yelled, then growled as he scooped up Tsunomon and ran after the two humans and digimon.

Matt had no idea why he had woken up in this strange world and met these strange creatures and this girl, but he wasn't going to let anything happen to his little brother.

As they ran through the bushes, they heard talking and then they heard their digimon called out their names.

"Hey, TK, over here." Tokomon said.

"Daisuke, come see what we found!" Demiveemon cheered.

"Coming!" TK sang.

Jumping out of the bushes, Daisuke and TK ran over to their digimon while Matt chased after them with Tsunomon tucked under his arm.

"Tokomon, there you." the little boy giggled as he kneeled down and hugged his digimon.

"Demiveemon, why did you run off like that?" Daisuke placed her hands on her hips and she frowned down at the baby dragon.

"Because it was fun." He chirped making the girl roll her eyes and scooped him up, tickling his white yummy making him giggle.

"Hey, Matt, you too?" a familiar voice asked.

Gasping, Daisuke looked over and was shocked to find Tai Kamiya, Sora Takenouchi and Izzy Izumi.

Tai's usual wild brown hair was held back by his silver goggles and a blue headband while he wore a blue t-shirt over a yellow short sleeved turtleneck, brown cargo shorts, white socks and white shoes with blue markings.

His eyes were light brown and his skin was nicely tanned.

At his feet was a pink head with tiny fangs poking from his lips with antenna on his head and had large red eyes, known as Koromon.

Next was Sora who wore a blue helmet over her orange colored hair, had crimson colored eyes, nicely tanned skin and wore a yellow tank top with a white turtleneck and white around the midriff.

She also wore jeans, dark pink gloves with a matching belt and had on black shoes with red markings.

The pink digimon at her feet had six tiny tentacles as feet, large emerald green eyes, a yellow tongue and had a blue flower on top her head; this was Yokomon.

Last was Izzy who had messy red hair with onyx eyes, peach toned skin and he wore a button down orange shirt, yellow gloves, green cargo pants, black and purple shoes and he wore a green backpack that held his computer.

Beside him was a pink ghost with brown eyes and had two arms named Motimon.

"Yeah, I'm here too." Matt said.

"No, I meant that thing under your arm." Tai stared at Tsunomon.

"Oh, this guy? Yeah, well…" Mat trailed off.

"Hello. You appear pleasant. Tsunomon's the name and I'm quite pleased to meet you." he blushed.

"Okay, so, who are you?" Tai asked as he looked at the mahogany haired girl.

He couldn't help but find that she looked very familiar with her hair color, her eyes and her skin tone, but wasn't sure who she was.

"I'm Daisuke and this is Demiveemon." She smiled shyly.

Sora and Tai both gasped at that, when suddenly someone yelled making the group all look over to see another boy running over.

He had sapphire colored hair, onyx eyes with square glasses over them and he wore lavender colored t-shirt under a beige sweater vest, brownish gray shorts, blue socks and red shoes with white on them.

Slung over his shoulder was a green and blue bag with a black strap and behind him was a gray dragon like creature with an orange tuft of hair and big blue eyes.

"Joe?!" Tai asked in surprise as the boy ran over.

It was indeed Joe Kido, but he was far different than the mature young man that Daisuke knew.

"Help me! This thing-this thing… It won't leave me alone!" Joe leaned forward and panted.

"Hey, who ya calling a thing I'm no stuffed animal." The gray dragon smiled as he leaned on Joe's shoulder.

"The name is Bukamon." He then laughed as Joe yelled in fear.

Noticing the silence, Joe then saw that everyone was calm as they stood there staring at him.

"What's wrong with you guys? Don't you see this creature hanging off me? and those things down there?" Joe pointed at the other digimon, paused and then yelped as he reeled back in shock.

"They-they're everywhere! What are they?" he asked.

"We're…" Bukamon trailed off as he floated over to the other In-Trainings.

"Digimon! Digital monsters!" the group of six announced.

"Digital monsters?" Tai asked as the others stared at the digimon, stunned.

"Yes, digimon." The group smiled.

"We're not just digital monsters; we're much more than that. We're also kinda cute." Koromon said.

