"Togemon in Toy Town"

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It had been nearly an hour since the group started walking and everyone seemed a bit bored and tired, but tried to perk themselves up.

"Okay everybody; let's sing the song that Agumon wrote for us." Tai said.

"Digimon eat and digimon fight. Digimon digivolve and fight all night." All the digimon sang.

"Singing sure is fun." Palmon chirped happily.

"Now let's try some solo performances. Starting with Mimi." Agumon said making us all blanch and stop in our tracks.

Mimi?!" Tai asked.

"Mimi?" Sora asked.

"Mimi?" Izzy asked.

"Singing?" Matt asked horrified.

"Mercy!" Joe said.

Daisuke was confused about this since she knew Mimi to have a pretty singing voice and wondered why everyone was worried.

"Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam!" Mimi sang out of key which stunned Daisuke.

"Avoiding your drone." Joe sang in a joking way.

"Hey, come on. I had singing lessons for three years." Mimi said.

"Oh, you did? Did it help?" TK asked innocently.

"Heh, Mimi you should get a refund, that's what I think." Izzy said with a grin.

"Then let's sing as a group." Sora suggested with a smile.

"Let's go." Tai said.

"Digimon sleep and digimon fight, digimon digivolve and-"they were cut off by Sora crying out 'Stop!' as everyone stopped walking and looked at the suddenly distressed girl.

Her face was scrunched up and tears seemed to be leaking from her eyes, though she was trying to hide it.

"What happened?" Daisuke asked in worry.

"Sora, are you all right?" Tai asked.

"Yeah, what's the matter?" Matt asked as he, Tai, Izzy and Daisuke stood around the orangette.

"Well, some water fell from up there." Sora said.

As she said this, a drop of water fell from above and landed on her yellow top.

"That made you scream?" Izzy asked pointing to the wet spot on her shirt as she tried to rub it out.

"Yeah…no…uh…I used to sing at home. I used to sing to myself all the time when I would do my chores, especially when I'd hang clothes to dry outside, I would sing really loud 'cause no one could hear me then." Sora said sadly with tears in her red eyes.

"It's okay to miss your home, Sora. What do you miss, Tai?" Agumon asked snapping the goggle head out of the way he was staring at the orange haired girl.

"I miss playing sports, then taking a nice hot bath." Tai said.

"Games. My games. I wasn't far from beating Matt on my video games." TK said as he crouched down moving his fingers like he was using a controller.

"Beating me, TK? Yeah, I don't think so. In your dreams, kiddo!" Matt laughed making everyone look at him.

"Huh? You mean you don't miss anything from your home, Matt?" Veemon asked curiously.

That made the blonde stop short as he gave a nervous look over to the group who looked at him.

"Well, actually, now that you mention it…I've been dreaming about Sunday when Mom grilled the steaks. Mm, makes my mouth water!" Matt smiled.

"I miss doing my homework. If I fall too far behind, I might have to go to a…junior college." Joe said adjusting his glasses.

"I don't miss school, but I do miss going on vacation. Nothing beats having a cold drink on a summer day at the beach. I just love that ocean air!" Mimi cheered.

"Wowie! That sounds like fun, Mimi." TK said.

"It is!" Mimi insisted with a smile.

"Get a grip! I miss accessing satellites to look at the stars and planets." Izzy said.

"Hey, Daisuke, what do you miss from home?" TK asked as he tugged on the girl's arm.

Blinking down at the boy, Daisuke thought back to her home with her parents, sister and friends.

She lived in a world where peace had been created between digimon and humans after the dangers she had faced.

Thinking the question over, the images of Ken, Yolei, Cody, TK, Kari and Willis filled her mind along with Wormon, Hawkmon, Armadillomon, Patamon, Gatomon, Terriermon and Lopmon.

"I guess…it would be my friends." Daisuke said.

Everyone went silent at that as they then sighed, misery taking over as they thought of their own families and friends from back home.

"They really do come from another world." Agumon said.

"That is why they are depressed." Gabumon sympathized.

"Poor kids." Gomamon sighed.

"Quiet, listen everyone!" Tentomon said.

Everyone went silent as they listened to a strange sound coming from the tunnels.

It sounded like groaning along with footsteps which made everyone curious while a horrible scent filled the air.

"Yuck!" Mimi exclaimed in disgust at the stench.

"Numemon." Gabumon said.

"Numemon?" Matt asked.