"And very loyal." Tsunomon blushed bashfully.

"With beautiful hair." Yokomon said as her antenna attached to the flower on her head seemed to curl.

"Or maybe no hair at all." Motimon smiled.

"And we can be funny. Ha!" Bukamon laughed.

"And adorable." Tokomon chirped.

"Hey, don't forget cool!" Demiveemon sang.

"It's a pleasure to meet each of you. My name's Tai and these are my friends from camp. I'd like you to meet Sora." Tai started the introductions.

"Nice place you have here, except for the bugs." Sora smiled with her hands folded behind her back.

"The self-proclaimed cool one over there is Matt." Tai joked.

"No autographs, please." Matt smiled with his hands in his pockets.

"This is Joe." Tai continued.

"I'd shake your hand…if you had any." Joe smiled politely.

"Izzy here is our computer expert." Tai said.

"Do you have any internet access?" Izzy asked.

"This right here is, um…" Tai trailed off as he stared at the girl.

"Daisuke." She rolled her eyes with a smirk.

"And last but not least, this little guy is, uh…" Tai trailed off as he looked at the little boy, unsure of his name.

"TK. Call me TK. And I'm not as small as I look." He smiled.

"There now, is that everybody?" Tai asked as he glanced around the group.

"Hey, what happened to that girl with the funny pink hat?" Sora asked.

"Now, now. Her name is Mimi." Tai chided.

Hearing the familiar name, Daisuke looked around in worry for the strawberry blonde, hoping she was safe with Palmon to help her.

At the faint sound of a creature roaring in the distance, it made the girl and her dragon share a worried look for the future duo of Sincerity.

"Well, perhaps she's off picking flowers or on a nature walk." Izzy suggested.

"Ahh! Somebody please help me!" a familiar girl cried out.

"Mimi." Daisuke gasped as she felt her worry for her future friend grow and then quickly ran off in the direction.

"Huh. Hey, wait up!" Tai called as he chased after the girl.

Everyone quickly followed the tanned duo and their digimon to find the missing pink loving girl to see if she was in danger.

"Okay, so she's not picking flowers." Izzy muttered.

"Mimi! Where are you?" Tai called.

From around a thick line of trees, a girl with strawberry blonde hair, pinkish toned skin and caramel colored eyes dressed in a pink cowgirl hat, pink dress with brown gloves that had a matching purse and white boots with brown designs came running out.

Running beside her was a green digimon with a white face and four tiny paws, large brown eyes and had two stem leaves on her head.

"There she is." Sora said.

"It's okay; you don't have to be afraid." Tai smiled.

Just then, a huge red beetle flew out from around the trees making the group pause in horror at the sights of the Champion level.

"It's that big bug again." Tai gasped.

"Kuwagamon!" Demiveemon squeaked.

Kuwagamon flew at the group making them all cover their heads with their arms for protection as the beetle then flew into the trees behind them.

"Mimi, are you all right?" Tanemon asked the girl clad in pink who was sitting on her knees.

"Think so." Mimi sighed.

"Don't worry. Tanemon's here to protect you." she said.

"It's okay now." Sora ran over and placed a hand on the girl's shoulder.

"Oh, Sora." Mimi said.

"Watch it, here he comes!" Tai announced as Kuwagamon flew over to them.

Everyone quickly started running away from the beetle that roared as it gave chase.

"Down!" Matt yelled as he pushed TK to the ground and everyone else dove to the floor.

Kuwagamon swooped over them, his claws close to graving their backs.

"Will this nightmare never end? My mom is gonna want a complete and total refund." Joe said.

"We're being chased by a mutant insect and that's what you're worried about?" Daisuke asked in disbelief.

"Here he comes again!" Yokomon warned.

"Okay, that does it. No more running away!" Tai glared as he clenched his fist.

"What else can we do?" Sora asked.

"She's right. There's no way we can fight that thing." Matt said.

"And not win anyway." Izzy said.

Pulling her digivice out, Daisuke looked at it curiously, willing it to glow and give Demiveemon the strength he needed to digivolve and help protect their friends.