"They're really disgusting digimon who live down here in the sewers." Gomamon explained.

"That's gross!" Tai said.

"And so are they." Tentomon said.

"Are they really strong?" TK asked.

"No, they're weak, but smelly. Just wait until they get closer." Agumon said.

"And what do you say we leave? Or am I the only one who doesn't want to get stunk by stinky sewer dwellers?" Joe asked.

"For once, I agree with the worry wart." Daisuke spoke up.

Just then, they saw the horde of Numemon running their way, the sludge creatures appearing to be snails without shells.

In their hands were piles of pink sludge which made the digimon and mahogany haired girl flinch back.

"Hurry, run!" Agumon yelled.

Everyone quickly turned around and ran off from the Numemon who chased after the humans digimon.

"If they're not strong, then why do we have to run from them?" Tai asked.

"You'll see, keep running!" Agumon said.

The Numemon then started throwing the pink sludge at the group; one hitting the wall beside Mimi making her whine in disgust as everyone ran faster as more sludge was thrown at them.

As the group ran down the tunnel, TK skidded to a stop when he found a smaller tunnel leading away from the sewer.

"This-a way!" he called pointing at the tunnel.

He then ran inside as the others followed after him, the digimon running across the water to get over to the tunnel and followed their humans.

The Numemon could be heard chasing after the group as sunlight shone from the end of the tunnel and soon enough, the group escaped the sewer and were out in the fresh clean air and warm sunlight on the side of a cliff.

Hearing gasping and yelping, Tai and Agumon glanced back to see the Numemon retreating back into the cave to escape the light.

"The only thing that's able to drive them away is the sunshine." Agumon informed as he and Tia sighed in relief.

Walking down the short cliff, the group continued on into the barren fields, looking around for any lakes or such.

Everyone was sweating as they got tired from constantly walking; Daisuke's vision fading yet again and she stumbled making Veemon grab her around the waist to steady her.

"Daisuke, are you feeling all right?" he asked her.

"I'm fine. I'm just really hungry, that's all." The girl smiled down at him as she continued on.

Joe overheard this and watched as the girl forced herself to keep walking straight and noticed that she appeared to be more fatigued than anyone else and was looking a bit pale.

"Hey, Joe, what's wrong?" Gomamon asked.

"Hmm? Nothing." Joe shook his head as he continued on.

As they walked up over a grassy hill, everyone gasped at the field below them, staring in shock.

There were vending machines all over the field, holding sodas, chips and candies.

"Wow." TK blinked.

"There must be thousands of them." Mimi said.

"I'd say under a hundred." Joe piped in.

"Or maybe just fifty." Izzy added.

"How did they get there?" TK asked.

"I bet there's enough snacks to last us a lifetime at least." Mimi said.

"Mimi, they probably don't work. Don't you remember the phone booths?" Tai reminded.

"Hey, that could be. I bet it's a trap, Mimi." Palmon looked up at her.

"I won't accept that." Mimi smiled as she ran down the hill.

"No!" Palmon gasped as she quickly followed her.

"Mimi, wait up!" Daisuke called as she ran down after her.

"Daisuke, wait for me!" Veemon yelled as he followed his human.

"Even if they're real, you know they're not plugged in!" Joe called after the girls and dragon.

"Mimi." Tai frowned.

"You can't stop her. She's so stubborn." Sora placed her hands on her hips.

Mimi, Daisuke, Palmon and Veemon glanced around at the vending machines curiously, the mahogany haired girl remembering the first she was in the Digital World.

When she had seen a vending machine in the middle of the thick forest among the trees and flowers, her curiosity had been peaked.

"Yay, soda. Do you want one?" Mimi's voice brought Daisuke out of her memories.

"No, I don't." Palmon placed her hands on her hips.

"You don't have to bite my head off." Mimi frowned.

"I think we should leave, Mimi." Daisuke spoke up.

"Yeah, besides, I don't think these work." Veemon poked the machine.

Mimi ignored them as she lifted up a coin and inserted it into the machine, then stood back as she glanced over the selections of soda.

Just then, the door to the machine started to fall making the girls gasp as Daisuke and Veemon were quick to grab Mimi and Palmon, pulling them away as the door crashed to the ground.

"Hey, cutie pie!" a Numemon chuckled.

Daisue gasped realizing that a Numemon had used this machine to hide in like the horde from her first day in the Digital World did.

"It's their leader!" Palmon announced.