When ti didn't glow, the girl shook it off as she scooped Demiveemon off and ran off with the others to escape, but stopped when they found themselves at a cliff.

"Great, anyone bring a helicopter?" Matt quipped.

"Be careful, Tai." Sora said as the goggle head walked closer and peered down the cliff for any ledges to climb down on.

Seeing none, he hung his head in defeat and then turned to the others.

"There's no way down. We're going to have to find another way." Tai announced.

"So, basically, we either go off the cliff or run towards the killer bug? Not much of a choice." Daisuke quipped.

Kuwagamon then burst through the tree line making the group scream as they ran towards the cliff and then ducked down to avoid being grabbed by the bug that flew over them.

"Watch out Tai!" Sora called as the brunette started running away from the beetle.

"Here I go." Koromon jumped up and went over Tai's head, blasting Kuwagamon with his acid bubbles.

The attack had little effect as Kuwabamon flew upwards and Koromon cried out as he hit the ground.

"Not again." Tai said as Kuwagamon recovered and flew towards the group.

"Digimon attack!" Yokomon called as all the digimon jumped up and spat out their acid bubbles, Demiveemon jumping up and ramming his head into Kuwagamon's head.

"Demiveemon!" Daisuke cried.

"Yokomon!" Sora yelled.

All the digimon hit the ground from Kuwwagamon slashing at them with his claws while the beetle crash landed in the trees behind them.

"Yokomon!" Sora called as Daisuke ran over and scooped up Demiveemon while Tai held Koromon and the other humans ran to tend to their partners.

"Koromon, are you crazy? Why'd you do it?" Tai asked.

"Sorry. It's just… I'm trying to make a good impression." Koromon said sadly.

"Crazy guy." Tai commented.

"V, are you okay?" Daisuke asked.

"Ooh, my head." The baby dragon moaned.

"Oh, Yokomon." Sora said as she held her partner.

"Tanemon, talk to me." Mimi held Tanemon on her lap.

"They must be programed for courage." Izzy said worried as he held Motimon.

"Tokomon, what's wrong?" TK lifted Tokomon up.

"Hey, Tsunomon, wake up." Matt called as he held his partner.

"Bukamon, wake up." Joe called as he held the dragon.

Roaring was then heard as Kuwagamon burst from the forest making everyone gasp at the sight.

"Oh, can this guy give it a rest?" Daisuke growled.

"Get back!" Matt yelled as everyone ran towards the cliff end where Tai was standing.

"I was hoping we'd seen the last of him." Sora said.

"Me too, but I guess he had other plans, huh?" Tai stared at the bug as it stepped closer, its pincers clamping together.

"Ugh, I knew I should have brought my bug spray." Matt groaned.

"Okay, get ready to run." Tai said.

"No, we fight." Koromon said surprising everyone.

"Huh?" Tai asked.

"That's right. It's the only way. Stand and fight." Koromon yelled.

"Give it up, will ya?" Tai said.

"No, Koromon's right. It's time that we show what we're made of." Motimon tried to struggle out of Izzy's hands.

"No, don't." Izzy protested.

"They're right." Yokomon told Sora.

"No way. It's hopeless. You're no match for him, Yokomon." The orangette frowned.

"We can do it. Let me go, let me go, let me go! We can do it!" Tsunomon tried to escape Matt's grip while Tokomon growled and TK struggled to hold him back.

"Let me go, let me, let me go!" Bukamon tried to flap his flippers to escape as Joe held him around the chest.

"Tanemon, you too?" Mimi asked.

"Uh huh." Tanemon nodded.

"Demiveemon?" Daisuke asked.

"I can do it. Just watch me." Demiveemon curled his paw into a fist.

"I'm sorry, Tai. Let's go!" Koromon called as all the digimon jumped out of their partners' arms.

All of them ran or bounced towards Kuwagamon, every one of them determined to protect their friends.

"Come on, digimon!" Koromon called.

"It's useless! Yokomon!" Sora yelled.

"Don't go, Motimon!" Izzy called.

"No, wait! Don't do it, Tsunomon!" Matt called after him.