"They're leader? He couldn't lead a pack of show poodles even with his doggy breath." Mimi said.

"Ha!" Daisuke scoffed in amusement as Palmon scent the two girls disapproving looks, then at Veemon when she saw him snickering and he whistled innocently.

"Hey, let me take you out on a date?" Numemon asked.

The clouds above them were slowly moving in the sky, shadows appearing on the ground.

"I think he likes you." Palmon looked up at Mimi.

"It must be the hat." Veemon said.

"What? What are you thinking? I wouldn't go near that short slimy sewer sliding sledge slinger!" Mimi looked angered as she stared at Numemon.

"Dude, that's cruel." Daisuke placed her hands on her hips.

"Mimi, you'll make him mad." Palmon warned.

"Who cares? Besides, we're safe in the sunlight." Mimi pointed to the sky.

Suddenly, thunder seemed to boom making the group look up at the sky to see the sun had been eclipsed by dark storm clouds.

"Oh, snap." Veemon said with wide eyes.

"Um, we were." Mimi blinked nervously.

"How dare you call me short? The date's off!" Numemon glared as he threw pink sludge at the group making them yell.

"Not again!" Palmon said as the group started running.

"Party time!" Numemon bounced around.

All around the two girls and their partners, the vending machine doors fell off to reveal more Numemon and they started chasing after the quartet who ran over to their stunned group.

"How did they get here?" Sora pointed.

"Who cares? Run! Run!" Mimi yelled as she, Daisuke and their digimon ran right by the group.

Yelling, the others quickly followed after the girls to escape the horde that was chasing after them.

"Run!" Tai yelled.

"All right everybody, let's split up!" Matt called.

While running, the group then broke up and ran off in different directions, TK and Patamon going with Matt and Gabumon while Daisuke, Mimi, Veemon and Palmon stayed together as they ran into the forest.

"Heart breaker!" the leader yelled as he threw sludge at Mimi.

The girls and dragon ducked behind some trees, hiding behind them to catch their breath

As more sludge was thrown, Veemon and Palmon both jumped out to attack the Numemon, but the Numemon cried out in fear as they ran off.

"Palmon, thank you." Mimi smiled.

"But Mimi, I didn't do anything." Palmon placed her hands on her hips.

"Neither did I." Veemon looked over at Daisuke.

"That's weird." Daisuke commented.

"Why'd they run?" Palmon asked.

The ground then shook making the quartet turn around to see a large yellow teddy bear standing behind them.

"It's Monzaemon." Palmon said.

"Come visit us at Toy Town." Monzaemon stared at them through red slitted eyes.

"Uh, Palmon, is he a digimon too?" Mimi asked.

"Yes, he's in charge of a special place called Toy Town. Toy Town is a place where he takes care of all the abandoned digimon toys and those toys love him." Palmon informed.

"Well, he looks harmless." Mimi gave a small grin.

"Don't say that. Every time someone says that, we get attacked." Daisuke narrowed her eyes at Monzaemon.

"I must say. Si pleased to make your acquaintance." Monzaemon said.

His eyes then glowed red making the quartet flinch back.

"Here comes the pain." Veemon whined.

Red beams of light then shot out of Monzaemon's eyes making the girls and their digimon scream as they started running off from the attack bear.

"He's attacking us!" Mimi yelled.

"You think?" Palmon asked.

"Please, spend a fun day at Toy Town with me." Monzaemon smiled as he followed them and blasted the beams at the quartet again.

"Why are you running? Did I startle you? Sorry." Monzaemon said.

"Something's wrong. He's never acted like this." Palmon said.

"He is now." Mimi panted.

Veemon then stopped running as he frowned and ran at Monzaemon, ramming him in the stomach with his head.

"Veemon!" Daisuke cried out as the girls stopped running.

Suddenly, teal colored bubbles in the shape of hearts were blasted at Veemon, trapping the dragon inside.

"Veemon, no!" Daisuke yelled as she tried to run over to save her dragon, but Mimi grabbed her to hold her back.

"We need to run!" Palmon said as Monzaemon blasted beams at the girls again.

Mimi dragged Daisuke away and the girl stumbled as she looked over her shoulder to see the bubble with Veemon inside it was floating away.

"Come here, cookie, I'll protect you!" the Numemon leader poked his head out of a crater and waved at the three females.

"No thanks." Mimi said.

"On second thought," Palmon said as Monzaemon drew closer.

The three females jumped down into the crater to hide from Monzaemon as he stomped by the hole, blasting beams out of his eyes.

"How about a kicking game of soccer, you three?" the bear asked as he glanced around.

Thankfully, he walked over the hole as the group pressed themselves close to the ground to hide as Monzaemon walked into the forest.

"He's gone." Mimi said.

"Something bad must have happened in Toy Town." Palmon said.

"We need to find the others and save Veemon." Daisuke narrowed her eyes in determination.

"Since I saved you ladies, now will you go out with me, huh?" Numemon asked.

"No!" Mimi turned away from him.

"Oh!" he groaned.

"Come on, let's go to Toy Town." Mimi climbed out of the hole.

"But our friends…" Palmon trailed off.

"They'll be at Toy Town. Come on." Daisuke said as the three females walked off.

"Wow, she's so feisty, what a girl." Numemn grinned widely.

(At Toy Town…)

Chasing after Monzaemon, the females stopped when they saw a colorful castle's towers poking over the trees.

"There it is, Mimi, Daisuke. Toy Town." Palmon smiled.

"Wow!" Mimi smiled.

"Cool!" Daisue smiled.

"It really looks beautiful. Kind of like a big amusement park." Mimi said.

"Come on, let's go check it out." Daisuke said as the females continued on.

When they reached Toy Town, they found that there were colorful buildings all around them while the streets were made of stone and had a picture of a teddy bear's face on the ground.

Balloons in the shape of teddy bears lifted into the air, the sunlight shining down on the red, pink, orange, yellow, blue and green balloons.

"It doesn't look like anyone's here." Mimi said.

"Something's not right here." Palmon chimed in.

"Yeah, this place is giving me the creeps." Daisuke said.

Then, they heard what sounded like an engine and they looked over to find Tai running away from a red wind up car.

"Oh boy, this is fun! This is really fun!" Tai cheered with forced enthusiasm.

"Tai?" Mimi asked.

"Boy, I'm really having a lot of fun now! Fun, fun, this is fun!" he cheered as he ran off with the car chasing him.

"It doesn't look like a lot of fun." Mimi blinked.

"No kidding." Daisuke muttered.

"This is so exciting!" Sora's voice made them turn around.

They found the girl running behind them with a toy monkey following her, clanging the cymbals in his hands.

"This is really exciting!" Sora exclaimed as she was chased by the monkey.

"Just what's going on here?" Palmon asked.

"Oh, joy! What a delightful activity!" Izzy's voice made them turn and jump out of the way.

Izzy was being chased by an army of toy soldiers and he had the same forced and stressed smile on his face as Sora and Tai.

"This activity is really delightful." Izzy said.

"Hey, Izzy doesn't talk like that." Mimi said.

"Boy, oh, boy! Is this really great or what?" Matt asked as he was chased by a toy train.

He then laughed and it sounded off, forced.

"This really rocks!" Joe then ran by as he was chased by a large toy bird that pecked the ground.

"Forget books, this really rocks!" Joe cheered as he ran off.

Lastly, TK ran by the girls with a toy helicopter following him as he fake laughed.

"Ha, ha! You can't catch me! You can't catch me! You can't catch me! Ha, ha , ha!" TK left with the helicopter.

"Okay, we've officially stepped into Freak's Ville." Daisuke said.

"Yeah, everybody sounds like a bunch of zombies." Mimi agreed.

"They do." Palmon tilted her head.

"Oh well. They always were a little weird." Mimi shrugged.

"What?! Mimi, our friends are acting like zombies and you don't think there might be a reason for that?" Daisuke asked in disbelief.

"Well, now that you mention it…" Mimi trailed off making Daisuke groan and prayed she was never this dense.

"Just-Let's just go." Daisuke groaned as she held her head, feeling a headache while her fatigue was starting to affect her along with her hunger.

Mimi and Palmon followed after the girl as she walked off into town, the three females glancing around for their friends and the digimon.

"I wish I knew what was going on here. It's kind of creepy." Palmon said as they glanced around.

"Help! Can anyone hear us out there?" a voice yelled from inside one of the houses.

Looking through the window, the girls saw that the voice came from a red treasure chest that had a large gold padlock on it.

"Tai! Matt! Hello, hello!" the familiar voice yelled.

"Can anyone hear us out there? Tai, Matt! Hello, hello! We really need your help! Somebody get us out of here!" the voice yelled as the chest shook.

Sharing a look, the three females opened the door and walked inside the house.