"Don't go!" TK called at Tokomon.

"Turn around! Come back, Bukamon!" Joe yelled

"Tanemon, be careful!" Mimi cried.

"Demiveemon, you can do it!" Daisuke encouraged.

"No, don't, Koromon! Come back!" Tai screamed as he ran after him.

As the other humans stepped forward, their digivices all glowed and started to beep as the sky turned dark and thunder rumbled as rainbow colored lights shot down from the sky.

The lights all fell down on the eight digimon making everyone gasp and stare in awe as the digimon started to glow and grow.

"Koromon digivolve too…AGUMON!"

Agumon was an orange lizard with emerald green eyes.

"Yokomon digivolve too…BIYOMON!"

Biyomon was a pink bird with pink claws, a red beak and had blue eyes while she had a pink and blue antenna and blue markings on her head and her right ankle had a silver cuff.

"Motimon digivolve too…TENTOMON!"

Tentomon was a burgundy red beetle with large green eyes, yellow antenna, black spots and had a green chest.

"Tsunomon digivolve too…GABUMON!"

Gabumon was a yellow lizard with a bit of a canine appearance with the blue stripped fur he wore, red eyes, a golden horn on his head, floppy ears and his stomach had blue and pink markings.

"Tokomon digivolve too…PATAMON!"

Patamon was a small orange creature with tiny legs and the bottom half of his body was yellow, his eyes were blue and he had wings for ears.

"Bukamon digivolve too…GOMAMON!"

Gomamon was a white seal with floppy ears, an orange mane of hair, green eyes and purple markings on his body.

"Tanemon digivolve too…PALMON!"

Palmo was a green lizard/plant hybrid with a magenta and yellow flower on her head and she had dark green eyes.

"Demiveemon digivolve too…VEEMON!"

All the lights faded to reveal the Rookie digimon as everyone stared in awe at the transformations.

"What in the-? Look at them. What's happened to the little guys?" Sora asked.

"They're bigger." Tai said.

One by one, all the Rookies jumped up at Kuwagamon, but he back handed them to the ground.

"All right then, you asked for it." Agumon growled.

As Kuwagamon started to fly into the air, Palmon used her Poison Ivy to drag him to the ground.

Patamon flew up ad used Boom Bubble, then Veemon used Vee-Headbutt to knock Kuwagamon down onto his knees while Tentomon followed with Super Shocker.

Bending on one knee, Kuwagamon was then tripped onto both when Gomamon rolled under his legs and tripped him.

"Stand back everyone." Agumon warned as he used Pepper Breath.

Gabumon used Blue Blaster and Biyomon took to the air to use Spiral Twister, the attacks creating flames on Kuwagamon's head as he roared in pain.

"Now, all together." Agumon ordered as the digimon released their attacks.

They hit Kuwagamon in the chest and flames erupted making the beetle stumble back and fall into the forest, defeated.

Everyone was silent as they stared at the Rookies in awe.

"They made vapourware out of him." Izzy said.

"Amazing." Tai breathed.

"Veemon!" Daisuke ran by the group to scoop up her dragon and hugged him, kissing his head making him laugh as he returned the hug.

"I've still got it." Veemon winked as he flexed his arm making her laugh as the other digimon ran off to their partners.

"Tai, I told you we could do it!" Agumon laughed as Tai laughed and caught the dinosaur in a hug.

"Koromon! Or Agumon. Whoever you are, you did it, you did it!" Tai cheered.

Everyone laughed as they celebrated, though Matt appeared to be startled by Gabumon's attention and Joe foxed his glasses as he stared down at Gomamon.

"How about that Super Shocker? Pretty wizard, huh?" Tentomon joked as Izzy gave him a thumb's up.

Just then, Kuwagamon burst out of the forest yet again making everyone gasp as they turned to face the beetle who appeared to be even more angry than before.

"Watch out!" Sora yelled.

"Guess we celebrated too soon." Tai said.

Kuwagamon then stabbed his pincer things into the cliff, cracks appearing and the cliff broke, everyone standing on it crying out as they were sent plummeting into the ocean below them.

To be continued…