"It's coming from that locked chest." Palmon said.

"Agumon, is that you?" Mimi asked.

"Yes!" the dinosaur yelled.

"Are all of the other digimon in there with you, Agumon?" Palmon asked as she leaned her head on the chest.

"Yes, we're all in here!" Agumon called.

"Veemon?" Daisuke asked.

"Right here!" Veemon called back making his partner sigh in relief.

"What happened?" Mimi asked.

"We were running from the Numemon. Then Monzaemon came along. We tried to fight back, but we were captured. He used some type of spell on the others." Agumon explained.

"Come to think of it, you're right. The toys have been playing with them." Mimi frowned.

"This is just so messed up." Daisuke ran her hand through her bangs.

"Agu, tell us, what changed Monzaemon?" Palmon asked.

"We don't know." Agumon said.

"Well, can't you get out of that box and help?" Mimi asked.

"No, we're locked inside of here." Agumon called.

"It's up to you two. You must be the heroes this time." Gabumon said.

"Just what do you mean?" Palmon asked.

"You must defeat Monzaemon." Biyomon told them.

"What?!" Palmon asked as she and Mimi jumped back.

"You're kidding." Mimi said.

"That's right. We can't get free until you save the others." Agumon told them.

"Come on, Mimi, stop being scared. It's time for you to toughen up." Daisuke placed her hands on the girl's shoulders.

"But I've never fought anyone before." She said.

"I don't care! Palmon's the only one who can digivolve right now. You two need to face your fear and stop Monzaemon before he gets us next!" Daisuke glared at Mimi.

"We have to do this." Palmon insisted.

"Oh, do we have to?" Mimi whined.

Rolling her eyes, Daisuke then slapped Mimi on the cheek making Palmon gasp.

"…Daisuke hit Mimi didn't she?" Veemon deadpanned.

"Sounded like it." Tentomon buzzed.

"Mimi Tachikawa, you get your butt out there and go save our friends or so help me, I will burn your stupid hat!" Daisuke scolded as she placed her hands on her hips and had a hardened look on her face.

Mimi rubbed her cheek, appalled that she had been slapped, even though it didn't hurt, but was still hard enough for her to feel.

Caramel eyes stared into chocolate eyes and the pink loving girl was able to see the anger, stress and worry that were reflected in the tanned girl's eyes.

"Oh, all right." she sighed.

"Come on, let's go." Palmon said as she and Mimi left.

"Huh. Who said violence never solves anything?" Gomamon quipped.

Daisuke groaned against as she chased after Mimi and Palmon to help them in any way she could.

Turning onto the street, the trio walked off looking around for their friends or Monzaemon.

"I have to tell ya, this isn't good. Monzaemon's hearts aren't supposed to attack, only give Heart Hugs, which give people such a good feeling that it makes them want to help others." Palmon frowned.

TK then forcefully laughed as he ran by the girls with the helicopter chasing after him again.

"You can't catch me! Ha, ha, ha!" he ran off as the girls watched.

"This is so ridiculous." Mimi frowned.

Clanging was heard and they looked down to see the monkey from before was standing on front of them, banging his cymbals together.

"Stop that noise right now!" Mimi yelled as stomped her foot down and the monkey fell to the ground.

"It's such a happy day in Toy Town!" Monzaemon said as he turned the corner of a house holding various colored balloons in his hands.

"Monzaemon!" Palmon gasped.

"You'll like these. Everyone likes the balloons." He said.

"Hey, yeti teddy! Whatever you've done to our friends, fix it now! Or you'll be in big trouble! You understand me?" Mimi yelled up at him.

Monzaemon smirked as his eyes glowed red and he released the balloons as he blasted the beams of light at the trio making them run off.

"This isn't funny! I'm being chased by a stuffed bear!" Mimi whined as they ran.

"Pick up the pace, he's gaining!" Daisuke panted as the explosions got closer.

"Now, now. Don't run away from Toy Town." Monzaemon grinned as he blasted the beams of light at them agai making the girls scream.

Just then, the Numemon arrived and jumped at Monzaemon making the girls stop as they turned to watch in surprise.

"I'll save ya, honey!" the Numemon leader called as he threw sludge at Monzaemon's head.

"Numemon?" Mimi gasped.

"You turned him down and he still helps." Palmon said as they watched the horde throw sludge at the angered bear.

"Well, Palmon, what can I say? When you got, you got it." Mimi said as the Numemon were kicked by Monzaemon.

"Oh no, I don't think the Nume Sludge is working." Mimi watched as Monzaemon attacked the Numemon.

"I can't let them fight alone!" Palmon ran over.

"Palmon, be careful!" Mimi called.

"Get him, Palmon!" Daisuke encouraged.

"Take that!" Monzaemon yelled as she punched the Numemon.

Palmon then used her Poison Ivy to grab Monzaemon's arm and stop him from hurting the Numemon any further.

He just pulled her along with the vines and whipped her to the ground.

"Palmon, please, talk to me." Mimi kneeled beside her.

"My Poison Ivy's not strong enough." Palmon said.

"We need to do something and fast or else we're gonna be zombies next." Daisuke glared.

Growling, Mozaemon then sent his Hearts Attack at the three girls who stood up and got ready to run from the teal bubbles.

As the girls ran off, the Numemon appeared and formed a wall out of their bodies to block the attack making the girls gasp as they watched.

"Numemon." Mimi said.

"It's not working." Daisuke said.

The Numemon cried out as they were captured by the bubbles and floated off.

"Time to take it to the next level. I may be a lady, but I'm no push over." Palmon glared.

Mimi's digivice then glowed and then light covered Palmon next as she started to grow and transform.

"Time to show this digimon some manners. Palmon digivolve too…TOGEMON!"

In Palmon's place was a large cactus digimon with two eye holes and a mouth hole, a tuft of orange hair of her head and she wore boxing gloves.

"You're going down big boy." Togemon beat her fists together.

Mimi stared in awe as the lights faded away while Daisuke smiled at the sight of the familiar plant digimon.

"You wanna dance with me?" Togemon asked as she and Monzaemon growled as they stepped up close.

Togemon then threw the first punch, hitting Monzaemon in the nose and he retaliated by slugging her in the face.

They both continued to punch each other repeatedly until Monzameon tried to use his beams on Togemon, but she punched him in the face and he cried out.

The fight was then turned to Togemon's graces as she started beating Monzaemon back with her fists and finally, she used her Needle Spray on Monzaemon.

On his back, the zipper opened up and a black gear flew out along with some stuffing as he fell to the ground, defeated and Togemon reverted back to Palmon.

"Yahoo! Yeah! You did it!" Daisuke jumped up as she threw her arms to the air.

"Palmon, you're fabulous!" Mimi picked her partner up and hugged her tightly.

"My…stem is bruised." Palmon said.

(Later on…)

Everyone has been freed from the spell and the group ran off to free the digimon and then they went off to speak with Monzaemon now that he was back to normal.

"Usually, when kids get tired of their toys, they just abandon them. They just throw them away. It's so sad. So I created a home for these toys, then I wanted to make the toys more important to their owners and I found a way to let their owners just walk in their shoes." Monzaemon explained.

"How? By turning kids into zombies?" Mimi asked.

"I don't think he really intended to do that, Mimi." Joe said.

"You're right, Joe, I didn't mean for that to happen. I really am sorry about it. Please accept my apology. I'll never do that again. Really." Monzaemon smiled.

"Monzaemon, we know that you would never hurt us on purpose." Tai rubbed the back of his head.

"Of course not, but an evil feeling came over me." Monzaemon said.

"It had to be that black gear." Sora spoke up.

"You know, I'm beginning to take this whole black gear thing a little personally. They cause a whole lot of trouble before disappearing." Tai stated.

"That's right, but me and Palmon made Monzaemon good again." Mimi smiled.

"We're a great team." Mimi chirped.

Veemon and Daisuke shared a look as they chuckled.

"My friends, there's only one way I can truly show my gratitude and that's by giving you all a real Heart Hug." Monzaemon stood up.

"Oh boy." Joe sighed.

"Here we go. This is my gift to you. Hearts Attack with a hug!" Monzaemon said.

Pink heart shaped bubbles then floated around and picked the humans and digimon inside of them making them all laugh at the pleasant feeling.

Everyone was laughing cheerfully when the lid was lifted off of a sewer drain and the leader of the Numemon poked his head out.

"Dumpling, a kiss for your hero?" he asked.

"No." Mimi said cheerfully as she smiled down at him.

"Wow, what a girl! She'll come around." Numemon said.

As the sun set filling the sky with hues of orange and pink, the heart shaped bubbles floated off into the sky as the humans and digimon laughed gleefully.

To be continued…